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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: A minute probability: Silver key!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan had successfully slayed one of the rare elite hydralisks. Yet in the process, Boiling had absorbed most of the flamethrower's impact, hence the other hydralisk 'Dense-acid' only received the relative amount of flame damage. It was far from a mortal wound;combined with the marine's repeated gunfire, Dense-acid still held with roughly half HP. After regaining focus, Dense-acid witnessed personally the tragic sight of its comrade being fried alive. Fuming with an unquenchable acidic rage, its lymphatic tubings swelled excessively;pumping the acid aggressively into its abdomen cavity, as the flesh expanded tightly to its very limits!

Pssshhh! A blast of thick greenish sulfuric acid catapulted out of its body, climbing to a fanatical speed of 730 metres per second;guided straight towards that damnable human's face!

Die ! Die ! Die!

Sheyan didn't bother trying to dodge, resolutely facing the elite hydralisk! The choking fumes overwhelmed him before the acid gushed against the left of his face, boiling and corroding his flesh alive. Even his eerie white cheek bone became exposed. But at the same time, Sheyan had tossed aside his flamethrower. In his hands, was the deadly 'Ambition'!

The windy gales churned,

Carrying the echoes of the raging ocean tide,

thunderous crashes of the roaring waves!

A whiff of aromatic thick rum lingered within the atmosphere,

The devastating crackle of the boundless black barrel,

Rum and Songs Activated!

A bullet emitting a deep black streaked out, without sounds nor warning as it pierced into Dense-acid's head! ’’Boom!’’ An explosion of lime green fluids in the air! Even though it's HP hadn't reached the critical point of 30%, unable to trigger the explosive strike condition for 'Rum and Songs', Ambition would still be able to deal a 2 second stunning effect apart from its high damage.

At this point, Sheyan's 'Stimulant' was still in effect, concurrently gulping down a mouthful of spirited vodka;arching his body forward as he charged towards the stunned Dense-acid. 'Ambition' had been stored instantaneously, paving the way for a metallic glimmer of brilliance over his twin fists, When Dense-acid had awakened from its stupor, Sheyan was already unleashing his heavy punches against its head!

As expected, that bone armour was a problem. But Sheyan already possessed 20 points of strength, moreover his attacks were targeted against a vital point. In a flash, the skull armour distorted and cracked into fragments, repulsive lime fluids sprayed out everywhere. Yet Dense-acid managed to summon another round of muscular movements, spurting another wave of acidic jet against the enemy.

Sheyan's eyes were burning with a barbaric and beastly fervor. His battle armour could no longer withstand the splashing acid, allowing it to sink into his flesh. Corrosive white fumes spiralled out between the armour cracks, his flesh was filled with horrifying rottened wounds. But simultaneously, Sheyan spared nothing as he rammed down his fists incessantly. The brass knuckles flashed up and down, finally breaking through the armour, penetrating deep into Dense-acid's head. The greenish lime fluids soaked his entire face. With a last wild roar, his fist hammered down mercilessly, actually splitting the elite hydralisk's head into two!!!

’’You've slayed the rare elite 'Dense-acid', your reputation amongst the humans +1000 points.’’

’’You've slayed the rare elite 'Boiling', your reputation amongst the humans +1000 points.’’

After his wild rampage, Sheyan finally felt the burning accumulated pain throughout his entire body, he could even feel the sickening sensation of chunks of flesh melting away. Yet his vitality remained thriving. Amidst the rotting mess of the hydralisk, Sheyan discovered a dim but flickering silver glow emerge! Racing forward, he shockingly realized the rare elite 'Boiling' had actually dropped a silver key! Instead, the rare elite 'Dense-acid' had dropped a dark blue key.

Very obviously, Sheyan had encountered a rare minute possibility. Due to the fact that the risk involved with killing these rare elites was immensely huge, especially its offensive threat not being inferior in the least to a legendary creature. Therefore, there was indeed the slight possibility of it dropping a silver storyline class key;but its rate was only 10%. The greatest possibility was a dark blue key at 50%, and 40% of the time a black key. Sheyan had unluckily encountered the greatest possibility, and the most fortunate least possibile scenario, his luck was indeed flourishing with excellence.

