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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Strength and reward.

Translated by: chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The Overlord sped past the clouds at breakneck speed, entering straight into space within seconds. Then like a drizzle against water, it gradually faded away, with only Sheyan and Reef left behind. They seem to be trapped inside a formless screen, their surrounding the mysterious pitch-black universe, the mystical nebula with twinkling stars. Beneath them, was the titanous yellow-earth backdrop of the planet. Because they had entered this world as a temporary party, thus, the ending of this story was similar.

Following that, was naturally the battlefield overview reflection. Firstly, the screen shone with the encounters of Reef and the other bunch of contestants when accomplishing the main mission. The crazed resistance against the arachnids in Steel Whip base....encountering a flaming beetle on the way to Whisky base....reuniting with the Roughnecks.....finally, the deaths of Johnny Rico and the other main storyline characters.

Next, Sheyan's reflection of events were much lesser. Obviously, his unorthodox path led to his abandonment of the main mission. His first reflection was the moment he killed that gigantic scourge back in Steep Whip base. The second was fast-forwarded to the moment he reached the tragic scene of the main character. The third was the emotional explosion of the Tyrannical Spore Colony.

The battle summary finally concluded. The realm flashed out the following information:

Time: Galaxy era. Year 383, April 17th. 10 am in the morning.

Location: Planet P, sixth district, Steep Whip human base. (Latitude: 43.19 degrees. Longitude: 91.02 degrees)

Setting: Starship Troopers

Difficulty: Mid (C grade)

Pain limitator: 30%

Individual capability enhancement: 0%

Current setting exploration rate: 7.2%

Main mission: Failed

Mission theory exploration rate: 41%

Mission completion score: D (Main mission failed/only met the basic requirements of Lieutenant Colonel Dundee's mission)

Note: You possess 1 legend level, you will receive additional bonus.

Setting completion reward: Free attribute points: 1+1 points (Because of legend level). Requirements not met to receive utility points or potential points.

Current free attribute points: 2 points.

You can freely add the free attribute points to your basic attributes (Strength/agility etc), using it to enhance your body.

Seeing this string of notifications, Sheyan quietly glanced towards Reef and shrugged his shoulders. Reef sighed and said.

’’Such an arduous main mission for this mid difficulty setting.....indeed it is a little too demanding of a temporary constructed party. But if everyone had worked and cooperated together, especially you Seaman. If you could've displayed your schemes right at the start, we would've been able to succeed.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, sincerely replying.

’’Let's not talk about others. If I had tried to give orders at the start, would you have been convinced?’’

Reef was stunned, sighing, sighing again as he shook his head and sighed once more. Then he forced out a smile.

Sheyan patted Reef's shoulder and continued.

’’No matter what, we still managed to survive, that itself is enough. What are your plans from now?’’

Reef raised his eyes to observe Sheyan, then he gently replied.

’’Why? Trying to recruit me?’’

Sheyan bluntly replied.

’’That's right. If I missed out on you, or you missed out on me, wouldn't we regret next time?’’

Reef earnestly replied.

’’In my heart, I've always had one belief;and that is principles and impartiality! Everyone should have equal privileges and rights, even a storyline character! I firmly believe, everyone has a good side to them. As long as we don't give up on them and trust them, then justice and integrity would never die. I'll definitely make genuine companions!’’

As he speaked on, Reef's voice steadily turned passionate. Sheyan carefully listened, before he hung down his eyes and replied.

’’I can only say, I do agree with some of your ideologies.’’

Reef shook his head.

’’This world is filled with evil, but we cannot be influenced by it. Instead, we must cleanse it!’’

Sheyan suddenly asked.

’’You should be of an European nobility origin in the present world right?’’

Reef snorted coldly.

’’That's right! Are you going to follow that up with the stereotype, horse rider, delusional mental patient?’’

Sheyan very honestly replied.

’’No. What I want to say is;a dead person carries neither righteousness nor evil, only by living can one purify the evil. If you come with me, at least, you'll be able to live longer.’’

Reef resentfully continued.

’’What if in the future, I'm bent on disagreeing with your plans?’’

