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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Following the vine to find the melon

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

A frightening chill gripped Baoyu's heart. Turning down to look at that corpse that collided against him;he saw a gruesome distorted neck, its long tongue rolled out. It was that Ah Fa that followed him for years. From the state he was in, it was impossible that he survived!

That piercing chill soared crazily within him, his body shivering uncontrollably. That demanding mighty hand controlled his own hand, forcing himself to point his own gun at his own temple.

’’I've always been a fair person, you want to gun me down right?’’

Sheyan composedly pronounced Baoyu's fate.

Baoyu finally pleaded in fear.

’’Don't please! Bro Yan, I was wrong......’’

’’Bang!’’ Baoyu's pleading wails were cut off by the gunfire, his blood and brain juice forming a puddle. Actually, these fatal brawling scenes were a frequent occurrence here. Most of the other bar patrons had fled long ago. Hence, there were no panicked cries, or frantic shouts for help . That brutal ruthlessness had welled up inside his heart, pouring out without restraint! Presently, whatever hiding his contestant traces had been tossed far behind his mind, as for getting involved with the police, he completely couldn't care less! If he was so prudent to the extent his hatred couldn't be appease, and he couldn't protect his own family, then so what if he possessed unparalleled strength?

Sheyan casually tossed aside the pistol, marching out in huge strides as he left tragic bloodied footprints trailing him. As he walked on, the blood trail expired. After killing 4, Sheyan's fiery hatred had not been extinguished, it fact it was being fueled . That murderous intent induced by harming his family, how could it be simply appeased by a Baoyu? If Crab didn't die, and Sanzi wasn't safely rescued, his hatred would never die down!

Ignoring the gasps as he walked towards the street, he flagged a cab.

’’Temple Street. Thanks, hurry a little.’’


Half an hour later, Sheyan got down from the cab. Leaving behind a note as he closed the door. He wasn't familiar with Temple Street, however, he understood how this kind of places worked. With a huge crowd, crooks mixed in with honest folks, it was bustling with activity. This Crab bro actually dared to betray his big brother, and had relations with the viets, definitely his name would be known here. Sheyan leisurely halted someone, stuffing a hundred bucks into his pockets, and he already knew that this Crab was currently inside Dafa gambling den.

Sheyan nodded his head after getting the gambling den's address, he headed off.

The gambling den was located at a remote side alley, with a grocery store sign as concealment. Outside stood two huge brutes, smoking their cigarettes, observing around after every few minutes. Yet even the police understood the logic of the water that is too clear has few fishes. At most, this was just the calm before the storm. Sheyan strided towards them. The two brutes would often experience uninvited gambling addicts. Without giving him any attention, they carried on with their chatter, treating Sheyan as fart.

After Sheyan entered the gambling den, he realized this place was honestly miserably small. It only had 2 rooms, probably the dormitory of the previous grocery store's owner. Within them it was congested with 5-6 round tables, the smoky fumes polluted the air. Sheyan wasn't able to advance further without hindrance. A fat man smoking his cigarette walked in front of Sheyan, speaking out with a menacing tone.

’’Who are you, what'd you want?’’

Sheyan replied gently.

’’Is Crab around?’’

’’Pui!’’ That fat man snorted and spat, raising his chin and pressing his middle finger onto Sheyan's chest.

’’You think Crab bro's name is something you can say?’’

As he spoke, he threw away his cigarette and slapped across Sheyan's face! Sheyan instantly caught his wrist, pressing down slowly with increased strength. The fat man started breaking out in cold sweat, turning around as he yelled out pitifully.

’’Dali, Heizi! Hurry and chop him! Get Crab bro to come!’’

At this moment, every gambler had turned to face this commotion with a surprised expression. Sheyan remained peaceful.

’’An outsider's grudges, those who don't wish for blood to spray against them, scram immediately!’’

The bunch of gamblers immediately started dispersing in confusion, flocking out like bees. They were here just for entertainment and did not wish to get implicated. Even if they were just a spectator and needed to be a witness for the police, it was troublesome and bad luck. Not even a minute later, the place was emptied out with the exception of Crab's underlings.

Sheyan raised his head, his lips curling into a smile.

’’So you guys are Crab's underlings?’’

’’Crack!’’ His voice hadn't faded yet, but was instantly interrupted with a clear, crisp sound from the tightly gripped wrist of the fat man.

