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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Plotting and counter schemes

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After settling all the miscellaneous, Sheyan reflected as he reckoned his current strength was still too weak. He then requested and successfully mobilized three firepower airds from the Pebbles special force. They were now ready to set off. Instead, Mogensha this black man suddenly hastily climbed up into the transport compartment of the Overlord. His voice carried a tone of defeat.

’’F***, don't hog all the good things to yourself.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and smirked.

’’We could be heading to our graves y'know.’’

Mogensha chewed on his gum and scoffed.

’’F*** it, I swear on the name of Tamushu, ever since I've met you, it has always been me on the losing end.’’

Sheyan rolled his eyes.

’’Oh, Dundee's mission was one that I too, wasn't confident in, so I let you choose for yourself. Since you've met your own choice, then don't blame me.’’

Mogensha sat down as he strapped on a tentacle (serves as a seatbelt), he shook his head and replied.

’’That's why I chose to follow you now. Hmph. Say, this Overlord can only include 8 passengers. Counting the storyline characters and the others we want to rescue, it already adds up to at least 5. We are only left with 3 now, isn't that a little inadequate?’’

Sheyan calmly replied.

’’I only fear we'll have too much space in the end.’’

With his composed statement, he implied that there's a chance that Reef's group may deteriorate into a tragedious state! As the two conversed, the Overlord had taken off as the two mutalisks escorted it towards the destined coordinates. The newly upgraded Overlord was still slightly slower than the mutalisks, but the passengers within the enclosed belly couldn't feel a trickle of wind leaking in. In order to avoid any unnecessary troubles, the Overlord and mutalisk both ascended to the altitude of their limits.

Overlooking the celestial body from the periphery of the atmosphere, an endless desert stretched far into the horizon. Only patches of brown vegetation and deep grey valley rifts could be seen. The mountain range appeared in the form of meandering hills that stretched to a thousand kilometres, the dust over it ridiculously sparse;leaving its profoundly sharp rocky edges glistening under the scorching heat. One could even see the crustal movement of tectonic plates maliciously colliding against each other.

Mogensha gazed into the vast planet space, suddenly speaking out.

’’Hey, didn't she say they still have 6 hours? But why did your words sound so pessimistic?’’

Sheyan sighed and replied.

’’We've already gained some military intelligence from Overmind Mozi, even the original storyline line......’’

Until here, Sheyan glanced towards Baiise by his side, he noticed he and the other two soliders had their eyes shut in meditation. Naturally, it meant the realm had automatically tuned their words to a different language. He then continued.

’’After the main lead gets trapped, the Roughneck's captain, Rasczak, and his lover, Dizzy, were both sacrificed during their mission. In the end, the arachnid horde swarmed the entire area, covering every inch of the base. In the most crucial moment, the remnants of the Roughneck managed to escape by a shuttle dispatched by the headquarters. But this time, it isn't so simple. Based on our current situation, it is very likely that their escape shuttle may be delayed......or won't even show up!!’’

Mogensha was stunned.

’’How's that so?’’

Sheyan paused briefly before continuing.

’’You've forgotten our mission.....oh wait, it's my mission right? Eradicating the Spore Colonies. According to Overmind Mozi, these things were installed/constructed by the ruler of the arachnid race - 'Blade Empress' (similar to the emperor of the humans) . It poses an extremely terrifying threat to the space route. When we just entered this world, our shuttle encountered such a horrifying obstruction. And after several days later, their aerial might would've surely undergone a frightening upgrade. That is why I think there's a chance that the rescue shuttle will be delayed or even destroyed!’’

Suddenly, one of the mutalisks starting violently flapping its wings in warning! Sheyan immediately peeped out of the Overlord to observe. Beneath them, there was a pack of scourges passing by;their incisive bony white wings swiftly swept closer! One of the Blackthorn mutalisk swerved down to welcome them, screeching loudly in deterrence. The pace of scourges obediently dispersed, hovering for a brief moment before leaving.

Throughout their journey, they would occasionally encounter several aerial patrolling arachnids. However, after realizing that Sheyan's Overlord was just passing by, they ignored them. Currently, the electronic map they had prepared beforehand was finally useful. According to the surrounding terrain, that Whiskey base was right up ahead.

