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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Uncommon elite surprise attack!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Gradually, surprise attacks from zerglings within the darkness became more frequent. However, these zerglings seemed to have been injured and were nurturing their wounds. Hence, without much effort, Sheyan was able to take these guys down;at the rate that even the two marines at the back didn't have to spare a single move. Brute fist and kicks were enough to settle. This carried on until they swung round a corner. Suddenly! A pack of hydralisks appeared! A pack of hydralisks that were just idling over a spacious channel!

In this sudden desperate encounter, only the brave would survive. Sheyan didn't even have time to think, straightforwardly throwing a 'Sample Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb' over. A faint blue flash illuminated the cavern darkness. The two elite marines opened fire with their fullest might, even Sheyan had raised his flamethrower and created a massive firestorm!

The 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb' would've already caused 80 damage around its radius. In addition to Sheyan's torrential AOE flames, and the frenzied firepower of the marines;before the stunning debuff had wore off, the entire stretch of hydralisks were wiped completely cleaned.

But every advantage would meet with equal resistance. Once the massive horde of unaware hydralisks were annihilated, the wild zerglings in front frenziedly turned their backs and surged forward. But this awkward narrow terrain was most suitable for the 'Prometheus III flamethrower'! Within the narrow cave, at most only 2-3 zerglings could deliver attacks to Sheyan at once. Yet the fiery dragons soaring from the flamethrower were nearly 20 metres long! If the cave channel was packed fully with zerglings, one trigger of the flamethrower could deal terrorizing AOE damage to at least 20 - 30 zerglings! Moreover, for those zerglings that managed to hide themselves by the side or behind rocks, they would then be dealt with by the two marines at the back.

Impenetrable like a tightly sealed water hose, the 3 man powerhouse slaughtered their way into the cave. Along the way, Sheyan managed to amass quite a number of carapace shell materials. Apart from the uncommon dark blue grade ones, he sold the rest off to to his nightmare imprint directly;building his wealth to nearly 1200 utility points. It could be counted as a mini feat. Suddenly, the stifling aggressive pressure seemed to disappear ahead. The last few layers of surging zerglings crumbled to the ground with charred remains and countless bullet holes. A thread of light broke through from the front. Sheyan squinted both his eyes, instantly able to make out...... that thread of light was an opening!

After completely finishing off the zerglings, Sheyan finally marched out from the gloomy cave. Even a calm and composed person like him, exhaled heavily a relieved breath. His current position was at a vacant land, halfway up the mountain. The soil beneath his feet was moist and spongy. Vividly, in the distance was a tremendous mountain valley spanning at least hundreds of square-kilometres. The valley was a extensively broad central plain. Occupying the plain were huge patches of distinct arachnid organ structures. The arachnid's base 'Creep' carpet had already extended all the way to the foot of the mountain.

In the spacious region below the mountain, two multitudes of zergling arachnid seas were unbelievably interweaving and overlapping each other in breakneck speeds. The sheer quantity shockingly amounted to thousands and ten thousands. The densely packed horde with its constant swarming movements... it was simply uncountable. At the frontal region not flooded by the arachnid sea yet, was indeed..... A bunch of ant-like, desperate and frenzied fleeing humans!

It was obvious, the storyline characters and fortunate surviving contestants were all there. Sheyan could clearly see, even though their fleeing speed wasn't slow, the torrential arachnid sea was drowning in at an even more terrifying pace! Most likely in a few minutes, their fates would be drowned inside boundless sea of zerglings!

Suddenly! A chill gripped at Sheyan's heart! A frosty sensation enveloped his entire back as if an ice slab was rubbed against him. A tremendous incoming threat from the back! Actually Sheyan should have been able to dart to the side because of his immaculate sensing and quick reaction. But presently, Sheyan wasn't fighting this war alone! Behind him were two powerful elite marines, but with meagre health points!!! He didn't dare to hide, he couldn't hide!

Sheyan hastily swung round, making a wild charge forward with his arms protecting his head! When they came out of the cave, their position was a slightly concave area, halfway up the mountain. Because this was a windy region, the ground wasn't covered in bare rocks, but a layer of eroded sandy soil. When they emerged from the cave, all their focused was directed to below the cave, hence, they didn't notice a sudden sandstorm brewing at the back. Suddenly, two hydralisks burrowed out, instantly aiming towards them before releasing a lethal acidic jet!

