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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 26


Chapter 26: Retaliation in steel and fire

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Mogensha sincerely replied.

’’You're correct, I am indeed hiding my true capability. But I reckon even by activating it, we still can't defend against all these crazy arachnids!’’

Sheyan surveyed through the battlefield again, and replied.

’’It isn't as bad as you think. The Thick-liquid tribe is an arrow at the end of its flight. Your view of this endless sea of arachnids is frightening I'm sure, but they most are clearly small zerglings. Once you can eliminate another 20 hydralisks, then we can link up with the Pebbles special forces to suppress the remaining hydralisks with firepower. Moreover, my resistance against the zerglings....I think you should have confidence in that. This mission is indeed possible.’’

Mogensha stared intently towards Sheyan.


After speaking, he kept his golden AK and slowly retrieved out a broken short spear. Suddenly, without any prompting from Mogensha, the short spear suddenly shot out with a dazzling glow! This glow shone with silvery resplendent! This unimpressive looking shortspear, twisted out a scarlet blood flag, flying upwards over the battlefield like an undaunting blaze!

Sheyan's pupils contracted in! The murderous and domineering aura emitting from the short spear, was actually above 'Ambition'!

Even if Sheyan couldn't see through its origins, he knew it definitely was no common object. Mogensha was kneeling on the ground, murmuring some words to himself.

’’My comrades, I offer to you my admiration and tribute!’’

The short spear floated into the air, releasing a buzzing trembling sound.

’’Quick, seek your foe!’’

Mogensha's thick lips was vibrating, as devout and sincere like a Voodoo cult disciple.

’’I have determined the hydralisks ahead, are an enemy of steel and fire!’’

The short spear automatically swivelled in mid air, its pointed top emitting with a glaring brilliance.

’’Slaughter without pardons!’’

Mogensha roared berserkly. This was his native aboriginal trademark warcry before starting an onslaught or hunting a prey!


(TN: sorry i got no clue what this means, probably some warcry)

The short spear jolted out with a thunderous boom! Leaving behind a compelling roar.

’’FOR SPARTA!!!!!!!!!’’

Sheyan deeply inhaled in.

’’This! Is this short spear one of the main weapon belonging to a warrior from the 300 spartans?’’

That blinding silver glow dispersed out. One by one, the hydralisk within the Thick-liquid tribe exploded into meat paste and green fluids! The glow bounced through 5, 10, 15 hydralisk! The short spear was like lightning, zapping through the hydralisk crowd. Yet Sheyan noticed several elite hydralisks were only heavily wounded by it, and barely survived. He could aso tell this short spear with its terrifying lethal assault should only be able to activate once. If not, just based on its sheer destructive potential;if used on a contestant, nobody would be able to endure such a succession of lethal punctures.

After slaying 13 hydralisks, Mogensha slumped onto the ground;panting heavily, his expression was incredibly hideous. Sheyan hurriedly tossed over the 'Endless spirited vodka', yet Mogensha didn't receive it;after a brief paralysis of his body did he regain his mobility and pick up the winecup to drink. Only then did his face lustre regained a little. Sheyan probed curiously.

’’Are the consequences of using that weapon so huge?’’

Mogensha grinned bitterly.

’’To activate its particular ability, it directly exhaust one's entire MP. In addition, 1000 utility points or 1 potential point. After usage, 5 seconds of paralysis, and also a 20% probability of failure to activate! Fortunately, lady luck is shining on us this time.’’

Mogensha looked up Sheyan with meaningful longing.

(TN: sounds gay lol)

Instead Seaman, that ability you're hiding. I wonder when I will be able to witness it.’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’Link up with Dundee, get them to pressure the remaining hydralisks. As for my killer move, you'll see it soon enough.’’

After speaking, Sheyan put on his helmet as he slapped the flamethrower in his hands;aiming ahead as he charged in! Twin fiery dragons soared out with blazing fury, enveloping an entire patch of zerglings! Lieutenant Colonel Dundee's squad already lost their Firebat during their escape;upon seeing the familiar fire dragon blazing, they really thought their fallen comrade had revived and returned to protect them!

This time, with the coordination of his allies, Sheyan received far lesser pressure when charging in. Hence, he could effectively utilize the flamethrower, regulating the usage of his flamethrower on the left and right;allowing substantial periods to allow the two flamethrower pipelines to cool down. Hence, he greatly enhanced the usage duration of the flamethrower!

The fiery blaze rolled forth, every scorching outburst directly engulfed at least 5-6 zerglings. Suffering under the immense torture of the blazing flames, they suffered continuous damage as their HP dropped radically. As long as a zergling was engulfed by the flamethrower flames for 3 seconds, the persistent flaming damages continued to fry them to death. However, their death wasn't instant, managing to endure for 5-6 seconds before perishing. Moments before its impending death was the moment it would deliver last-ditch fatal strikes against the flamethrower user.

