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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 60


Chapter 60: Giving up and returning

Translated by:Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Upon the booming howls of Lieutenant Colonel Dundee, Sheyan and Reef received the notifications:

’’You've managed to destroy at least 1 Tyrannical Spore Colony within 72 hours.’’

’’You have successfully accomplished his mission.’’

’’You only destroyed 1 Tyrannical Spore Colony.’’

’’The marines following you to battle has a death rate of over 50%.’’

’’You receive the lowest evaluation and rewards.’’

’’Please choose two amongst the following as your rewards.’’

Please choose from the following options as your final reward:

Reward A: 9,000 utility points.

Reward B: Random 3 free attribute points.

Details: By choosing this option, 3 free attribute points will be randomly allocated to your basic attributes. Randomization would take into consideration your current attribute utilization.

Reward C: Achievement +3 points.

Up till here, Sheyan didn't feel convinced. However, the next two options caused him to gasp in astonishment. For the following two options, they were shockingly 2 black grade equipments!!

Reward D: NCC High quality combat armour

NCC high quality combat armour

Origin: Star Alliance Centaurus ninth planet

Equipment rarity: Black (Unable to upgrade)

Material: High quality Kevlar

Additional installation: Pouch slot for chest bulletproof vest, compatible with all category armour.

Weight: 8.31 kg

Usage requirements: Strength 12 points, Agility 10 points, Physique 15 points

Durability: 100 points

Details: Defence +4 points

Details: Strength/ Agility/ Physique +1

Details: Lowers your movement speed by 8 points (8 points of movement speed from agility)

Equipment add-on ability: 'Stimulant' - Inject a mixture of ephedrine and black henbane. Cause current HP to drop by 25% but raises attack speed by 30% Cooldown duration: 15 minutes.

Equipment battle score: 19

Description: This is a rather familiar combat armour which can greatly enhance survivability in battle. This thing is more reliable than condoms by 10 folds!

(ED: This novel. More reliable than condoms. )


Reward E: NCC high quality helmet

NCC high quality helmet

Origin: Star Alliance Harp stellar system fourth planet

Equipment rarity: Black (Unable to upgrade)

Material: High quality Kevlar

Additional installation: Infrared scanner, granting night vision.

Note: the infrared scanner is fairly common, can be purchased in any human base.

Weight: 3.11 kg

Usage requirements: Agility 10 points, Perceptive sensing 15 points

Durability: 6 points

Details: Defence +2 points

Details: Physique/Perceptive sensing +1

Details: MP +40 points

Details: Lowers movement speed by 5 points

Equipment add on ability (Active): 'Pulse detector' - Gather intelligence on the target upon usage, gathered intelligence is based on perceptive sensing.

Additional ability (Passive): 'Pulse interference' - Greatly lowers the probability of enemy gathering intelligence on you/ misleads enemy. When clashed with other abilities, this ability will take precedence.

Equipment battle score: 18

Description: I must educate the creator of this damned helmet on art. Why is it shaped like the male's urine organ?


Truthfully, even for such a decisive person like Sheyan, he was still at a loss because of this options. No doubt, that 'Stimulant' from the NCC high quality combat armour would be practical;if used wisely, it would definitely prove to be a great aid in critical moments. It was a double-edged sword that could be used to increase attack speed and movement speed!

Instead......that NCC high quality helmet wasn't something Sheyan wanted to give up on! 'Pulse detector' most like was like an insight ability, and had been a tremendous aid to Sheyan so far. Also, for his future schemes, that 'Pulse interference' would no doubt be like a safety charm, lowering the chances of any unnecessary variables.

Ultimately, because of that roll of Mountain troll leather (Black), Sheyan made a decision. After it had been appraised previously, it could be used to process into shoes, clothings etc. However, it made no mention of crafting a helmet, thus, Sheyan very blatantly selected reward B and the helmet. After the 3 random free attribute points were allocated;it actually allocated 2 points to strength and 1 point to agility! His most desired physique was ultimately neglected!

Faced with that, Sheyan could only console himself with 'Fortunately it didn't allocate to spirit or intelligence'.Following that, lieutenant colonel actually tasked them with another side mission! This mission difficulty was instantly inflated to 'A' difficulty. Naturally, the mission contents were to continue eradicating the remaining Tyrannical Spore Colonies. Although the mission was seemingly alluring, Sheyan unhesitatingly shook his head and refused.

