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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Brittle bones

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

As the dagger pressed in, the Japanese man felt an unexplainable massive oppression against his hand. The dagger distorted and flew out of his hand, the webbing between his fingers stained with blood.

Yet Sheyan's fist didn't stop there, whizzing forward with a violent oppression, threatening to explode in the Jap's face. The Jap curled his arms into a perfect defensive posture, like he had gone through wrestling training before.

But it was futile.

It couldn't even delay the blow slightly.

With the might of 4 times the average man, his fist collided heavily. It was identical to fate, nothing could stop it! So what if his defence was perfectly positioned? The Japanese man was instantly sent flying, his head slamming into the wall behind. Slumping to the ground, he left behind an awful sickening blood stain on the wall! If he wasn't dead, he would be crippled at least!

After releasing his fist, Sheyan didn't bother looking at his tragic ending. His feet crossed back towards the door, sealing of the entrance as he stared at the other shocked personnel.

’’You wish to live, or die?’’

The other guy was completely shaken up, he swallowed his saliva and stammered.

’’Are you from the Fourseas gang or Heaven union? Going against our Union Bamboo gang, the only way out is death!’’

Sheyan paid no attention to his words, he offered coldly.

’’Do you know where Crab stays?’’

’’Crab?’’ This person was confused.

Sheyan continued.

’’About 30 years old, triangle eye, partitioned brows, thick lips, looks like he owes a huge amount of money to others.’’

’’I know, I know. At the end of the corridor to the right.’’

He hurriedly answered.

Sheyan nodded. To prevent unwanted haggling, he knocked him unconscious as he walked out to the corridor. But at the moment he walked out, a chilling voice travelled towards him.

’’Stop, unless you want your brains to be spilled.’’

Sheyan frowned, glancing sideways slightly and saw a middle aged male behind him;the male was pointing a pistol installed with a silencer towards him. That middle aged male had tremendously steady hands, as though the pistol was a part of his hand;emitted the composure of a serial killer.

Sheyan could feel the influence of the United Bamboo gang. He had only wished to seek for directions, but landed himself into a mess. If he was alone, then it would be fine;but he was here to rescue Sanzi, he had to be cautious in case Sanzi became an innocent collateral. Killing one is considered a murderer, killing ten would also be considered a murderer. Then why not uproot every single hidden danger now, to ensure a clean escape after his rescue.

Thinking of that, his eyes blazed for bloodshed, and he halted his footsteps.

’’Hands behind your head, face the wall and squat.’’

The middle aged man gently ordered.

Sheyan remained expressionless, following his orders. Someone proceeded to search him, letting him off after confirming he did not have any additional weapon. Then another person walked in with a vexed tone.

’’Song Xiajun and Stone are dead!’’

Actually, Sheyan only killed that Song Xiajun. That taiwanese named Stone had only fainted, but probably because of the horrid state of Song Xiajun, the impression of a cold blooded killer had already been formed. The middle aged man wasn't affected the slightest, as though he was so familiar with death. He lead Sheyan towards the side passage at gunpoint.

’’Go in.’’

Sheyan had the same sentiments;if he were to start a massacre in the open corridor, he would really disturb the peace here and cause unnecessary trouble for himself. Similarly, the United Bamboo gang was having the same thoughts. Hence, Sheyan cooperated fully as he walked along the passage and entered into a room.

The room was rather spacious, about 300 square metres. The furniture was pasted to the wall, allowing a broad space in the middle. Just like a performing stage, the floor had a glossy smooth appearance.

The glossy wooden flooring had been cleaned thoroughly, even reflecting a person's figure. Opposite the door at the window, was a backfacing person dressed in snow white kimono. He seemed to be appreciating a drawing hung on the wall. To his side was a delicate weapon shelf, displaying an ancient katana. That woman that he had harassed earlier was present and had changed into a kimono, currently bending her back as she poured tea. She was totally focused on the tea, completely uncaring about the current situation.

Several people were kneeling inside the room;clad in black suit, white socks with their sandals at the side. Sheyan caught whiff of an awful stench, obviously someone here had athlete's foot. Amongst them, a dignified looking middle aged male roughly in his forties, broke the silence.

’’Huan, what's the matter?’’

Huan unhurriedly replied.

’’Chairman, this man killed Song Xiajun and Stone. I suspect he is from another gang sent here to spy on our meeting.’’

Sheyan observed as the last guy entered the room, closing the door shut behind him, his heart was firm. His face turned sullen, as he cracked his neck and started warming up his arms. Huan's berated out furiously.

’’Stop moving! This is the final warning!’’

Sheyan replied boldly.

’’I also issue out my final warning. Anyone who thinks of killing me will die.’’

Upon hearing his words, everyone present leaked out a taunting expression. Only that man clad in snow white kimono was silent, as though completely engrossed with his painting. He reached out to feel the painting.

’’Woah! So fierce? Little shit.’’ Huan mocked sarcastically. ’’Let me kill you now, let's see how I die.’’

As his words faded, Sheyan suddenly sprung up like a savagely wild beast! Without hesitation, Huan pressed the trigger. A muffled echo followed by white spiralling fumes filled the room. He could even hear the bullet puncturing into flesh, blood filled his vision. Yet this man didn't fall. Instead, he faced right up to him! A provocative, overbearing stare pierced insanely towards him.

’’Why isn't he dead?’’ An unfathomable notion filled Huan's mind. His instinctive reaction was to immediately shout for help.

But in this instance, Sheyan's uppercut fist had arrived against his chin!

His vocal capabilities, had now ceased to exist!

That uppercut directly sent Huan flying up, lifting him from the ground highly as he made an awkward flip and crashed to the ground! Huan was a middle aged male with tall stature, his height was 190 cm, trained in fighting and was nearly 90 kg. Yet one uppercut sent him up off the ground by half a metre. The formidable might hidden inside the fist was completely out of everyone's imagination.

In mid air, a chunk of flesh like a tongue drifted down. In actual fact before Sheyan landed his fist, Huan was about to call for help with his mouth opened. Hence, the moment the tremendous force connected, his jaw shattered, slamming his teeth shut as he chomped against his tongue, severing it completely. Blood and saliva bubbled out from his mouth, his eyes white as he fainted. Even if he didn't die, he would suffer from a severe concussion!

At that instance, the others were definitely not idle. They were the elites of the United Bamboo gang, and were the primary guards of the 'chairman'. Pulling out their guns, they took aim and fired. Their movements were so smooth, it wasn't the least bit inferior to a militant.

However, Sheyan was a person who had battled between life and death in the realm, his combat experience abundant, why would he just allow them to shoot him idly. While executing his uppercut, he had already prepared his next course of action.

After sending Huan flying, he darted towards the nearest gunman behind, punching him in the chest;dragging him to the front, as he used him as a meat shield!

’’Pew pew pew pew!’’ The muffled gunfire sounds continued to sound out. Blood sprayed in all directions, holes formed against the wooden walls. In the end, it failed to connect with their target. That unlucky brat that Sheyan used as hostage was already struggling as death's door after his punch, and instantly gave up as the bullets pierced his body.

Sheyan dragged the corpse as he charged towards the nearest guy. Upon shortening the gap to 3 metres, he flashed out like a demon, sweeping his arm straight against that guy;flipping him into the air, as the poor fella made a 470 degrees flip before landing.

Within the next few seconds, the beast like Sheyan wrecked havoc within this room. Even though he sustained 3 gunshot wounds, every bullet only dealt a non threatening 20 damage to him. Yet those that opened fire against him, probably wouldn't be able to stand for the rest of their lives.


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