For an ordinary Firebat, even with the covering support of his allied forces to suppress the speedy zerglings, they could at most deal with 20 zerglings singlehandedly. If not, the frenzied retaliation of the dying zerglings could really cost his life. Furthermore, that theory was based on an advantageous terrain for the Firebat. If it was a flat spacious terrain, where the zerglings are dispersed in all directions, then the situation would be completely perilous, even 5-6 zerglings could finish him off.

But exchange with Sheyan, a monster who would resist the incessant assaults of the zerglings;Against the sea of zerglings, he could still be like Zhao Zilong*, slaughtering his way in and leaving in one piece. The zerglings dying retaliation felt like tickles if it didn't deliver an explosive strike. One could observe the Firebat Sheyan, navigating his way to and fro, weaving left and right within the battlefield. Occasionally, he borrowed the protection of the remnant Sunken Colonies as breathing space. In no time, he fearlessly attracted the zerglings, and eliminated a huge portion of the overwhelming majority of zerglings.

(TN:* A powerful general in the romance of the three kingdoms.)

5 minutes sped by just like that. In a flurry, Sheyan received a notification.

’’You successfully completed the emergency mission: '5 minute Bloodbath'.’’

’’Your goblin servant Jinkuang is the representative of this mission. Goblin's special ability: 'Haggling lvl15' is effective.’’

(TN: just a refresher - Haggling lvl15 provides a huge chance of receiving preferential treatment similar to one who has a maximum charm level)

’’Your default will be taken as this world's greatest charm value (50 points) when receiving/ completing missions.’’

’’Your reputation is directly raised from 'cold' to 'amicable' within the Blackthorn tribe.’’

’’Your achievement points +2’’

In a flash, Sheyan was smiling from ear to ear - Alas, I'm finally being treated as a charming man! It was even accomplished with the upper limit of the world's charm! A casual raise from 'Cold' to 'Amicable', it leapt across an entire reputation level. Instead for his partner Mogensha who similar received 2 achievement points, his reputation only rose from 'Cold' to 'Neutral'!

(TN: Refresher for reputation levels! Hostile, Cold, Neutral, Amicable, Respected, Revered, Worshipped)

After an overhaul clearance of the remaining Hydralisks;Sheyan not only completed his mission, but even held the crumbling frontline defence. There were still two Sunken Colony erected miserably over their position, but their wounds were gushing out blood;as though they could fall into critical state any second and resolve into a pool of meat paste.

Fortunately, they were also considered a branch of organ of the arachnid nest. After the carpet had decomposed the corpses, absorbing the nutrients and directing it back to heal the wounded organ. Hence, they received quite an impressive regeneration speed. Not only them but the wounded arachnids were the same. However, in this frontline, the arachnid creatures that were dispatched by the mother were only left with a measly few;looking outstandingly pathetic.

In the midst of the battle, one of the members of the Pebbles special forces died. He was initially severely wounded before the battle, and during the battle, he suffered the directl wrath of the Hydralisk's acid jet. It corroded through his broken helmet, naturally killing him on the spot. Such a situation happened too quickly, even Mogensha who could exhibit clutch rescues during the chaotic battles was completely unable to rescue him.

Until now, these soldiers had already witnessed their comrades falling one after another. Hence, everyone of them was rather depressed, as they say down in the blood puddles and smoked on their cigarettes;wrapping their wounds and injecting antibiotic.

Sheyan located Lieutenant Colonel Dundee, his expression wasn't kind.

’’Lieutenant Colonel, I want to criticise your commands. It has a huge problem! You guys are obviously long range fire support, why are you bent on guarding here? The hill range behind is a good firing position, and is elevated by 5-6 metres up. If the hydralisks wanted to target you guys, they would definitely have to first face upwards! If that tactic was used, firstly the wild savage zerglings must make a huge detour, or break through to reach you. Secondly, when the hydralisk aims upwards and release fire, its precision would greatly reduce resulting in your chances of survival increasing leaps and bounds!’’

Lieutenant Colonel Dundee was silent, but his expression terribly ugly. Sheyan continued fueling the pain.

’’If your decisions were thought through, then that brave soldier wouldn't have to die for nothing!’’

After listening, Mogensha swept through his surroundings before standing up, further aggravating the situation.

’’What he says isn't wrong. No matter what, this current ground is definitely a killing zone, it is completely not suited for defence. The arachnid's thinking is hard to comprehend, yet it is hard to believe that a military commander that has gone through rigorous training and strategies cultivation to make such an obvious mistake.’’


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