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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Formidable Overmind

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Such a horrific ability that could rapidly dispatch that elite hydralisk!!!

That was the Queen zerg's special ability: 'Broodling spawn'! Despite the fact the queen zerg didn't possess offensive abilities, it was the only creature that could instantly demand death;by injecting a tiny fission spore into the enemy. That spore will then mature and grow within its target, and it could even penetrate thick armour and pierce into the enemy's internal organs. These spores treats the sacrificial victim as fertilizer;in a mere seconds, it would nurture into a pair of parasite. Once the parasites erupts out from the sacrificial victim, even an Overlord would be instantly killed.

Naturally, that ability cannot be used frequently. Even a rare elite like Jenny, can at most release it twice before triggering a half an hour cooldown period. It cannot be used against organ structures, and also contestants like Sheyan were the other exemption to these spore parasites. Obviously, they would be exempted from such an OP instant kill ability.

At this moment, the Thick-liquid Overmind was experiencing the huge deficiency in aerial defence, quickly ordering the larvas in the base to begin breeding into hydralisks. Sadly, a distant lake cannot solve a dire thirst. The spawning time for the hydralisk would require another 10 minutes! At this point in time, Shenxu was already hovering above the entrance of the Mother nest. The fully equipped, optimum condition Sheyan leapt down without hesitation, taking the lead as he fell towards the 20 elite zerglings!!!!!

Once Sheyan landed, he would have to face the fury swipes of at least 7-8 elite zerglings, and even suffer the onslaught of the Sunken Colony! The degree of damage of the elite zerglings and the Sunken Colony definitely cannot be compared to those ordinary zerglings;no matter how tough Sheyan was, he definitely wouldn't last through 10 seconds! But firmly lodged between his hands was shockingly not that 'Prometheus III flamethrower', but a deep dark plate like object!

Electromagnetic cloud bomb!!!

A dazzling blue radiance flashed out piercing everyone's retina. The 20 elite zerglings upon sensing Sheyan's leap, fanatically swarmed towards his impending landing;instead, they ate the 80 points soundwave damage of the 'Sample Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb' directly to their face. Their hearing was devastatingly impaired, obviously rendered crippled by the 10 seconds stun debuff!

What was worth mentioning was that Sheyan had never anticipated that his ride, Overlord Shenxu would also be affected by the cloud explosion. Fortunately being a rare elite without offensive capabilities, its defence, HP and resistance towards abnormal effects was extremely outstanding. Hence, he even managed to resist the stunning effect! If not, it would've really resulted in an unforeseen disaster.

Thus, at this moment, Sheyan only needed to withstand the onslaught of the Sunken Colony. The offensive might of the Sunken Colony was pretty impressive, but to Sheyan it was still within an acceptable range. But two seconds later, Shenxu's other passengers descended as well. Because they were cooped up within Shenxu and unable to attack, after landing they immediately announced their arrival with guns blazing. Of course, they kept the objective in mind as they swiftly charged into the bottom entrance of the Mother nest.

After roughly 10 seconds later, Sheyan once again performed a suicidal charge towards the elite zerglings, detonating another 'Electromagnetic Cloud Bomb'. Presently, he had self inflicted explosions against him twice, while constantly tanking the incessant onslaught of the Sunken Colony;his HP was starting to turn critical. Fortunately, he swiftly dove into a passageway ahead of him, escaping from the vision of the Sunken Colony;finally freed from the tendril barrages.

Every Mother nest's body composition was virtually the same. It was the same logic as the same human organ would be similar across different humans. Before he attempted his mission, he had long ago familiarized and practiced within the Blackthorn's Mother nest. Hence, at this moment, it was like a walk in the park. On they way, the explosive expert, Adam Savoska, laid out defences as he installed his terrorizing explosives one by one. Even though this was the interior of the Mother nest body, and releasing a widescale explosion effect was impossible, its effects would still be incredibly disruptive.

The route to the deepest depths of the Mother nest was seemingly endless, laced with numerous pinkish heart valve-like objects. They were terribly obstructive, tightly knitted together forming door-like hindrances. These valves were extremely resilient, even with the desperate clawing of the elite zerglings and additional crazed bombarding of firepower by Baiise, they only managed to tear open a minute gap. If they weren't well informed, then these damned valves would have wasted a huge deal of their time.

