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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Dark gold.....power!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

It was exceptionally clear to everyone, the primary flaw in this strategy lies in Sheyan. Even after defence was factored into the blood-gold Sunken Colony's attack, it still disgustingly exceeded a hundred points of damage. His innate ability 'Endurance' could only lessen it by a seemingly negligible degree! Instead, Reef was much better off. His innate ability was able to reduce damage based on percentage;hence under the outrageous damage, he only suffered 60+ points of damage. No matter if it was life points of equipment/skills, he vastly outweighed Sheyan's capabilities.

The trio sunk into a grimly silent deadlock, as time sped by rapidly. After calculations, they only had a short 10 minutes left;this includes needing to search for the weakness of the Tyrannical Spore Colony, and destroying it!

’’Perhaps...... there is another way.’’

Reef breathed in deeply.

He started by first unequipping his Silver Storyline class Shield 'Processed Alien Skull', and his black grade weapon 'Centaurus Ionized Lightsabre'. Next, he removed his personal equipments that boosted his physique, and proactively handed them to Sheyan.

’’Your current problem lies in your inadequate defence. If we work around this to increase your defence, we can very well decrease the attack blood-gold Sunken Colony to 80 points, that will be extremely significant already. Adding your innate ability, you'll definitely be able to exhibit the maximum potential.’’

Sheyan received Reef's equipment, but he didn't put them on. Instead, he hesitated for a moment before earnestly shaking his head to Reef.

’’It's useless, I haven't learn shield handling;at most, I can utilize 80% of the shield's potential. Yet you are able to exhibit 120% of the shield's ability! That itself is a huge disparity. Moreover, you still have that extremely solid 'Faith guard' shield ability, Thus, if i wear your equipment, at most I will be able to stay level to your previous persisting duration! But more importantly, just based on your physique attribute alone, it is already higher than mine by 13 points! Such a huge difference, there is nothing else needed to be said.’’

As he spoke, Sheyan took a deep breath and continued.

’’Therefore, the best way to go from here, is for me to pass my equipment to you. Assembling our combined prowess onto you, I'll change to a damage output role and support you instead! I've already calculated;with the addition of my equipments, you'll definitely be able to reach the 50 points physique limit in this difficulty level! According to my deduction and knowledge, once a single attribute reaches the extreme limit, there should be a huge possibility of an additional bonus reward! Moreover even without mine equipment, I'll still be able to take over you for at most 10 seconds for you to heal up with medicines or bandages. With that miraculous achievement based medicine dosage that can allow my health to heal instantly, we have a good shot at accomplishing this darn mission!’’

’’Of course, even if a 50 points physique is not enough for us to tide through this mission, then the option of retreating is still possible. At least we still have that liberty!’’

While Sheyan spoke, he removed his own Silver Storyline class accessory '+5 Monstrous Fighting Spirit' and his Blue grade 'Rotten Bone Ring' (Strength +1, Physique +1), and handed it to Reef! The ring was fine, but the 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' caused Reef to gasped with shock! With a disbelieving gaze, he exclaimed to Sheyan.

’’This......this is a defense type Silver Storyline class accessory!!! And you even drew out a miracle unique accessory attribute bonus?! You're actually willing to trade it to me? Hey, you must understand, its value... it is even be mentioned on the same breath as a high quality Dark Gold equipment or a Green set equipment (Able to mature equipments)!’’

TN: Revision of equipment/item grades - White (Common), Light blue (1 bonus attribute), Dark blue (1-2 Bonus attribute), Black (1-2 Bonus attribute, 0-1 passive ability) Silver Storyline Class (Unique boss/elite loot, possessing uniquely strong attribute)/ Green/Light green (Set items/ Maturing equipment),/Golden .

Sheyan laughed candidly, bluntly replying.

’’Since you're able to trust me first, why can't I similarly place my trust in you?’’

Reef was speechless. Time was of the essence, there couldn't be any more delays! He quickly equipped the accessory Sheyan loaned to him. He then swung his head round, shooting a deep penetrating gaze towards Sheyan. Suddenly, he instigated a trade with Sheyan. Within the trade details, was an astonishing dazzling with dark gold brilliance necklace!

Smith's Matrix microchip

Equipment: Dark Gold grade

World origin: The Matrix

Material: Unknown

Additional installations: None

Equipment position: Neck

Equipe model: Necklace

Weight: 11.6 g.

Equipment usage requirements: Every attribute not beneath 15 points/OR Military ranking above Private First Class

Details: Strength/ Agility + 6 points

Details: Explosive strike rate/ Accuracy + 3%

Passive ability: Update database, condition not reached to activate

Passive ability: 'Inspect (DIR)' - Every time a successful attack is dealt onto the enemy, an order for 'Inspect (DIR)' will be engaged. Successfully determining the enemy's weakpoint, allowing your explosive strike rate to increase by 3%! This effect can be stacked for maximum 3 times. 'Inspect (DIR)' effect will be lowered to 1% when facing a contestant, able to stack for maximum 2 times.

