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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Heavily obstructed

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

As they advanced further, the pathway became slightly broader. During their journey, they had encountered 2 waves of surprise attacks. Apart from those mysteriously agile blood-gold zerglings, blood-gold hydralisks also appeared! They were probably a mutation class between average arachnids and elite arachnids, the only difference was their rapid offensive nature. Their attack speed was almost on par with the two rare elite 'Boiling' and 'Dense-acid' that Sheyan encountered previously!

However, only 1-2 rare elites would emerged amongst several thousands of hydralisks. Yet to these blood-gold hydralisks, that rapid frenzy offence was an essential basic!

After turning round the corner of a large boulder, a vast empty horizon greeted them. 100 metres ahead, was astonishingly a wide flat plain, roughly the size of 35 basketball courts. In the middle of the flat plain, was a tremendous onion shaped structure;at least a dozen metres in height, and occupied a size of roughly a basketball court. The stocky violet tentacles beneath were like twisted roots and intertwined joints, tightly grappling onto the rocks underneath. Its surface seemed to be composed of an oily leather membrane, probably swelling with faint dull green fluids within. Like breath, it trembled with a steady rhythm, coated with a sinister phosphorescence.

Suddenly, the fluids within its body swiftly illuminated up, spreading from top to bottom;transforming from its initial dull green, to a light green, to a mild lime and finally blazing white! Its spherical membrane membrane skin swelled excessively, fully exposing the tangled mess of human-like veins across its surface;fuelling up abundantly. Its stocky violet tentacles wiggled restlessly, maneuvering its 'onion head' as it aimed towards the sky!

The swelling spherical membrane reached its limit - at least twice the size of its docile state. Suddenly, its skin was pulled back at frightening speed! ’’PLOP!’’ A deafening blast, as an unbelievably rapid dazzling green substance propelled towards the sky! A violent gale formed in its wake, as it swept furiously against the distant Sheyan and gang, That dazzling green substance was at least the size of a 5-6 ton truck, but it constantly morphed and expanded while it shot into the sky. Like a comet, the ball released a thread of twinkling specks of firefly green, disseminating into the atmosphere. Although the main fluid body had soared towards space, the trailing leaks of glowing fluid behind it scattered into the starry atmosphere;displaying a sorrowful beauty.


Undoubtedly, this gigantic deformed structure was that Tyrannical Spore Colony the mission entailed. The substance released into the sky was extremely familiar to Sheyan and the rest. It was that acidic spore that dealt devastating damage to them in space! The projectiles released from an ordinary Spore Colony carried relatively high speeds. Yet the artillery shot out from the Tyrannical Spore Colony possessed a temporary life and basic intellect. It could further propel its speed in mid air, and could even automatically seek out its target before detonating against it. Plainly speaking, it was like a giant guided missile.

Sheyan looked towards Mogensha, pouting his lips towards the Tyrannical Spore Colony a hundred metre from here.

’’Can you hit it?’’

Mogensha slapped his rifle, flashing his white teeth within his thick lips.

’’Don't worry, that thing is like a jumbo sized hamburgo. I can't even miss it even if i shut my eyes.’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’Everyone take note. It definitely wouldn't be so easily destroyed from afar, if not this mission wouldn't have a B+ difficulty. There should be 2 consequences once Mogensha starts firing. Either we will incite the retaliation of the Tyrannical Spore Colony, or incur the wrath of nearby guards of the Blade Empress.’’

’’Everyone, immediately find reliable cover, and make preparations to go into formation. We must ensure that we can mobilize our maximum combat state within 2 seconds. As for Mogensha, didn't you mention being able to shoot with your eyes closed? Then just find a cover and stick out your hand to fire. That way, the worst outcome is that you merely lose just a right hand.’’

’’F***, your last sentence is really unpleasant.’’ Mogensha mumbled to himself. ’’But whatever, I can only comply.’’

10 seconds later, the gunshots resounded, disrupting the stillness of the night sky. But to Mogensha's horror, after the bullets left his golden AK and pierced towards the Tyrannical Spore Colony;shockingly, not a single reaction was made. Another 10 seconds later, the distorted bullet projectiles were now being forcefully squeezed out by the unbelievably tough membrane.

