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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Establishing party mission??

Translated by: chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

When Sheyan's pure strength was raised to 20 points, he received a notification:

’’Your basic attribute: Strength, has reached 20 points.’’

’’You receive additional basic attribute bonus, please select within 10 seconds.’’

Basic attribute bonus I (Passive): 'Fat man' - Apart from damage output, other aspects regarding the strength attribute receives a 5 points bonus.

***: For example, to wear a 25 points equipment would now only require 20 points of strength to equip. The same goes for a 25 points ability scroll. When determining crushing damages, a 26 points strength contestant would be able to deal crushing damages to a 15 points strength opponent;but damage output would still be based on 26 points of strength.

B) Basic attribute bonus I (Passive): 'Muscle Baron' - Your muscles can effectively protect your body. Explosive strike rate dealt to you will be lowered by 10%. If an explosive strike still occurs, its damage will be reduced by 20%.

Sheyan lingered between both options for a long time. But after recalling the previous world, the devastating zergling sea, the main problem was the fear of explosive strikes dealt by the zerglings. If he could've suppress those explosive strikes, then probably, he had a good chance of lasting 50% longer within the zergling sea.

From a deeper perspective;with the mechanics of his innate ability 'Endurance', no matter if he was battling with contestants or against storyline characters, the high damage sustained from every explosive strike was indeed Sheyan's thorn in the flesh. Thus, Sheyan chose option B - 'Muscle Baron'. This was equivalent to having sort of a protective charm with him.

After his brief decision, Reef had already rushed over from his personal room. After seeing his hasty state, Sheyan couldn't help asking what was stalling him. Reef panted as he replied.

’’Of course it is about forging. Although to treat Baiise's limbs we had expanded quite a handful of pandora crystals, but Mogensha managed to supply me with an adequate amount from his relentlessly harvesting drone.’’

Realizing that Reef was indeed an expert in the art of refinery and forging, Sheyan immediately produced his white grade brass knuckles;consulting with Reef. Reef looked on with amazement.

’’This should've been done by an expert forger. He could even bring out the resistive property, and add onto your white grade brass knuckles. Only a talent in forging is capable of that. The process of drawing and installing the additional property, has a high chance in damaging the equipment.’’

As they conversed while walking, they arrived at the marketplace of the nightmare realm. They stepped into the 'tentacle elevator', and swiftly ascended to the roof. A metallic hexagon chamber greeted them.

Presently, there were 3 others ahead of them accessing the metallic chamber. In the meantime, no one else could enter. Sheyan seized this opportunity to produce his black grade 'Troll's leather', allowing Reef to see if he could forge out something.

After Reef examined it, he nodded as he inquired if Sheyan possessed anymore materials. Sheyan pondered for a moment before searching within the interspatial area of his nightmare imprint. Previously, he had slaughtered an astonishing amount of zerglings with his Prometheus 'III' Flamethrower. Hence, he managed to acquire quite a number of rare carapace shells even though the drop rate wasn't considered high.

After identifying these carapace shells as materials, their quality were more or less dark blue grade;apart from leaving two pieces for the pragmatic slut, Jinkuang, he offered the rest to Reef. Upon viewing them, Reef expressed his satisfaction as he chose several better condition pieces, and returned 3-4 to Sheyan.

At this moment, the 3 other contestants in front of them stood up, they appeared like they were done with their matters. As they walked out, the casually discussed amongst themselves. Because every contestant had a shadow enshrouding their faces, it was impossible to recognize their features. Sheyan could only eavesdrop on their conversation.

’’Finally promoted to a Rank 3 party. Man, this was f***king hard. Carter, you didn't die in vain!’’

’’Why didn't boss settle this himself? It seems like he refuses to see anyone recently.’’

’’I heard it's because of a woman. Remember that fierce woman, Fu Lyanna? I heard our boss was entangled with her previously. But I heard she is dead.’’

’’For F*** sake, dying is totally common in the realm. Isn't it just a woman? If boss is willing, I can find him a hundred in Amsterdam.’’

’’You blockheads that only think with your reproductive organ. I suddenly recalled, even though Fu Lyanna is dead, previously boss managed to secretly bind a horcrux on her.’’