Luckily to save the Overmind, the Blackthorn Mother had forsaken her pride, as she regurgitated every single mystery regarding the Mother nest to Sheyan. Therefore to confront this stumbling block, Sheyan rushed up but didn't attack the valve. Instead, he heavily smashed a punch onto the besiding flesh soft wall. Sheyan's current strength wasn't poor, in addition to his 'gene mixture', he at least had the brute strength of 2-3 matured wrestlers. With his fist smashing deeply into the soft wall, at the minimum it would sink in 20 - 30cm deep.

That valve suddenly vibrated violently, instantly withering away like a dehydrated plant. The crowd pushed through, but after Sheyan's punch lifted off, that valve once again swelled up healthily.

The boom of repeated explosions resonated into their ears, naturally that was the sounds of Adam's explosive being triggered by the pursuing arachnids. Ahead of them, they could already see the unique sparkle of the Pandora crystals, prompting Sheyan and gang to quicken their pace. They suddenly rushed out from this narrow vein-like channel, their eyes eyes twinkling with panoramic brilliance. They had finally reached the deepest hall of the Mother nest. Apart from the two elite zerglings, when the others witnessed such a scene, they were instantly shocked.

This scenery vaguely resembled the nightmare realm, flesh-red walls and faint dazzling sparkles. The only difference was the massive grape shaped vasculars along the walls;incessantly channeling multicolored nutrients and minerals, upwards towards the breeding rooms.

On the west side of this massive hall was an array or organized heaps of crystals. A drone was continuously shifting the crystals into a nearby digestion pool. That digestion pool was able to successfully harness and divide the immeasurable energies residing within the crystals, before channeling it into the various vasculars within the digestion pool;and then transported out to nourish other organs.

What stunned Sheyan and the rest, was a gigantic cage at the west side. The cage appeared to have been weaved together using a deathly pale ligament from a certain creature. On the interior of both sides of the cage's red wall, were densely packed bowl sized holes. Boiling green fluids threatened to spew out, but seemed to be stopped by a formless energy screen. But the green liquid continued to bubble violently, an occasional drip would escape and splash onto the fleshy ground. It was like concentrated sulfuric acid, emitting off the corroding sound and a terribly sickening stench. It even burned out a concave depression!

At the front of the cage, was a fleshy red giant bug that looked like it was drenched in mucus, looking increasingly similar to a drone. Yet it completely stayed in position without a single movement. There was a long sorrowful wound across its head, like a timebomb had went of and fried its head. Its pinkish flesh and transparent body fluids were streaming out everywhere.

But in the middle of the cage laid another fleshy gigantic bug. This bug was greyish black in appearance, its surface was covered with wrinkles and its skin fairly lax. It really looked like a feeble old man that hadn't drank water for days. Over its head was a block of small black crystal, as though embedded in. One could see its body shuddering gently, even its main vasculars was clearly sticking out from the middle of its head, swelling distinctly over the skin's surface.

From such a scene, Sheyan could easily infer the recent unfolding of events. The Thick-liquid Overmind had realized that protective mechanisms couldn't withhold this surprise ambush from the enemy. Its vicious nature was aggravated, attempting to activate the mechanisms to slay the imprisoned Overmind, Mozi. Probably because Overmind Mozi had been imprisoned for so long, it looked as if it was as it's last breath. Hence, the Thick-liquid Overmind had become careless, and was actually sentenced to death on the spot by Mozi's mental energy or a certain attack! It looks like the Thick-liquid Overmind originally wanted to absorb the Blackthorn Overmind, but in turn became the absorbed victim!

Such was the terrifying might of the Blackthorn's Overmind, even its indomitable will had reached such an extent!

Not only that, Blackthorn's Overmind Mozi was using its personal mental energy to construct a barrier, preventing the holes beside it from discharging out its acidic green fluids! Such valiant patience and formidable mental prowess, it was no wonder the tribes nearby felt threatened;and collaborated together to plot against the Blackthorn tribe.

Currently, the two elite zerglings had frenziedly pounced forward, using their sharp fangs and claws to practically tear apart the ligament weaved cage;howling out in vicious cries. Yet their yield wasn't great, and once those acidic fluid splashed out, undoubtedly they would sacrifice their bodies as meat shields. The Blackthorn Overmind Mozi's body trembles were becoming increasingly violent. Sheyan couldn't care less anymore as he adorned his flamethrower, pressing the trigger as he swept forward. No doubt that fleshy dude would suffer from the fiery heat, but the ligament cage imprisoning it shouldn't be able to withstand the blaze. It was definitely better than having acidic fluids slowly rotting away its flesh, after its mental energy had worn out.


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