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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Choose 2 out of 5

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Regarding the Redliner Overmind fleeing, it was expected by Sheyan. Its resources were already dwindling and drying up, staying on courageously to face death was a foolish mentality. Only by living, everything else would be possible!

When the Blackthorn Overmind Mozi had been captured into the enemy's Mother nest, only a madman would declare that he would become the overall hegemon today. At least, that fleeing Redliner Overmind would've been in a much better position within this planet!

Following that, the nightmare imprint rolled out their rewards.

’’Side mission: 'Blackthorn tribe's predicament' (Complete)’’

’’Mission difficulty: B- ’’

’’Mission summary: Use all methods to stall the Redliner tribe from attacking.’’

’’Mission completion rate: Perfect’’

’’Mission details: Redliner Overmind proclamation of fleeing has satisfied the mission's prefect conclusion.’’

’’Mission details: With your aid, the Blackthorn tribe has triumphed over the Redliner Overmind. Victory was easily obtained, you will receive the highest degree of additional rewards and assessment.’’

You can choose two out of the 5 options as your final reward:

Reward A: 12,000 Utility points

Reward B: Random 6 points of Basic attributes

Details: After choosing this option, 6 free attribute points would be allocated to your basic attributes. Randomization will take into account your current attribute utilization.

Reward C: Achievement + 5 points

Reward D: Privilege of purchasing every category of arachnid larva from the Blackthorn tribe.

Details: The purchased arachnid larva is able to spawn into the relative arachnid unit, and can be brought out of this world.

Details: After using the larva to spawn, the arachnid unit will die after leaving that specific world the larvas was spawned in.

Reward E: Your period of stay is extended for 7 days in this world.


After thoughtful considerations, Sheyan ultimately chose option B and D. Truthfully speaking, option E was rather alluring to him. Because with an extended period of stay, everything else was possible. But after factoring in the next course of mission from the Blackthorn tribe may very well be a direct confrontation with the Blade Empress;such a mission, would definitely possess a high difficulty. Moreover, it seems like Reef wasn't willing to activate that bonus gained from the 50 points physique limitation. Hence, he could only bite his lips and abandon that prospect.

After selecting option B, Sheyan managed to gain +3 strength and +3 physique from the randomization. Although he had wished for the 3 points of strength to be added to his physique instead, what was done cannot be undone.

After selecting option D, he received a purchasing list similar to what he had previously with the Mother nest. Written on it, were all the same arachnid units that a class 'II' Mother nest could breed. However, behind each unit, was an additional 'Larva' world. Probably due to the fact that he could bring them out of this world after purchasing it, it not only required reputation points and utility points, it even required Pandora crystals and Vespene gas ores.

Fortunately, Sheyan and company had aided the Blackthorn tribe in war against the Redliner tribe. Thus, he had quite an abundance of reputation points to use. The only lack was in terms of Pandora crystals and Vespene gas ores.

Fortunately, he still had Mogensha and Reef to count on. After explaining his ideas to them;since Mogensha was already willing to call him 'boss' and buying these items would contribute to the existence and survivability of their party in the future, he would definitely offer Sheyan some.

After Mogensha had listened, he bluntly voiced his support. Moreover, that unlucky infant drone that he had seduced was all along painstakingly harvesting ores, thus, he had amassed quite a plentiful reaping. He very vehemently agreed, as he bluntly offered every single Pandora crystal and Vespene gas ore to him. Naturally to Mogensha, after completion of this dangerous side mission;no matter what ideas he had, he would definitely select the option E! Since he could stay on for another 7 days, then he would be able to continue squeezing everything out of the unlucky drone for a full 7 days. Naturally, he would be willing to part with his current amassed fortune.

Of course, the Pandora crystals and Vespene gas ores on Sheyan, had a huge portion belonging to Reef. He had already forked out 20,000 utility points previously to purchase, in hopes of upgrading his forging ability. After Reef listened to Sheyan's difficulties, he very refreshingly acceded to Sheyan's request. Mogensha even declared that he would gift Reef with half of his earnings the next day. This, this was an overall cause for celebration for everyone.

Since he now had adequate financial backing, Sheyan naturally dispatched out his beloved goblin Jinkuang. This slut immediately became exhilarated, brandishing out a worn-out calculator as he sprinted over to the Mother of the Blackthorn. Before his transaction, he dismantled his calculator and took out the battery within, biting it repulsively before starting to engage in his purchase. Finally, Sheyan received the following larvas:

Arachnid Overlord larva (9 units): Every usage will spawn out a Blackthorn Overlord. Its life force is 1000 points. No battle capabilities. Maximum speed velocity is 480 km/hr. Maximum transporting load of 10 tons. Transport capacity: 3 m x 3m x 5m. Overlord possesses a true-sight ability, and an additional camouflage ability in other worlds.

