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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Battle origins

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’You've been struck with a Queen Zerg's special ability: 'Capture'.’’

(TN: Y'all can google the arachnid names for clearer pictures if you like)

’’Your movement speed/attack speed declines by 50%.’’

’’Immediate restoration if you escape from this invisible state.’’

Covered in green mucus, every wrestle of movement felt like an elastic rope was binding them;even a single step was extremely challenging and required excessive energy. Mogensha clenched his teeth trying to raise his gun to give that beast a taste of his prowess, but instead was stalled by Sheyan's grip. Because from a high angle by the side, another dozen of malevolent black headed creepy crawlies had surfaced;acidic fluids brewing violently within their bodies as they portrayed a shooting posture - the thing that gave Sheyan and Mogensha the greatest headache, Hydralisk.

’’If they wanted to attack us, they would've done so already.’’ Sheyan calmly instructed.

Mogensha nodded slightly. Suddenly, a voice penetrated into their ears, similar to the way their nightmare imprint connected with them. It didn't travel through the air nor transmitted through the ears, but connected with the mental. Upon hearing, it sounded like an aged old female speaking.

《Szsss.....humans, gaaa, halt all your malicious movements...Sszxsss....if not it'll be hard for me to withhold my children from ripping you to shreds》

’’This ability, isn't this thought transmission?’’ Sheyan's heart flashed with an inspiration, as he quickly attempted to reply with his nightmare imprint. 《Who are you? 》

The voice immediately replied.

《I am the mother of the Blackthorns, Shengong. I am currently using my children to communicate with you》

Mogensha was still in disbelief.

《Children? Is your child that freak floating in the air?》

《I don't agree with your words.》The mother of the Blackthorns replied.《In my eyes, Jenny's skin is brimming with se*uality, her contours are perfectly alluring. Instead, humans are the freaks, nevertheless i will maintain my respect you you;although it is easy to tear you apart and devour you anytime.》

Mogensha unfolded his hands.

《Alright alright, respectable lady. We have no intentions of being your enemies. Our reason here is not to occupy territories or plunder, but just to search for our comrades;that's all.》

The mother of the Blackthorns responded with succinct.

《Follow my children, humans. You will see them soon enough, but don't take my kindness for weakness.》

In a flurry, Sheyan and Mogensha were now surrounded by a flock of hydralisk and zerglings, as they escorted/monitored towards the side. Gradually, a layer of thick fresh violent substance appeared beneath their feet, just like a carpet. Stepping over it felt like walking over a loose riverbank.

Sheyan's earlier information reports had information on such a substance. Their name was 'Creep (Spreading organic matter)', able to digest all nutrients and supply essential nourishment for the arachnids;aiding the organs of the arachnid's larva or drones (bee) to morph into bigger lifeforms. Under normal circumstances, such organic substances multiplied constantly and were hard to eradicate. To the arachnids, it even provided them extra regenerative capabilities.

Apart from that, the appearance of 'Creep' signified one thing - this area was colonized by the arachnids as a crucial core zone. Anything that wasn't approved by the arachnids would immediately suffer the full wrath of the viciously enraged arachnids! On their journey here, Sheyan had noticed numerous densely packed clusters of arachnid lifeforms, and brown jellyfish like substance were floating in the air. If one had to describe, it was a nerve wrecking image of brain system, connected to a tree trunk.

According to the reports, this thing was called an 'Overlord';probably another species in the arachnid race. It doesn't possess any offensive capabilities, but acted like a human's factory. It can incubate and provide nourishment resources for the arachnids. To know if an arachnid community was huge, one just needed to observe how many Overlords there were. Apart from that, because overlords utilized their perceptive sensing to gauge the environment, it didn't have eyes but could detect every invisible life form within its radius.

Sheyan and Mogensha didn't walk for long within the arachnid nest, but could see from a distant hill depression;several military tents were scattered along its edges. A soldier currently sitting on a dried rock while puffing his cigar noticed Sheyan, instantly jumping up in surprise.

’’Woah, friends! Don't tell me you guys are also survivors from the aircrash.’’

Even though Mogensha's charm wasn't high, it was still maintained at an acceptable level. Hence, the common interactions was still pretty accessible.

’’Haha in fact the opposite, private. We have specially come to confirm your conditions and try to bring you guys home.’’

That private laughed loudly.

’’Mate! Honestly, this is the funniest joke I've heard in nearly 48 hours.’’

