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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: District storyline

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: XRCO and Elkassar

Sheyan innocently gazed at Jinkuang, that complaining and pitiful expression.

’’Didn't you have a high chance of receiving the same treatment as one who had maxed out charm?’’

Jinkuang grudgingly folded his hands, rebutting in grievance.

’’Master, that is the exact pricing that a 50 points charm contestant with a 'cold' impression ah! You must understand, others wouldn't even have the chance to see the menu under the 'cold' impression. To even see the purchasing menu for 'worshipped' impression level, they must first raise their reputation to 'worshipped' eh!’’

Sheyan was enlightened. Although he couldn't pull a fast one because of the pricing, yet Jinkuang had provided him a tremendous superiority already. At least he could learn of the items he could purchase. He was about to ask Jinkuang how did he obtain that 'Mr Roma's certificate', but instantly recalled that Jinkuang this slut probably used some form of counterfeit deceitful trickery;if not how could he deliver such tricks? Hence, he didn't bother wasting his breath.

While still scrolling through and understand the merchandise on the menu, a piercing alarm shooked his ears. The sound was terribly penetrating, threatening to to slice through his ears. Even Jinkuang was terribly startled as he darted towards a corner like an endangered dog, hiding beneath the writing desk.

Consecutively, notifications rung in Sheyan's ears:

’’You've been drawn into a district storyline: 'Arachnids ambush'.’’

’’You can choose to stay in base and not participate in this storyline. You can also choose to defend the base and participate in battle - which would expose your life to immense danger.’’

Of course Sheyan wouldn't cower when faced against such matters. He retrieved the sandwich that could restore HP from his nightmare imprint and tossed it to the rat-like timid Jinkuang. In a serious tone he ordered.

’’Stay here and don't go out, be careful.’’

Jinkuang's eyes became teary.

’’Master! I must compose a poem to praise you. This magical infused sandwich is at least worth 5 gold coins!’’

Sheyan sighed powerlessly and shook his head, before heading out in wide strides. As he walked out, he felt the ground vibrating slightly, even the lights were dim and flickering in the base. Soldiers were running around frantically, dust scattering about the dim atmosphere. Seeing such a scene, Sheyan straightforwardly mixed out a dosage of 'Strength of the bear's flesh mix' and gulped it down. His current strength was enhanced to 18 points.

Suddenly, Sheyan could hear a continuous, unceasing whistling sound. Turning his head, he discovered the 6 Missile Turrets in each of the 4 corners were repeatedly dishing out twin bouts of missiles. The missiles had automatic guided trajectory, and left behind a long trace of greyish emission. In the distant sky dome, black spots emerged and quickly filled the area above the base. Clearly examining, they were abhorrent flying beasts with viciously sharp bladed exoskeletons!

Compared to those spore wyverns in space, these winged creatures had a slightly tinier built. They possessed bony bat like wings, with razor-sharp claws;swooping in at high speeds as they brought blood carnage onto the group of soldiers. Apart from that, their razor-sharp claws weren't used just for combat. (This is one of the species of the Zerg race in Starcraft, 'Mutalisk').

Numerous surface-to-air missiles exploded out, every missile having its own target;scourges turned into blood explosions, but such assaults were far from enough. Several scourges dove down acutely above the base, slashing soldiers into two with their razor-sharp claws. Even the steel armoured SCVs couldn't avoid disaster, countless casualties filled Sheyan's sight.

All of a sudden, a scourge caught sight of Sheyan and plummeted down! Its small crimson eyes beamed viciously, as though inciting a kamikaze. Sheyan's agility wasn't high, he didn't have time to evade this abrupt incoming charge;besides Sheyan didn't even planned to dodge. After sensing he had been locked on, he directly pulled out his white class average shotgun, waiting for the perfect chance when it entered his range before emotionlessly pressing the trigger!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Even if a white class weapon didn't contain additional effects, an attribute of a shotgun was still its 'repelling' effect;this was confirmed. Charging straight into Sheyan, the scourge wasn't better off under the consecutive explosions from the shotgun. Its flight displayed clear reluctance, and it released muffled wails.