Details: Camouflage - allows the Overlord to disguise as a common flying unit in that world. Usage of 500 utility points.

Details: Within the interior cavity of the Overlord, your HP regeneration will increase.

Arachnid Scourge larva (3 units): Every usage will spawn 2 Scourges. Scourge life force of 100 points. Maximum flying velocity is 800 km/hr. No offensive capabilities. Able to self-destruct against any aerial targets. Damage of 300 points.

Arachnid zergling larva (5 units): Every usage will spawn out 2 zerglings. Zergling life force of 50 points. Maximum sprinting speed of 80 km/hr. Attack damage of 27 - 33 points. Possess an adrenaline ability (Passive: Increase movement speed by 50%). Burrow ability.

Details: Burrowing - Difficult for enemies to discover, field of vision decreased by 50%. Increase HP regeneration.

Arachnid drone larva (2 units): Every usage will spawn 2 drones. Identical to an ordinary arachnid drone, able to harvest Pandora crystals.


Purchasing these larvas expanded a total of over 10,000 utility points. His reputation had once again plunged to near zero. This undoubtedly caused his swelling pocket to swiftly deplete, currently left with around 5,900 utility points. Yet, being able to earn money in the realm wasn't considered much. But to be able to swiftly convert money into battle strength would then be hailed as a sensible move. Of course, this Sheyan still felt the heartache from his excessive spending.

Craftily, after Jinkuang completed the transactions, he winked at Sheyan and called him over. After that, he cunningly transferred several hundred units of Pandora crystals, calling it 'commission'. To be able to cause this stingy slut to suddenly turn generous, Sheyan really suspected that Overmind Mozi had been coerced to provide free labour previously! Sheyan fearfully stored these crystals, not expanding them.

After a long delay, Baiise had finally regrown his severed limbs. No doubt, after a short rehabilitation, he was extremely pleased with his new limbs. But of course, because of the arachnid genetic dilution, his newly grown limbs had a slightly queer color and texture. But the benefits was it possessed great strength. After Sheyan saw him, Baiise repeatedly waves his hands and kicked his legs, looking like he was familiarizing with his new limbs.

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Baiise was actually extremely grateful towards the 3 points charm Sheyan......but he held Reef with no regards, loathing him as before. This matter caused Sheyan to become speechless and only could be described as incompatible.

Besides, to Reef, he didn't really care how Baiise saw him. He only became greatly assured after watching Baiise standing up and waving his arms unharmed. His gaze towards Sheyan carried a heavy gratitude, as he thanked Sheyan many times.

After escorting Baiise back to his camp, they were reunited with Lieutenant Colonel Dundee once again. The lieutenant colonel had a displeased expression. Naturally, the entire situation with the Homeland had been changed significantly after the disruption of the Fatal Helmet human base. His current position had now sunk into a rather awkward predicament. As the saying goes, all disasters start off small. After the Homeland was unable to acquire the services of the Blackthorn tribe;it would surely be exceedingly tough for the Homeland to construct a basic base in this exceptionally abundant Pandora crystals district.

If that base could be realized, then undoubtedly, lieutenant colonel Dundee would've become the chief commander of this base. Naturally his influence and prestige would have been propelled by several folds. Regrettably, his hope is starting to turn dimmer. Sheyan and the rest could only feel sympathy for lieutenant colonel Dundee. But he and Reef's main focus was directed to that side mission - 'Eradicating the Spore Colonies', and its rewards!

Without a doubt, a B+ difficulty mission really lived up to its name. If not for Sheyan being able to borrow the bonus of the 50 points physique boundary;saying his group would be annihilated wasn't realistic, but the mission would go up in smokes. Apart from that, their current mission evaluation sure wouldn't be too high.

After Lieutenant Colonel Dundee finished listening about the destruction of the Tyrannical Spore Colonies, he flushed with delight. Standing up as he tossed aside his cigar.

’’What! You're sure this is true? Heavens, you guys are just a bunch of young lads. That damned Tyrannical Spore Colony probably wrecked more than 371 space shuttles. Even our powerful air shuttle was struck down by those fat bastards. You guys did well! What? You only eradicated one? No no no, that isn't enough, it is far from enough!’’


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