Mogensha sighed.

’’If I were you, I wouldn't speak like that to your life saviors.’’

’’Life saviors?’’ That private asked suspiciously.

Mogensha fished out that pilot's special harmonica out from his chest.

’’If Lieutenant Colonel Dundee was still alive, then he'll know if my words are true or false.’’

That private immediately asked in amazement.

’’Don't tell me you are that officer that chased away those Spore Wyverns? That expert who could use a machine cannon to deliver such precise attacks?’’

The black man Mogensha obviously wouldn't express an easterner modesty, he naturally raised his brows as he brandished his personal golden AK and proclaimed loudly.

’’Of course! If not for that cannon's handle having such terribly grip like an 60 year old granny's chest, I would have directly splattered those huge buffoons into pieces!’’

The private gazed at Mogensha with adoration, he hastily ran back into the tent. Several minutes later, many soldiers started streaming out of the tent, falling in as two orderly files and bowed their erected bodies in respect! Concurrently they declared loudly.

’’Our gratitude to you! Sergeant!’’ (Sergeant is Mogensha's military rank in the realm, and also understood throughout all words)

Mogensha replicated their formalities, before a lieutenant colonel with his left arm wrapped in white bandages stood out. His expression stern as he extended his hand towards Mogensha.

’’I am 'Pebbles' special forces captain, Lieutenant Colonel Dundee. Many thanks to your heroic actions and thank you for your courageous act of rescuing us today. But frankly, I really don't wish to see you guys coming here now. Because this situation here..... I'm afraid is a lot worse than what you imagine.’’

Mogensha extended his hand out to shake.

’’Ho, Lieutenant Colonel Dundee. Before we set off, we already knew it was going to be an excruciatingly challenging journey. Please don't be too worried, how about telling us about the current situation instead.’’

Lieutenant Colonel Dundee turned his head to glance at the fully equipped Sheyan.

’’And he is?’’

Sheyan stood forward, raising his voice.

’’Special forces 2nd Lieutenant, Seaman, at your service. Sir!’’

’’Seaman.’’ Dundee recalled a little, his eyes flickering. ’’I seem to have heard of others praising your bravery before!’’

This was the advantages of a +1 legend level. Although his charm was low, but with this solid first impression, it naturally made his interactions and engagements much easier. Following that, the lieutenant colonel dejectedly stroked his hands as he paced back and forth, before firming his head in resolution.

’’Alright, then I'll just explain our current situation fully. Firstly I need to inform you of the reason between the conflicts of the human race and arachnids...... it certainly isn't like what those nonsense like conquest, environment, conflicts, survival the politicians debate about;but it's for an ore! A natural resource that is extremely rare even in the entire universe! A crystallite superconductor ore (Unobtanium)(ED: It's because it's unobtainable!Sorry, couldn't help myself)!

As he spoke, Dundee retrieved a rock that looked like Unobtanium. This crystal was silverish-blue, its surface brimming with metallic brilliance. But more awe-inspiring was that it could actually float on its own, 2cm from the palm!

’’This is that unobtanium that those stinky brats hail as 'Pandora'. Its performance exceeds all human made superconductors. Under 1516 degree celsius (china 2761 degrees) temperature, it can maintain its superconductor performance. The superconductor also contains an ultra powerful anti-magnetism energy, that under 1 billion gauss (100,000 Tesla) magnetic field intensity, it can still maintain its superconductor properties. This is 1000 times more powerful than any earthly material.... At present, the economy of the Star Alliance is on the decline, every kg of raw ore of unobtanium isn't lower than 40 million american dollars. Please note, that's just the raw mineral that hasn't been purified!’’

Mogensha dropped his jaws and replied.

’’WOAH woah Lieutenant Colonel. I'm getting dizzy by those figures, I feel like just hearing that figure can pressure me to death. It's that same blissful suffocating death under the pressure of a big chested lass.’’

Dundee sighed and continued.

’’Pandora crystals (refined by the ore) is known as the most perfect energy. What uranium or petroleum, it completely cannot compare! Hence, there are people that traverse through the universe in search of it, and are even willing to pay any price. The Pandora crystals only flaw is that apart from the humans, many other alien species also desires its stored capabilities. This includes the arachnid race, and also the reason for our relentless war against them. And also the sole reason for the hostile barriers between our different human bases;and the disharmonies between the arachnid colonies!


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