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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Victory

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After the berating from Baiise, veins swelled over Reef's forehead. His face was exceedingly ashen, and his fist tightly clenched;it seemed like his rage was about to reach the limit. Sheyan was shocked, stunned, and forced out a smile. He hurriedly sat beside Reef as he patted his shoulder.

’’Hey, Reef, his buddies were just wiped out. Furthermore, he just lost half of his limbs, don't take it to heart.’’

Reef shut his eyes, breathing in heavily.

’’No, he is right. It is my fault that I implicated everyone.’’

Sheyan was using his logical speculative thinking, but he never thought Reef was actually blaming himself! His body trembling slightly, as beads of perspiration rolled down his cheeks.

’’You....actually you did pretty well. An AOE damage like 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' would definitely have a higher probability of failing than others. This is heaven's will, don't blame yourself.’’

’’No! This is my mistake.’’ Reef's gaze was resolute, unhesitantly declaring. ’’I'm at fault. I cannot let selfishness, greed and other evil forces cloud my heart, I cannot put the blame on others. What's my responsibility is mine to shoulder, I will never escape!’’

Sheyan was dumbfounded and dazed. He was carefully reflecting on Reef's words, thinking if it came from the Holy Bible. He rubbed his temples, as he sighed helplessly.

’’Fine, fine. Since we are still a party, naturally we should help each other. Then how do you want to compensate him?’’

Reef firmly continued.

’’For those that died, I cannot do anything about it. But based on the current technology, Baiise's severed limbs should be able to regenerate right.’’

Sheyan shook his head faintly.

’’I'm afraid that will be difficult.’’

Reef curiously asked.


Sheyan pondered for a moment before replying.

’’In the main storyline, the Roughnecks commander Rasczak is also a handicapped with an artificial limb. This represents that even if the human race do possess such healing techniques, it would surely come at a costly price. At least, a lieutenant would not be able to afford it. If we were to try engaging such treatment services, undoubtedly the price to pay would be exceedingly expensive.’’

Without hesitation, Reef exclaimed.

’’Even if it's a high price, we have to do it.....!’’

Until here, Reef suddenly started stammering.

’’But...but I don't really have much utility points nor reputation points now. Seaman, I know you're very capable, can you help me think of a way?’’

Faced with this random challenge, Sheyan started to pity that contestant in Reef's previous group who assumed the role of a 'housekeeper'. Although Reef was incomparably able, but it looks like he really brought in a whole load of unnecessary thorn in the ass. He carefully pondered before replying.

’’If you really wish to settle this matter before leaving this world, then probably there's no hope for the human side. Because to rapidly raise our reputation points with them, we probably may need to completely eradicate the entire Spore Highland. That mission's difficulty, you should be very clear........ Then we can only hope for the arachnid's aid.’’

’’Arachnid?’’ Reef was taken aback.

Sheyan firmly continued.

’’That's correct. Baiise has lost an arm and a leg. These two aren't really vital surviving organs like the human's heart or brain. A hand would still require treatment for its precise movements, but the leg requires are just having the ability to support the person and running. Moreover, we have special relations with the Blackthorn tribe, perhaps we can find the Mother of the Blackthorn for a way. At least, recovering his mobility shouldn't be a huge issue.’’

Reef suspiciously asked.

’’What you mean is, seek help for the arachnid race to recover his severed limb?’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’Yes, that is our biggest hope. Haven't you forgotten, us contestants were able to recover and regenerate our organs and limbs inside the Mother nest. If we were to seek help at the human race, then there's a 78% probability that we would have to leave this world before getting this matter done.’’

Reef was stunned.

’’78%?! So precise? How did you calculate that.’’

Sheyan sternly replied.

’’I guessed it.’’

’’You.......’’ Reef was speechless, sulking as he leaned onto the flesh wall of the Overlord. After a brief pause, Reef initiated a trade with him, returning the '+5 Monstrous Fighting Spirit' and other equipments back. Sheyan naturally returned that dark gold necklace 'Smith's Matrix microchip' back to Reef. Sheyan then leisurely asked him about the secret bonus of having his physique reach the 50 points boundary limit. Faced with Sheyan's query, Reef leaked out a difficult expression. He pursed through his brows as though hesitating about something, before sighing out.

’’Everyone has his own path to walk, apart from that, I cannot say much.’’

Sheyan's gaze flickered as he urged.

’’ you still have that bonus?’’

Reef gently shook his head.

’’Nope, I need to reach that 50 points extreme limit before being bestowed with that......that might! It is really infatuating! A is not something I can have right now.’’

’’If there's a will, won't there be a way?’’ At this moment, Mogensha had awakened with his coarse voice. That previous battle to him, could be considered as free labour. Because, he didn't even accept that mission to eradicate the Spore Colony......

Reef frowned.

