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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Zergling commander

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Under the oppressive flames from Sheyan's flamethrower, after several seconds, a huge hole had been burnt out from that incomparably tenacious cage. The two elite zerglings charged in head first, using their crown as they tried to pushed against Blackthorn's Overmind Mozi's buttocks. But Overminds move in a similar pattern to snakes/slugs, requiring contractions and friction against the ground to advance. But Mozi was still focusing his mental power wholeheartedly, and apparently wriggling a little was also out of the question. Upon observing the situation wasn't good, Sheyan immediately signalled everyone else to rush up to help push this fat bug. With everyone's cooperation, they finally managed to push the astonishingly heavy fleshy bug out of the danger zone.

After escaping the danger, Mozi instantly slumped to the ground;appearing like an amusing pile of flabby black fats. It was like a level beyond exhausted. The floodgates were unleashed over both sides, acidic greens gushing out;releasing a piercing odour and white steamy fumes. It corrupted through the ground, forming a deep crater filled with acidic soup, chunks of undigested flesh swirled around within.

At this moment, Sheyan alerted their attention towards the earlier channel which they travelled through, loudly exclaiming.


As he shouts echoed out, an elite zergling the size of a small calf dashed out furiously, blood streaming out of its ear holes. Its entire body was charred with burnt wounds, indicated it past through a series of intense explosions. That elite zergling dashed with remarkable pace, sweeping in like the wind, taking an unexpected leap towards the besiding flesh wall;pushing off the wall as it easily but skillfully rotated in mid air, ingeniously evading the oncoming firepower from Adam. Baring its fangs as its claws danced towards the Blackthorn Overmind, Mozi. 5 metres, 4 metres, 3 metres.......

In the next second, it would be ravaging insanely against Overmind Mozi, clawing apart its outer skin and sinking its sharp fangs into Mozi's flesh!!!

But at this moment, Mogensha had swung into action.

DA DA DA DA DA! A series of gunshots erupted. The golden AK working hard to spit out flaming tongues. Two fiery bullets lashed against the zergling's waist, sending it tumbling 2-3 metres ahead of its planned landing spot. Simultaneously, a bullet struck against its stretched out claw beforehand, preventing its attack from landing onto the Overmind. The final two rounds pierced mercilessly into the elite zergling, causing it to overshoot Mozi, and heavily crash to the massive bowl of acidic soup.

The mournful howls of the zergling cried out, even with its elite physique;it was immediately dissolved by the tortuous acidic properties, even its solid bones weren't spared. Finally, it sank desperately into the swirling soup. Sheyan yelled out loudly.

’’The Thick-liquid's Overmind is already dead! This means that the only principle control for their units is left with the Mother nest! According to the Blackthorn Mother's usual traits, it means that the hostile waves against us now will be definitely limited. There wouldn't be a state of unending hostile resistance.’’

’’Adam Savoska!’’ Sheyan commanded.

’’Yes Sir!’’ Adam Savoska stood out.

’’Don't participate in the battle, don't ever forget we're still stuck within the Mother nest's body. Your mission is to engage in destruction, destruction, and more destruction! The more the better. Looks like there isn't a tunnel on that side, I wish to see an even bigger and deeper depression in front of me. Also, aren't those suspending vasculars above our heads extremely irksome to us?’’

’’Consider it done, sir!’’ Adam slapped his backpack, smirking as he chewed on his chewing gum. ’’You have good taste sir, destruction is my specialty!’’

Sheyan nodded.

’’The other, let's block up that channel! Right, Mr Mozi, you also don't wish to die at this point in time right? Get your two underlings to defend with us, until we directly destroy the Thick-liquid's Mother nest.’’

Blackthorn Overmind Mozi slowly summoned his energy, wriggling its fat body towards the corner of those heaps of Pandora crystal. Mozi then transmitted and energy message towards everyone.

《Thank you my friends, your request will be implemented. Furthermore, please earn 10 minutes for me, that is enough.》

Simultaneously, the two elite zerglings obeyed Sheyan as they charged towards the channel entrance. 5 minutes later, Sheyan and gang had already annihilated the reinforcements of 5 elite zerglings and 1 hydralisk. These arachnids should be the 'forbidden zone guards', hence their explosive strength was greater, and similarly dropped 3 blue keys. A pity, nothing good came out of it. When they glanced over to Mozi, the crowd got a huge shock;because the mountainous heaps of Pandora crystals, were actually evaporating at breakneck speed!