Even though the realm wouldn't task them with a suicide mission, yet Sheyan immediately passed on it after seeing the 'A' difficulty. No doubt, as of now, their combined firepower output had been a persistent huge problem. This temporary group was currently pretty unbalanced in different aspects.

Reef had already placed his full trust in Sheyan, hence he chose to pass as well. Instead, the Mogensha who had chosen to stay on for another 7 days was interested in it. He was still pretty disappointed with missing out on the mission previously. Fortunately,

Lieutenant Colonel Dundee didn't lay down a timeframe to accept the mission, hence, Mogensha hurriedly asked Sheyan if there were any methods to destroy the other Spore Colonies.

’’Methods’’ Sheyan's voice was sullen. ’’The realm wouldn't give us a suicidal mission, there'll certainly be a method.’’

Mogensha's eyes sparkled.

’’Let me hear it!’’

Sheyan deliberated for a moment.

’’Based on our current situation, to forcefully complete this mission is impossible. Those forces of the Blade Empress definitely possess powers above us. The only method is to instigate an internal arachnid conflict between the Blackthorn tribe and the Blade Empress. Although it seems far-fetched, but there is one important factor. What is the reason the humans and arachnids are constantly clashing? Isn't it just to acquire more Pandora crystals and Vespene gas ores?’’

Speaking till here, Sheyan's eyes flickered with passion.

’’As long as we divulged out the news of how wealthy the Blackthorn tribe is now, especially towards the Blade Empress's forces, then there would be a motive for war. The next course of action is simple, just give the Blade Empress's forces an excuse for war.’’

’’Wait!’’ Mogensha furrowed his brows. ’’Why wouldn't the Blade Empress's forces not know about this? Wouldn't the Redliner Overmind have told them?’’

Sheyan shook his head, replying slyly.

’’The Redliner Overmind would never mention this matter. Never forget, that guy's aim was to colonize the entire region of Pandora crystals! Previously, when its military might was still flourishing, it didn't release such news. Now when the Overmind has fled, similarly, it still wouldn't divulge it. That is because if the Blade Empress is kept unaware, then the Redliner Overmind would still have a slight hope of making a comeback. If the Blade Empress is aware, then it wouldn't even stand a chance. The merits and drawbacks are obvious at a glance.’’

’’Wow! Seaman, your brain is like Albert Einstein!’’ Mogensha scratched his bald head as exclaimed. ’’Then why didn't you accept this mission?’’

Sheyan bitterly smiled.

’’Haven't you noticed? If we accept this mission, the most likely, we would have to fall out with the Blackthorn tribe! This means that what we have done so far, will all go down the drain. I have reasonable grounds to believe, that a traitorous scoundrel who leaks your greatest secret;no matter if it's me, you or Overmind Mozi, undoubtedly, he would be placed first on the wanted list.’’

’’But we can definitely keep it low key!’’ Reef joined in the debate.

Sheyan sighed.

’’If we can hide from the skies while crossing the river, why would it be called a 'A' difficulty mission?’’

The crowd was silenced. Sheyan earnestly urged Mogensha.

’’Even though words are useless in the end, I still need to say this. Careful! You should just operate together with the Blackthorn tribe in the next 7 days. Even though the Redliner Overmind has escaped, but i reckon its Mother nest would still be able to last on for a period. Based on your shooting skills and strength, earning much reputation should be simple. Finally, I want to advise you, just forget about Lieutenant Colonel Dundee. Sure the rewards are high, but it may come at the cost of your life.’’

The black man Mogensha laughed loudly, raising his golden AK as he blew a kiss with his thick lips towards Sheyan and Reef;then they said their farewells. Not long after rejecting Lieutenant Colonel Dundee's mission, Reef and Sheyan both received the nightmare imprint's notification to return to the realm. Following that, an aimlessly drifting Overlord came stumbling in. It didn't look very different from the Blackthorn tribe's Overlord. But after approaching, it forcefully constricted Sheyan and Reef with its tentacles, kidnapping them into its cavity. Then it took off towards the sky in high speed.


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