Active ability: 'Format' - Format an order upon oneself, temporary converting 5 points of physique to 5 points of strength. After the formatting, at least 20 minutes before able to cancel formatting. During this duration, the initial health points of the converted physique will be preserved, but once that health is lost, it would not regenerate. (Example: If Sheyan did a formatting on a 10 points of physique, his HP will still remain at 100 points, but his defence will now drop by 2.5 points. If an enemy manage to inflict damage until he has 30 HP left, he would only be able to regenerate to 50 HP)

(TN: Revision for defence calculation - Every 1 point in physique = 10 points of HP. Every 1 point of physique = 0.5 points of defence)

Description: This is Agent Smith's replicate dropped ordinary microchip. Because Smith exists as a computer virus, he is assigned special abilities by the Matrix. In the matrix, he has the role and ability as a revising human program, and is able to continuously borrow other's bodies. This microchip has absorbed the ruthlessness and craziness of Smith, possessing immense power! Once used by a person, it can be rebirthed!


’’Why're you doing this?’’ Sheyan was taken aback.

Reef gently replied.

’’This is incase I die in battle, an insurance to prevent you from losing everything!’’

After conversing, Reef instantly activated a 'Faith guard' over himself! A glossy transparent glass like a solid ice layer covered him. Then with an honor that disallows him from glancing back, he tightly gripped his black lightsaber, and silently charged forward! The aura he emitted, was an insane defiance, as though one against a thousand!

As the saying goes, pull a hair and the whole body goes. When Reef led the charge, the rest simultaneously charged forward! Because the Sunken Colony had such a wretchedly cunning positioning, from their current vision perspective, it was cleanly blocked by the fat onion, Tyrannical Spore Colony! Hence, to be able to attain a suitable angle to fire against it, they had to brazenly make a detour after approaching to a 20 metre distance.

Reef's charge was abrupt and decisive. Sheyan didn't even have the time to forewarn him about triggering the 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit'! Heinously sharp twin tendrils erupted from the ground in a flash, piercing towards Reef. A ripple formed over his semi-transparent 'Faith guard', before dull hot blood gushed out! Without hesitation, Sheyan had already equipped that Dark Gold necklace, instantly activating its 'Format' ability!

Immediately, Sheyan felt a surging heat boiling through his body. His strength ferociously climbed to 27 points (consuming his 'Strength of the Bear Flesh')! Sheyan's HP was now at 330 points, his physique only 18 points! Even with such statistics, his innate ability 'Endurance', still allowed him a pretty adequate survivability! Reckoned, it was not inferior to that Qiao Gun from the Symbiosis sect. Moreover, the reason Sheyan dared to take such a risk, was also because of that 'Honorary Max-protein Injection Gun Dosage' that Reef gifted to him! That item guaranteed that if Sheyan was not wasted instantaneously, he would still have a second life. Actually for Sheyan, the reason he didn't purchase such items wasn't because of being unwilling to part with his achievement points, but it was that he lacked utility points.

Reef had previously only wore one accessory. 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' provided a total additional enhancement to his attributes. Apart from physique, it boosted an entire 6 points pf perceptive sensing, 2 points of strength, and 5 points of agility! Reef's agility was currently an incomparably domineering 33 points! Even a long range combatant focussing on agility would not even reach such a frightening state! Just a mere 50 metres distance to Reef, was equivalent to a wild howling gale! He then raised his lightsaber as he chopped down!

The Sunken Colony had a crimson appearance with golden vein lines, its look was grimly sinister. Although the attacking interval was considerably slow, its speed of attack execution was still relatively rapid. Trying to utilize rolling or diving evasive tactics, was completely inconceivable.

’’Wham!’’ After a radiant chop with the black lightsaber, a burnt scar was left on it;releasing an awful burnt flesh stench. As the most crucial battle organ structure for the arachnid race, it instantly directed its pain towards a fiercer fighting spirit;mercilessly impaling Reef once again with its deadly sharp tendrils!

Every despicable tendril assault was done in pairs, but the sustained damage was actually considered as one strike. It wasn't segregated into two attacks. Hence, its attack damage was so high, and was extremely disadvantageous to Sheyan's innate ability;causing him to reach an unbearable state. Moreover right now, after Reef receiving the second pierce of the tendril, it was counted as the second attack! That indicated one thing! That was, the accessory 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' had now reached its maximum potential, propelling his physique by 10 points! This undoubtedly signified that Reef's physique had broken through to the extreme limit of the current difficulty

The 50 points physique boundary!!!


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