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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Jinkuang's prestige.

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: XRCO and Elkassar

Granted throwing out other factors, more importantly an equipment rarely concentrates their bonuses on one attribute! For example, strength +3 or intelligence+2 equipments were fairly rare. That meant, Sheyan's other two 'Uruk-hai gene fluid' resulting in agility +2 and intelligence +2 could be seen as a pretty good light blue equipment. Furthermore, he could change it based on an individual's specialty, and compensate their deficiencies.

This party had a full 10 people. With Sheyan's existence, that undoubtedly equated to providing 10 extra darkblue/ lightblue equipments - His support for the group was certainly immeasurable!

Even that depressed and dejected Reef looked at him with brows raised, he suddenly chipped in.

’’Don't tell me your ability was acquired from the Lord of the Rings world? Right! I remember witnessing that wizard Saruman using such dosages. Of course those dosages were much stronger!’’

Sheyan laughed, he neither acknowledged nor denied. Just based on his mixing ability was able to attain the approval of everyone, what more his status as a close combat strength type contestant.

This signified that he would normally charge the frontlines with Reef, and this further implied that he could temporarily take over Reef's defence position occasionally. It was not an overwhelmingly remarkable position, but still was a very crucial member - like Bowen from the basketball team Spurs, a defensive small forward. Low key, but definitely a necessity!

It could be said that Sheyan had solidified his position in the party, at least he wouldn't be inferior to the likes of Mogensha and Qiaoer;the two marksman beasts!

But what caused the contestants to be perplexed was that Sheyan was equally docile as Reef. After introducing this specialties and abilities, he went back to a corner silently;it seemed like he had no intentions to challenge for leadership. This allows the likes of Qiaoer who constantly thought of seizing power to praise the lord, thankful that these two important and rare talents were delivered to him.

These contestants were no rookies;even if they hadn't personally experienced something, they had witnessed enough to replicate the same actions. After a brief discussion, each contestant went off to accomplish their allocated duty. For example, the speedy crazy Henik went off to probe the surrounding terrain. High charm individuals like Tulip went off to interact with storyline characters, while Henrik started to duplicate magic scrolls;at the same time preparing the essentials for his field control spells.

Long range combatants like Qiaoer and Mogensha toured about, studying the terrain;adapting themselves to the overgrown environment of this planet. These crafty guys had to evaluate survival techniques or places to take cover, and gather adequate resources.

Sheyan explored the entire centre hall. The place was similarly constructed with steel, from afar it looked completely like a gigantic steel fort;dim lighting flickered internally. Occasionally, busy SCVs would rush out, and several workers were hard at work inside. Along the surrounding steel walls were screens connected to the main system, and soldiers were busy copying data from it;before running off urgently.

That military official named Anzhi was exceedingly hard to locate, and finally found in the corner room of the third level of the centre hall. This Anzhi actually had an appearance of an aged old, icy-cold old hag. One could imagine the extent of cold shoulder a low charm Sheyan would receive. Although when she saw Sheyan, her eyes leaked out a certain amazed expression (Legend level +1), but still directly ignored Sheyan. She waved away her left hand, chasing Sheyan out of her cabin like a pesky housefly.

Sheyan wasn't frustrated, being neglected by storyline character was common to him. As the saying goes, habits breed familiarity;hence it didn't affect him. His only goal for attempting was only to confirm if there was anything on sale. Of course, Sheyan had a strong personality of retaliation. Therefore, his next step was to bluntly summon out his servant. As the saying goes, a thousand days of training soldiers for a day of usage;wasn't now a golden opportunity to try out Jinkuang's 3 prodigious abilities - 'Evil tyrant' 'Swindler' and 'Haggling'.

The summoned goblin Jinkuang was currently brushing his teeth, his mouth was filled with froth;gurgling and spitting as saliva and white bright froth spilled onto the ground. Surveying his surroundings, as he hurriedly scurried to a corner like a mouse and covered himself with a giant board. Jinkuang was now a silly looking tin can, with his crafty eyes sneakily exposed by a small crack, scanning around.

Witnessing this greedy cheapo so fearful for his life, Sheyan was really speechless and unfolded his arms.

’’Come out, there's business waiting.’’

