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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Definite target

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Faced with Reef's interrogation, Mogensha smiled but didn't reply;his mind reflected deeply into his memories. Reef glanced at Mogensha's expression, sincerely continuing.

’’I remember when you guys parted, crazy Harnik and Qiaoer were discussing furiously;they believed that you were afraid that your personal gains for equipments would be affected within this party. The equipment rewards should be at least a silver storyline class, hence you brazenly deserted us. If not, we really couldn't find the motive for your actions.’’

Mogensha's expression turned heavy as he bitterly smiled, and shook his head. He sighed and replied.

’’The reason I am now a free agent, strictly speaking, it was singlehandedly orchestrated by boss.’’

Reef became increasingly curious.

’’Seaman singlehandedly turned you into a free agent? How is that so?’’

Mogensha gently shook his head.

’’The Symbiosis sect previously activated a Assembling rock, and staked everything on stealing Harry Potter world's Philosopher's stone. In the end, we were obstructed by the Banks Syndicate, every close combat individual, even Qiao Gun met their ends. In the end, the Metals Professor, Fanu and several others infiltrated into the underground Gringotts, seeking to steal the treasure. Their underlings were actually treated as cannon fodder, especially the newly recruited Seaman.’’

Reef's face was already displaying a look of disbelief. He wasn't stupid and could roughly guess what Mogensha was about to say.

’’Don't tell me.....’’

’’That's right. I have no clue what the hell happened in Gringotts. But the ultimate result was that the founders and everyone were annihilated, and the party disbanded...... except the only survivor was him! Seaman!’’

Mogensha bitterly smiled.

’’At that time, in my heart Seaman was just like a stock that had good prospects. But after I received the news of the Metals Professor and Fanu dying, I unconditionally knew that he was going to be my boss.’’

Reef pondered over the meaning behind Mogensha's words, in a flash his admiration for this Seaman fella leapt up by bounds. To be able to rely on himself to survive under such a treacherous situation, even Reef believed he didn't have that ability. Moreover, he even managed to eliminate the Metals Professor and Fanu?

As the two chatted away, the Spore Colony health had gradually dwindled away. ’’Boom!’’ An explosion as blood water soared to the heavens. Sheyan immediately cast his fears about the fuel away, fully activating his 'Prometheus III Flamethrower'. Twin fiery dragons roared out, barbecuing 17-18 zerglings in a clump of wildfire;before swiftly departing. This moment, their formation changed into - Reef as rear guard, Mogensha in the middle and Sheyan leading the escape. The 3 quickly boarded the Overlord and traversed further away. The trio was brimming with abundant battle experience, their first cooperation was indeed flawless.

On board the Overlord, the trio finally relaxed a little. Besides, there was still a mutalisk leading the route ahead, warning them if anything was amiss. Reef was currently extremely interested in Sheyan, taking the initiative to question him about his innate defensive ability. Sheyan had already planned to build good relations with Reef, hence he didn't try to hide anything;straightforwardly sharing his C+ innate details to him. Reef was instantly flabbergasted and enlightened, now he understood why Sheyan was able to endure for so long within the zergling horde.

Naturally, when dealing with a 500 strong zergling crowd, Sheyan would be able to sustain a little longer. But when dealing simultaneously against 10 elite zerglings, then undoubtedly Reef would be able to survive much longer. Following that, the trio consecutively raided 2 other Redliner bases with consecutive victories. During their operation, they slayed close to 200 zerglings, several dozens of hydralisks. But when they arrived at the next Redliner subsidiary base, when they were about to begin their assault;Sheyan abruptly halted their action plan.

The reason for giving up was simple and even absurd - Because he and Mogensha simultaneously sensed something was wrong, such a reason was just an omen and didn't have a substantial justification. But Sheyan was bent on discarding their plan. Using their perception as warning was naturally a ridiculous reason, but the nightmare realm was filled with danger in all corners. Their perceptive sensing would definitely warn them of any fatally dangerous location or terrain. But as the saying goes, dangers creeps up on those seeking riches and honor;not daring to take a chance based on pure premonition was akin to not eating for the fear of choking.

Hence, the bigger usage for perceptive sensing was in avoiding a sudden sneak attack or ambush, protective oneself from any hidden fatalities. Actually this last minute behavior of changing their plans mid operation was rarely seen in the nightmare realm. But he didn't bother explaining much, directly commanding the Overlord to distance themselves before speaking in a solemn tone.

’’That previous base didn't showcase any signs of being recently attacked, but the amount of zerglings was actually less than a hundred. Furthermore, the other bases had no less than 50 drones harvesting Pandora crystals;but there were only roughly 45 drones in this base. Apart from that, the frequency rate of the drones entering and leaving the Spawning organs were extremely diligent.’’