After drinking another mouth of his soul equipment 'Endless spirited vodka', Sheyan managed to halt the rate of his still declining health points. He threw away the rottened beyond recognition battle armour away. His upper body was still fuming with clouds of hot white fumes, even his flesh appeared a revolting gruesome black. It showed no indication of healing, as though his flesh would remain in this melted candle state for all eternity. Even his left cheek after being sprayed head on by the acidic jet, looked like a rotten zombie. From far, it really resembled the appearance of a terminator;half face but this time half skeleton instead of half metal.

After making sure he was free of any more dangers, Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief;concentrating his attention towards the plains below gain. The scorching sun rays penetrated down, casting a bright golden layer over the entire Gobi desert. The zergling sea below would be able to engulf totally the 'human ants' within 1 or 2 minutes. Sheyan sighed, as he regretfully shook his head.

It looks like their objective here was bound for a complete failure. But to Sheyan, he had already managed to reap adequate benefits from the Blackthorn tribe and the Motherland humans. It could be said that he tasted equally, both defeat and victory. Whats more, he still managed to obtain a silver class key? It was already a feeling of winning the war despite losing the battle, he could not wish for anything better. Since that was the case, Sheyan couldn't bear to watch on as his friends he fought alongside dying miserably. He turned around as he started making his way towards the cave.

But when Sheyan walked out two steps, his pupils suddenly shrank in. Because from the bottom of the nearby mountain, a wounded mutalisk glided out;its body was covered in black bony thorns. Following closely was a tentacled and carefree blob waving through the air, looking almost identical to a black Overlord as it ascended towards him!

Indeed, it was Mogensha who controlled the Overlord to rush here!

Exposing half his body outside the Overlord, he extended his black arm towards Sheyan. With one swinging movement, he pulled Sheyan into the Overlord.

’’Hey boss, you look like you just came back from hell. F***, looks like I'm late. But I have two good news and 1 bad news, which one first?’’

Sheyan observed the arachnid sea as he laughed.

’’The bad news is that one of our mutalisks was sacrificed. Hmm, the good news is that this arachnid tribe is extremely lacking in Vespene gas and Pandora crystals. That is why they haven't upgraded to a 'II' class base, that is no chance for an aerial assault against us. Tell me what the other good news is.’’

Mogensha unfolded his arms and rolled his eyes.

’’Alright alright, you're really a transcendent all knowing freak. After splitting up, I managed to identify another subsidiary base of the arachnid tribe, that base was already hugely developed with massive amounts of drones continuously harvesting. To avenge our poor fallen comrades, I carried out attacks against those filthy pests..... But... suddenly a f***king party of at least a hundred hydralisks arrived. Fortunately, their speed wasn't that fast, and we managed to escape. But in order to protect the Overlord out of their firing range, our mutalisk ended up as collateral.’’

’’No wonder I didn't see many hydralisks here.’’ Sheyan was enlightened. ’’This arachnid tribe, their main base should be constructed with many Spore Colonies;even though their level of range now definitely cannot reach out to space, it should be adequate to deal with a normal aerial squad. That is why those hydralisks were lured towards your side to protect the subsidiary base.’’

Mogensha curiously asked.

’’How did you know that the arachnid's main base has many Spore Colonies?’’

Sheyan's replied with an unchanging expression.

’’Just turn around and look, and you'll understand.’’

Actually, Mogensha had been constantly looking behind to see if there were any pursuers after them. He knew this Overlord possessed the basic intellectual not to randomly fly towards a dangerous area. Thus, he hadn't notice the events unfolding on the distant plains. Turning his head round for the first time, his eyes popped out widely as he exclaimed.

’’Oi oi oi, what are you trying to do?’’

Sheyan was the true owner of this Overlord, naturally he would be able to command it with his mind. As Mogensha turned, this Overlord he was riding in was actually insanely charging straight for the arachnid sea in rapid speed!

Sheyan breathed in deeply.

’’An Overlord has an innate true-sight ability, thus it is able to see through any hydralisk burrowed beneath the ground. It'll be able to discover them from afar! As long as we can rush to rescue them before the zergling sea swallows them up;although it seems hopeless, there is still a chance for mission success!’’

Mogensha swallowed his saliva as he gazed outside.

’’This is really an insane plan, but I like it. But it seems like there are too many survivors, how? Boss, seriously staying too long with you will give me heart problems. F***, why can't we attack from inside the Overlord?’’

It wasn't that Mogensha hadn't attempted firing from within the Overlord. But every time he did, it would cause the flying Overlord to shake violently. Through the nightmare imprint's explanation, it was because he was inside the enclosed area of the Overlord. The gunfire sounds and recoil would affect the stability and mental state of the Overlord........


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