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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Farsighted

Translated by:Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Personal gains and interest governs the main ideology of the nightmare realm, thus this didn't pose a very difficult decision for Sheyan.

Saving Reef. No benefits, huge penalty.

Saving Tulip, huge benefits, no penalty!!!

Reef loftily shut his eyes, the taste of blood gradually flushing up his throat. He had already assessed the entire situation, and the state he was in. He already harbored no hope.

A saying goes, the greatest setback does not surpass an anguished heart. (Nothing can surpass the depression and despair of a betrayed and trapped heart)

In this instance, the violent pulses of indignant and unyielding resentment swelled up within Reef's heart;as though his chest was about to explode forth with grieve anytime!

He no longer remembered he was drowning under the vast arachnid sea. He had completely forgotten the excruciating feeling of having his body ripped and torn to shreds. Forgetting the heavens, the earth, his life and death itself!

His mind was a total blank, a raging roar erupted from deep within his heart;as though wanting to dominate the heavens and the earth!

’’I was willing to offer my trust to anyone seeking it, but all i received was betrayal!’’

’’I was willing to offer my help to anyone needing it, but all i got was being used by others!’’

’’I don't accept this!’’

’’I kept my blood from turning cold, why did I end up like this?! WHY?!’’

’’My heart......wasn't cold!’’

’’WHY WHY WHY!!!!!’’

Questioning the heavens over his unjustified fate, under the chaos of the arachnid sea...... Reef shut his eyes, impaling a shimmering sword deep into the ground, supporting his body as he knelt in anguish!

His heart was dead,

He harbored no more hope!!!!!

But at this seemingly hopeless moment,

When Reef had determined the whole world had given up on him,

The glaring sun rays beated down on him. A tremendous domineering pressure rained down from above. ’’Thud!’’ Heavily landing behind him....this feeling, this feeling of security and reliability! It caused the stone armoured body of Reef to unconsciously tremble intensely.


Following that was an unimaginable heat wave blasting across his face. Because of the intense heat, even his brows and hair released a burning odour. Yet Reef found an unexplainable solace within this heat. In the deepest darkest depths of his abyss, he found a comrade standing alongside him. This feeling......

’’This should be the memory flashes before a person dies.’’ Reef continued shutting his eyes, rotted to the ground. Suddenly, a ferocious kick struck against his butt. The power was relatively immense, Reef roared out in rage as he opened his eyes. But upon viewing the current scene, tears unconsciously welled up in his eyes. Someone who wouldn't even cry or plead even in the most desperate of situations!

Then shockingly, an outstretched arm unfolded to him!

A huge thick hand, with solid patches of callouses covering the fingers.

An outstretched arm of hope!!!

Simultaneously, Mogensha's tyrannical voice boomed out.

’’Give me your hand! Don't F***king get distracted. I do not wish to become the disgusting slimy shit out of a zergling's ass 3 hours later. Boss? Are you doing okay?’’

Clutching his flamethrower, Sheyan didn't reply as he slanted his head, raising a firm thumbs up. When he jumped down, his health was already half, but these zerglings weren't elite. Their combined fury swipes could only wither away his health one bit at a time. Moreover, these zerglings didn't possess high explosive hit rate, hence he could still at least last for several minutes. Instead, in a distant, the other surviving group had already been completely swallowed by the zergling sea, like sugar dissolving in water, without a sound..........

Sheyan triggered his flamethrower, as a fiery dragon as long as 20 metres roared out. Swirling around with his flamethrower, the fanatical blaze enveloped multitudes of zerglings, creating a distinct empty space around him. Mogensha controlled the Overlord to once again float near the ground. Sheyan grabbed Mogensha's outstretched arm without looking, cleanly and simply borrowing his strength as he boarded the Overlord.

Of course, Sheyan wasn't the only one that knew how to jump. Several ferocious zerglings pounced up furiously, tightly clawing against the long tentacles of the Overlord;tearing out numerous superficial wounds, and even tried chomping at it with their fangs. Even though the Overlord's health wasn't low, it was still defenceless against these savage assaults. Fortunately, there was the mutalisk escorting and protecting its side. Although the mutalisk was injured badly, the spore bullets it sprayed out was enough to kill off several weak zerglings.

’’Oh, shit!’’ Mogensha couldn't help cursing. Because right now, 3 of them had concurrently received the notification from the nightmare imprint:

Main mission: 'Rescuing Roughnecks', Failed.

