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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Crushing, rapid dispatch!!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After that series of engagements, Sheyan started to closely observe Reef's expression. He could see him shuddering slightly, before flashing a relieved expression;and then, he blatantly removed his 'Faith guard'! What did this meant? It meant that Sheyan's deduction was spot on. After reaching the 50 point boundary limit, although a person's attribute will no longer stack and improve, they would definitely receive an additional favourable bonus! This wasn't Sheyan randomly shooting without aiming;he simply derived it from the choice bonus from the realm, when the pure attribute (Without equipment) reached 20 points.

The facts were glaringly obvious. The bonus should be pretty great. So great, that Reef could even remove his 'Faith guard' and still be able to stand up against the horrifying might of the elite Sunken Colony for a long duration. His 'Faith guard' could now be kept as an exceptional trump card, as he preserved his MP for now!

Upon seeing this, everyone else seemed to receive a huge vigorous motivation, opening fire without a tinge of hesitation. Those marines activated their 'Stimulant', anyone with powerful abilities straightforwardly executed them. Aiming ahead, releasing a frenzied barrage without restraint! Repulsive blood gushed out from the Elite Sunken Colony all over its surface, its wounds festering like a honeycomb! Although it possessed frightening regenerative abilities, its flaw was its mediocre defence. It was completely unable to withstand such vicious intense aggression, its health points wildly plunging down.

Because his flamethrower wasn't very effective against the defence of an organ structure, Sheyan had to summon his twin fists and pound fiercely against it. His strength was pretty outstanding, 'Thomp! Thomp' as he smashed down onto the Sunken Colony. Blood splattered out miserably, the muscles and flesh of the elite Sunken Colony constantly spasmed beneath every collision. Naturally, if it had a pain nerve sensor, it would definitely be distraughted by the severely acute pain!

But at this moment,

Coincidentally at that moment, when the 3 elite marines had the 'Stimulant' effect wore off!!

Sheyan's pupils suddenly contracted. Even though he had lost the 6 points of perceptive sensing from the 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit', under this nerve wrecking circumstances, he was still able to sense premonitions of a sudden change in environment! An unbelievably intense sensation swept through him from the vast empty land at the left! Suddenly, the earth rumbled as the soil erupted into the air! Dust and soil polluted the air, but an appalling 8 fresh blood-gold zerglings, and 2 blood-gold hydralisks burrowed out!!!

They appeared at such a timing!

They actually appeared at such a situation!!!!

They really, genuinely appeared at this critical juncture!!!!!!!

At this moment, it was coincidentally the moment when the effects of 'Stimulant' had wore off! Every long range combatant was at its ultimate weakest and unprepared state. It they were earlier by a second, these arachnids would have to face a deadly barrage of firepower instantaneously. Yet if they were late by a second, the elite Sunken Colony would have to sustain an all out assault for another second. Although they were few in numbers, they managed to grasped the critical aspect of the Overlord being unable to approach this area. They actually appeared as this damnable timing......

Astoundingly, it seemed like the main idea was to precisely turn the tides on Sheyan and gang!

Normally, it cannot be said that Sheyan and his team didn't require any effort to dispatch just a few pathetic arachnids;however, it would still be a relatively simple process. But these few arachnids actually decided to show up at such an immaculate position, and critical juncture. They were 7 Inches of disaster to Sheyan's team! They may very well be that last straw that overwhelms the camel*!!!

(TN: *Chinese idiom - that tiny game changing variable)

Currently, it was confirmed that the Blade Empress was not present here. But that signified that the subordinate forces of the Blade Empress were not only vastly superior to other arachnid races, but they even possessed their own supreme battle instinct and intellect! They could precisely access the battle situation, and seize their chances. This was not a thread inferior to any human.

At this instance, Reef had completely lost his self-control. His eyes wide and bloodshot, as he roared out furiously.

’’Draw close to me! I can protect you guys!’’

Undoubtedly, by drawing close to Reef, they would be able to avoid the threat of the zerglings. His 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' had a huge scope, and lessened enemy's movement;it was a natural counter to those speedy zerglings. Then, Mogensha and the 3 elite marines would be able to combine their firepower, and send the zerglings to their graves.

However, there were still 2 blood-gold hydralisks in the distance! Moreover, they were outside the range of the 'Shattering Cardiac Roar', and possessed the most fatal threat! Apart from Sheyan and Reef, nobody else would be able to last even 5 seconds under the torrents of acidic jet. Yet, it there were any casualties, this no doubt meant that the duration needed to destroy the Sunken Colony would be lengthened. Any unnecessary delay, may spark a calamitous domino of chain reactions. Sadly at this moment, they had completely ran out of the incredibly handy 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb'!

