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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: Purchasing mercenaries

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

When the conditions were right, success follows naturally;the matters from now were smoothly accomplished. The Mother of Blackthorns was still faithfully dispatching waves of hydralisk to harass. Yet when the Thick-liquid Overmind was slain, its tribe sunk into uncontrolled defence mode, completely ignoring those harassing hydralisks.

When the hegemon Mozi announced its domineering presence, the authority was instantly transferred back from the Mother of the Blackthorns. The squad of hydralisk slithered into the Thick-liquid base, successfully linking up with Sheyan and the rest. Without much effort, the Mother nest of the Thick-liquid tribe was destroyed.

Proceeding from there, the Queen zerg Jenny floated over. At present, even though the Thick-liquid tribe still maintained a huge reserves of arachnid units;under the imposing grandeur of the tyrannical Overmind, Mozi, they were completely scared stiff and held zero notions of rebelling. Hence, they offered no resistance against the elite Queen zerg.

Jenny hovered over the largest lair in the area, before her body condensed into it like a parasite. That lair had halted its incubation of larvaקs, and started to morph into the shape of a Mother nest. It seemed as though the entire Thick-liquid tribe had located its main pillar, congregating around that particular lair.

24 hours later, that lair perfectly metamorphosed into another Queen Mother. However, it was now considered as the subsidiary base of the Blackthorn tribe, under the discretion of the elite Queen zerg Jenny. The entire tribe of arachnids converted their allegiance, as they came under the wings of the Blackthorn Overmind, Mozi.

At this moment, Sheyan and Mogensha could finally sit down and relax. Especially Sheyan, after such a nerve wrecking series of events;he seemed rather composed throughout the battle, but he knew of the catastrophe waiting for them if one variable went wrong. Reclining against the wall nearby, he fell into deep sleep. Similarly his companion Mogensha had also consumed much of his mental strength;originally wanting to take a slight nap, he also couldn't resist the fatigue as he sunk into deep sleep.

Time sped by rapidly. Only when the Blackthorn Overmind and the Queen Mother (Mother of the blackthorns) had reunited, did the notification from the nightmare imprint jolt Sheyan and Mogensha awake.

’’You've completed the district hidden event: 'Emergence of the Blackthorn tribe'.’’

’’You receive the Blackthorn tribe's friendship.’’

’’Your reputation within the Blackthorn tribe has been raised to 'Revered'.’’

’’You can now purchase allied mercenaries from the Mother of the Blackthorns.’’

The two were overjoyed, immediately investigating their loots;discovering a list of purchasables from the Mother of the Blackthorns. Within it encompassed a range of purchasable mercenaries.

’’Zerglings, Hydralisk, Overlord, Drones.’’ These four standard units were accessible.

’’Multalisk (Spore wyverns), Scourge, Sunken Colony, Queen zerg.’’ These four units were also available, but the purchasing quantity indicated '0'.

This was because, those 4 advanced arachnids required for the Blackthorns mother and the Overmind to both evolve, and construct the relevant advanced organ structures;after a series of relevant genetic research, would they be able to breed out these advanced arachnids. Of course, all these hired mercenaries were prevented from carrying out of this world, and they were the average type not the elite strains.

Mogensha glanced through the menu, suddenly gasping in shock.

’’Seaman, did you notice one thing?’’

Sheyan answered.

’’Is it the price of the drone?’’

Mogensha muttered.

’’That's right. To purchase one working drone, it actually requires an entire 5000 reputation points, and 2000 utility points! This price is far beyond that of the Multalisk and the Queen zerg!’’

Sheyan nodded lightly.

’’My military rank is higher, let me investigate what is really going on here.’’

After a brief pause, Sheyan abruptly frowned.

’’F****! To inquire actually requires 500 utility points! Let me see..... Your drone will not be permitted access out of this world, no constructing will die after you leave this world. During your period of stay, your drone can harvest Pandora crystals and amass as your personal wealth, you can use it sell as utility points or process it.’’

In a flash, Sheyan and Mogensha sunk into deep ponder. If we really traded, the valuation of the drones indirectly exceeds 5000 utility points, and what was the valuation of the Pandora crystals? How many crystals can a drone harvest? Both of them weren't even clear about when they would have to leave this world. Hence, if they really bought the drone, it would a huge gamble.