Once he heard the word 'business', the goblin's green pointed ears twitched, ferociously charging to Sheyan with his pitiful tone.

’’Time is money! Master, recently the market is in a slump and the expenditure here is so high. Quick, direct me!’’

Sheyan urged him as he pointed to the nearby room.

’’There's a cash cow inside.''

’’Cash cow’’ Jinkuang excitedly yelled out. ’’I really adore that term, really really adore it! I can already hear the wondrous sound of gold coins through the cracks of my fingers.’’

After finishing, this green shorty produced his broken old wand, and cast a camouflage spell on himself;turning himself into a wretched old man in a tuxedo. Bringing Sheyan along as he kicked open the door, and stomped directly into the room. Naturally that old hag, Anzhi, immediately screeched out in a high female pitch.

’’Heavens! I must be dreaming. I give you two filthy rats 3 seconds to get out of my sight. If not the soldiers will seize your necks and throw you out!’’

Jinkuang ignorantly coughed, clearing his throat as he spat a thick phlegm onto the floor. He then wiped his fat lips with his greasy sleeves. Standing tall and lifting his head high in reply.

’’Madam, I previously conducted an audit, counting the taxes of your current business state. Simply put, even if you embezzled a penny, I'll be able to expose your corruption as proof, and successfully prosecute your crimes.’’

Anzhi flared up furiously in a piercing voice.

’’YOU.....on what authority!’’

Jinkuang rummaged through his bosom, finally hooking out a cluster of messily folded documents. Licking his finger as he swiftly browsed through the documents, before retrieving a paper. On it was shockingly written - 'User is related to matters of national interest. Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) - Roma Noctis.’’Behind it was a fresh red seal.

Seeing this object, the domineering Anzhi became sluggish.

’’How is it possible you have Mr Roma's cert!’’

Jinkuang replied arrogantly.

’’This isn't something you need to know! Madam, if you continue dishing out excuses, then I will use obstructing of official duty to prosecute you! Also! This lowlife female creature, you dare to use such an attitude towards a living legend like me?’’

Sheyan stared as though his eyeballs were about to roll out. Actually legend level such an illusory attribute could be used in this manner! Under the bombardment of Jinkuang's saliva, this Anzhi finally became terrified;probably she was also unclear about matters concerning her accounts. Sheyan could only sneak in a forced smile.

’’This.....mister, I have to settle hundreds of accounts for the soldiers daily, it is hard not to have errors.’’

Sheyan and his slut Jinkuang, one with 2 points of charm the other with 1 point. The old hag Anzhi inevitably couldn't get along with the two, in her heart she should be wildly cursing in resentment;wishing for these two trashy scumbags to leave her sacred office. Yet she still had to put on a respectful and cheery front, it was really a torture to her.

Jinkuang rudely smacked his butt down onto Anzhi big sister's spongy cortex chair, he even forcefully rocked it. Anzhi was so furious she was trembling incessantly, yet her eyes betrayed her smiles as she pulled out the accounting books for Jinkuang. Although Jinkuang hadn't learn auditing, he was naturally sensitive to numbers. Every sentence caused Anzhi to break out in cold sweat. He repeatedly tapped onto the table, ordering Anzhi to open up the accounts of the higher ups. Anzhi's heart was a mess, her ashen face rigid as a corpse;she could only obediently fulfill Jinkuang's request.

Simultaneously, a list of 3D merchandize appeared in front of Sheyan, it was shockingly a long purchasing menu! Amazingly, he could even purchase the items that required the highest prestige - 'worshipped'! Sheyan was so overjoyed that he looked at Jinkuang's adorable face and even wanted to kiss him. But the frightening monetary value of the purchasable immediately ruined his happiness.

For example, amidst the 'worshipped' class items in Steel Whip base, the item that Sheyan wanted the most was - 'Ghost covert special forces battle equipment'. This equipment set was installed with cloaking, lockdown EMP, nuclear missile deployment - 3 excellent functions integrated into one. Even though this equipment set couldn't be brought out of the world, but trying to die in it would be considered difficult. But that terrifying 10,000 utility points, 30 potential points valuation in Sheyan's vision, caused him to shudder. What was worst was that it required an additional crucial item called 'Overmind kernel'!


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