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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Spore slaughter

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Faced with both humans and arachnid's questioning, Sheyan basked in the attention as he laughed and complied to their questions.

’’If I intend for you to clutch your nose, the most effective way isn't to drag your hand to your nose but to directly punch your nose. Similarly, to lure the Thick-liquid tribe's Overmind to do my bidding, it definitely isn't by forcefully hypnotizing it.’’

Until here, Mogensha's face suddenly leaked out an astonished but enlightened expression.

’’I understand now, you.....just now when the Spawning pool was destroyed. In actual fact, that was a ploy between you and the Blackthorn's mother?’’

Sheyan lowered his voice.

’’That's correct! Spawning a hydralisk consumes the amount of crystal needed to spawn 3 zerglings, and this doesn't include the added expenditure of Vespene gas! I believe everyone here knows, under normal circumstances, two zerglings are enough to slay off a hydralisk! Such a shallow logic is definitely clear to the Thick-liquid tribe's Overmind. Therefore, under the pretext that the Blackthorns can only spawn out hydralisk, an entire army of zerglings would be hitting the nail on the head!’’

Right here, Sheyan paused for a moment, letting them absorb in.

’’We need to first consider;after our Spawning pool was destroyed, the Thick-liquid Overmind would have already deemed the Blackthorn tribe settled in the pocket for its future plans. Absorbing the Blackthorn Overmind, Mozi, would also have been inevitable. Following that, the next thing it will consider is how to evolve or advance itself, and how to evolve the entire Mother nest. is only proper that it would do its utmost to conserve and build its resources to upgrade the Mother nest to 'II' class!’’

’’Thus, with these two factors in mind;without reasonable doubts, there isn't any need for hypnotism, forceful control, enticing, but we just needed to construct massive amounts of Sunken Colonies to ensure the safety of the Blackthorn Mother. Then one last tiny matter - inexplicably giving up on the Spawning pool. Naturally, the Thick-liquid Overmind would be delighted to follow according to our plans. You see, this train of logic is extremely simple right?’’

Nobody answered Sheyan, because they (Including the Queen zerg) was speechless. Sheyan's words were extremely clear to understand, it wasn't at all complicated;yet he was able to establish the link between these tiny clues and traces together. This definitely requires critical forward thinking as well as extensive imagination!

Sheyan was obviously pleased with his audience's shell-shocked reaction, he raised his voice as he build on his momentum.

’’Hey Queen Jenny. Previously, through the information shared to us from the Mother nest, it didn't mention what will happen to a tribe after all the Pandora Crystals have been harvested dry. Don't tell me it's starving to death?’’

Queen zerg Jenny feedbacked a transmission over.

《Of course not. Before the mine is harvested dry, we will continue to explore the planet for other sources of Pandora Crystals, and then establish a base there. Then after the mine is harvested dry, the subsidiary base will become the main base.》

’’Oh?’’ Sheyan seemed to be ignited with interest. ’’Then what if the new ore is too far away?’’

The Queen zerg Jenny explained.

《After the Overmind and Mother upgrades to 'II' class, the Overmind can command the Overlords to load up those mobile troops. Every organ structure will shrink and become a dehydrated giant embryo and be transported away by the Overlords. Lastly, the Mother will evolve into a powerful hyper-drone and be transported away.》

《After arriving at the destination, the hyper-drone 'Mother nest' will directly transform back into the 'II' class (or higher) Mother Nest, and occupy the new crystal mine;before expanding out the 'Creep' carpets, as the Overlord plants the embryo 'Organ structures' back onto the carpet. The entire process would require only 1 hour. As for the arachnids like us, only when spawning do we require the Pandora crystals and Vespene gas. After spawning, we will rely on the Overlord to absorb nutrients from the carpet and pump it to us for survival. As for the Overlord synthesizing our minerals/nutrients, the amount of consumption of Pandora crystal energy is almost negligible.》

After the Queen zerg had answered Sheyan's question, the entire space within the Overlord fell into complete silence. After a brief moment, the heavy firepower expert, Baiise, hummed out unconfidently.

’’Lieutenant, how long do we have to wait in this damned meat ball?’’

’’Do you know why I allowed the Mother nest to dispatch an unending stream of hydralisk to die? That is because I want the these Thick-liquid tribe arachnids to become familiar with the unceasing calls for battle, I want this to become a habit within their state of mind, so they will turn numb soon after. Then when the real danger arrives, their reactions may very well turn sluggish for an additional 1 or 2 seconds.’’

Sheyan gazed into the horizon.

’’Now, the time is ripe. When the next wave of hydralisk reaches, that will be infiltration opportunity! Everyone, immediately smear on the body fluids gathered from the Thick-liquid tribe!’’