Crow black scales covered the surface of the two hydralisks. From far, it looked identical to a layer of steel chains. Their size was larger than the average hydrliask by a little, yet they had a feeling of a strange quick-wittedness. As they sprayed out their acidic jet, their abdomen cavity shrunk back even more ferociously.

Without warning, the moss green corrosive acid rained down on one of the elite marines. The shocked marine was rooted to the ground. Within microseconds, his entire body had melted away like a blazing candle! Even his battle armour was completely ineffective!

Witnessing such a horrific scene, without hesitation, Sheyan quickly activate his 'Stimulant'! His charge directly collided head on with a hydralisk. A numb sensation filled his arm, before a boiling acute pain overwhelmed his entire body!

’’You've received an: 'Acidic jet' from elite hydralisk Boiling, damage of 169 points. After factoring 19 points of defence (43%), your total damage sustained is 96 points!’’

’’You've received an: 'Acidic jet' from elite hydralisk Boiling, damage of 186 points. After factoring 19 points of defence (43%), your total damage sustained is 106 points! You sustain an additional corrosive debuff effect. In the next 15 seconds, you will receive 50 points of accumulative damage.’’

’’Acidic jets are classified as corrosive elemental damages. Your innate ability: 'Endurance' is ineffective!’’

These two hydralisks were definitely on the same level as that rare elite Overlord Shenxu. Possessing their own names was the simplest indication of that! Their powers far exceeded ordinary elite strains.

Sheyan's current health was already 540 points! But one jet from those hydralisks were able to remove a fifth of his health points! Moreover, they weren't even classified as physical damages, causing Sheyan's innate ability 'Endurance' to be ineffective. Yet more horrifyingly, the offensive speed of these elite strains were like a high speed sprinkler. There was only a 20 metre gap between them. Furthermore, Sheyan had activated his 'Stimulant', and only needed at most 2-3 seconds to reach them. But in that timeframe, it was able to release two jets towards him. Initially he felt a boiling searing pain, before everything became numb. Evidently, even his nerves had been corroded away.

Fortunately, the other elite zergling had been tied down by the other marine, unable to concentrate its aggression on Sheyan. If Sheyan were to suffer heavy acidic barrages from the two deadly hydralisks, he would've bluntly sunk into a critical state!’’

A faint blue flash exploded forth instantaneously. Sheyan had once again detonated a 'Sample Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb', causing the two horrifying arachnids to become stunned. What shook their hearts, was the fact that the two elite zerglings were only stunned for 7 seconds instead of the intended 10! In this period, Sheyan had managed to raise his 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' and triggered it wildly. Blazing flaming dragons roared out fiercely, directly consuming the two elite hydralisks.

The bullets of the other elite marines ricocheted against the layer of bone armour of the hydralisk, incessantly igniting sparks;it looked as if their bone armour had physical damage resistance properties. However, the flames from the flamethrower couldn't be considered as mere physical damage. The acidic jets of the elite hydralisks were considered elemental damage and negated Sheyan's 'Endurance' ability. Instead, Sheyan's flamethrower flames similarly negated their scaly bone armour defence. This was only fair, and justifiable in the eyes of nature.

According to how Sheyan understood the nature of the realm, normally creatures would definitely present some obvious flaws or shortcomings. Even an elite creature would be the same. The two hydralisks possessed insane offensive long range capabilities, even their attacking speeds were close to machine guns. Moreover, they possessed a mutated solid carapace. But because of this, obviously their HP wouldn't be that high. If not, they should be deemed as a legendary creature and not merely an elite one.

’’Die! Bastards!’’

The elite marine's trigger hand slowly loosened and lowered towards the ground. His soul had already departed from his body. His body had been corroded by the acidic jets to a tragically horrendous state, a semi-corroded eyeball rolled out from his rotting face. But still, his fingers tightly clasped onto the trigger, the flaming tongues relentless escape from the gun's barrel. Bullets randomly and sporadically pierced into the surrounding rocky walls. This courageous and loyal sergeant had undoubtedly sacrificed his own life, preventing Sheyan from being simultaneously assaulted by the two hydralisks;earning those few precious seconds for him!!!!!

Sheyan's expression remained unchanging, his facial muscles started twitching. His index finger could no longer go further into the flamethrower tigger. Even his palm had turned white from clutching it too tightly. A short 7 seconds timeframe! This elite hydralisk 'Boiling' bluntly crackled within the flames, shrivelling and distorting as its skin turned charred and crisped. Suddenly, ’’Boom!’’ an explosion of greenish fluids and repulsive body parts scattered out! Spraying out throughout the atmosphere, brimming with misery and sorrow!


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