If Sheyan and Mogensha had managed to earn a leading position within that temporary party, they would at least have some backing to take this gamble. Regrettably, they didn't even have the principal cash to gamble! More importantly, Sheyan had considered another crucial problem - the current list was only purchasables of the 'Revered' reputation! They hadn't even gotten a chance to view the 'Worshipped' rank purchasables! Moreover, Jinkuang that cheap slut may be ineffective against the arachnid race, hence, Sheyan wasn't qualified to 'preview' the Blackthorn Mother's mercenary list.

Not very far away from the Mother nest, the special forces marine Baiise greeted them;he seemed as though he had been waiting for a long time, probably under specific orders. The Pebbles special forces were now recognized as allies of the Blackthorn tribe, hence they received much freedom. Of course, they were still restricted from entering forbidden places like the Mother nest. This was unlike Sheyan and Mogensha, who had obtained such a privilege from their valiant and courageous attempts in rescuing the Blackthorn Overmind.

Baiise saluted respectfully and spoke.

’’Sir, Lieutenant Colonel Dundee has matters to discuss with you.’’

Sheyan humbly greeted.

’’What matters?’’

Baiise earnestly replied.

’’After getting wind that the Blackthorn tribe had colonized this entire region, we returned back to the crashed shuttle and dug out a piece of equipment;allowing us communications with headquarters. Headquarters also replied us, I guess it should be matters about that which Lieutenant Colonel seeks to discuss.’’

Sheyan and Mogensha glanced at each other and nodded, their eyes brimming with delight. This was because during their latest battles, their achievement points had once again deducted by 2 points. Undoubtedly, Reef's party had once again encountered huge trouble! 2 more lives were lost. Once their mission fails and Johnny Rico dies, then perhaps they would be forcefully transported back to the realm. If they were able to receive another side mission from Dundee, then definitely they would be able to drag on for several days.

The two of them headed straight for the Pebbles special forces tent. At present, the entire Blackthorn tribe was bustling with activities, strange enormous organs were being spawned out, some larvas being hastily bred into drones to harvest more crystals.

In actual fact, the tactic Sheyan suggested to the Mother Blackthorn was indeed rather painful, not only vicious to the enemies, it was similarly destructive to oneself. In order to deceive the Thick-liquid tribe, apart from the Mother nest, 2 other lairs, and the hydralisk den (hydralisk spawning organ);the rest were all densely packed Sunken Colonies! Their numbers added to 50 according to Sheyan's discretion. That was planned so that even if the worst case scenario were to occur, the base could at least tank for 3 hours under the full blown onslaught of the Thick-liquid tribe.

The consequences of that was inevitable tremendous casualties to oneself. Moreover for the Mother nest to evolve, she needed to fulfill conditions of having structures like the zergling spawning pool etc. Hence, it was reckoned that the Mother nest needed several hours to fulfil her evolving conditions. After that, a longer period was needed for the Mother nest to thoroughly complete her evolution morphing.

Fortunately, the Thick-liquid tribe was colonized by the Blackthorns. Their reserves of Pandora crystals had been squeezed dry by Overmind Mozi, and the rest carried back to the main Mother nest. The arachnids from the Thick-liquid tribe would also inherit the crystals, being a part of the Blackthorn tribe now. Naturally, the resources available were plentiful now with the two combined pool of resources. Hence, the Blackthorn tribe could recklessly expand in celebration, because even a wanton squandering of resources would not bring about a economic crisis.

Following the trail of the arachnid's viscous 'Creep' carpet, Sheyan and Mogensha headed over to the Pebbles special force tent. As the tide rises, the boat floats;after Overmind Mozi was rescued, their status changed from cannon fodder into allies. On the way, any arachnid that past by them would sincerely prostrate themselves onto the ground, expressing their reverence towards them. Many arachnids were assisting in the spawning of organ structures, occasionally spurting out repulsive fluids. Frequent mournful shrills echoed into their ears, the setting was really a nightmare for those mentally weaker souls.

Probably because of that reason, the Pebbles special forces tent was relocated out;stationed on a dry hill side not far from the arachnid base. This area was merely few metres from the arachnid's 'Creep' carpet. Honestly, although the arachnids were a savage and carnivorous race, being their ally provided great benefits.

For example, detestable poisonous scorpions, sand snakes or scourges would never come within the radius of this intimidating base. Just the 'Creep' carpet alone was enough to chase them far away. Even the cannibalistic savage creatures would also choose to keep away from the arachnid's base, preventing themselves from unwanted trouble. Moreover, the Overlords were patrolling diligently 24/7, they would never allow a lapse in security;extremely vigilant in identifying any potential threats of ambushes. This undoubtedly allowed the Pebbles team to loosen up, not even requiring a sentry for the night.


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