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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Hydralisk earnings

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The trio reflected on their own things, causing the atmosphere to turn awkwardly silent. Sheyan then produced out his 2 key loots from the rare elite hydralisks.

When the first dark blue chest opened, Sheyan was instantly dumbfounded - there was nothing inside! Instead, a mind blowing heap of utility points! Instantly transferred into the account of his nightmare imprint;the numbers were bouncing up furiously. Looking at the wild constant influx of wealth, unclear of when this would stop;this really warmed the heart and pleased the eyes, causing one to brim with expectation.

Mogensha was initially lazing by the side, but after noticing this scene;he gritted his teeth in shock.

’’Woah woah! Boss you're rich! This is the first time I've seen such a huge explosion of utility points. Previously, I encountered one that exploded with equipments and nothing else;but only blue class equipments for a total of 5 pieces. Sadly, not a f***king one was useful to me. Coincidentally I was lacking in finance, and directly sold them away.’’

The soaring exorbitant wealth account finally slowed down. Finally, Sheyan observed as he was now richer by 8000+ utility points, this was a pleasant surprise. Next, he exhibited his shimmering silver key out and grinned.

’’Wanna guess what this key will produce?’’

Even the silent Reef, couldn't help displaying his shock.

’’You got that in this world?’’

Sheyan nodded as he laughed.

’’A minute probability chance. After slaying the two rare elite hydralisks, one of them dropped a dark blue key and the other is this.’’

Mogensha immediately cursed.

’’Oh, F***! I should've just joined you into that f***king cave.’’

Sheyan mockingly laughed.

’’If you entered with me, I reckon we would have had more troubles than benefits.’’

Then Sheyan started explaining his encounter with the two rare elite hydralisks in full details. As Mogensha listened, even his back felt a sweeping chill. Sheyan then triggered out the chest, and opened it;ultimately producing an item.

This item appeared extremely sinister, like a purplish black organ that was cut off and washed clean. 7-8 thick tentacles grew from the side, still dripping with dark violet fluids. The nightmare imprint then notified him.

’’You've obtained an unappraised object: 'Elite hydralisk's rare acid gland'.’’

’’Item class: Silver storyline class.’’

’’You need to appraise it to obtain the relevant information.’’

’’Description: Any Mother nest from any arachnid tribe would wish to obtain this item to consume and genetically analyse it.’’

Very obviously, the last statement indicated that - this item could be used to exchange for reputation points. Sadly, there were only 3 ways to appraise a silver storyline item.

The easiest was returning to the realm, paying to appraise it.

The next was upon reaching a relevant military rank, paying the nightmare imprint to appraise it. But such a method may expend achievement points.

The hardest was for the contestant to use a relevant ability to appraise. The first two methods would still retain the original attributes of the item;but if the the contestant used his own cultivated appraisal ability, then the attributes may even be raised!

The separate operation by Mogensha after he split off with Sheyan had also reaped several benefits. The fragments of 'rubbish' from the arachnids surmounted to 2000 utility points. It wasn't only Sheyan's luck that was thriving. While massacring the drones within the base, a extremely rare slavery scenario took place.

A drone that was about to be slayed was actually willing to surrender and become his slave!

That brat actually cost up to 5000 reputation points and 2000 utility points if purchased from the Blackthorn tribe! Such a happening, obviously Mogensha delightedly accepted. Looking at this unfortunate baby drone trembling in its own pool of greenish blood, wriggling sorrowfully on the ground;Mogensha was even worried it would die, and he carefully wrapped it with a bandage.

Although Reef's emotions were an all time low, he still indicated a huge interest towards the Blackthorn tribe. These savage and cruel arachnids had left a deep impression on Reef, and now he had to fight shoulder to shoulder with them (Although it is also to defeat other arachnids). This fueled a rather complication feeling within him.

During their journey back, Sheyan and Mogensha managed to casually capture a mutated Scourge that had sharp piercing bones covering its entire body. Because such a variation was something the Blackthorn Mother nest did not possess, they wanted to try their luck to see if they could exchange it for reputation points.

