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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 3


chapter 3: Power struggle

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: XRCO and Elkassar

The engine exhaust of the shuttle was finally facing the ground, the orange flames gradually extinguished;smoothly landing onto the terrace. The feeling of being unable to control their own lives wasn't a bearable one;the contestants flocked towards the cabin door, trying to beat each other to escape this feeling. A military officer in an ash-blue uniform with a huge beard, was impatiently waiting with his arms folded, pacing back and forth outside.

Freeing themselves from the cabin, they could finally breath in the fresh cooling air. Although they felt pretty confident of their safety previously, they could now clearly see the shuttle's metal shell had been dreadfully corroded;like the skin of a fermented steamed bun. Some badly affected areas had its first layer of armour thoroughly corroded through, even the internal armour appeared huge froths of depressions. An awful stench continued to be emitted.

Several SCVs by the side drove past swiftly, raising their electric torches as sparks burst out from the repair works. That military officer roared out furiously.

’’Where are y'all looking at? Boys, the general Headquarters had sacrificed 4 transport shuttles to escort you here, not for you to chat amongst yourselves! I am Lieutenant Colonel Tommy Kevin. But I prefer others to call me by my callsign! Yes, that callsign that causes all to tremble - Steel Whip!’’

’’Honestly, I don't get why the higher ups would delegate such a tough mission to these bunch of feeble newbies. Look at your crooked postures and lazy expressions. Even your weak movements are enough to cause my blood pressure to raise by 30 mmHg (Millimeters of mercury, used for counting pressure). Hence, I wish to hurry up and settle this matter before my blood pressure kills me! Adjutant, adjutant, I give you 10 seconds to appear in front of me, and another 10 seconds to inform these rookies what they need to do!’’

Another militant wearing spectacles rushed out.

’’Nice to meet everyone, I am Captain Crespo. Two hours ago, we received a distress call from the west Whiskey outpost: 'They have been surrounded by those damnable insects, requesting for reinforcements from the Roughnecks.' Sadly, the west outpost was already fallen and that bogus intelligence was from a radio operator that had his brains sucked dry.’’

(TN: Roughnecks are the rescuing team name)

’’Your mission is to conduct a rescue for the Roughnecks. Under such circumstances, casualties are unavoidable. Yet Lieutenant Johnny Rico is a rare talent. If he dies, your mission is a failure. Apart from him, Sergeant Dizzy Flores, Sergeant Levy (that silly cock comb hair in the film), Commander Rasczak are all rare talents;it is best if you can safeguard their lives. If they can be extracted out without harm, then a hefty commendable rating can be expected.’’

In the original movie, the main lead Dizzy Flores and Commander Rasczak had died there. Naturally the difficulty of the mission was needless to say.

Concurrently, Sheyan and the rest received the notification from the nightmare imprint:

Time: Galaxy era year 383, April 17th. 10 in the morning.

Location: Planet 'P'. district 6. Steel Whip homini base (Latitude 43.19 degrees, longitude 91.02 degrees)

Setting: Starship Troopers

Difficulty: Medium (C class)

Pain limitation: 30%

Extra enhancement bonus: 0%

Current scenario exploration rate: 0.0%

Additional description: Peaceful setting, contestants will drop nothing when killed. Digitalization of character initialized. Contestants can communicate with their nightmare imprint to check on their personal attributes.

Additional description: You have currently established a temporary combat party. Whenever a member dies, 1 achievement point is penalized, maximum penalty of 6 achievement points. When everyone assembles together in the party, combat ability +10%. Once 50% of party assembles, combat ability +8%. When at least 2 assemble, combat ability +4%

You automatically grasp the related language, enabling interactions with world characters. After leaving the world, it will be erased.

Current world is linked to an uncommon emergency aid mission, unable to activate any milestones.

Mission accepted count: 1

Main mission: Rescuing Roughnecks.

Mission summary: Lieutenant Johnny Rico must not die. Mission failure results in minus 5 achievement points as well as 3 points of your current highest basic attribute.