The Mother of the Blackthorns faithfully executed her side of the arrangement, sending a squad of hydralisks for a suicidal mission every 15 minutes. Her control of 12 hydralisk was rather smooth with more room to spare, doing their utmost to spray left and right;causing a huge commotion as she attempted to dwindle the enemy forces. Because the Mother of the Blackthorns knew this was the final chance for life or death, her performance was incredibly patient and composed.

Initially, the Thick-liquid tribe's Overmind concentrated its efforts to counter her every move, directing his army to retreat and advance to minimize casualties. But after repetitive skirmishes, it no longer wasted its time on such cowshit matters;bluntly sending a swarm of zerglings to forcefully overpower those intervals of 'tickles'. Although the resulting casualties were more, but victory was swifter. This was like a millionaire not bothering or starting an argument with a toilet aunty over that 10 cents entry fee.

Once again from the distant desert horizon, the figures of the Blackthorn Hydralisks slithered their way in. Another batch of suicidal hydralisk was here to harass them again, or the misleading cannon fodder hydralisk had arrived to confuse their enemies. After the jetted to death two sentry zerglings, a flock of an entire 3 squadrons of zerglings were shuttling towards them. Their merciless aggressive onslaught carried a pressurizing ferocity!

The Thick-liquid tribe had at least respawned hundreds of zerglings so far, this in addition to its previous stayback security force;yet the occupied area of this tribe was still exceedingly tremendous! Just solely those massive lairs used to breed out larvas, numbered close to 13! The occupied area for these lair organs were equivalent to a huge building. With such a distribution, the defensive forces were naturally sparse and unremarkable.

At this moment, an enormous Overlord circled one round before floating towards the Thick-liquid's Mother nest. Under normal circumstances, the Overmind would be residing in the undermost layer of the Mother nest. That was also the accumulated reserves of the Pandora crystals. The Overmind could exploit its formidable mental energy to directly harness the energies within. According to convention, if it wanted to imprison the Blackthorn Overmind, most likely Mozi would be locked up within that strictest secured perimeter!

Throughout the course of the Overlord's journey, it startled several patrolling zerglings and Hydralisks. Instead, after a series of careless sniffing, they returned to their patrolling without a thread of concern. Regrettably, such luck only persisted until 50 metres away from the Mother nest.

In any arachnid tribe, the 50 metre radius of the Mother nest is considered as the forbidden zone. Only the Overmind and its special elite guards could entre, any others would never be permitted to approach it;even an accident would be slaughtered without considerations. Although there was only 1 Sunken Colony here, its position was terribly strategic as any creature intending to approach the Mother nest would instantly suffer from its wrath. Even though it was unable to attack the aerial Overlord, an elite hydralisk by its side had begun swelling up its cheeks as it aimed towards the sky;releasing out that scorching green acidic jet.

Concurrently at the Mother nest's only entrance, weird starch serum was shockingly ejaculated out. ’’Rumble rumble’’ 20 vile looking tremendous zerglings burrowed out from the ground;shaking their bodies as their tails swayed threateningly. Baring their razor-sharp fangs, they raced towards Overlord Shenxu as they snarled thunderously at it. These 20 elite zerglings were the products of genetic mutation;be it offensive or health points, they were not in the least inferior to the 2 zerglings on Sheyan's side! Suddenly dispersing out, as they dashed towards the Mother's nest bottom entrance, tightly sealing it off.

Consecutively, every zergling in the entire base start to turn berserk, as they sprinted towards the Mother nest to assemble. It was obvious the Thick-liquid's Overmind had sensed the enemy. Its rage was spilling over, desiring for its underlings to tear these bastards who dared to covet after its life! Then, personally draining their brain juice!

Even though the incoming acid from the elite Hydralisk was several folds deadlier than the average hydralisk, one mustn't forget;Shenxu was similarly a mutated elite Overlord! Its flight speed had been raised exorbitantly, it had only one goal - safely delivering its passengers towards the entrance of the enemy's Mother nest! As for dealing with those 20 elite zerglings coupled with that Sunken Colony, it wasn't for Shenxu to wreck its nodules (its brains) about.

Just a measly 50 metres, actually felt like a bitter long stretch of 5 kilometres! If not for Sheyan's earlier ploy succeeding, and directly caused the entire Thick-liquid base to be devoid of newly spawned hydralisks;even an elite Overlord like Shenxu would have been shot down a hundred times by now. On the contrary, the fat of that elite hydralisk was more pitiful! After it released two jets of greenish dark acid, a lump of darkness whizzed in from afar;indeed it was that elite Queen zerg, Jenny!

Her abdomen contracted, consecutively shooting out a rapid lump of darkness;spanning hundreds of metres in a second, as it pierced straight against the elite hydralisk! The elite hydralisk stood rooted, but in mere seconds, its body was rotted to the core. From it, two gigantic 6 foot bug crawled out, the twin bugs were far more sinister looking than ordinary zerglings. Yet their movement speed was slightly inferior.


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