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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Ploy

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The next morning,

Blackthorn tribe base.

An unparalleled tragedy, innumerable mutilations and dismembered chunks flooded this tiny valley before quickly disintegrating. An awful dense odour, an intense suffocation polluted the air.

Distinctly seen, to construct more Sunken Colonies, the Mother had even forsaken a huge portion of the tribe's base organs;supplying nutrients towards the surrounding newly constructed 50 terrorizing Sunken Colonies. On the contrary, at least 5 lairs as well as organ structures had withered away due to insufficient nourishment in the Blacktribe base.

What was more depressing was that the Spawning pool had been directly focused by the Thick-liquid tribe onslaught. Undoubtedly, the enemy's Overmind had discovered that fatal flaw, commanding today's assault objective towards the Spawning pool all without restraint! At this critical juncture, the Blackthorn arachnid reinforcements were late with keeping up. Hence, when the Thick-Liquid tribe was still left with 3 zerglings and 5 hydralisk, with their final efforts, the Spawning pool had finally been damaged to its critical point. Boom! It exploded into a snowfall of blood flakes, utterly dispersing into the atmosphere...

The Thick-liquid battle objectives, have ultimately succeeded! Even if their remaining forces couldn't even survive the next 2 minutes, and were totally shredded into meat slices by the Sunken Colonies. But no doubt, the Blackthorn tribe would be unable to produce anymore zerglings in the future, they were unable to construct any more Sunken Colonies! The long awaited victory for the Thick-liquid tribe would finally conclude with its next full force campaign!

’’The Think-liquid tribe will never have a chance of returning.’’ After wiping his sweat and blood, Sheyan delivered his resolute and decisive words to everyone. ’’Mother nest, according to our plans, every time you assemble a squad (12 units) of hydralisks, then immediately order them to begin assaulting the Thick-Liquid tribe.’’

The Mother of the Blackthorns transmitted mentally.

《You're sending them to their deaths.》

Sheyan gently replied.

’’That's correct, we want to send them to die. Following the original plan, after your fourth wave of Hydralisk squad, we'll set off!’’

At present, even if there are only 2 lairs left, but because of the abundant reserves of Unobtanium, within an hour the Mother of the Blackthorns followed Sheyan's request and dispatched the fourth wave of Hydralisk. Sheyan finally stood up, looking calmly at Mogensha.

’’It is time for us to set out. Success or failure........depends on now!!’’

Mogensha sighed heavily.

’’Even though I feel your plan is a possibility, I still think it's absolutely insane. Once there're any deviations from your deductions, then we'll all die tragically and without a proper burial site!’’

Mogensha humbly smiled.

’’I have 80% confidence in this.’’

After speaking, he shook his head as if haven't fully expressed himself. Adding on a little.

’’At least.’’

After finishing, Sheyan shouted out loudly.

’’Blackthorn mother! Send your children over!’’

Very quickly, a dark-brown jellyfish like Overlord drifted over. They had seen this thing numerous times, it could fly but didn't possess any offensive capabilities. It could supply nutrients to other arachnid creatures, and can detect invisible units. Yet this dark-brown Overlord was indeed a rarely seen genetic alteration, it was called 'Shenxu'. Not only was its volume increasingly massive, it had two additional abilities over the other Overlords.

Firstly, was its faster flying speeds.

Next was like the transport shuttles of the humans. It could pick humans up with its tendrils, and shuttle them around at rapid speed!

Shenxu's strength was immense, probably being able to lift two heavy siege tanks of the humans. But there was limit to its capacity space;at most it could store 8 zerglings. Translated that to humans, it could carry 6 humans.

Amongst the six, Sheyan and Mogensha obviously made up 2. Even though Dundee wanted part of the intense action, Sheyan calculated the risk of this skirmish and came up with the excuse that the main base required an in-charge. They selected two members from the remaining soldiers;an expert in grenades and explosives, Adam Savoska, and another called Baiise, a heavy firepower expert.

The last two passengers were two elite zerglings! These two elite zerglings were survivors from the latest intense blood war, slowly maturing to their current state. Their basic attack was two folds of an average zergling, and possessed 300 HP! Exceptionally savage!

As they rode on Shenxu and floated up, the previously Kidnapper of Sheyan and company, the Queen zerg Jenny, also quietly tailed them from behind;until they got to their destined location. Within a hundred kilometre radius, there wasn't a single arachnid tribe that had a mother nest capable of advancing into a 'II' class base. Therefore, this mini aerial squad only had to avoid the long range aggressing hydralisk on the ground. There was zero possibility of a single threat in mid air.

