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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 43



Witnessing the two of them sharing their mission, Mogensha's eyeballs almost protruded out. Never forget, this pitiful man didn't accept the 'Eradicating the Spore Colonies' mission. While Reef was going through the mission details, Mogensha attempted to get Sheyan to share that side mission with himself. However, this was the merciless transmission he got from the nightmare imprint:

’’You've already rejected this mission, unable to accept contestant no.1018 shared mission.’’

Faced with the cruel reality, Mogensha hugged his golden AK as he dwelled in his self pity. Actually, as long as there was enough manpower and time, there were loads of side missions to be exploited around the vicinity. The destruction of Whiskey base would no doubt attract the movements of other human bases;most likely that would release missions to eliminate the arachnid tribes here. Or perhaps even a new mission depicting construction of a new Whiskey base...... but based on the principle of not wanting to bite off more than they could chew, Sheyan decisively gave up on those tiny skirmishes. At present, they had left the Blackthorn tribe for nearly 4 hours, his heart contained a slight worry that the Redliner tribe had engaged in battle with the Blackthorns. Hence, he spared no haste in rushing back.

During their flight, Sheyan pondered for awhile before tactfully expressing interest in Reef's attributes;this would facilitate his future planning. After experiencing a costly betrayal, he no longer longed for any authority;he had turned terribly discouraged during his stint as a party leader, thus he no longer cared for such things. Reef bluntly shared all his information to Sheyan.

Contestant no. 770123 (Number is based on genetic codes, not the sequence of entry)

Strength: 21 points (18+2+1)

Agility: 27 points (23+3+1)

Physique: 38 points (30+3+4+1)

Perceptive sense: 9 points (8+1)

Charm: 8 points (7+1)

Intelligence: 9 points (8+1)

Spirit: 10 points (9+1)


Awakened rank A- innate ability: 'Steel', Reduces physical damages by 22%, lowers duration of abnormal buffs by 50%.

Basic close combat lvl 7 , Basic footwork lvl 7, Basic meditation lvl 2, Basic awareness lvl 2

Base Advanced ability: 'Expert Single-handed weapon lvl 6'

Base Ultimate ability: 'Courage'. Castable on allies, cooldown duration of 15 seconds. Damage incurred to your ability target will be shouldered by you, next damage lessened by 15%.

Base Advanced ability: 'Shield handling lvl 6' (Additional effects when using a shield)

Base Ultimate ability: 'Heavy shield handling lvl 1' (Allows you to activate abilities of heavy shield, and obtain additional effects)

Basic attribute reward I (Reward when physique attribute reaches 20 points) : 'Mister healthy' (HP +100)

Basic attribute reward I (Reward when agility attribute reaches 20 points) : 'Fuzzy' (Avoidability +3%)

TN: basic attribute reward I is based on pure attribute, not with enhancement of items


Rank B+ passive ability: 'Rude lvl 3' (Current proficiency rate: 1135/3000). An ordinary attack against an opponent has a probability in creating an additional AOE damage. Attack damage will be 15% of the ordinary damage, but will not be lower than 10 points. Enemies affected by this damage will have a negative buff of 50% movement/attack speed. Duration: 3 seconds.

Every successful trigger, will increase proficiency by 1-3 points. Must max out proficiency rate to upgrade to the next ability rank.

Rank A active ability: 'Shattering cardiac roar' (Proficiency: Max) Release a ferocious roar, dealing a 20 metre radius damage of (physique x3). Causing movement speed to reduce by 50% - 70%, attack speed by 25% - 70%. Duration: Caster's physique minus victim's physique. If the victim has a higher physique, he will only receive the damage and not the negative effect.

Additional: No usage cost, cooldown of 1 minute.

Additional: Ability can still be activated within cooldown duration, but will consume 25% of health (Or not lower than 20 points). But all resultant damage and effect including duration will decrease by half.

Max rank additional effect: Once 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' affects a radius of enemy, any additional enemy will increase the damage of 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' by 10%, maximum increase of 50%.

When this ability is used in the context of a contestant battle, the duration of effect will be affected by the 40% limiter regulation.

5-tiers innate ability: 'Faith guard' (Current cultivation of the 4th tier). Activating it will instantly form a layer of mental constructed formidable armour, armour possess 100 HP, 10 points of defence and duration of 300 seconds. After it is destroyed, it will restore 100 HP to user within 10 seconds. (Tier 5 cultivation will allow casting on others). Activation of ability requires 30 MP.


