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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Spore highland

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

’’That's right, the evidence is indeed clear.’’ Mogensha suddenly interrupted. ’’The Blackthorn tribes shift from defense to offense is the greatest evidence! From hindsight, to maintain some form of aerial influence, the Redliner tribe had to assemble a fleet consisting primarily of Scourges, hydralisks and zerglings! With such a composition to a class 'II' arachnid base;apart from fighting recklessly with no regards for the consequences, there really isn't any other better solution.’’

’’But! If the Blackthorn tribe was able to blend in some human siege tanks within its base, then huge amounts of Spore Colonies + over 10 siege tanks* (transformed to siege cannon mode) + a medium degree of hydralisks, would be adequate for defending their base. You must know, when the human's siege tanks are in siege cannon mode, its range is 3 folds of a hydralisk. Moreover, its cannon strikes are AOE, possessing terrifying destructive might. It could be said to be the bane of the Redliner tribe's composition of troops, definitely slaying thousands with its domineering pressure.

(TN: Siege cannon mode is stationary but allows it to strike at targets at a greater range)

’’To control such warfare tactics, the class 'ii' Redliner mothernest would have to spawn out massive amounts of mutalisks, concentrating their efforts to destroying the siege tanks. If not they wouldn't be able to deal with those siege tanks;but the awkward fact is that they have an overwhelming aerial disadvantage..... To breakthrough this vicious cycle, the Redliner tribe must spawn out bulks of aerial units to regain aerial control. This would take an excruciatingly long process, and would even sink both parties into an awkward drawn out deadlock. But to the Blackthorn tribe who possessed the plentiful resources to harvest for a whole 10 years, a war of attrition is undoubtedly the scenario they wish for to happen!’’

’’Damned!’’ Reef also understood now, his voiced turned gloomy. ’’Since the assistance provided by Lieutenant Colonel Dundee is already insignificant;then to Overmind Mozi, those Tyrannical Spore Colonies must be preserved. From a public point of view, these structures are strategic weapons installed by the arachnid leader, the Blade Empress;it would protect their well being, contributing to alleviate tensions and foster crucial relations. From a personal point of view, if they assumed control of it, then the safety of the human's transportation channel for this planet would be in their hands! They would be able to use this as a bargaining chip when negotiating with the humans, getting benefits from both sides.’’

Sheyan nodded and replied.

’’That is roughly so. Apart from that, we need to be mentally prepared. Because in close proximity to those Tyrannical Spore Colonies, it is highly likely that the direct subordinate guards of the Blade Empress would be present! To deal with them, I reckon would be an extremely hard fought battle. That is why we need to first make a trip back. First is to integrate our reputation, we should be able to let Reef purchase a 'Mother nest's Helping-hand' and enhance everyone's survivability. Secondly is to hire some Overlords and arachnid forces, and try roping the Dundee's Pebbles special forces with us! If our progress is smooth, we wouldn't need them to step in;but if the situation turns viciously ugly, then we at least have them as cannon fodder.’’

Reef pondered for a moment, ultimately feeling that Sheyan's arrangement was indeed watertight and invulnerable. Thus, he nodded his head in silent acknowledgement.

Back at the Blackthorn's Mother nest, Sheyan's conjecture was indeed spot on. There were shockingly 16 heavy siege tanks over a strategic highland near the Blackthorn tribe's main base. Enormous flaming beetles could also be seen patrolling repeatedly around the base. Moreover, from the symbols over the siege tanks, they could tell that it belonged to the 'Fatal Helmet' base that Sheyan had encountered with previously! Even Sheyan didn't expect that the first collaboration of the Blackthorn tribe was actually with this particular human base!

But this matter wasn't a coincidence, actually it had an underlying reason. Once the human's Homeland successfully partnered with the Blackthorn tribe, then it was necessary to establish a base around the vicinity. Undoubtedly, 'Fatal Helmet' base would be impacted the most. Thus, they struck first, and hard they did! Choking off the footstool for the Homeland to come ashore!

As Sheyan controlled his Overlord to go nearer, they could vividly see humans operating the 16 heavy siege tanks. However, their bodies had been infiltrated by parasites, their sovereignty in the hands of Overmind Mozi. But according to Dundee, these parasites also possessed healing bonuses for illness. Therefore, it could be described as a blessing in disguise for these marines. Furthermore, densely packed beside each siege tank were massive amounts of hydralisks and at least 2 Spore Colonies! Obviously, this was a warfare tactic to repel any sudden hostile aerial assaults.