The second before the assault, Sheyan had felt several parts of his body sensing distinctly the impending danger. The 23 points of perceptive sensing was exhibited to great effect, turning round immediately. Although he was swept off his feet from the collision, and his advanced body armour damaged with fresh blood spurting out;it was only superficial wounds.

Sheyan instantly did a roll before regaining his balance;charging straight towards the beast. It was currently flapping its bony wings to ascend, before Sheyan crashed head on against its stubby neck with a freakish shriek. Tumbling across the floor, its incisive exoskeleton thumped repeatedly, brewing up a cloud of dust.

Mercilessly unyielding, Sheyan raised his fist;the cold glint of his steel knuckles shone! Unrestrained, savage punches pounded against its head;greenish fluid erupted out as bone fragments sprayed everywhere. This unlucky brat tried its best to flapped its wings in struggle, but was gruesomely beaten dead ultimately.

After finishing it off, Sheyan received the notification: ’’Base reputation +10’’. He could still hear the indescribable rumbling and bombings, the scourges were still relentless;covering the entire earth. He deemed that this battle would certainly be a drawn out one over an hour, hence he retrieved the 'black venom powder' he stole from Jinkuang;smearing it on his weapon.

Abruptly, a cry echoed through the sky. An ordinary foot soldier was directly smacked down on the ground by an abnormally sized scourge that was 3 times its counterparts. This peculiar scourge had red stripes over its body, its appearance exceedingly ferocious. The soldier desperately crawled away but was easily caught but scourge by his shoulder, deeply piercing in. Then it seemed like it wanted to capture him alive.

The other scourges surrounding them frenziedly swooped around, probably trying to cover this enormous scourge. Their wings tearing through the sky with mutual collaboration, combining into an unbearably sharp screech. Two missiles turret were blazing in wild flames as several suicidal scourges drilled into them. Several SCVs rushed into repair. Simultaneously, one of the nearby completed bunkers spat out several long tongues of flames.

From the barracks, foot soldiers clad in NBC (Nuclear/biological/chemical) battle armour streamed out. They held onto C-14 'Impaler' gauss rifle, and begun utilizing their impressive firepower to exterminate the aggressors. Although the casualties were high on the scourges side, they managed to disperse the firepower;allowing that gigantic scourge to frantically flap its wings and escape with its captive. Even if the soldiers wanted to rescue him, the soldier caught beneath the claws were shielding the scourge. They could only shout out anxiously and hope for a miracle to happen.

At this moment, a figure shot out from the side building roof, heavily crashing against the body of the gigantic scourge!

The gigantic scourge had freakish strength, wrestling fiercely under this situation;intending to forcefully drag the now two people with it. Yet the figure that surfaced out was stubbornly raising its body. Boom Boom Boom! As the shotgun released a torrential outburst against its head. Even if a large portion of the steel balls were deflected by its ridiculously firm exterior shell, a small portion managed to infiltrate through the cracks on the armour. It shook its head and struggled in agony, frenziedly roaring out. Greenish fluid erupted out, raining down towards the ground.

Presently, the one who dared to take such risks was indeed Sheyan. After finishing the rounds of his shotgun, he delivered his thunderous punches. Muffled dull sounds resounded from every thump of the shark steel knuckles. After slaying the previous scourge, this enormous scourge wasn't placed significantly in his eyes at all. Every punch sank into the deep cracks formed by the early shots of the shotgun. His powerful 18 points strength could be clearly seen, the body of the scourge gradually infused with a death black;naturally that black venom was in effect.

Sheyan consecutively delivered 5-6 punches, before arching his elbow and drilling it down. The enormous scourge released a mournful shriek, unable to maintain its balance anymore;stumbling through the air as he knocked against the steel railings of the base. The beast suffered a crushing defeat, the firm railings emitted a cringing sound;directly distorting inwards before snapping. Tum! The snapped railing was blown several metres away.


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