That fat slug Mozi laid over the floor, looking rather meek and adorable. Yet the mental energy it emitted carried such frightening strength, displaying a misconception of the crystals evaporating in the human's point of sight. Under such fearsome mental prowess, the Pandora crystals dissolved rapidly supplying starry specks of energies into Mozi's body. Mozi's body swiftly turned ample and bright, actually giving off a sparkling and illusory pure appearance.

After that illusion persisted for about 1 minute, Mozi's body started to morph;becoming black as it swiftly hardened into a tremendous chrysalis, peacefully affixed onto the fleshy ground. The chrysalis was scattering out bubbles of blue hao. Under the influence of the brilliant halos, Sheyan and gang received a notification:

’’You're under the influence of a Dark-Iron Lord Overmind ring of light, your attack speed increases by 5%, attack power increases by 5%.’’

’’Arachnid allies under this influence will receive two folds enhancement of that effect.’’

’’Arachnid foes under this influence will receive two folds weakening of that effect.’’

Another wave of Thick-liquid tribe arachnid had charged in. However, with Sheyan's side receiving a bonus while their enemies were being weakened, the battle had become much easier. Moreover, successive explosion sounds announced Adam's smooth mission. The interior of the Mother nest occasionally released frenziedly violent twitches and vibrations, which felt like earthquakes to Sheyan and company.

Not even 10 minutes later, cracks started forming over Mozi's chrysalis. Mozi was actually evolving at such a time! But this was also pretty reasonable to sheyan. In the Blackthorn Overmind's perspective, it had already slayed and swallowed two other Overminds, accumulating profound energies to engage in its next round of morphing. Sadly, it failed after being interrupted previously. Moreover, it managed to successfully counter-attack and absorbed the Thick-liquid Overmind;and further assimilating in a generous supply of Pandora crystals. Naturally, it was greatly prepared to breakthrough in one go!

In a flash, incessant sounds of cracking emitted from the tremendous chrysalis;visible chunks of shattered black carapace peeled off repeatedly, exposing forth the new shape of Mozi. That brat was still as fat and bulky as before, with a big-belly. Yet its body surface now had a remarkable layer of shining black carapace, releasing an illusion of a sparkling diamond. From hindsight, it looked like this fat bug had once again enhanced its defence by several folds. Furthermore, 3 pairs of thick bulky legs sprouted out from Mozi, it really looked like a hundred-fold amplification of a dung beetle. Its movement naturally received a massive upgrade.

Under Mozi's command, the two elite zerglings swiftly returned to its side, starting to lick and gobble up the scattered shattered carapace shells. While gobbling it, their bones constantly cracked and fractured loudly, the naked eye could clearly see its speed transformation. During the process of eating, an elite zergling suddenly collapsed and twitched, repeated protrusions elevated its skin from inside and subsequently deflated again. Then, with a thunderous crack, its distorted bones punctured out of its trembling body, as light green body fluids gushed out from its countless wounds. It was clearly a death from a failed mutation.

Instead, the other elite zergling continued heartily engulfing the carapace shells, occasionally releasing muffled barks from its throat. Its body composite was swiftly swelling up, its exterior bones gradually taking shape;in the end, it even cleaned up the corpse of its fallen comrade. Ultimately, it morphed into a shocking mutated arachnid, its entire body covered with red bones. From its appearance, it looked like the horrendous vicious mutation of the zergling, a mighty raptor. Its name was also hailed as the commander of the zergling, looking like it belonged to a legendary class creature.

With such a monstrous freak guarding the channel entrance, any desperate attempts by the Mother nest ended in futility. Ordinary zerglings or hydralisk to this demon, was mercilessly slayed with one claw. Even an elite arachnid would be crushed overwhelmingly.

Once the elite arachnid forces were wiped out, ordinary arachnids that were dispatched here upon seeing this ferocious commander zergling;they trembled in fear, only able to exhibit a tenth of their potential. After Adam Savoska had wrecked complete havoc inside the Mother nest, the waves of arachnids finally ceased. Obviously the Mother nest had taken immense internal injuries, and sunk into a dormant state.

After this scene, Sheyan and the rest begun their counterattack out, naturally with the commander zergling leading the foray. Although the Sunken Colony at the entrance was still loyal to its origins, the entire Thick-liquid arachid fleet had lost its coordinating master in its Overmind and the Mother;they were completely unable to withstand the formidable aura of the upgraded Blackthorn Overmind Mozi, and dispersed in fear. That Sunken Colony only required a minute to burst into a blood rain.


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