’’Long distance attacks have no effect?’’ An absurd notion formed in everyone's heart. But in the next second, close to a hundred crimson arachnids impaled out of the ground ahead of the Tyrannical Spore Colony. Their cannibalistic roars echoed through the air as they charged in. Yet amidst the arachnid crowd, were astoundingly 10 blood-gold hydralisks! Their fearsome rapid fire rate was experienced beforehand. If they concentrated acid jets towards a sole person, even a combined attack from 50 ordinary hydralisk would be inferior!

Before the two parties clashed, Mogensha had already kept his golden AK, producing out his short spear once again!

That silver splintered spear connected to a scarlet blood flag,

With a kiss from his thick lips,



At present, he had started missing Qiaoer terribly. No doubt within this current party, Sheyan and Reef were both performing exceedingly perfectly in absorbing and tanking enemy's firepower. Moreover, their coordination although still somewhat shaky, it still exhibited a dominant display of terrifying potential. To Mogensha, he naturally wanted to display an equal complementing strength. If not, falling behind the pack would signify being phased out in the future!

Hence, over the duration of travel, Mogensha had fully displayed his might. Slaughtering his way here, at least 60 percent of the total damage output belonged to him. However for this time, the thunderous might and lightning pace of the Sparta spear may not fulfill his expectation! This didn't mean that his powers had declined, but it was because the Blade Empress's own units were too crafty and formidable! The Sparta short spear was like a hot knife going through butter, rummaging through 5 blood-gold hydralisks in an awe-inspiring display;before displaying signs of decline. After slaying the sixth hydralisk, it had spent most of its force, and the seventh hydralisk only suffered severe damage!

In the end, there were only 4 hydralisks left - accurately putting, 3 perfect state hydralisk and 1 crippled hydralisk! But they were the direct subordinates of the Blade Empress, blood-gold hydralisks! Without a doubt, Mogensha had successfully lured the offensive attention of these dangerous breed. Simultaneously, they turned to concentrate their priorities on Mogensha.

Their robust muscles were already contracting, their swollen grape like concentrated lymph nodes were already secreting out acid. Their infrared vision had already locked onto the enemy's heat emission. Predictably, in the next second, Mogensha would suffer a torrential greeting of acidic jet from these 4 hydralisk! But the worst part was, Mogensha was still in a daze after executing this grand scale ability! He was completely unable to evade!

Apart from Lieutenant Colonel Dundee, Sheyan had brought the rest of the marines over. No doubt, they were deserving of the title elite. In this crucial moment, they concentrated their firepower against a perfect condition blood-gold hydralisk;pouring down menacing firepower against the poor creature. Being pounded down by a barrage of bullets, it was completely unable to release any acidic jet.

Meanwhile, Reef had charged to the front, activating his Silver storyline class shield's ability 'Tongue thrust' ! Suddenly, a sinister black tongue ray drilled out from the alien skull, instantly slaying that severely wounded blood-gold hydralisk!

But there still 2 more hydralisks!

And they were 2 blood-gold hydralisks!

Mogensha was no Sheyan nor Reef. His defence rate was merely counted as powerful elite gunner. Moreover, he was currently in a state of paralytic daze, needing 2 seconds to regain his mobility. The torrential jet of acid within these short 2 seconds, was enough to sent him into a dangerously critical state. At best, he would be able to use that 'Honorary max-protein injection gun dosage'. But at worst, Mogensha would melt within seconds under the combined efforts from the 2 hydralisk, leaving no chance for emergency medical aid.

Suddenly! 10 ally zerglings ahead abruptly forsake their opponents, leaping up in desperation. Their position coincidentally obstructed the firing path of one of the hydralisk. Hence, the lethal corrosive acid directly sprayed against them, as the zerglings blocked off most of it. However, after interaction with such a concentrated corrosive acid, they undoubtedly met their fate, melting into a grotesque pool of blood and acid.

No doubt, such suicidal behaviour was instigated by their master, Sheyan!

As for the last blood-gold hydralisk, it wasn't too far from Sheyan's location. Yet it exceeded 10 metres. In this instance, Sheyan retrieved a weapon out, bluntly aiming over!

At the moment this pitch-black weapon appeared, a peculiar fragrance of scented rum filled the air!

From afar, Mogensha forgot about his current predicament for a brief instance, he finally witnessed Seaman's ultimate trump card, his pupils tightened in that instance;and then a smiled internally..... It was a firearm! An incredibly formidable firearm that could turn the tides in an instant, yet on the contrary, it was actually held by this close combatant brat, Seaman! What kind of heaven defying object was it?!


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