Main equipments:

Processed Alien Skull

Origin: Adult Alien

Equipment rarity: Silver Storyline class

Material: Chitin + Testosterone + Formic acid + SOD + Ant aldehyde + Leucocyte silk etc

Additional installation: Shield spike

Equipment position: Left arm

Equipment category: Mid-sized shield.

Weight: 5.2 kg.

Equipment usage requirements: strength 15 points, physique 30 points.

Durability: 131/200

Details: Lowers explosive strike rate by 10%

Details: Defence +15 ('Shield handling lvl6' will provide additional 5 points of defence and 50 HP)

Details: Resisting opponent's attack rate +45%

Details: Physique +4

Characteristic: 'Blood acidity'. Every time you successfully resist an opponent's attack, chance of triggering the remnant acidic blood of the shield to spray out, dealing 7 - 27 points of acidic damage.

Characteristics: 'Tough density'. The Alien Skull is made with an extremely tough density material. Using it to resist an opponent's attack, results in only 33% probability of damaging the shield's durability.

Ability: 'Tongue thrust'. After the shield absorbs 500 points of damage, it will release a thrusting hidden alien tongue at the enemy. Attack ignores 50% of enemy's defence, dealing 100 points of fixed damage + (Strength damage x2). Stunning enemy for 3 seconds. (Minimum stunning duration of 1 second). Cooldown duration: 120 seconds.

Ability can be interchanged between passive or active. Interchanging duration of 30 minutes.

Description: Only a Alien Skull processed by a Predator can unleash both offensive and defensive capabilities. Not every Alien Skull is suitable to be forged into a shield. While paying attention to defending, one may forsake seeking the enemy's weakness.


Centaurus Ionized Lightsabre (For practice)

Origin: Starwars

Equipment rarity: Black

Equipment quality: Restored after severe damage.

Material composition: Energy loop + Electric charge focal lens + Energy activation device + Superconductor

Additional installation: Slot already damaged.

Weight: 1.2 kg.

Equipment usage requirement: Strength 20 points, agility 15 points. Every single usage consumes 2000 utility points/10 force energy to satisfy the lightsabre. Effect will dissipate after half an hour.

Durability: nil

Details: damage raised by 33 - 34 points

Details: Attack speed increase by 45%

Details: Your attack has a chance of disregarding 5 points of armour.

Passive ability: 'Ray refraction'. When resisting/dodging/blocking an attack, 30% chance of invoking the lightsabre energy to form a protective wall, repelling all long range attacks back to the enemy. Protection of damage unable to exceed 30 points.

Description: It's horcrux (Weapon Soul) has been destroyed, unable to equip any spirit nature to it.

(Reef's other equipments are all blue or dark blue class, purely increasing basic attributes or evasion/avoidability rate)


Observing Reef's individual attributes, Sheyan's lament over the importance of a party heavily struck him again. Reef's basic attributes added up to 122 points, even without equipments, it was 115 points. As for Sheyan, even with the temporary 10 points of physique bonus, with his equipments his basic attributes only reached 108 points! Moreover, Reef's blocking, evading and resisting rate were at least 3 folds of Sheyan. This was the ultimate product of an assembled party, focusing their resources on a ultimate defence warrior;high HP, thick defence, and even possessing area controlling abilities!

Then Sheyan saw Reef's innate ability, leaking out an astonished look....

’’So you..........’’

Mogensha interrupted as though accustomed to it.

’’This is very normal alright? Within the context of a new party, disguising their figures is extremely normal. One only needs to proof that they are indeed an innate defensive type, fitting the criteria for a Main Tank (MT), that is enough.’’

Sheyan smiled miserably.

’’In terms of knowledge and experience, that is indeed my shortcoming.’’

As the saying goes, one doesn't fear ignorance, but fear comparisons. Comparing himself to Reef's long list of attributes and abilities, Sheyan obviously felt rather un-pro. But Sheyan's talents lay in his scheming and innate ability, he could often seized the golden opportunities to exhibit his maximum potential;this was the reason Reef could never outmatch him.

Currently, even though Reef was well and lived, he was still depressed and dispirited in his heart. Mogensha still did not really understand why Sheyan would choose to forsake the main mission to rescue Reef. An awkward silence presided within the peaceful cavity of the flying Overlord.


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