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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Arduous triumph

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After his fatal strike, Sheyan didn't pause to reflect. He instantly focused to the other blood-gold hydralisk. While doing so, he couldn't resist the urge to sweep through his combat log:

’’You used 'Rum and Songs' to shoot the enemy, dealing a total of 112 damage and 2.71 stunning effect.’’

’’You utilized Ghost Whetstone, your next 3 physical attacks will neglect your enemy's defence.’’

’’Your ordinary punch is an explosive strike! Explosive strike of 200% damage. Dealing a total of 132 points of damage.’’

’’Your strength is 27 points! Enemy's strength is 12 points, you will deal additional crushing damages to your enemy - 64 points of crushing damages!!! This crushing damage neglects enemy's defence!’’

’’Your damage neglects enemy's defence (Effect of Ghost Whetstone), crushing damages similarly neglects enemy's defence.’’

’’Your crushing damage is an explosive strike! Explosive strike of 200% damage.’’

’’Your additional crushing damages is now 128 points’’

’’You slayed the blood-gold hydralisk!’’

’’Crushing that's the case! I never expected myself to deliver crushing damages!’’ Sheyan surged with a disbelieving sensation. ’’So this is the terrifying might of a dark gold equipment? Able to completely reinvigorate a contestant in an instant, without needing a negative trade off!’’


Previously, Sheyan had already felt the erratic sensation of having an eyeball bursting like an over pumped soccer ball. But this time, thanks to the other blood-gold hydralisk's attack, he once again felt this agonizing familiarity that he wasn't willing to feel again. In order to repay his gratitude towards that damnable hydralisk;with a grotesquely deformed face and bloodied body, Sheyan charged in and deliver a flying kick towards the hydralisk's belly!

This one kick completely ignored the tight abdominal muscles of the hydralisk, his irresistible force left a deep depression over its belly! If not for its body having a different body composition than humans, its intestines would all have been ruptured on the spot!

’’AHHHHHH!’’ Sheyan released a miserable shrieking under the searing pain of his flesh corroding. He felt like his entire body was boiling. Stretching his left hand, he tightly gripped onto the hydralisk's scaly neck, kneading it like a bun.

This one move finally caused the blood-gold hydralisk to shut its mouth, frothing with its repulsive deadly acids at its throat. The froth regurgitated out of the hydralisk's nostrils, releasing an awful nauseating stench of blood and body fluids. With his eyes blazing wildly with his near triumph, his sturdy right arm bent downwards further;the muscles tightening incomparably! As tough as steel!

In the next second, after a hefty final uppercut punch up the blood-gold hydralisk's neck;its neckbone completely fractured through, its bones splintering out of the neck in 7-8 cuts. If not for its stretchy and tough skin and bundles of blood vessels, its head would've completely been severed, and blown into bits. The last punch was like an invisible fishing hook, hooking the hydralisk upwards like a helpless fish, knocking it flying onto a nearby rock!

As the hydralisk landed, the rocky edges ripped open the hydralisk's flesh, as its ruptured innards came pouring out distastefully. It was really like tearing apart a piece of cloth ferociously. The revolting remains constantly spasmed, as lime green fluid spewed over the ground, forming a pool around. Looking at it, if it wasn't dead, it would surely be crippled for life.

Actually Sheyan had already formulated his battle plan. But he didn't expect himself to be able to deliver such domineering ferocity. Moreover, hydralisks were long range units that were already determined to suffer in close proximity to close combatants. And Sheyan actually reached the apex of his prowess at that moment, hence suffering such a cruel and swift defeat was only logical.

But now was not the time for Sheyan to savour the pleasant greatness of his crushing damages! Time was of the essence, he still had to destroy that Sunken Colony!

But unexpected variables were normal on the battlefield. He was still utterly astonished as his rapid dispatchment of the two biggest trouble. But when he turned his head round, he realized that a devastating accident had occurred.

After Reef's command to draw towards him, Mogensha and the 3 elite marines reacted swiftly in doing so. The fresh blood-gold zerglings naturally sprinted frenziedly towards them. However.....this was where the shocking twist happened!

After a mighty roar from his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar';amongst the 8 blood-gold zerglings, there were actually 6 who were able to resist his ability!!! That meant the slowing effect wasn't effective. Occasional screw ups were bound to happen during several crucial moments, that was the law of nature, and was also bringer of mortal calamity!

The 6 savage beasts ferociously clashed into the entire long range combat team. Reef was completely tied down, he was still primarily tanking the deadly drills of the Sunken Colony's tendril assaults. The 8 fresh blood-gold zerglings had already added on a heavy burden onto him. Even though he had broken through to the 50 points of physique boundary limit, it didn't mean that he was completely invincible.

