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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: A perfect mission

Translated by:Chua

Edited by:TN and Elkassar

10 minutes later, 150 kilometres from the Redliner tribe's main base, 17 newly spawned Blackthorn zerglings and 2 mutalisks clashed with the Redliner forces;extinguishing them, with at least half of them becoming casualties. As they advanced to 80 kilometres away from the Redliner tribe's main base, they were then wiped out by the newly spawned units of the Redliner tribe.

This to-and-fro tussle persisted;naturally, with every new wave of Blackthorn units, the gap towards the Redliner main base would decrease a little! When the Overlord they were riding in swept past the battle line, the newly spawned forces of the Blackthorn tribe had managed to gain within 20 kilometres from the Redliner tribe's main base.

Ahead of them, the Blackthorn arachnid squad were remnants of the previous battle;looking as if they were about to be exterminated by the Redliner arachnids, the passerby Sheyan and gang decided to step in. Even though they were plagued with fatigue and injuries;for such a small scale battle, defeating ordinary hydralisks and zerglings was like a breeze in the park.

Hence, these Blackthorn remnants were spared;Sheyan's group then accompanied them as they clashed with another new group, easily suppressing the newly spawned Redliner arachnids as they arrived! From here on, the Blackthorn arachnid forces had occupied total supremacy!

Citing an example, when both sides were equal like in a 10 vs 10 situation, the victor would only have about 1 - 2 units left, and they may be injured badly. However, if one side had an overwhelming advantage like in a 10 vs 15 situation, then the one with the advantage would be able to dispatch the other party easily. It wouldn't just be a simple 15 - 10 = 5 casualty rate. Instead, even over 10 units may kept alive after crushing their opponents!

When the Blackthorn tribe had forced their way towards the Redliner tribe's entrance, they no longer continued advancing. Because, there was still a massive quantity of Sunken Colonies guarding the base. Of course, the Blackthorn arachnids wouldn't make a suicidal charge, but instead, they stationed themselves near the entrance;trapping the Redliner arachnids within their base! Thus, the Redliner tribe had lost its sovereignty over its land, completely losing its ability to be on the offensive;only able to take a defensive stance. Although the base was still considered airtight;but to the wealthy Blackthorn tribe, once they amass a new arachnid army, they would be able to march into the Redliner tribe and attain an overall victory.

The Redliner Overmind only had one hope of survival;that is when the Blackthorn tribe hadn't amassed their forces, it could board an Overlord. Then bringing along some drones, resources and its personal guards, it could locate a new region and spark a comeback. But this also meant that it would have to abandon its painstakingly constructed class 'ii' Mother nest! (Because once the Mother nest conceded its drones, she would completely lose control of the base, the Sunken Colonies would lose its nutrients and wither away. The Blackthorn tribe would then achieve a total victory easily). Such a daring decisiveness, wasn't something that could be decided straightaway!

After the two sides fell into a deadlock, there was no longer any platform for them to earn reputation points. Hence, they boarded the Overlord and returned to the Blackthorn tribe. After a series of mundane consecutive skirmishes, they were all exhausted. Moreover, Sheyan was blind on one eyes. Mogensha still had blurry vision, and had several fingers that were chomped off previously. Half of his leg was also gone. Naturally, they re-entered the Mother nest's spawning pool to begin rejuvenating.

During the healing process, Sheyan contacted Overmind Mozi, requesting for assistance to repair Baiise's severed limbs.

Of course, Overmind Mozi gave them a definite 'yes'! However, Mozi was still in the midst of his war against the Redliner tribe, thus he wasn't able to supply them excess crystal resources to repair this reluctant person. The fare had to be paid by Sheyan and the rest themselves. Before that, they had already plundered one of the subsidiary base of the Redliner tribe, and reaped a huge harvest. Hence, they were confident of meeting the price. But after hearing it, they were so shocked they could cry.

Repairing the severed limbs, would require a ridiculous 1300 units of Pandora crystals, and 800 units of Vespene gas!

Calculating from there, even if Mogensha contributed his Pandora crystals harvested by his drone, he still wasn't adequate! Anyway, Mogensha was very reluctant to do so. Only a lunatic like Reef would be willing to part with his precious Pandora crystals, and use it on an ordinary Storyline character. Sheyan frowned as he contemplated, finally, he produced an item stored previously in his nightmare imprint.

’’Valuable item: High energy crystal.’’

This was a drop loot from his previous battle against 'Scorching Mouth'. Its description was - In any human base, you can use this equivalent of the present world diamond to trade. However, they only interacted with arachnids from then on, when could they find time to travel to a human base? Therefore, his item had long been tossed into the back of his mind, and he only recalled about it now. This item should be pretty valuable, as he tested his luck.