But at this very moment, Sheyan's heart seemed to suddenly become terribly calm;even his heartbeat and breathing could be heard distinctly. Such a peculiar state had surfaced only twice before. One was deep in the sewers in the Terminator world, and the other was the eve before encountering the Mountain troll! At this moment, his heart was flowing as clear as crystal water. With a flick of his left hand, an object appeared;an object stored in his Nightmare imprint so long ago, that dust should have settled on it.

This object was something he envisioned himself using during his Harry Potter world endeavor, yet he was actually going to use it here.

That magical Fanged Frisbee! With an arch of his head, a green curve sliced out in mid air;carrying a shrilling screech as it spun towards the 2 hydralisks!

Its fierce ivory spikes covered it densely, issuing out a violent whizzing cry mid flight, but yet its speed wasn't very fast. Thus, the two highly intelligent blood-gold hydralisks instantly swapped targets, concentrating their efforts against this relatively slow, but seemingly menacing frisbee. Their incessant lime acids rapidly splashed against the frisbee, but seemingly to no avail.

Concurrently, Sheyan seized this chance to charge at the two blood-gold hydralisk with his full might! As long as he could completely suppress them, then undoubtedly;the group of elite marines, Mogensha and Reef, would be able to take care of those zerglings. But if those hydralisks were allowed to freely jet out their lethal acid, then perhaps, not a single one of them would make it out alive!

To overcome tremendous hardship and achieve one's goal, that is the true hero,

In the advent crisis against an insane tide, only by pulling through would one be considered a genuine champion! A true leader!

The 'Fanged Frisbee' precisely sliced against one of the hydralisk, but only jokingly teased it of 1 HP. It then swerved to the other hydralisk. When the two hydralisks realized this 'Fanged Frisbee' was utterly useless, they had already wasted a full 3 seconds on it. Yet, Sheyan had already seized these precious 3 seconds, and sprinted furiously to 10 metres away from them!

Fortunately due to his prior battle experience, Sheyan had already went through a life and death struggle with the two rare elite, 'Boiling' and 'Dense-acid'. With his flourishing experience, he fished out 'Ambition', diving forward in mid air as he activated his 'Rum and Songs', and pressed the trigger!

’’Boom!’’ Smoky fumes pervaded away. A lethal lead bullet spiralled into the head of the nearest blood-gold hydralisk. Sheyan then landed with a simple front roll. Neglecting the unaffected hydralisk, he was like a famished ferocious wild beast. Releasing an oppressive wild from deep within his throat, he pounced towards the stunned hydralisk.

The unaffected blood-gold hydralisk had long ago ignored the incoming 'Fanged Frisbee', concentrating its wild torrential acid jets onto Sheyan. This male's sprinting footsteps were ridiculously heavy, as though announcing his rapid heartbeat. Within Sheyan's pupils, was an ignited glint of crimson brutality, like an unstoppable wild beast pressing forward. Like a bloodlusted wild beast that had lost all its senses;the acidic burns sizzled over his skin seemed like nothing to him, as he aimed straight for the stunned hydralisk!

The bone deep corrosive burns were utterly neglected, as he raised his fists toweringly.

With a clear twitch of his right hand, he clenched his fist tightly as he propelled it forward. It was like his whole body was being carried by this one first, as he smashed in with all his weight! His movements were terribly obvious, but the execution of it was miraculously fast!

A black glimmer flashed over his fist,

He had just expended the final usage of his 'Ghost Whetstone',

In this instance, Sheyan's hand was clearly equipped with only a brass knuckle exuberating a light blue radiance. Yet it carried a tyrannical dominance, booming down thunderously!

You want me dead! Then you'll have to die first! Sheyan felt his blood boiling within, exploding out in the form of a domineering roar!


This fist actually punctured deep into the body of the stunned blood-gold hydralisk, stopping only at his elbow! Its incredibly solid carapace was shockingly like a tofu, easily splitting apart upon impact! The blood-gold hydralisk's entire body then broke out into a despairing fit of spasm!

’’Pam!’’ It exploded forth with excessive lime green fluids, leaving behind only 17-18 chunks of its flesh! Sheyan's face was completely smeared with its revolting substances!

Rapid dispatch!!!!!!

’’ actually just died like that?’’ The crazed Sheyan was completely astonished. According to his earlier battle experiences, he had calculated that although the blood-gold hydralisk didn't possess much health, it still had at least 300 HP. Moreover according to Mogensha's 'True Clarity' insights, an ordinary hydralisk carapace would be able to absorb at least 15% of physical damage. Yet he was actually able to finish it with just one gunshot and an ordinary punch?


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