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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Method to awaken the innate

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Witnessing that, both Sheyan and Reef were dumbstruck. It seemed like for a genuine 2nd lieutenant to establish a party, it was pretty rare. Therefore, even Reef hadn't heard of such a regulation before. Sheyan inquired further.

’’Is it only me that can participate in the mission, or can others participate as well?’’

Very quickly, he got his answer.

’’Maximum quota of 5 people, but mission difficulty will increase linearly based on mancount.’’

Obviously, Sheyan couldn't take on this establishing party mission now. He had just returned from a nightmare world;even though his body was fine, as a result of mental exhaustion, his mind was on the verge of snapping like a bowstring. He definitely had to rest and rejuvenate his mind, if not, he would crumble under the fatigue. Fortunately, he wasn't post with a time limit for this mission. After resting to optimal condition, he could still challenge it.

Sheyan and Reef then returned below and went their separate ways. Sadly, Sheyan had no additional equipments to sell inside the marketplace - this was the shortcoming of a party. Because of the scarcity of equipments in the realm, most equipments would be partitioned and distributed amongst members. Only a few would be actually converted into cash.

Fortunately according to Reef, the troll's leather would be processed by the time he entered the realm again;he still had a chance for good protective equipment. It could be counted as a minor improvement to his powers, and improve his scoring for the establishing party mission.

Moreover in the previous world, Sheyan had realized one thing. That his genetic mix had proved to be exceedingly useful, and could even be sold for several thousands of utility points. However, all his concocting materials, like the bear flesh powder, Raptor flesh powder, and fox flesh powder were completely depleted. Hence, Sheyan was still brooding over how he could restock when he returned to the present world. As he was about to separate with Reef, Reef suddenly spoke.

’’I heard from Mogensha, your innate ability hadn't been awakened in the present world?’’

Sheyan was abruptly stunned! His ability 'Endurance' not being awakened had constantly been pricking at him. It was because of his innate ability being limited, Sheyan was still apprehensive about suffering from the concentrated fires from automatic rifles. Hence, he hadn't found Huashan Fei for revenge.

But if he could gain his innate ability in the present world;complemented by his outstanding 23 points of physique, naturally Huashan Fei would be nothing in his eyes!

However, this was something innate in an individual, and was classified as a private matter. Truthfully, Sheyan understood that Reef was the best teacher in this aspect, but he still felt rather inappropriate to ask. If he became excessively demanding just because he was another's life savior, then this would defeat the purpose of friendly relations. But now that Reef proactively raised it, then naturally he wouldn't let this go.

’’Yes, what you said is correct.’’ Sheyan immediately seized the chance. ’’I can't think of a way to awaken my innate ability, please advise me!’’

Reef pondered for a moment before replying.

’’Innate awakening varies from person to person. I can't tell the triggering factor, but can only tell you my personal experience.’’

Until here, he spread apart his forehead showing the tip of his hair line, there was a scar over there.

’’When I was 13, I got caught up inside an extremely severe car accident. My forehead was completely shattered, and I laid in the hospital for half a year. I had completely lost all consciousness, and only discovered that my resistive ability was noticeably stronger after waking up.’’

Sheyan was shocked, then he forced out a bitter smile.

’’Obviously I can't purposefully throw myself into a car accident, and it has to be an intense one.’’

Reef nodded as he replied sincerely.

’’As for Mogensha and many other gunmen, even they do not know when they awakened their innate ability. Because for shooting, it is similar to muscle memory in sports like basketball and football. One has to feel it within their limbs themselves. Perhaps, Mogensha had a sudden brilliance of inspiration, or forced into desperation before he managed to awaken his innate 'Beastly instincts'. During my stint has party leader previously, many others were willing to confide in me and told me their stories. The eventual conclusion I derived with was - for anyone with an innate ability, whatever it pertains to, most of them went through painstaking, arduous training!’’

Speaking till here, Reef turned around as he sincerely stared at Sheyan.

’’What I want to ask is, have you ever trained your resistive ability in the present world?’’

Sheyan was momentarily stumped! With that statement, it was like a sharp blade stabbing into his heart! Or an electric shock, illuminating the dark path ahead!

’’No, I haven't.’’

Sheyan miserably shook his head.