After a discussion between the trio, they allowed Reef to purchase the Mother nest's 'Helping-hand', recovering his attributes by 1 point each. Following that, Mogensha purchased the Zergling's genetic 'Improved Adrenaline', boosting his basic movement speed permanently by 33%. This amplification was based on his basic agility, thus its eventual outcome was approximately a 8 points agility bonus speed. The Hydralisk's genetic 'Fleshjet hormone' boosted 15% of attack range, but this property to Mogensha was something that he didn't really require;hence, he saved it instead.

Finally, the 3 pooled their funds together, amassing a total of 12,000 utility points;spending it together with reputation points to hire arachnid units. They spent everything away cleanly, before searching for Lieutenant Colonel Dundee. Apart from him, they managed to acquire the command privileges of all his marines. The resultant army force was as follows:

’’Elite human marine: 7. Hydralisk: 7, Zergling: 30.’’

’’Scourges: 12, Overlord: 6, Mutalisks: 4.’’

With such a squad and in addition to Sheyan's trio, their combat strength could be said to be relatively valiant. Probably able to despatch an ordinary hundred strong arachnid fleet with relative ease;and able to contest evenly with a 200 strong arachnid fleet.

After this their stint at the Blackthorn base, Sheyan anticipated that the ongoing battle had reached its climax. He then gave the order to set off. 6 fully loaded Overlord were escorted by 4 mutalisks, while the 12 scourges governed the exterior of the squad;as far as possible to prevent a sudden ambush.

Nearly half an hour of flight later, the intensity of the battle ahead had far exceeded their imaginations. From a bird's eye view, one could distinctly see a terrifying quantity of hydralisks and zerglings streaming out of the Redliner tribe's main base. It appeared like a gigantic black flood, segregating into 4 contingents right ahead. 3 contingents were directed towards their other 3 subsidiary base as reinforcements, while the largest contingent broke out in a frenzied charge towards the Blackthorn tribe's main base!!!

According to Mogensha's visual assessment, the military ratio of both parties had reached a horrific stark difference of 3:1. It seemed like the Redliner tribe possessed a higher chance at victory.

Probably because they had lost aerial supremacy, the Redliner tribe shouldn't have been aware of the existence of those siege tanks. Thus Sheyan could already infer beforehand, the immense hope of the Redliner Overmind on this operation would end up in a total failure! In the face of the oppressive bombardment of 16 heavy siege tankers, along with their favourable high ground advantage, the Redliner tribe should expect that more than half their contingency become casualties.

Sheyan cautiously maneuvered his covert squad, detouring around the Redliner man base from a distance, as he attempted to approach from the rear. According to the coordinates on the electric map, those Tyrannical Spore Colonies were situated at the peak of a precipitous rocky hill. The shape of the rocky hill was identical to a magnified giant tree stump. Its peak was flat while its edges treacherously steep, hailed as the 'Spore Highland' by the humans.

The Redliner main base wasn't considered too far from the Spore Highland, and was demonstrated clearly in the current battle. Even though the Blackthorn tribe held aerial supremacy, not a single mutalisk dared to engage from the back, which was the Spore Highland. Either they were fearful of the prestige of the Blade Empress, or the Blade Empress's subordinates at the Spore Highland did not make allowances even for arachnid species. As long as an aerial unit encroached on its territory, it would be shot down without negotiations!

At a faraway region, a mixed fleet of Redliner Scourges and hydralisks clashed against the Blackthorn mutalisk fleet. Both fleets were like two clumps of enormous black cloud colliding ferociously. Every second produced at least 10 fatal casualties. The battlefield was a portrait of bitter desperation.

Riding on this opportunity, Sheyan gave the order. Within one of the congested Overlords, he led his tiny squad steadily towards the rear. They were all flying suspended closely over the ground, preventing themselves from being tragically shot down. Slowly, they managed to infiltrate into the outskirts of the Spore Highland without facing any dangers.

Upon reaching the Spore Highland, everyone was able to view the mountain cliff through the cracks of the Overlord. They got a huge shock;at the cliff, were exceptionally colossal tentacles just like tree roots. Its surface veiny and explosive, binding itself tightly against the cliff. It was as though the entire Spore Highland gave birth to a frightening colossal tentacular beast.

The Spore Highland wasn't considered tall, roughly only 5-6 hundred metres. But because of its insane steepness, it appeared insurmountable. Even looking up when directly beneath it would cause one's neck to feel sore. Although this seems exaggerated, the feeling was similar to looking up beneath a hundred metre high rise building, and multiplying that by 5 times. Due to the fact this was a arachnid forbidden zone, not a single Redliner arachnid was in sight.


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