Pointer: Lieutenant Johnny Rico/ Sergeant Dizzy Flores/ Sergeant Levy/Commander Rasczak has died.

Pointer: Your highest basic attribute has been deducted 3 points.

Pointer: Your achievement level is deducted by 5 points. But you have already exceeded the 6 points limit cap of this world, hence no deduction was made.

After being rescued, Reef had sunk into total silence. He suddenly voiced out.

’’I'm sorry.’’

Sheyan gazed towards Reef and laughed, earnestly offering.

’’Saving you is our own decision, you don't have to be sorry. If you really feel indebted to us, then help us with two of our ongoing difficult missions.’’

Reef sighed, leaning his head against the internal flesh of the Overlord and bitterly smiling.

’’Can I still help others? My previous party believed me, and look where it got them?! See crazy Harnik and the rest trusted in me, now their corpses weren't even spared!’’

Sheyan changed to a resolute and firm tone.

’’That is why, this time, it is your turn to trust us. Actually your earlier failures are very simple. It is because you were forced into an unsuitable position within the party. It is just like a diamond being used to cushion out a table, the table wouldn't even be stable. A flower prince using a diamond to wipe their butt will result in hemorrhoid......’’

Reef''s vision turn dark, unfolding his arms and laughed reluctantly.

’’......thanks for your console. But I think that last example was a little too much eh?’’

After an incomparably vicious battle, everyone was exhausted to death. The broken-hearted Reef bluntly laid down onto a wrap of tentacles and fell into deep sleep.

At this moment, god knows where did goblin Jinkuang suddenly popped out from. With his crafty and sly rat eyes, he examined the sleeping Reef. Afterwards, he transmitted an agonizing message over to Sheyan through the nightmare imprint.

’’Master! That foolish and rash decision you made just now, it at least cost us future losses in at least 13,219 utility points!’’

Sheyan wrapped his wounds as he laughed and replied with his nightmare imprint.

’’My friend, some things cannot be measured with money.’’

Jinkuang's round eyes because extremely flustered.

’’Oi, my master, you you you..... Are really too naive!’’

Sheyan shook his head, answering with great wisdom.

’’Saving Reef, our losses is 3 basic attribute points, 6 achievement points right? If we rescued Tulip and the rest of the storyline characters, then our main mission would succeed, and we'll have additional ample rewards. With this mission difficulty, we should at least get 6 free attribute points, 12 achievement points reward. After calculating fully, that's 9 basic attribute points, 18 achievement points of difference. Am I right?’’

Goblin Jinkuang fished out a random old-fashioned calculator, furiously tapping it. He then replied in annoyance.

’’Time is money, master. Just say what you want to say.’’

Sheyan's eyes faintly squinted, as he gently replied.

’’According to my current development, to acquire 9 basic attribute points, and 18 achievement points would require going through at least 2 nightmare worlds. But! From Mogensha's and the other's reaction, I can infer that a contestant with an innate defensive ability is extremely rare.’’

Until here, Sheyan's eyes were combusting with a rigorous blaze, and hefty ambition! He stared at goblin Jinkuang as he explained clearly.

’’My beloved friend, please tell me. To encounter a semi-matured innate defensive core (Main Tank) that is about to give up on life and has nowhere to go, how many worlds must one experience before having the luck to meet one? 10 worlds? 20 worlds?’’

Goblin Jinkuang's blankly scratched his head. Raising his brows up and down.

’’Hmm, that actually sounds pretty logical.’’

Sheyan continued.

’’Cut that act of thinking..... Right, Jinkuang ah. Recently my hands are rather tight, can I borrow some money? If there isn't, then that soul equipment......... Oi oi oi! Slut, he can actually just vanished inside this Overlord. Where'd he go?’’


Reef woke up after resting for one hour. He was actually startled awake by the nightmare imprint. Because the main mission had failed, he would be forcefully transported back to the nightmare realm. However, the 3 were still part of the temporary party. Thus, Sheyan attempted to offer him the human side mission: 'Eradicating the Spore Colonies' and the side mission of the Blackthorn tribe 'Blackthorn tribe's predicament';sharing them both to Reef.

Reef naturally felt indebted to them, he didn't even bother looking at the details and bluntly accepted them. He then received a time extension to stay. After Reef accepted the Blackthorn tribe side mission, his relationship/reputation immediately raised from 'Hostile' to 'Cold'. Now, the Blackthorn arachnids wouldn't proactively attack him.


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