’’A little kid with a unstoppable, invincible carbine in battle, would still be the first to get crushed. Using something that doesn't belong to him, he will have to pay a tremendous price!’’

Sheyan suddenly interrupted.

’’Then shouldn't you be in grave danger now?’’

Reef hanged down his eyes.

’’As long as I don't activate that strength again, then there shouldn't be a problem.’’

The Spore Highland was originally adjacent to the Redliner tribe's main base. As they rode on the Overlord and swerved past from the distance, they could vaguely see the battle was clearly tilting towards the Blackthorn tribe. Ultimately, it was due to the assistance of those over 10 heavy siege tanks from the 'Fatal Helmet' human base. Such a game changing horrific weapon providing immense killing potential to their defence line, it vastly exceeded the Redliner tribe's predictions.

The Redliner tribe's hydralisk and zergling sea stubbornly aimed for the Blackthorn tribe's Sunken Colonies under the heavy bombardment of the terrifying siege tanks. Although the Blackthorn tribe didn't keep a large stay back guarding force, its incredible economic superiority was displayed fully. Every single base lair was engaged in spawning out larvas and then converting into countless fleets of zerglings. They streamed into the frontlines endlessly, as they overwhelmed their enemy and halted their tracks. As for the newly spawned arachnid units of the Redliner tribe, they had to sprint for a good hundreds of kilometre before reinforcing the assault!

More devastatingly;as the battle unfolded, the Redliner fleet were unable to launch an all out assault. Only the nearest frontline of zerglings and nearby hydralisk could engage with the enemy. The bulk of their fleet were trapped idly within the narrow ridges of the mountain range;exposing themselves freely to the fearsome heavy siege tanks without any means of retaliation!

According to the tactical inference of the Redliner Overmind, Overmind Mozi would not be able to pose such a huge threat to this common hybrid fleet of hydralisk and zergling, in addition to their Overlords. Unless Overmind Mozi and the Blackthorn mother could once again evolve to a class 'III' base, and had the privilege of newer powerful arachnid units! But that was entirely impossible!

Therefore, the Redliner Overmind really did not care about the narrow terrain, which will result in his forces not being able to be fully utilized. Because the Redliner Overmind had already deduced, it had a tremendous advantage in terms of sheer numbers. Even if the casualty rate was as ridiculous as 4:1 to their disadvantage, it would still be able to easily allocate streams of unending reinforcements, and ultimately breech the seemingly tenacious defence line! Yet, those fatal killing heavy siege tankers supplied by the 'Fatal Helmet' base, was something that the Redliner Overmind had completely overlooked!

Under the intense bombardment of these steel monsters, the casualty rate had soared to a horrific 6:1 ratio in advantage of the Blackthorn tribe! That goes to say, for every arachnid that the Blackthorn tribe loses, the Redliner tribe would pay a price of 6 arachnid units.

If it was internal warfare between humans, this casualty ratio would be able to cause the entire battalion to crumble and retreat. But with their twisted beastly genetics, the Redliner arachnids continued to wildly press forward, viciously advancing.......until, the last Redliner hydralisk had died, collapsing, gradually dissolving into the 'Creep' carpet to become nutrients for the Blackthorn tribe.

At this moment, the Blackthorn base was utterly disorientated. Not only had all the heavy siege tanks exploded into flames under the constant arduous claws of the zergling and corrosive acid from the hydralisk, not even a single mutalisk that had rushed back to aid had survived. Apart from that, a third of the organ structures of the Blackthorn tribe had been wrecked, and only 3 Sunken Colonies from the 40 Sunken Colonies were left! (The blackthorn mother had upgraded to a class 'II' base, therefore its quota of organ structures had been greatly enhanced)

On the contrary;under the persevering aerial harassment of the Blackthorn tribe, the Redliner tribe had conceded 3 of its bases.

At that precise moment when the last Redliner hydralisk fell in their base! Overmind Mozi, without hesitation, commanded an all out counter attack. A zergling with a fractured left foot, led the charge as it limped towards an Overlord and boarded it;their target destination, was the Redliner tribe's main base! Moreover, alongside the zergling were 3 similarly hobbling and injured hydralisks! This was the first counter attacking force that Overmind Mozi dispatched, this sparse and shameful composition was utterly shocking to the core. Instead, behind that inside the Spawning pools, was an appalling and disturbing sight to behind. Within it, were a multitude of densely packed arrangement of larvas, as thick as a forest, one glance wasn't enough to see its end.

Half an hour later, this batch of a semi-crippled preliminary force, was carried by the speedy Overlord as they arrived a hundred kilometre away from the Redliner base. Greeting them were a pack of Redliner zerglings and hydralisks mix, meeting them face to face. This was the newly spawned out forces of the Redliner tribe. Without hesitation, they collided into the Blackthorn forces! Without a doubt, they submerged them!


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