’’Honestly, I've been tied down by many things in the present world, I don't have any time to concentrate on that. I'm afraid as for this time, my main priority would be to see for materials to concoct my mixes. Because I expended most of my materials in the previous world by mixing a massive amount of genetic dosages.’’

Reef frowned.

’’What kind of materials do you need?’’

Sheyan then explained in full details. Reef let out a breath after listening fully.

’’Why didn't you mention earlier? Brown bears, raptors, and foxes, right? I'll just get someone to gather for you. But those cannot be brought into the realm, where do you stay in the present world? I'll get my butler to deliver it.’’

Sheyan naturally felt elated from this news, he was waiting for this statement from Reef for far too long. With such a noble and righteous ideology, this Reef definitely was brainwashed since young. To be able to shine brightly with trust and kindness without being influenced inside such a terribly twisted and 'every man for himself' place like the nightmare realm;undoubtedly, only a virtuous European household would be able to nurture out such noble thinking and mannerism. As for the wealthy backing of such noble households, Sheyan believed finding those wild creatures wouldn't be a huge problem.

After contemplating for a moment, he replied.

’’Get your butler to deliver directly to 14th street, Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong, addressed to 'Lady Jessica' should be fine.’’

Reef replied.

’’No problem, I'll try and get them to send it within 7 days. Apart from that, if you wish to train your resistive capabilities, then I suggest heading for Thailand. Although the Thais have a smaller body frame, their martial arts are savagely violent. Although it may not deal much damage to us, but their training methods may prove useful.’’

’’Otherwise, you can try Siberia's death concentration camp. In the harsh conditions of the high altitude and severe winter, training your body will do you a whole load of good. If you get a chance to wrestle others there, then undoubtedly, your improvements would be immense.’’

’’Finally, you can try Tibet, China. Due to the high altitude there, the oxygen in the air is low. Even staying there is a form of training, and can greatly enhance your body. You can agitate those wild yaks to ram against you in the high plains, or attempt to climb the highest mountains there with your bare hands;it will help you train up your inner resistance.’’

Reef diligently offered the 3 places to Sheyan, naturally those places were areas he previously trained in before. Sheyan was filled with gratitude;after considering, he decided to head over to Thailand first. Firstly, it wasn't very far from Hong Kong, and secondly, Sheyan was pretty familiar with Thailand already. If he wanted to find social connections, it would be pretty simple.

At this moment, Sheyan suddenly recalled he still had a Silver Storyline equipment that hadn't been appraised on hand. This was that rare elite hydralisk 'Boiling's' drop loot, that acid gland. After appraising it, if it wasn't useful, then he could just trade it away.

Thus, he first thought of getting Jinkuang to appraise. But after thinking of him, he had a slight fear of being cheated. Hence, he gritted his teeth and decided to spend some utility points to display within the marketplace, wishing that he could once again meet another pitiful soul who was in urgent need to raising his appraising ability...... Although the chances of that was low, it was better than that crafty Jinkuang.

Regarding the address that Sheyan gave to Reef, it was the private property of that mix blood, Jessica. That property was an inheritance left behind by her granny. Currently, after inquiring with the realm, he realized that the probability of contestants dropping a key after being murdered in the present world was identical to a 'free' world setting. Based on their current relationship, it would do no good for Reef to try and pull a fast one. Moreover, he was someone that possessed such a noble and righteous heart. Hence, the chances of Reef investigating on Jessica, and finally ambushing him was as good as zero. Thus, Sheyan was extremely willing to divulge this news to him.

After confirming his plans, Sheyan immediately chose to leave the realm. He first sent a text to Jessica - ’’Something came up, a friend will send some wild creatures over, help me keep them.’’ Jessica very straightforwardly acknowledged him. After a short conversation, Sheyan realized she was still a student. Recently, her exams were nearing, and she had to study.

Probably due to the recent news of typhoon approaching, Sheyan was consecutively rejected by 3-4 past connections when asked to travel to Thailand. Of course, he could still access illegal smuggling methods, hosted in shoddy areas like bars, discos, brothels etc. He would only have to mix with several others. However, when he attempted to pay a hundred bucks small fee inside a bar named 'Green beer', he was let down once again. But suddenly, someone called out from the side....

’’Isn't this Yan son?’’

(TN: son in this context is used in the same context as - bro, lad etc’’


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