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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4: You're stronger than him!

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: XRCO and Elkassar

The next person that left a deep impression on him, was the woman 'Tulip' that spoke out at the start. She had extraordinarily good looks, yet her manner of speech was emanating great shrewdness and experience;an orderly HR style of a typical multinational company. Her charm was currently 25 points, and could engage in interactions with most storyline characters. Her summoned creature was an huge Alaskan bear, and simultaneously release long distance combat assistance.

When Mogensha stood out to introduce himself, Sheyan had noticed that Qiaoer and Harnik frowned to each other;as if understanding a common enemy. Naturally Mogensha's appearance had caused them some pressure. Crazy Harnik couldn't help inquiring.

’’Mogensha you betrayed the Symbiosis sect;aren't you afraid the Metals professor will slaughter his way in?’’

Obviously crazy Harnik purposely tried to sneak in a blow towards Mogensha to suppress his position amidst the party. Instead, Mogensha wasn't interested to bother with reporting to him, he merely shot a stiff look before sitting down while hugging his gun.

At this point in time, only Sheyan and another was left. That guy hadn't spoken up once since the cabin, constantly hanging his head down as though he had suffered some calamitous setback. Sheyan had decided to go last, hence he firmly gazed towards the ceiling;while the decadent male was fixated on the ground. Slowly, he walked out. His movement was like a rumbling tank, slowly releasing his hollow voice.

’’I am Reef, party position - Close combat defender.’’

’’Close combat defender.’’ The instance this word left his lips, it was greeted by a series of gasps!! One must understand, those who were willing to say those words were similar to the likes of Qiao Gun;signifying he would hold the frontlines in a battle! It couldn't be false, because a lie would indicate joking around with his life.

Crazy Harnik and Qiaoer's faces turned uglier. Those who had already experienced several worlds before deeply understood the importance of a close combat defender. Which goes to say - if this Reef guy wanted to challenge for the party leadership, then they would no doubt be at a disadvantage!

Following on, the next things Reef mentioned added fuel to crazy Harnik and Qiaoer's despair! Because the ability that Reef divulged was actually his innate ability!!

A-grade Innate ability!!!!

'Steel': Reduction in damage received by 22%, causing abnormal debuff durations to reduce by 50%.

He was actually similar to Sheyan, having a defensive type innate ability. A mighty contestant!

Seeing this genius talent, crazy Harnik and Qiaoer immediately discarded whatever ambitions they had in their heart. They shifted their focus on how they could enhance their authority within the party. Such a contestant was an unparalleled freak who are hailed as MTs (Main-tank Core master tanks);he would certainly become a core existence in the party, unless he opted out of it himself. But who would give up the grand position as a party leader?

’’A grade innate ability!!’’ Sheyan's heart welled up with an unfathomable confusion, filled with envy, disappointment and dejection. But he immediately suppressed his emotions. Mogensha had long been observing Sheyan;seeing his unchanging expression, he admired him secretly. He then issued a message through his nightmare imprint.

’’Seaman, don't be unduly humble. Actually based on your innate ability itself, you are much stronger than him.’’

Sheyan didn't expect Mogensha to offer him this consolation, surprised he replied.

’’How is that so?’’

Mogensha who had an extensive knowledge, grinned and replied.

’’This thing called innate ability, is not something that can get stronger by its grade. Reef's innate ability seems pretty formidable, but it's grade is already A-. Any further upgrade is unlikely. Let's not talk about A- upgrading to S grade. Even for a B grade to A, the requirements are extremely demanding. To upgrade one not only requires hardwork, risk and and huge amount of time, it even requires luck! Let's cite a simple example - If the metals professor trying to steal the philosopher's stone is considered 1 difficulty, then reef's innate ability trying to raise from a to s is at least 2.5 difficulty!’’

Until here, Sheyan had roughly understood Mogensha's theory, yet Mogensha continued speaking.