Without hesitation, Sheyan declared.

’’If there are circumstances that harms your interests, then i'll try to amend my plans. Just like that time with Baiise.’’

Reef suddenly felt a stifling sensation;for a person with deep-rooted beliefs and conviction like him, he had always been questioned by others, and would always be faced with rebellious behavior and frustration. He was about to dispute and leave;but at this very moment, he couldn't help recalling the moment of Tulip's betrayal. The deadly despair he felt.

That hopeless loneliness, the desperation that even breathing had lost its meaning.

That sudden outstretched hand of hope and warmth!

That security descending down from the heavens!!

In that instance, Reef turned silent. His heart was always loyal;the grace showered on him, he would always remember, etched within his memory. Therefore, his original notion of breaking off the relation with a rupture was stored back in, but still, he was reluctant to admit his mistake.

’’Fine, if you're really forming a party, then count me in. But remember, if not for my own desire for knowing what a genuine 2nd Lieutenant's party would be like, I would've never agreed!’’

Sheyan smiled lightly. He stretched his hand out to pat his shoulder, leisurely speaking.

’’You've made a wise decision. Just think about it really, just think about it and you'll realize. Out of all the contestants, trying to join a party with a formidable MT is already excruciatingly rare. But for us, we actually have 2 mighty MTs! What sort of composition is this? Such an attractive idea of such a solid party. Under the heavens, what challenges can't we conquer?’’

As Sheyan proclaimed boldly, his eyes ignited with a passion named ambition. To increase his persuasiveness, he raised his hands mightily. His background the vast, inexhaustible black dome of stars! It was like he was about to grip the entire universe in his hands, an outrageous defiance!

As Reef listened on, he himself couldn't keep his blood from boiling within. He knew that he was a rarely seen MT;thus he understood this party composition of 2 MTs, in the current development phase, was indeed a terribly exceptional event! How many others would scramble madly for this unattainable goal! With his very thinking, even the specks of twinkling stars became extremely glaring within Sheyan's palm, causing him to reflexively squint his eyes. A strange unfathomable, spontaneous spark jolted up his heart!

As time rolled on, their visions gradually turned fuzzy, and finally blackening out. When they regained their visions, they were already separated, and back inside their respective personal rooms.

Once Sheyan returned, the slut Jinkuang immediately, with saliva splashing, announcing to start seeking for huge business opportunities. He started fiddling with those earthen jars and pots of his, continuing his experiments in high spirits. No one knew who his next victim would be. Sheyan was completely speechless towards this ancestral goblin, but he couldn't help it;only able to sigh as the experimental smoke and flames burnt against his deformed wall. He secretly lamented;of course without letting Jinkuang know, if not that slut was bound to ask for certain remunerations for his psychological trauma.

At this moment, the nightmare imprint transmitted Reef's voice.

《Seaman, hurry up and gather here. Let's settle this party thing first.》

Sheyan was roused, instantly leaving towards the realm space. To create a new party should be like applying for the military, requiring to ride that elevator towards the roof of the realm. While waiting for Reef, Sheyan remembered he still had 2 free attribute points to add. As he was about to allocate them to physique, he suddenly noticed another attribute.

That was strength.

At present, Sheyan's strength attribute without any equipment bonus, had already reached 18 points! (A servant's capabilities are incorporated with the master's attributes)

For a person that would have to tank the frontlines for prolonged periods of time, concentrating solely on physique wasn't really a good idea. In Harry Potter's world, that insanely destructive crushing damages done by the mountain troll had taught Sheyan this lesson well. Moreover from the nightmare imprint, Sheyan knew that crushing abilities took utmost precedence in battle data. It actually wasn't affected by the 40% battle limitation set by the realm between contestants.

From here, investing precious attribute points into strength was definitely essential. At least, one had to avoid enemies from dealing crushing damages! But more critically, if he allocated the two free attribute points into strength, his pure strength would reach 20 points!

Furthermore, he vividly remembered. After his pure physique had reached 20 points, he received an additional bonus from the nightmare realm. From this perspective, if his pure strength reached 20 points, then surely he would be entitled to a bonus!


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