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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: 5 minute bloodbath

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’Thump Thump Thump Thump’’ Sheyan and Mogensha stomped heavily, as the carpet mucus 'Creep' substances splashed rigorously. Occasionally, the jellyfish-like Overlords would descend onto the carpet ground to absorb nutrients. Apart from every structure having to be constructed on this repulsive carpet;the carpet's other important value is to breakdown and decompose any fallen organic matters, and extract the dissolved nutrients.

All in all, the Overlord acts like a fruit tree;the Pandora crystals acts as the sunshine provided to it, while the carpet provides its organic substance and minerals. Combining the two, the Overlord produces the primary resource needed to breed more arachnids. Hence, an experienced veteran will be able to assess the total force strength of the arachnid tribe through the amount of Overlord present in the base.

After halting their sprint at a nearby slope;from a distant valley, they could see a magnificent battalion of zerglings and hydralisks marching towards them. The marching zerglings and hydralisk had an obscure green glowing from their body surfaces. With saliva and mucus trickling down, initially one couldn't tell the difference between other zerglings. Yet when comparing to the Blackthorn tribe's zerglings, there was a stark contrast resulting in an easy distinction.

In contrast, the Blackthorn defence line was depressingly sparse, evidently the Blackthorn mother's control over their forces was pretty limited;the amount of arachnid units dispatched here was vastly inadequate. Fortunately, its defense structures had their own authority privileges. Amidst the sparse Blackthorn arachnids, stood roughly 20 queer and grotesque arachnid structures scattered through the region!

These structures were at most half a metre tall and occupied a car-sized area. Razor-sharp tendrils pierced out of their surface;from far it appeared like a blooming, flesh-red demonic flower. Once an enemy approaches within a hundred metres, its crimson long tendrils would swiftly pierce deep into the ground, tunneling through before erupting out from the ground underneath the enemy's feet;cruelly impaling their opponent's bodies!

These tendrils were extremely deadly. Under normal circumstances, a zergling could only withstand 2 blows, while the hydralisk only 3 blows. This was the special defensive mechanism structure of the arachnid's hive, named 'Sunken Colony'. It ravages their opponents with their agile tendrils within their attacking range, and possessed extremely high HP. This defensive line was situated near the exit of the valley. Once the enemy forces charged out of the valley;there wouldn't even be time for them to regroup into their battle formation, before the relentless tendrils started drilling in. There was completely no way of approaching without avoiding the terrifying assaults of the Sunken colonies.

Gradually, the Thick-liquid fleet drew closer, as an intense close quarter combat broke out between both parties. Concealed around the Sunken colonies, the Blackthorn arachnids sensed their aggressors as they turned berserk, fiercely engaging in their barbaric atrocities. At present, the frontlines could be described as a carnage meat grinder. The atmosphere was polluted with a repulsive arachnid fluids stench. Lieutenant colonel Dundee and gang were frenziedly opening fire. These hand-picked special forces had a combined firepower not inferior at all to the Sunken colonies. It was no wonder the mother requested for their help.

The assault had persisted for over 10 minutes, reaching its crazed climax. The fallen arachnids over the 'Creep' carpet was rapidly being dissolved by it, having its body nutrients absorbed before transferred to the numerous organ structures. Hence, if one's defenses were impregnable, one could maintain their matchless superiority. Still, the Blackthorn's Overmind was absent, masses of troops were still idling around at other regions. Thus, the battle conclusion starting to slant towards the overwhelming size of the Thick-liquid tribe, that advantage in numbers compressed the Blackthorns to the brink of collapse.

Suddenly, under the vicious advances of 3 zerglings, one of the blooming Sunken Colony reach its critical point;ultimately exploding as blood plasma filled the sky, before splattering everywhere else. Following that in succession, 2 - 3 more Sunken Colony followed suit as they exploded consecutively. The frontlines were devastated as it started to be pushed back. Yet at this moment from afar, a dozen mining drones rapidly scurried over, swiftly digging into the ground and started incubating*. An immensely wide cocoon object was taking shape slowly over the ground.

(TN:*The arachnid form of building/constructing in human context)

Tightly following that, the mother of Blackthorns mental transmission rung within the human's minds.

《5 minutes! I just need 5 minutes to rebuild and reinforce the second line of Sunken Colony defence! Help me earn just 5 minutes!》

After hearing this, Sheyan received a notification from the nightmare imprint:

’’You've been been roped into a district storyline: 'Arachnid's power struggle'.’’

’’Arachnid's mother nest - 'mother of Blackthorns' has issued an emergency mission: '5 minute bloodbath'. Do you wish to accept? Yes/No?’’

At present, Sheyan had begun experimenting ingeniously, he didn't select 'No' but instead replied.