Shenxu's flying speed was speedy, they hid within the enormous Overlord umbrella shade, but was still able to feel the chilly wind cutting in. Because the arachnids sensed their opponents through smell and heat, vision was not significant. Hence, the secret operation was conducted during daytime. Everyone - humans or zerglings or the Overlord - similarly smeared the body fluids of the dead Thick-liquid tribe creatures over themselves.

Even if this method may not be effective;according to Sheyan's plans, even an extra metre they could infiltrate in would be worth it. Because in those crucial moments, a metre or even half a metre can mean life or death!

Not even 20 minutes of flight later, ahead of them was the primary base of the Thick-liquid tribe. Sheyan communicated through the Queen zerg Jenny to guide Shenxu, directing it to hide within the back of a mountain peak;before starting to carefully inspect the situation. Due to the Thick-liquid tribe not having suffered a single aerial assault before;the precious Overlords were all condensed and focused on supplying nutrients for production, instead of scattering about to conduct surveillance on the base surroundings.

Of course, within the roads and paths of the Thick-liquid tribe, there were densely-packed as well as scattered zerglings strolling about. They was absolutely no chance of sneaking into the base from the ground. Indeed, Sheyan had identified and was planning to exploit the Thick-liquid tribe's weakness of their negligent aerial surveillance. Thus he was able to devise this small scale elite, infiltration plan!

Mogensha gazed down from above, breathing in the chilly air as he glanced at Sheyan's expression with deep wonder. The two other Pebbles special force members had a similar expression on their faces! Because the entire scene there were viewing currently, was completely identical to what Sheyan described several hours ago. Hydralisks were few in numbers, but zerglings flooded the streets. More importantly...... beside the Mother nest was only a single Sunken Colony!

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’Don't look at me like that. Although this scenario seems rather irregular to view, the conditions before could easily deduce such a scenario.’’

Mogensha shook his head.

’’I don't believe you. You definitely possess some sort of powerful long-range investigation ability!’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’Since you don't believe me, then how about I ask you some questions.’’

Mogensha replied.

’’Go ahead.’’

Sheyan continued.

’’Through the statistics of the Thick-liquid tribe's previous two days of assault, are we able to obtain the rough size of their attacking fleet?’’

Mogensha nodded.

’’That is a basic quality of every solider.’’

Sheyan continued.

’’How many units the Thick-liquid tribe produce in the day itself, they will dispatch it out for battle. This is confirmed after nearly 3 days of consecutive battle. Hence, we can infer the daily military output of the Thick-liquid tribe from the quantity of their attacking fleet. This is pretty simple right.’’

Mogensha nodded.

’’That's correct.’’

Sheyan continued.

’’There are only two factors restricting the arachnid output. First is the Unobtanium quantity, and the second the quantity of produced larvas. Through the Blackthorn Mother's report, the Thick-liquid tribe only occupies a middle sized Unobtanium mine. Its Mother nest hasn't reach the 'II' class base yet, hence the drones collecting the amount of Unobtanium ores should have reach a saturation state. Hence, under such a saturated state of collecting that resource, we just need to solve a very simple math problem. How many larvas do that Thick-liquid tribe incubate and convert daily into fighting troops, combined with the rate of larva spawning of the lairs in the Blackthorn tribe;we can calculate roughly how many lairs do that Thick-liquid tribe possess!’’

Mogensha was finally starting to figure out something. Sheyan then sketched out in light shades as he spoked.

’’We already know, there is a limitation and balance between the amount of offensive organs as well as the reproduction organs of a 'I' class Mother nest. If not, the Blackthorn tribe could have easily constructed an impressive array of Sunken Colonies to surround and protect their base. From that deduction, since we can obtain the relative amount of lairs the Thick-liquid tribe possess to spawn their larvas, naturally we can predict the amount of Sunken Colonies in the base.’’

’’Regarding why the Thick-liquid tribe are frantically trying to spawn out zerglings, the reason is fairly simple......’’ Sheyan curved his lips as he shrugged his shoulders. ’’I wanted them to do so, that is why they did so.’’

Mogensha's face contained no expression, yet the nearby special forces soldiers exposed a disbelieving expression. Even the distant Queen zerg Jenny transmitted an aggressive and hostile mental transmission.

《No one is able to hypnotize or disrupt an Overmind! Even the weakest Overmind contains a mnetal power far greater than what you humans can think of!》


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