The sound of his wrist being forcefully fractured!

Following that, a furious grunt sounded from behind, with a solid steel rod swinging down onto Sheyan's head. Sheyan leaked out a vicious glare, shooting his palm out towards his face!

A steel rod and a palm!

Which was stronger, which was lighter?

Everyone easily chose the steel rod. Yet, the cruel fact was the person shouldering the force of the steel rod stood harmlessly still, while the one facing the palm was thrown back by 2 metres;blood flowing out from his eyes, nose and ears. Even his neck was slightly twisted! It seemed like the neck bone had snapped.

That one slap, shook the entire audience.

Following that, another disbelieving thug charged towards him. Without exception, Sheyan instantly slaughtered him with a single movement! Moreover, it was a gruesome, internal organ-rupturing death!

After the death count had soared to 4 people in this house, the remaining 2 thugs were frightened stiff, crying desperately as they begged for mercy. Strictly speaking, they were pretty remarkable. In ancient warfare, an ordinary army fleet would lose their morale even after a third had perished. To endure psychologically even after half had perished was remarkable. Yet these 2 thugs managed to keep up their mentality until 66% of them had been dispatched off. They could be already hailed as a courageous soldier, that was if they were in the military.

Sheyan swiped away the blood on his hand, his voice had cold as ice.

’’Do you wish to die or live? It's very simple. Make a call and get Crab over here. Whatever it takes;if you wish to lie or speak the truth, it's up to you! When Crab arrives, I'll let you off. But if you wish to die, that's very simple. I'll only wait for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, I'll kill one!’’


Soon, Crab hastily rushed into the gambling den. It was like the two thugs had seen their parents, opening their mouths as they released a cringing cry. Then they hurriedly scrambled away from Sheyan's presence.

Crab was a buff brute. He had triangular eyes, partitioned eyebrows, thick lips;appearing rather uncouth. Upon entering the den and seeing his men sprawled across the floor, and the gruesome state of their corpses, his expression changed. Instantly reaching for his waist, obviously for his gun. He wasn't alone, beside him were two fierce massive dudes. They had a wrinkled face, dark skin and callouses covered their fingers;indicated their experience with the gun. Similarly, they pulled out their guns! Taking aim!

Sheyan was only 5-6 metres away from them, brazenly sitting on the chair beside him;allowing the 3 black barrels to aim at himself. He was fearful of gunfire without his innate ability, but only from semi automatic rifles! Instead, his physique not was as domineering as 23 points, his health 330 points. Moreover, he had roughly 32% of damage reduction defence! As for the these measly 0.38 cm calibre pistols, he completely disregarded them.

’’Who are you? Why did you come here for?’’ Because he was the one with the gun, Crab spoke with a disdainful low tone.

Leaning on the chair, Sheyan lazily replied.

’’A guy named Sanzi, he is with you right?’’

Crab's eyes flashed a glint, the two gunners behind him flashed a look at each other. He sneered slyly.

’’That's right! That little scoundrel, after kicking him a little and stuffing his head into a bucket for several minutes, he even divulged the color of his mother's undies. I reckon, he is still crying right now! HA HA HA’’

Sheyan's clutched on the chair tightened, but replied with a cool tone.

’’How did you catch him?’’

Crab snorted loudly.

’’It is me with the gun pointing at you! You think you're the CIA, taking my record?’’

Sheyan played down his tone.

’’You think that by pointing your gun at me, you're safe?’’

Suddenly, he stood up abruptly, throwing the chair beneath his butt towards them! Crab scrambled to dodge pathetically. Instead, the two gunmen seemed to be rather decisive. With their years of rich experience, they pulled the trigger without hesitation!

The piercing gunfire echoed within the room. Sheyan only covered his head, charging explosively like a wild beast. Throwing a fist straight to a gunner's chest! Instantly, that familiar bone cracking sound emerged, forming a deep depression at his chest. ’’Poo!’’ From his mouth, blood and dull red disintegrated organ fragments sprayed out! His face was brimming with anger and disbelief. Without even feeling the pain yet, he was terminated!

The other guy only lasted for another 3 seconds. Emptying his cartridge against Sheyan, before frantically cutting down against Sheyan with the pistol shaft. Sheyan raised his head viciously, as the pistol broke upon impact, but only cut a small wound on Sheyan's scalp. Sending a kick up his calf, he released a mournful shriek!


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