’’For you, primarily your innate ability had not yet been awakened in the present world. Once it awakens, your innate ability will receive a further improvement. Following that, you can still raise it from C+ to B+, then B+ to A+, two entire upgrades in strength! Calculating, you will have a frightening 3 times upgrading chance!! Hence once you reach Reef's level, your innate ability will definitely vastly exceed his! Furthermore you who was able to take down both the Metals professor and Fanu, I believe that Reef's current aptitude now is only a short term problem.’’

Sheyan's lips slightly curved up, his heart's residual concern had been appeased by Mogensha's words. In his heart, he recalled the incident regarding the winged keys in the Harry Potter world.

’’Winged keys attack disregards any defence, its attribute possess the domain precedence.....’’

’’Conflict surfaces, determining precedence......’’

’’Determining results: Your innate ability: 'Endurance' takes precedence!!!’’

’’Even a domain precedence property couldn't go against an innate ability.... It actually still contains 3 upgrading opportunities, what kind of surprises would you delight me in?’’

Concurrently, when everyone was being shakened by Reef, Tulip exclaimed in astonishment.

’’Reef????!’’ Why would you have abandoned your party? Didn't your 'Sphere' party already complete the history storyline war in Pirates of the Caribbean! Even your party has expanded to 40 strong!’’

Reef bitterly shook his head saying, ’’There's no more 'Sphere' in the world anymore.’’ He then returned to his earlier dejected state and remained silent. Qiaoer's eyes leaked out a wild overjoyous expression. Obviously, even if Reef's ability was outstanding, without any fighting spirit, it was totally useless. Hence, Qiaoer took the initiative and spoke out.

’’Very good, our temporary party actually possessed such luck. There's actually a MT, since everyone has introduces, likes decide on our next course of action.’’

Tulip snatched to speak next.

’’I will mingle with the storyline characters, let's see if I can gather any hidden information.’’

Crazy Harnik nodded and replied.

’’Based on my experience, the military occasionally possess some one-off off props or even sell certain weapons. But since the commander of this base doesn't have a favourable impression of us, we have to first increase our reputation from 'cold' to 'amiable' before being able to purchase anything.’’

The remaining people all competed to chip in their ideas.

Suddenly, the dejected Reef by the side interrupted them coldly.

’’There's still one more who hasn't introduced himself.’’

Although Reef didn't seem like he bothered to participate in the decision making, his words carried a decisive tone and weren't something the rest could neglect! The people speaking were stunned, their faces exposed their awkwardness. Amidst their excitement of having a mighty close combat defender like Reef joining the party, they actually forgotten Sheyan..... It can be seen that Sheyan didn't really have a presence with his low profile.

Similarly, even Mogensha was curious what manner would this 'Seaman' introduce himself with. He was convinced that this 'Seaman' style was a low-key tiger that disguised as a pig. The fearsome Metals professor and Fanu most likely fell short because of that. Hence he knew Sheyan wouldn't be one who would publicly announce his status, yet hiding his true potential excessively would demote him to the tail of the pack. He could even be abandoned by the party. Yet if he elevated himself too highly, it didn't suit his style. Facing such a difficult option, what path would this 'Seaman' take?

At present, Sheyan had already stood out, firmly and calmly introducing.

’’I am Seaman, nice to meet y'all. My party position is: Battle support. Additionally a strength type close range combatant.’’


The bunch were rather amazed to hear Sheyan's introduction, which also included Mogensha. Because in their eyes, it was mostly intelligence or spirit based contestants who provided support in a battle. Henrik was exactly that type. Instead Sheyan who hailed himself as a strength type close combatant who could provide support was really a unique unprecedented individual.

Under the suspicious gaze of the audience, Sheyan very composedly explained the 3 'Uruk-hai gene fluids' out to them. It was instantly greeted with a series of gasps. One must understand, these contestants previously belonged to a party- this signified their difficulty in passing through worlds would be lessened, but also meant a shortage of equipment for themselves!

Sheyan's 'Strength of the bear's flesh mix' could already enhance 3 points of strength, this was equivalent to a bonus from a dark blue class equipment! Sheyan's 'Rotten bone ring' only increased Strength/physique +1 and could already be considered a high quality equipment. To an incredible 30 points strength contestant, the enhancement would be an entire 10%. Moreover, how many people could even achieve 30 points in strength?


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