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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Killing 1 in 10 steps

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The kick appeared to be rather light;yet upon impact, his bone arched ninety degrees forward as an eerie white bone splintered out. The gunner rolled on the floor as he wailed in agony, beads of cold sweat rolling down, retaliation was the last thing on his mind!

Sheyan ignored him, stepping over him as he swung his head round and glared at Crab.

’’Pardon my lack of manners, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Sheyan, hmm, my other status is also the older brother of that Sanzi you captured.’’

Crab staggered back several steps, his face brimming with disbelief.

’’ is this possible?’’

Sheyan raised his finger and shook it.

’’Nothing is impossible.’’

This advertising phrase Sheyan borrowed, did not carry a single trace of humour.

’’Right, I have to inform you. In the next 10 seconds if you do not tell me where Sanzi is, then get ready to turn into a cripple.’’

Crab panted heavily;still feeling secure because of the pistol in his hand, he couldn't understand Sheyan's intentions. Sheyan a person that always kept to his words. After 10 seconds, the wretched cries of Crab reverberated inside the gambling den. His left ankle had been stomped on by Sheyan, instantly decimating his bones, so gory that amputation was the only solution left to it.

Even though Crab shot another 3 rounds at Sheyan;but to his horror, when a round collided against Sheyan's skull, it bounced off, while the other two lodged into his flesh. Yet Sheyan was completely nonchalant, flexing his muscles as the bullet rounds were forcefully propelled out of his flesh. ’’Clank’’ It bounced against the floor!

Such a ridiculously unbelievable scene totally crushed Crab's mentality. Hence, without leaving out a single detail, he regurgitated everything to Sheyan.

In actual fact, Crab had always been receiving his goods from his superior's boss. This extensive hierarchical layers when it reached him, provided only low earnings. In the end by chance, he got to know several people from the Major Ring gang. Through them, he was connected to viets, and they became his supplier. Receiving goods directly now, naturally the money came rolling in.

But this matter ultimately couldn't be kept a secret;his big brother got wind of it and wanted to punish him by the books. Crab was no pushover, fostering assistance from the viets, he managed to get rid of his big brother. He had guns and money, naturally underlings would pledge their support towards him. Unknowingly, he had gradually turned into the viet's puppets. As for his two 'bodyguards', they were actually gunmen sent by the Viets.

Just a while back, the Viets placed up a wanted list of a bunch of fishermen, scribbling Sheyan and everyone else's names and features on it. Yesterday, an informant reported sighting of someone they were looking for. When they arrived, Sanzi was coincidentally squatted at a corner wolfing down a bowl of fishballs. Contrary to the details, Sanzi wasn't a coward like what they described, he was exceedingly stubborn. After a day of interrogation, he still didn't utter a single word.

Sheyan managed to obtain the information he desired the most - the location of Sanzi's captivity. It was inside a lavish high-class club not too far from here. Of course, within it were all thugs and scum like Crab. After Crab had lost his usefulness, Sheyan proceeded to question the other gunman, but the gunman remained tight-lipped. Sheyan blatantly crushed his neck, and didn't bother sparing Crab even after he begged miserably. He held no mercy for people daring to harm him or his family.

After a organizing himself, he casually changed into one of the dead man's shirt, because his was tattered from the firing. He wasn't worried that the police would pursue him. For internal conflicts within the underground society, even intense crossfires, several policemen would actually look favourably on it.

If those hooligans with guns survived, the policemen would actually be exposing themselves to greater risks when they pursued them, or interfered in gang fights. But even if the police did happen to chance upon here, Sheyan wasn't worried;besides detective shows on televisions were all a farce, and the rate of solving a case was not even 20%. There was no such thing as a freak like Sherlock Holmes, but even if they did trace it back to Sheyan, the ones worrying wouldn't be him but the policemen instead......

The lavish club wasn't far from here, it only took him 5 minutes to arrive. After forking a small fee of 3,000 Hong Kong dollars, he easily reached the peak of this club. The place gave off a stifling secured feeling;only two kinds of people stayed here, one was distinguished guest, and the other convicts.

Naturally, Sheyan's low-key passage was finally halted by 2 massive security guards, trying to bribe them was futile. It was like trying to offer them a generous toast, yet they chose to have it splashed against their faces instead. Fortunately, even though Sheyan was on a killing spree, he wasn't willing to be so lethal on those that were completely unrelated. Hence, he only knocked them out cold.

The penthouse had an interior design of a traditional Japanese style;tatami mats were laid orderly over the ground. The elegant wall partitions along with the flower-bud shaped lanterns provided a serene atmosphere. Looking carefully, the penthouse had roughly dozens of rooms. Crab had mentioned that they kept Sanzi there for convenience of the Viets to collect him, but he didn't mention his exact detailed location. Sheyan hadn't anticipated such an immense penthouse. He was afraid that these thugs keeping watch over Sanzi would be startled and harm him, but to search room by room would be extremely inconvenient;just like a mouse trying to pull a tortoise, clueless on where to begin.

Helplessly, Sheyan dragged two of the bodyguards in and try to wake them up. However, his actions were too harsh, and the two unlucky brats were totally out cold. After realizing things were going nowhere, he tossed them into random storeroom and allowed them to continue sleeping. Changing into the body guard's uniform, he stood at the door awaiting incoming patrons.

Normally, things were get heated up only around 6 in the afternoon, it was only mid noon now, and was still pretty peaceful. After a brief wait, a graceful young woman came entered. She was hoisting a tray with a delicate tea set above it. She looked refined and elegant, appearing full of class, probably a server within this penthouse.

Sheyan upon examining her appearance, walked ahead and obstructed her.

’’Lady, may I know where Crab bro stays?’’

That woman sweeped through Sheyan's security guard uniform, and completely ignored him as she continued advancing. Sheyan was afraid of the repercussions of dragging too long;it wasn't easy to come across her, hence he wouldn't give up so easily. His face turned solemn and he tugged at her uniform.

’’Where does Crab stay, speak!’’


’’こんな無礼なことをするとは!’’ The woman berated him coldly.

Sheyan was instantly stupefied, he didn't expect this woman to be Japanese.

Suddenly, two young males in black suits appeared in the passageway ahead. They were casually looking around, and when they saw this commotion, they scolded loudly and rushed here. Because of Sheyan's action of pulling against the woman's clothes, it was easy for others to misinterpret him trying to take advantage of her.

One of the male shouted in Japanese, while the other in Chinese, both trying to get Sheyan to lay off her. When they reached, they instantly acted! Slaps/fists/kicks, everything happened in a flurry. If Sheyan was an ordinary person, he would've long ago been beaten down to the ground.

Sheyan initially tried to acknowledge his wrongdoings, he tried dodging and blocking but wasn't willing to retaliate. But once those males realized their fists were landing nothing, they turned furious from shame and drew out a shimmering dagger from their waist. Upon seeing this, Sheyan's aggression was ignited. This daddy here... even if I wanted to harass your mother, It doesn't warrant a death right? Although he was unwilling to slaughter his way in, these fools had to trigger his inner ruthlessness. He backed away from the woman, fleeing backwards swiftly.

How would they know they were walking towards their own demise? Naturally, they chased him into the storeroom. When they entered, Sheyan who was waiting for them immediately blocked off their way out. They japanese thrusted his dagger forward. Sheyan's eyes flickered with a bloodlusted chill, extending his fist out to meet the dagger!

Bare flesh vs steel!


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