This high energy crystal had the shape of a deep black oval, like an amplified black crystal olive. It did not possess any distinctive qualities. Sheyan produced this item out, as he tried testing the waters.

’’This was found inside 'Scorching Mouth's' corpse when I slayed it, what'd you think?’’

Overmind Mozi summoned his mental powers to examine it.

《This is the coagulated concentration of many undigested Pandora crystal that 'Scorching Mouth' had probably swallowed. You understand it as a type of special rock, but it contains immense energy. One such crystal is enough to exchange for 1000 units of Pandora crystal》

Sheyan's testing water was really a success. With a gesture, the long ago impatiently waiting goblin Jinkuang immediately hopped out like a nimble rabbit. His eyes glittering as he stared at the high energy crystal. With a delighted exclamation,

’’My noble master! My current research solution lies in this object!’’

Actually even if Jinkuang hadn't requested, Sheyan had already decided to gift it to him. From Sheyan's prior knowledge, don't even mention a 120 loyalty level servant, even those reared pets for those summoner type contestants, would have to fork up a high maintenance fee for them. According to Mogensha, Fanu's Stegosaurus, would require approximately 5000 to 10,000 utility points every time it entered a world. Compared to these haughty money suckers;their practicality was definitely inferior to Jinkuang. Although this Jinkuang was wretchedly cunning and awfully greedy, he was still considered a superb aid.

Following that, Sheyan retrieved another High energy crystal, allowing him to choose 1 reward out of 2. Faced with such a joyous matter, Jinkuang ecstatically rubbed his hands together;his saliva dripping out unconsciously. After this small statured green brat fondled about his tattered sackcloth bag a little, he actually produced out a worn-out junk weighing scale. After weighing the two High energy crystals, he finally selected the heavier one with great satisfaction.

Following that, was time for a transaction, but not with the human race. Sheyan folded his arms as he leisurely walked out. Currently, he couldn't help reminiscing about that Mo.Waller and Alchemist Peigan (Sheyan still doesn't know of his demise) of the Pirates of the Caribbean world. These charm sluts, Sheyan was exceedingly thirsting for the day he met them again;just thinking of that, got his blood rushing to his head with glee. He believed that his loyal servant Jinkuang, would definitely give them a pleasant surprise.

After a short 10 seconds, Overmind Mozi yielded to him;only charging a fee of 1 High energy crystal + 200 units of Vespene gas for the treatment. Of course, even a 50 points charm would not provide such preferential treatment. It was because Sheyan had previously allowed Jinkuang to donate the 'Scorching Mouth's' nucleus to them, successfully inflating his friendship rate with Overmind Mozi. Hence, he was favored with the most optimal pricing.

Because of the interspatial storage space constraint, most of their plundered loot of crystals and Vespene gas ores were stored with Sheyan. Hence, he easily settled the accounts for the treatment. He wasn't afraid Overmind Mozi would renegade on his promise. Then, Baiise soaked into the spawning pool as he started to receive his treatment.

Honestly speaking, Baiise was initially against having to go through such a disgustingly filthy treatment process. But the prospects of regrowing his limbs was enough to spur him on courageously. After soaking inside the amniotic liquid of the Mother nest, then his apprehension slowly loosened up. Sheyan had always been a loyal and responsible person even in the present world, what he promised Reef, he would surely do. Thus, he arranged everything cleanly and perfectly for Baiise, allowing Reef to owe him a debt. Hence, he was completely diligent, accompanying Baiise by his side, preventing any mishaps from happening.

Suddenly, the nightmare imprint resounded:

’’Redliner Overmind is over 1000 kilometres away from this regional district.’’

’’Redliner Overmind has fled.’’

’’Conditions have been met to conclude this district's storyline: 'Twin arachnid hegemons'.’’

’’District storyline: 'Twin arachnid hegemons' concluded.’’

’’The Blackthorn tribe has assumed ownership of the region's Pandora ores.’’

’’Blackthorn tribe is now the ruler of this district.’’

’’Your previous mission has concluded in advance.’’

’’Your mission assessment/evaluation will thus receive a substantial upgrade.’’

’’You have attained the requirements needed for a perfect mission completion.’’

’’Your reputation is raised by 15,000 points within the Blackthorn tribe. Your reputation will be permanently acknowledged as 'Worshipped'. Even after purchasing and reputation points is 0, your 'Worshipped' status will be retained.’’


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