After interacting with Reef, they could confirm one thing;these kind situation of reputation point transactions with the Blackthorn tribe was an extremely rare matter. It could only be fulfilled or materialized under severely harsh conditions/prerequisites. Therefore, earning more reputation points now was the right thing to do.

When the distant Blackthorn tribe came into view, Sheyan finally calmed down. The evolved 'II' Mother nest still possessed its towering grandeur. Two imposing and gigantically erected pillars looked like the upper half of an ancient malefice dragon. It was completely free from damage and blemishes.

Above the Mother nest were numerous Overlords drifting around, even mutalisk and genuine scourges were spiralling about. A genuine scourge required 25 units of Pandora crystal, 75 units of Vespene gas to spawn out 2 from each larva. Therefore, one requires 12.5 Pandora crystals, 37.5 Vespene gas.

These aerial beast were oddly rapid, but didn't possess offensive capabilities. Its threat lies in its ability to self-destruct when approaching an enemy aerial unit, producing a devastating small radius damage. Few aerial units would be able to withstand 2-3 scourges exploded simultaneously. It seemed like Overmind Mozi was afraid the enemy may utilize a 'kamikaze' tactic, and thus was specifically strict with regards to his aerial territory.

After descending, Sheyan and the rest naturally submitted their captive mutated scourge, before probing about the current status. However, the Mother nest's feedback analysis was extremely awkward.

《Submitted mutated organism is completely worthless》

《Only under desperate situations of a class 'I' Mother nest, would it be spawned to in hopes of aerial superiority》

《Creature: Low output value (1 larva can only spawn 1). Resource consumption: high (150 units of Pandora crystal, 50 units of Vespene gas). Damage: low. Rejected.》

Fortunately, the next message allowed them some comfort. The Redliner tribe hadn't made a move, probably still frenziedly harvesting crystals and building their force. Although they didn't move now, once they did, it would certainly be earth shaking. But to the Blackthorn tribe, more time meant more preparation. Moreover, the Blackthorn tribe had occupied more Pandora crystals, therefore their production and development capabilities were inevitably much stronger than the Redliner tribe.

At present amidst the human trio, Mogensha hadn't suffered any injuries. The black dude leapt down from the Overlord, excitedly carrying along his injured drone for treatment;before directly heading for the Pandora ore mines, naturally trying to see if he could leverage certain benefits on this poor kid. Sheyan supported Reef over to the Spawning pool of the Blackthorn tribe, intending to receive full treatment.

Previously, Sheyan had suffered severe corrosive wounds from the rare elite hydralisks, his left cheek was still a ghastly mess and his left eye blind. Worst was that the acid jet contained a poisonous corrosive effect. Sheyan only halted the rate of further damage, but still its deadly properties continued to suppress his own regenerative ability.

Reef was similarly badly wounded. His body was covered in lacerations, mutilated chunks, fractures and ripped organs. These wounds wouldn't be able to regenerate individually within a short time. Facing such a treacherous and nerve-wracking situation, paying small reputation points and utility points to utilize the Blackthorn healing facilities was justifiable. But one point to note - If Sheyan had maintained his 'Worshipped' status, then entering the Spawning Pool would be totally free.

The Spawning pool within the Mother nest was the breeding ground for larvas. Even though wiggling fleshy walls and pulsating veins were everywhere, it would be fine after getting accustomed to it. Following Sheyan's guidance, Reef directly soaked his body into the enormous womb, beside them were squirming larvas. The Mother nest's amniotic fluids was able to extract the minerals from the Pandora crystals, converting the energy to speedily repair their injuries. Because the amniotic fluid exceeded their nose level, therefore they breathed through large overhanging umbilical cords.

Sheyan sustained heavy injuries, yet they were mostly external wounds;not as serious as fractures or lacerated organs etc. His injuries were comparatively lighter than Reefs, and very quickly his body recovered his optimal state. However, the acidic nature lingering on his body was exceedingly venomous, it was like a vestige of a lethal curse. If he wanted to quickly expel it, he had to head over to the Hydralisk Den for further advanced treatment.

Sheyan crawled out from the amniotic fluid. Waving at Reef, he headed out.


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