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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: Black brothers vomiting blood.....

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Fortunately, Dundee's battle armour was special, hence it could withstand huge amounts of damage;instead, another Mutalisk seized the opportunity when he was distracted to dive towards him! It would've definitely been disastrous if the collision connected! Luckily, with a blurred flash from the side, twin hands like pincers struck out and gripped onto the Mutalisk's neck! Twisting, the figure nimbly mounted precisely over the centre of gravity of the Mutalisk, causing the poor creature to release a mournful shrill;fluttering aggressively as it hopelessly crashed forward.

Dust filled the air. The Mutalisk struggled with intense ferocity. Yet the figure over it remained steadfast, raising his fist as he heavily pounded down;it gave off an air of an unwavering, majestic superiority! Nearby, another Mutalisk realized things weren't going so well, trying its best to flap its wings to flee. Instead, the clear crisp 'DA DA DA' gunshots travelled over. The first round struck its left eye, the second and third drilled into the nearby rocky wall. Sparks exploded out followed by crumbled fragments bursting in all directions, before a massive boulder was released down;directly smashing down onto the Mutalisk! Seconds later, sticky blood streamed out from beneath the boulder.

3 minutes later, the Mutalisk underneath Sheyan had utterly lost consciousness. Red scars could be seen distinctly over its abdomen and wings;it was rather obvious, probably a symbol of its native tribe. This shape of this scar seemed to look extremely similar to the arachnids at the battlefield, where Sheyan had encountered 'Scorching Mouth'. Mogensha had even retrieved one of the arachnids to barbeque, hence Sheyan was able to accurately deduce.

That relentless Overlord had probably reported to the Mother nest;numerous anti-air counters - the hydralisks - were swiftly slithering over. Beginning to take positions around the vantage points of their base.

Almost instantaneously, Sheyan and the rest received the Overmind's mental transmission.

《My friend, it seems that you've caught a hostile. Can you bring it to me?》

Naturally, Sheyan would fulfill his request, dragging the unlucky Mutalisk towards the Mother nest. After Overmind Mozi had evolved and grew out his own carapace;he no longer cooped himself up within the heavily fortified Mother nest, like in the past of his 'I' class days. He would occasionally patrol around the base personally. Hence, they met up at the west side of the base.

Sheyan directly tossed the half-dead Mutalisk in front of Overmind Mozi. Mozi commanded his underling to press the Mutalisk down, before burying his head as it started to tap into its memories using his own brainwaves. Until the unlucky brat could no longer resist the pressure, its head directly splattered into blood and juice, seeping into the ground.

《We have a huge problem.》Overmind Mozi's voice was filled with a fluster. He raised his stocky forelimb and waved it, an organ structure beside them instantly disintegrated;causing a terrifying and strange map that was constructed with living cells to appear in front of them. Then Mozi started to explain.

《My old enemy, the Redliner tribe has also managed to colonize several other tribes around it, and raise themselves to a 'II' class base. The Pandora crystal mines they occupied are mostly barren, it isn't enough for them to harvest for long. Moreover, the Redliner tribe has always been my arch nemesis. On face value, our Pandora crystal mine is already the most abundant and alluring trigger. But beneath that, it is also that our animosity between the tribes is bone-deep. Hence I predict in a short time, we'll definitely engage in an all out, death war!》

Sheyan took this opportunity to raise his internal suspicions.

’’Previously, when I was making my way here, I came across a battlefield. The arachnids involved were a tribe of black arachnids, and another tribe of arachnids with a distinct red scar. The black arachnids seemed to belong to us, is it possible it is related to this animosity you speak of?’’

The Overmind Mozi's shiny carapace split open, as gigantic glossy wings fluttered out, displaying its impatience. After a brief moment, the mental transmission arrived.

《That was an elite squad that I dispatched out. If not, the Thick-liquid tribe would've never had the chance to kidnap me. I never expected the Redliner Overmind to hide its strength so well. Although the forces he sent out consisted primarily of ordinary units, there was actually a uniquely new yet formidable unit within its mix. It completely annihilated my squad.》

’’A new unit?’’ Sheyan's heart was moved. He roughly understood, but allowed the Overmind Mozi to continue his transmission explanation.

《Our Queen Mother is able to absorb the genes from some native creatures, and create new models of arachnid units. These units may not suit warfare in a space environment, but its destructive nature definitely complements its native homeground. The Mother nest of the Redliner tribe had managed to absorb a Spotted fly, and mutate it into an enormous flaming beetle;it is extremely powerful. Of course, it consumes a terribly huge amount of resources, and the chances of spawning is relatively low.》

Sheyan asked.