30 seconds later, two blood-gold zerglings laid motionlessly beside Reef. Clear fatigue and gruesome wounds covered his body. But what was more depressing, was the fact that apart from Mogensha, the rest of the marines had all collapsed.

Actually, there the long range combat team were only facing 6 zerglings. Not inclusive of Mogensha, the 3 marines were elite! According to their composition and credentials, 4 versus 6 wasn't really a huge disadvantage. However, prior to this, the blood-gold zerglings of the Blade Empress were actually being restrained greatly. Sheyan and Reef did an excellent job in suppressing them. But at this very moment, this advanced and berserking zerglings were now able to exhibit their fullest might of a vicious close combat arachnid!

Within a mere 6 seconds, apart from Mogensha, everyone else was dragged into a massive massacre. At least 2 elite marines had been ripped to shreds in 2 seconds, completely and utterly ripped to shreds! But at this moment, Mogensha was striving hard to survive. He howled desperately as he extracted every ounce of potential of his innate ability 'Beastly instincts'. Every single released bullet intertwined in mid air, colliding, and finally exploding around him! This seemingly meaningless action actually gave him a chance at survival.

Life and death circumstances always injected inspirations into people.

His inspiration came from his previous battles. When Sheyan detonated those 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb'!

The arachnid's greatest flaw wasn't their vital organs, but rather their sense of hearing! This 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb' was constructed specially to exploit their greatest flaw, and induced an incredible stunning duration. Yet when Mogensha under his despair, managed to shoot all massive amounts of bullets, manipulating them to constantly clash against each other. Thus, the soundwaves from these collision sparked the same reaction as the 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb', completely stunning them and salvaging precious time to guarantee his survival!

When Mogensha successfully executed this, it also represented that his MP was being drained out rapidly. Mogensha gritted his teeth unyieldingly, he was someone that had climbed back from the pits of despair numerous times. Before his MP was nearly dried up, he continued to activate his trigger, reloading, as he dished out volleys of rounds into the brains of the zerglings. His vision was increasingly turning fuzzy and gloomy. On the other hand, Baiise who had lost one hand and one leg so far, was fighting hard to keep himself from fainting. With a single hand, he continued releasing his firepower towards the stunned zerglings!

After finally slaying the remaining zerglings, Mogensha coughed out a mouthful of blood. He tossed aside the golden AK in his hand, as he pulled out his Silver Short Spear again;staggering as he limped towards the elite Sunken Colony, watching grimly as its tendrils erupted from the ground. He already understood their current crisis. His vision was increasingly fuzzy, completely unable to maintain the stability of his gunfire. Hence, he could only choose such a method to support the damage output! From a distant, gunshots from Baiise were still resounding repetitively. Although his attacks were weakening like his life force, it still carried his tenacious fighting spirit!!!

Time sped by rapidly. A sparkling and translucent 'Faith guard' condensed, reinforcing Reef's body once again. Ahead of them, that elite Sunken Colony was already brimming with holes, with its body fluids streaming out sorrowfully. Yet its vicious assaults were still monotonously consistent, and still carried an unfathomable degree of threat!!!

From beginning until now, it felt like a long duration had lapsed. But in actual fact, it was just mere minutes. Everyone had suffered considerably grave damages, but ultimately, it was Reef who had sustained most of the threatening damages! Without a doubt, only he was able to withstand the dreadful ravages of the Sunken Colony! Once things went out of control, he would definitely be the first to perish.

Yet Reef's gaze remained steadfast, clutching onto his shield and lightsaber steadily. Although his body was littered with severe wounds, his heroic and gallant appearance hadn't died off. This sensation was like an unyielding ancient noble kingdom, enduring the test of centuries. Even if he were to ascend onto a hanging post, with a noose around his neck;his hair flowing harmoniously with the wind, his mouth will firmly utter these unyielding noble words:

’’I traverse over the great earth, yet only loyalty, conviction, gallantry and sacrifice, my delight......’’

Finally, the elite Sunken Colony was decimated in an awe-inspiring fountain of purplish black blood. It was like a huge flesh fountain wildly spraying its bloodied contents towards the heavens, downing everyone in close proximity.

From hindsight, Reef still appeared to be fine. But when he attempted to take step towards the Tyrannical Spore Colony, he instantly collapsed harshly to the ground! His face exposed a bitter and hopeless smile. Every tendril from the elite Sunken Colony drilled out first from the ground, towards his legs. In other words, Reef being able to stand firmly against its constant attacks, could already be deemed as an amazing feat.


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