In order to harvest the Pandora crystals, this base was helplessly situated over a dangerous and exposed flat land;fortunately, humans were naturally adept at defence. According to the coordinates on the map, Whiskey base should possess 113 marines, 8 Auto-turret forts, 6 siege tanks and 7 anti-air Missile turret. Such a military fleet should be able to resist a thousand strong arachnids. Of course, that was if these buildings weren't invaded by unique arachnid units.

Although the coordinates shown on the electric map were exceedingly clear;in the distant fields of desert ahead, there was completely no human building structures in sight. As they pressed on forward, shockingly the 'Creep' carpet belonging to arachnid bases appeared! Continuing forwardly, there were 6 newly constructed lairs vigorously breeding;beside it, 23 zerglings sprawled over the ground lazily. Within this arachnid base, broken fragments of steel, crumbled walls and bunkers, even the charred and destroyed tank armours could be seen. The corpses had long been gobbled up, or already dissolved by the 'Creep' carpet as nutrients.

As the steel materials were transported into a spawning pool, it would rapidly disintegrate and pumped into the newly spawned larvas;enhancing their defence and strength. When they witnessed this scene, Mogensha felt a chill welling up in his heart.

’’Is that....Tulip..already eaten by the overmind? And they used her to trick us?’’

Sheyan shook his head.

’’Unlikely so, if my deductions aren't wrong.....forget it, this arachnid base is still rather weakly fortified, let's wreck it first. Although only several structures have been formed, it is still representative of an arachnid base. By destroying it, we'll definitely benefit from the human side.’’

After speaking, Sheyan started controlling the Overlord to descend, Sheyan had complete disregard for those 23 zerglings below. He was already extremely experienced in arachnid warfare;after pressing his flamethrower, fiery tongues shout out as the twin mutalisks by his side joined in to help. Following that, Mogensha and Baiise's small group similarly charged into the foray. Based on their current strength, don't even mention 23 ordinary zerglings, even ten times of this wouldn't matter!

3 minutes later. The entire patch of arachnid base was engulfed in soaring flames and blood. Sheyan and Mogensha both received a 'You've destroyed a arachnid base, your reputation amongst the human +5000 points' notification. But of course, such an opportunity wouldn't present itself so frequently. It was probably that the arachnid Overmind reckoned that enemies wouldn't turn up so quickly, hence the defence was extremely slack. If they had already constructed a Mother nest here and started harvesting Pandora Crystals, the defence would surely be difficult to crack. If they regrouped and made a comeback, it was certain that Sheyan's group will face an all round assault from hydralisks and zerglings.

After the two wrecked havoc, they didn't dare to stay on. After decimating the Lairs, the Mother nest and Overmind would surely retaliate in intense force. The group of them hurried to board the overlord and quickly fled the crime scene. Mogensha observed the coordinates that Tulip had communicated beforehand, he suspiciously asked.

’’Their position now, it should be on a mountain? If that is so, they wouldn't have to fear arachnids ambushing them, surely that is a fantastic move. That bitch has announced to every contestant in this world. But I think, even if there were other contestants present in this world, they wouldn't take the risk to rescue her.’’

Sheyan refuted.

’’If they had adequate combat strength, then undoubtedly hiding within the mountain peak would be a good move. But after their previous battle, they couldn't even protect their own member's life! Under such a treacherous and uncertain environment, staying on the mountain would no doubt open themselves to aerial assaults from may scourges. Aerial and ground pincer attacks, isn't that courting death?’’

Mogensha frowned.

’’Then what's her goal for tricking us into going there?’’

’’Because they've never received any news of our death, so that bitch Tulip inferred that we hadn't die. Her previous distress signal was probably sent when she was in an extremely perilous situation, it was probably so desperate that she felt that her allies (Sheyan and Mogensha) wouldn't be able to save them.’’ Sheyan gently replied.

Mogensha's eyes flashed with a venomous hate.

’’So, she wants to drag us down with her? That mountain is probably the most fortified region of the arachnids, that bitch! Better not let me see her again!’’

Sheyan disdainfully observed the sweeping plains beneath him.

’’That woman should be dead by now. I guess her brains are currently dissolving inside the stomach of a random zergling. Hmph! She didn't divulge their fleeing route and location, and she thinks we don't know? It shouldn't be very far from this base, and must be able to hide from the burrowing arachnids. It should also be hidden from aerial assaults, and most importantly it has to allow a contestant with innate defence abilities to flourish...... then naturally, that nearby cavern should be their best bet!’’


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