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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Trying out, first collaboration

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Very quickly, they arrived at the outskirts of a Redliner subsidiary base;after communicating with the nearby flying Blackthorn tribe's mutalisks, Sheyan and the rest received a list of relevant information about their defensive layout. Because the Redliner tribe's primary defensive efforts were towards a mass scale aerial invasion;the pocket sized squad consisting of Sheyan's Overlord and his mutalisk very easily infiltrated through.

Bustling hardworking drones, tremendous scarlet organ structures, viscous organism carpet stretch through the floor. Everything was identical to the Blackthorn base;its only difference was that distinct red scar across the structures and their arachnid units.

Around the surface of the base, were at least 10 scattered Spore Colonies. Their features were extremely queer, looking like a severed pig nose erected over the ground. It was painted fully brown, and thick burly tentacles wriggled out from the ground around it, fastening the Spore cannon to the ground. Intertwined vine like vasculars covered the surface of the Spore cannon;although it wasn't mobile and could only target flying units, its range of attack was relatively far. Once it discovers a hostile flying unit, it will regurgitate an acidic spore;repeatedly blasting towards the enemy.

According to the combat analysis report given by the Blackthorn tribe;under normal circumstances, 1 Spore Colony would be able to slay several heads of mutalisks, its threat was considerably great. Moreover, to construct it would require only 175 units of Pandora crystals. Of course, being unable to move and constant supplication of nutrients was its weakness.

Looking at the Spore Colonies beneath them, Reef couldn't help saying.

’’It looks like the Blackthorn tribe had already assaulted this area before;look at some of the Spore Colonies there, they are spurting blood fluids from their injuries.’’

Mogensha squinted his eyes to survey the distant scene.

’’Mmm, previously there should be only 5-6 Spore Colonies, the rest were new additions after the assault. Looks like the damaged done by the Blackthorn tribe wasn't light. Beside one of the larger lair storage of Pandora crystals, there is only 1 Sunken Colony.’’

’’Good.’’ Sheyan was already starting to display an aura of a party leader. ’’Have you caught sight of that Spore Colony a kilometre west from here, on the mountain cliff? Our target is that. I'll deal with the zerglings, if there are hydralisks, Mogensha I'll leave those to you. Reef your 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' ability should be able to instantly wipe out the surrounding zerglings right, then that will be our party's contingency during a crisis. If I haven't requested for aid, then you will focus on dealing with the Spore Colony.’’

When they just entered this world, Sheyan had always been a detached bystander, minding his own business. The main party attention were revolved around crazy Harnik, Qiaoer and Reef. From a strict point of view, this was still a three man coordination.

The happiest guy amidst was naturally Mogensha. This black dude was still complaining about not having the protection of a professional innate defence core (Main Tank), but now he was indulging in the security of 2 high level Main Tanks. Plainly speaking, if these two thick skinned brats couldn't die, then Mogensha would have unlimited health. His survivability rate had been immensely enhanced, naturally he was beaming with delight.

’’Wait a moment!’’ Before heading out, Reef suddenly handed two objects over to Sheyan and Mogensha. The two objects were palm sized, looking like a pocket pistol. But after Mogensha received it, he got a fright! Actually this was a medicine drink that shockingly required expending achievement points to purchase - 'Honorary max-protein injection gun dosage'. It was tradable, but its price was shockingly more expensive than items that were untradable. Its official price was 5 achievement points and 5000 utility points.

Actually, Mogensha previously held the notion of not saving Reef;after receiving this without another merits, a bitter taste lingered within him. However, without feeling burdened, he laughed politely as he accepted it. After inspecting it, Sheyan discovered that this medicine dosage's greatest weak point was its cooldown period being as long as 48 hours. Calculating it this way, it was roughly 1 usage per world.

The 3 just stepped onto the Redliner tribe 'Creep' carpet, but were instantly discovered by a drifting Overlord, instantly releasing a warning. Although that Overlord immediately exploded into a blood mist with Mogensha's swift reactions, their operations had already been exposed. Such a strict and speedy defensive reaction, naturally indicated that it wasn't only one time that the Blackthorn tribe had assaulted here.

However, Sheyan's operation wasn't meant to be a covert one, but their objective was to create a grand commotion, the more extravagant the better. Sheyan covered himself with a helmet, taking lead in welcoming the incoming frenzied zerglings. Fiery oppressive twin dragons roared out, engulfing the pack of zerglings. Even the crippled escapees, weren't spare by Mogensha's precision.