’’I request for my servant Jinkuang to receive this mission on my behalf.’’

Undoubtedly, this mission would definitely raise the reputation/impression within the Blackthorn tribe. If Sheyan had directly accept the mission using his unfortunate 2 points in charm, that would be disastrous. But if that cheap slut Jinkuang were to do it, then he could utilized his forced 50 points of charm treatment to receive the mission. The disparity between the two was as if groping an A cup beauty or a D cup beauty.

The nightmare imprint transmitted a simple reply:

’’Your servant must accept this mission within 10 seconds, otherwise default abandonment of mission.’’

According to usual, the timid, scaredy cat Jinkuang would want nothing to do with danger at all;he would never appear in this war zone. Yet after days of interactions with him, Sheyan was extremely confident of his weakness. He suddenly cried out in a puzzling tone.

’’Aiyah, I seem to have dropped my money.’’

That wretched old Jinkuang suddenly popped out from a random crack on a boulder. His eyes twinkling with the '$' sign as he yelled.

’’Master, you need my help? Ai, where's the money?’’

Sheyan immediately transferred 5 utility points over. Without a doubt, the money-faced Jinkuang quickly completed the trade, he had zero delay when dealing with money.

’’Cut the trash, help me accept this mission. If not, then refund the cash to me!’’

’’Refund???!!!! Master! You definitely mustn't say such a taboo word to goblins!’’ Goblin Jinkuang flared out with rage. ’’Even if the universe perishes, a refund will never happen!’’

Sheyan continued hastily.

’’Hurry up and accept this mission, I'll give you another 5 utility points after that.’’

Instantly, Sheyan received the notification. ’’You've accepted the emergency mission: '5 minute bloodbath'. (Accepted by servant Jinkuang)’’ Obviously, the mission content was to hold the frontlines for 5 minutes. At present, the frontline was already crumbling apart, even the Pebbels special forces members were caught in an awkward predicament of having to fist fight with the enemies. But at this crucial moment, the unique crackling gunfire of the AK resounded out. Mogensha's golden AK spat out its glaring blaze! His latest 5 consecutive burst shot had started to exhibit a dazzling, magnificent performance!

The first fiery bullet casually jet past the cracks of 3-4 zerglings, accurately piercing into the head of an enemy hydralisk;the hydralisk lost its balance as it toppled over. Ongoing nearby, another allied flesh-red tendril drilled out from the ground, impaling through the skull of an enemy zergling and continued mercilessly into the sky. The hydralisk's head was the same as that zergling impaled by the Sunken colony's tendril, an instant decisive death!

The second and third bullet curved and landed on the granite cracks on the nearby rocky hill. The rocky wall instantly erupted with granite fragments, but triggered a small scale yet violent landslide. The massive tumbling boulder fragments crushed at least 20 Hydralisk at the bottom half of the valley.

The impact of the fourth bullet viciously severed through a zerglings claw;milliseconds before that happened, the claw was 10 cm away from ferociously swiping past Lieutenant Colonel Dundee's face! The claw was instantly mutilated, as purplish fluid spurted out. ’’PA!’’ The claw landed onto a tendril, its incisive claw carving deeply into the flesh. One could imagine how immense the amount of force the claw was carrying previously.

The fifth bullet struck against the nearby rocks as well, but ricochet and precisely found the bunch of incendiary ammunition the Pebbles special force member had left behind previously. It instantly exploded, at least taking down 3-4 zerglings with it.

These 5 collective bullets not only slayed its enemies, it rescued someone. One could say that every bullet carried an awe-inspiring significance, brimming with creativity and deadliness;immaculately exploiting the enemy's weaknesses!

Sheyan in turn started triggering his shotgun against the few zerglings charging ahead, repelling them back in successful repetitions. An enemy hydralisk hiding behind retaliated with its acidic fluids, Sheyan could only roll and take cover behind the rocks;if even droplets of the acid were to reach him, it would've swiftly corroded through the battle armour. Even if Sheyan acclaimed to have the thickest skin, he still wouldn't dare taking the lethal acidic jet of the hydralisk head on. That was purely courting his own death.

He panted for a moment, bending his back as he sprinted towards Mogensha, earnestly commending.

’’Old Mo, if you continue to hide your true powers, then our mission will definitely be a failure.’’

Mogensha was shuddered with a chill, he sighed and asked.

’’How did you know?’’

Sheyan fumed out with.

’’If that AK47 is really your trump card, then you wouldn't have been bragging it as an inelegant looking, golden ornament;but would instead think of ways to prevent unwanted attention from others. Therefore, you're obviously trying to direct other's attention towards your golden AK. But you're neglecting another aspect - we are the only two over here, what are you hesitating for? Don't you trust me?’’


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