Sheyan didn't say anything else, but Mogensha and Reef understood his intentions. Where were the other zerglings hidden at? Moreover, in order for the arachnid race to construct an organ structure, it required the sacrifice of a drone as the organ's core. Then where did the missing 5 drones go, what were they constructing? The frequency and efficiency of the drones also explained another points;that meant a huge batch of arachnid larvas were being spawned, therefore the need for massive amounts of Pandora crystals!

If only one suspicious point appeared, it could be considered a coincidence. But if all the signs were present, then most likely it was a trap. Of course to the Redliner tribe, this thoughtful planning was to bait the Blackthorn Overmind. But regrettably, their opponent now was a contestant!

’’Then what is our next course of action?’’ Reef questioned. His words were obviously exhibiting a certain reliance. A party leader wasn't for someone to acclaim himself, credibility was based on the minute details, fostering it bit by bit. When others recognized one as a fat pile of reliance, then not assuming that position would be hard.

Sheyan laughed.

’’Our primary objective for this skirmish, is to confuse the Redliner tribe's Overmind, while assessing the situation of the bases. The ultimate aim is to plunder a subsidiary base for its crystals, and gain some achievements. Since we have a target, then obviously we head over for it.’’

Reef took in a deep breath and asked.

’’Your target, is it that subsidiary base number 1?’’

Sheyan nodded, confirming his suspicions.

’’That's an affirmative.’’


Under the dim lighting, a hydralisk was dutifully patrolling around the base. Although there was a clear wound over it, it was slithering over their native nourishing carpet. Its strength was steadily restoring to optimum. Although the previous sneak attack of mutalisks dealt heavy damages to their base, the enemy was similarly not without severe casualties. Spore Colonies were scattered everywhere with distinct wounds, yet the carpet was littered with decomposing black mutalisks.

Suddenly, a warning transmitted from the far distance. An arachnid would emit a certain hormone before battle, similar to bees and ants;other races wouldn't be able to notice their smell signal, but it was clear as daylight to similar race species. Undoubtedly, this hydralisk spared no delay in rushing towards the battlefield. But at the moment it slid out of the base, a volley of flaming tongue illuminated from 100 metres away!

DA DA DA DA DA. The clear, crisp gunshots echoed out. This hydralisk reacted swiftly, turning to spray its acidic jet at the hidden enemy. Instead, the incoming bullets drilled it to the ground with tremendous ferocity. Its body exploded instantaneously, forming into a blood pool with swirling chunks of flesh.

From roughly a kilometre away, Sheyan and Reef battled shoulder to shoulder within an open land. They had approximately slayed off close to a hundred zerglings. Their mutalisk and Overlord were both parked at the far ends to the east and west. If the Redliner Overmind dispatched reinforcements here, undoubtedly they would serve as the early warning signal.

However, according to the communicated information transmitted by the Blackthorn tribe half an hour earlier, Overmind Mozi had already dispatched nearly a quarter of his forces;beginning a mass scale invasion of the Redliner Overmind's 4th subsidiary base, 300 kilometres from here. The quantity of Pandora crystals stored was calculated to exceed even the Redliner tribe's main base! Although this attack could be described as a feign, but it could snowball into a mass scale invasion in a short span of time!

Hence to the Redliner Overmind, protecting its 4th subsidiary base was of critical importance. Therefore, merely a 3 man sneak ambush onto its 1st subsidiary base, would surely be neglected by the Redliner Overmind. More importantly, the crystal ore mine in the 1st base was already on the verge of drying up;thus its strategic value was already greatly lessened.

’’It is soon I guess.’’ Reef cleanly pulled out his shining black sword from the chest of a zergling. Thick greenish fluid dripped from its slimy surface, evaporating into fumes in no time. ’’If they didn't spawn out new units, then their forces here should be dried up anytime soon.’’

Back facing each other, they did look quite pathetic. But actually, they only suffered superficial wounds. Their every movements still carried perfect vigor and nimbleness, not influenced the least by each other's individual battles. Sheyan nodded.

’’AK, how is the condition over there?’’

’’F***! That hydralisk sprayed acid onto my 'Package*'! Heavens, if my functionality is impaired in the future, I swear I will slaughter all hydralisks alive!’’ Mogensha roared out in rage.

(TN:* he is referring to his crotch)

Sheyan wasn't impressed.

’’I have no interest with what small toy the hydralisk shot at. I'm asking how many units can you see at the base.’’


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