Mission explanation: If Dizzy Flores, Levy and Commander Rasczak live and successfully escape, rewards will be received. If all 4 escape together,you will receive additional rewards. Even if Johnny Rico dies and your party is exterminated, the penalty for achievement points will still not exceed 6 points. (Inclusive of party members death).

Warning: Contestants who are unable to fight alongside Jonny Rico will be determined as mission failure by default.

Your appearances have been set, restoring automatically after returning to the present world. You can engage in relative adjustments on your appearance in the nightmare realm. For any queries, you can inquire through the nightmare imprint, and answers will be given.

Your weapon and related abilities have been disguised and will not attract the special notice of storyline characters. (For example Mogensha's golden AK will look like an ordinary rifle to the storyline characters)

Your special armour will raise 1-2 defence, but will decrease your movement speed. Please determine if you want to continue wearing it yourself.

After this list of notifications, several contestants started whispering amongst themselves. Tommy Kevin furiously roared out.

’’Silence, silence! You bunch of dregs! Maggot like scums, shut your damned mouth! You have an hour of rest and preparations now, then a Terran Vulture will send you to your destination. At the central hall there's a military official called Anzi, any needs you can look for him. Now, immediately disappear from my sight, scram!’’

Although every contestant wanted to deliver a sound beating for this explosively temperament guy, they knew that was just a dream. Their attention was immediately directed to Anzi, and started marching towards the central hall of the base.

When they left the storyline characters, a little guy clapped his hands loudly and exclaimed.

’’Hey! Guys don't mind listening to me for a moment? I am Harnik, 'Crazy Harnik' I reckon some have worked with me before right? We all probably all lone travellers who have lost their original parties. Moreover on hindsight, every comrade's sacrifice will carry an immense loss. In the long run, since we've already formed a temporary party by the realm;if we complement each other well, then there's a huge possibility of us becoming partners in the future. Hence, I suggest that everyone firstly announce their strong points and personal combat style. This will assist us during battle.’’

Mogensha hugged his golden AK indifferently, yet he transmitted a message to Sheyan.

’’This guy's nickname is 'Monkey'. His party had been utterly ruined by the Metals professor previously in the Lord of the Rings world. But his agility is relatively high, and his innate ability is 'Phantasm', allowing his avoidability to greatly increase. Previously when I released a burst fire towards him, although it successfully landed;but the only 1 that landed out of the 3 was still ineffective due to slipping effect. His capabilities are pretty outstanding.’’

Sheyan slightly frowned.

’’Such a high passive evasion?’’

After the contestants heard Harnik's words, they deeply had the same sentiments. But only this Crazy Harnik first spoke out, and some even regretted losing the opportunity to shine in this party. The bulk of them naturally found a secluded area to congregate, and started conducting introductions.

Firstly, was naturally that vocal Harnik. Following the customary regulations, he first introduced his position in the party. Reconnaissance (Scout), assassin, damage dealer. He then displayed his personal list of abilities. 'Wiping throat lvl5', allowed a backstab ability, its damage was so terrifying that even Sheyan felt a chill.

After crazy Harnik, a huge brute stood out. He removed his helmet, his left eye was covered with a black eye-patch. He looked like the the one-eyed Sagat from street fighter. Sheyan instantly noticed Mogensha's brows tightening, this one eyed male had a hoarse voice.

’’I am Qiaoer, Executional Qiaoer. Party position: Super-long range firepower output. Strong points - sniping.’’

Mogenshah quickly acknowledged the terror of this guy.

’’I encountered this fellow during my stint with the Symbiosis sect. Venter from his perfect condition received a shot from that guy, and actually was instantly reduced into a critically wounded state! After that, at least 5 members from the sect died under his hands...... looks like Crazy Harnik wants to elect Qiaoer for captain.’’

Following that, the others introduced themselves and two people left an impression on Sheyan. One was the leather jacket male called Henrik, a rarely seen support class. He introduced himself as a field controller, indicating that his ability is oil techniques;creating a huge surface of oil to cause enemies to slip.


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