Following that was naturally sticking with the plan and storming that Spore Colony. That Spore Colony was constructed over an elevated ground, its position was starkly defined. Moreover, its strategic position allowed its range to cover half of the entire arachnid base. Because it had received favoured nourishment due to its strategic importance, its health was several thousand stronger than usual;even its HP regeneration speed was rapid. Even though Mogensha and reef combined their wild incessant attacks, they would still require several minutes.

Reef was already fundamentally convinced by this 'Seaman' leadership talents, but he had always existed as the core of his party;Innate defensive ability in addition to incomparably outstanding individual abilities, his heart had been filled with a slight conceitedness and a sense of adopting responsibilities. When Sheyan had rescued him, Reef was already in a semi-coma state. Hence, he had no clue of Sheyan's capabilities, moreover this was the first time he was being used in a role of firepower output. His sense of security naturally coexisted with being in the frontline, and a despising underestimating notion welled up within his heart.

As time dragged on, the rushing reinforcements of arachnids were pouring in greatly. Fortunately Sheyan's deduction was spot on;the fleet was primarily made out of zerglings. Although several hydralisks did appear, there were sparse and infrequent. An ordinary hydralisk was relatively larger than zerglings, its HP wasn't much as well. After a consecutive 5 string of bullets from Mogensha's golden AK installed with his Black grade magazine were released, the hydralisks were instantaneously slayed upon appearing. This greatly alleviated Sheyan's pressure.

Although the 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' contained limitless ammunition, it could only persist firing for 5 minutes duration. Hence, Sheyan directly dealt with some sparse groups of zerglings with his fists. Not even 2-3 minutes later, the heaps and piles of charred and bruised zerglings corpses towered greatly around him. Yet Reef observed him while feeling an inner apprehensiveness, his battle experience was relatively abundant. After a slight assessment, he couldn't help exclaiming to Mogensha.

’’I'm afraid Seaman wouldn't be able to last for long? How about I replace him for awhile?’’

Adept in battlefield foresight and awareness, Mogensha was naturally as clear as a flame. Chewing his gum while taking aim, he smirked and replied.

’’No rush, it's still early.’’

Reef was surprised.

’’What?! Those damned arachnids aren't no pushovers. Even if I don't wield my shield, I should have already lost 200 HP by now. Seaman that fella looks like a strength close combatant, don't tell me he has learned a certain superb regenerative ability?’’

Mogensha erupted in laughter.

’’Big brother Reef, perhaps he is a MT like you?’’

Reef was hugely shocked.

’’What! is this possible! Although my knowledge is considered superficial, but the number of MTs under this difficulty can be counted with one hand. I should already recognize most of them. Golden AK, your reputation is also pretty outstanding, you should know that those without an innate defensive ability cannot be hailed as a MT ya know.’’

Mogensha shrugged his shoulders, releasing another burst shot of 5. The first 2 rounds volleyed into a hydralisk's eyes, connecting within its head as it sparked an internal implosion! That unlucky hydralisk slumped to the ground with lime fluids gushing out from its facial features. Mogensha then excitedly whistled triumphantly and replied.

’’Of course I know about that. In the Symbiosis sect, even though Qiao Gun was pretty ripped, he still wouldn't dare claim to be a MT. But this is really the case. Big brother Reef, if our boss didn't possess an incredible defensive innate, then why would he dare to dive into a zergling sea of thousands, just to drag you out?’’

Reef was still slightly dazed from the shock.

’’Since Seaman himself possesses a MT ability, then why did he bother saving me? If that's the case, it looks like he should be much stronger than me, but why haven't I heard of him before?’’

Mogensha shook his head and sneered.

’’No, boss's current composition of abilities are beneath you;but his potential as a MT, I reckoned is stronger than you by a little. Regarding what he is thinking, I honestly have no clue;I just follow what he arranges and get the job done. I'll tell you another thing, I didn't betray the Symbiosis sect.’’

Reef curiously asked.

’’I remember now, it's really weird to have encountered you here. Although the Symbiosis sect didn't contain a professional MT, but the combination of the Metals professor and Fanu's horrifying dragon, was indeed extremely terrifying. It should be able to hold overwhelming superiority in the current difficulty. Moreover you should have already won the Metals professor's trust,how did you even appear in this newly constructed temporary party?’’


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