’’Then why can't the Mother of the Blackthorn absorb and create such units?’’

The Overmind Mozi patiently emitted his transmission.

《The territory we occupy isn't a native habitat for those Spotted flies. Hence, there is a limit to what we can capture and experiment on. But because this place contains such a lucrative Pandora crystal mine, we will definitely not give this base up. Therefore, on the aspect of researching genetic coding, we are indeed lacking. According to the information I've acquired, the Redliner tribe had already upgraded to an 'II' class base 3 days ago. They currently possess close to 10 flaming beetles. Furthermore, they are currently amassing their forces, preparing to launch an all out assault against us. Hence, we desperately need your help!! As much as possible, we need to delay the Redliner tribe from attacking!》

After receiving this information, Mogensha suddenly felt a strange inkling that he had landed himself in serious shit. When the Overmind Mozi had finished explaining, indeed so;he and Sheyan received a notification:

’’You have received a side mission: 'Blackthorn tribe's predicament.’’

’’Mission difficulty: B-.’’

’’Mission content: Come up with a method to delay the Redliner tribe from attacking.’’

’’Mission description: The Blackthorn tribe requires at least 48 hours to fortify their class 'II' base. You must win 48 hours for them.’’

’’Mission description: After 48 hours, for every additional hour you drag on, you will receive additional rewards and score. The maximum cap of these additional hours is 4 hours.’’

’’Your current reputation within the Blackthorn tribe is 'Revered'. Unable to refuse this mission.’’

’’If the mission fails, you will be penalized by your highest basic attribute dropping by 1 point, your achievement point dropping by 7 points.’’

’’Wait!’’ Mogensha heaved in shock. His eyes leaked a certain despair as he asked. ’’Respected Overmind..... Where is the base of the Redliner tribe?’’

The Overmind Mozi swiftly responded.

《You'll definitely be able to locate those scums 400 km east from here.》

This black man Mogensha's vision darkened, as though he was about to vomit blood. Sheyan suddenly recalled that black lacquer like object. It was that 'Unknown Nodule' dropped from the junior class legendary creature 'Scorching Mouth'. Furthermore, the description of it was - No humans knows the use for this!

But.....every creature within the Blackthorn tribe wasn't humans!!

Wasn't that a huge hint?

Thinking of that, Sheyan instantly handed the object over to goblin Jinkuang, permitting him to let his abilities 'shine', and gift it to the Blackthorn tribe. Jinkuang delightedly accepting this mission, he took great pleasure in being able to haggle especially for such a valuable commodity. Not too long later, Sheyan received the notification:

’’Your servant Jinkuang has offered 'Scorching Mouth''s genetic kernel over to the Blackthorn tribe on your behalf.’’

’’Your servant Jinkuang's special ability: 'Haggling lvl15' is effective. Your gift is received by the tribe under the condition of a maximum 50 point treatment.

’’Your servant Jinkuang's hidden ability 'Extortion &Blackmail' is effective. The Blackthorn tribe's reserves have been lessened, the Blackthorn tribe's secret collections has been lessened, the Blackthorn tribe's loots have been lessened.’’

’’Blackthorn tribe Overmind Mozi and the Queen Mother are extremely grateful to you.’’

’’Your reputation has risen by 10,000 points within the Blackthorn tribe.’’

Witnessing Jinkuang's wicked smile as he turned his ass around to flee, Sheyan felt a compelling sympathy towards the Blackthorn tribe's amassed reserves. After 10 seconds, Overmind Mozi transmitted another mental transmission.

《My friend, many thanks for your support. The Mother nest has already perfectly compiled the genetic sequence to morph out flaming beetles. Roughly 10 minutes later, we can start the spawning process. The only flaw would be that it consumes a massive amount of Pandora crystals and abundant Vespene gas ores.》

Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief. To the Blackthorn tribe, they possessed an astonishing amount of Pandora crystals, one that could cause others to be envious of their wealth. Once they activated their drones to start working, they would definitely have ample resources for this. Therefore, since they now had such a powerful unit in the flaming beetle. Besides, the aggressor's would have to amass their forces and travel an entire 400 km over here;while the defending tribe could instantly direct fresh spawned units to join the battle. Hence, they naturally had the superior advantage. The chances of successfully defending would increase greatly.


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