’’Horcrux? That same object that lord Voldemort uses in Harry Potter? Wow, boss is really willing to part with his treasures.’’

’’Yes! Recently, boss should be anxiously engaged in a mission to revive with the horcrux.....’’



As the 3 strolled further away, their voices were slowly drowned out. Sheyan took a deep breath.

’’Rank 3 party! Boss!!! Horcrux!!! Metals Professor, Fu Lyanna!’’

As the seemingly irrelevant words connected together, waves of shock rippled against Sheyan. It was like gulping down a mouthful of 56 degrees erguotou (liquor), then munching on a snow white dried garlic. The spicy burning sensation mixing together, as it wrecked havoc from the tip of the tongue all the way down the throat, with you ending up with a belly of fire!

’’Interesting.’’ Sheyan's lips curled into a sly smile. The faint burning fervor of his blood once again skyrocketed within him. This wasn't fear, instead it was an immense excitement at the prospect of a massive challenge! This maddening sensation had been reignited from the depths of his soul once again! Flooding throughout his body, before leaving.

’’What's wrong?’’ Reef questioned as he saw Sheyan daydreaming.

’’Nothing.’’ Sheyan obviously couldn't explain this. The Metals Professor was no Voldemort. To revive her was no easy feat, but so what if she managed to? He couldn't determine what others wanted to do, but what he could do, was to rapidly strengthen evolve himself! While thinking, the two of them entered into the metallic chamber. After passing through a green laser scanner, they sat down on a metallic chair at the end of the chamber. A screen appeared in front of them.

’’Contestant no.1018......analyzing’’

’’Confirming identity......’’

’’You current nightmare imprint rank is at Second Lieutenant.’’

’’Your current achievement value is 52 points.’’

’’Here are the following services:’’

’’A: Purchase military rank related items. (Detailed list of purchasables) ’’

’’B: Assess military rank relevant classified information. (Requires a fixed fee)’’

’’C: Application to establish a party.’’

’’D: Acquire military rank allowance. (Current allowance: Free purchasement of 1 military rank item, item must be within the scope of your rank)’’

’’E: Receive a military rank mission. (Presently, no relevant mission) ’’

’’F: Withdraw current party. (Not applicable for now, you are part of a temporary party)’’

’’G: Others.’’

Because Reef was still part of the temporary party with Sheyan;upon seeing that long list of options, he exposed a tremendously shocked expression. After Sheyan asked, he realized a reserve-duty 2nd Lieutenant only had 3 options available to them:

A: Purchase military rank related items.

B: Application to establish a party.

C: Others.

Just based on this alone, one could tell those vast difference between a genuine second lieutenant and a reserve-duty one! Sheyan wasn't in a hurry to establish his party. He had previously acquired an unknown object: 'Blade Empress's hair' from the recent world. After suggesting a trade, he received 2 choices.

Selling it. Receive 10,000 utility points.

B) Donating it to the realm. Receive 2 achievement points.

Currently, he knew the importance of achievement points. Naturally, he chose the charity option. After his achievement value was raised to 54 points, he then selected the option to establish a party. He received a list of notification:

’’You can establish a lowest rank party. Party core members are limited to three people. Ordinary members are limited to 10 people. Temporal members are limited to 20 people. You can buy the party prestige from the realm to expand these figures.’’

’’You can appoint a vice head, but his rank must be at least a Sergeant. Appointing it will consume a little achievement point.’’

’’Please give your party a name. If you skip this step, a serial number will be assigned to your party instead.’’

For some unknown reason, or demons and gods at work, one word gently drifted out from his mouth.


Immediately after, Sheyan was momentarily stupefied. Because after confirming, he received a shocking notification.

’’Confirm establishment of party?’’

’’You will instantly receive an establishing party mission. During this mission, normally your lives wouldn't be in danger. Yet ultimately, the mission assessment will determine your welfare provided and the party's ability!’’

Witnessing that, both Sheyan and Reef were dumbstruck. It seemed like for a genuine 2nd lieutenant to establish a party, it was pretty rare. Therefore, even Reef hadn't heard of such a regulation before.


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