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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Surrender and survivors

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Description: 'Sample electromagnetic cloud explosive'. This is a newly introduced weapon containing immense killing potential. Currently for some unknown reason, it's launching detonation malfunction rate is high. After launching, it will deal 30 - 80 points of sound wave damage to the surrounding creatures within a 10 metre radius. Damage will be directed towards the arachnids functionality, destroying its sense of hearing and balancing organs. Hence it will also result in a 10 seconds dizziness debuff for the arachnids.

Sheyan had previously seen this deadly tool when several brave marines made a desperate suicidal charge, hence it left a deep impression on him. He tried picking one up and instantly felt his hand sinking down;even though this object was the size of a bowl, it was close to 30 kg in mass. Furthermore its detonating process was complex, no wonder the previous marines were unable to utilize it as grenades.

This object was deadly to others, yet to a 530 health points high Sheyan, he was completely unafraid of its 80 points of damage. Although its sound waves disregarded the influence of 'Endurance*', it was still affected by resistive defence and translated to only roughly 40 points of damage to Sheyan. Even 2 - 3 detonated in his face wasn't fatal to him, but it could further produce an additional compelling dizziness AOE debuff effect;People would murder for this, a truly superb item.

(TN: *Disregards because endurance only guards against physical damage. Soundwaves isn't considered physical according to author)

Without hesitation, Sheyan quickly stored everything , not even leaving one behind. But it goes without saying what this action resulted in, the commander's face instantly turning dark as night;obviously regretting deeply the words he offered earlier. He became noticeably cold to Sheyan and gang, and instantly ordered them to leave.

Fortunately, that amiable specialist, Celtic, wasn't a person from Fatal Helmet base. Hence, Sheyan's greedy behavior wasn't related to him at all, remaining as the adoration as the prior battle's savior was still present. After hearing of their departure, he still offered some farewells. Sheyan's goal was to heal the sick, since its objectives had been met;naturally he wouldn't go over to Fatal Helmet base if he didn't need to. The commander's order to leave was exactly what they wanted. After their farewells, they boarded the Scout craft and once again calibrated their directions;heading for the nearest aircraft crash site on the map.

During the journey, in order to avoid various dangerous districts like Ionic explosion sites or arachnid infested regions;they took an entire 6 hours to reach their destination when the direct route to the crash site was only 3-4 hundred kilometres. But sadly after a long time of searching, they didn't find any traces of the transport shuttle landing here. Instead, they only came across some native creatures scavenging for food.

Following the logic of security in being neutral, Sheyan and gang didn't disturb those native creatures. They even discovered a species of giant spotted spanish-fly similar to the previous flaming beetle. But this fly was extremely docile, laying inside its own crevice in the shade as it gnawed on its grass and black moss.

The slut Jinkuang, was now glowing with health and vigor;like a crazy old man feeling like a youth, he leapt onto the fly's back carapace as he complacently waved his finger forward. Riding it like a car for a few kilometres before descending, as though the this savage looking fly was something that was bred from him. Although it appeared similar to the flaming beetle, nevertheless its temperament differed more than a million miles.

According to theory, travelling through the night was an extremely risky decision. Because travellers wouldn't have the adequate concentration, and they couldn't see the way clearly ahead in and their car could overturn. Fortunately, the contestant's evolved body allowed them to maintain long periods of focus, moreover obstacles that could overturn the Scout would be rather bulky and easily identifiable. Hence after discussing, they decided not to pause and directly headed for the next crash site;all the while churning a thick sand storm behind them, as the Scout zoomed as fast as lightning.

After sprinting for nearly a hundred kilometres, the distance to the next crash landing site was merely 10 kilometres away. Even though they possessed a contestant's body, they had experienced a night of continuous bumps, their body was somewhat fatigue and their spirits worned out. Hence, they halted their journey to take a break.

Both their emotions felt rather imperative. Because 1 hour ago, Sheyan accidentally realized his achievement points had plunged by another 1 point, which indicated that Reef's side had encountered another challenge. Moreover, once their side becomes utterly exterminated and the main lead dies as a result, it was quite likely everyone in this temporary party would be forcefully sent back to the realm. Since the mission failed, Sheyan and Mogensha would instantly lose 6 achievement points and 3 points in their highest basic attribute. Although that setback couldn't compare to them suffering serious injuries, moreover they each had reaped a black grade component already;but if they didn't fulfill this mission, it will still cause them to be rather dejected.

After rejuvenating their minds for 10 minutes;the two wore their battle armour and made sure they were combat ready before beginning their search for the transport shuttle. In the end, from a faraway distance, they could roughly make up the rear end of the transport shuttle. The shuttle's abdomen and plowed open a hundreds of metre long deep gorge within the desert;it was like the desert sustained a bitter scar. Lastly, the shuttle's head had deeply crashed into of of the rocky hill ahead. Fortunately it seemed like the emergency landing was a success and it didn't explode in flames. It wasn't even that intense of a collision, probably the most fatal danger for the passengers would be being drowned by the torrential pouring of sand.

But as the gap between the crashed shuttle and them shortened, their faces swiftly turned sullen. Although from afar was a peaceful atmosphere, but a clear battle traces greeted their horrific vision. Thick blood and shattered battle armour, clumps of dried brown blood stains, eerie white bones were abandoned after deemed inedible. Lastly, distinct earth-yellow bomb craters and unique vestiges of the Hydralisk's corrosive acid vandalized the entire shuttle's surface. Everything pointed to one thing - that an extremely violent battle had broken out at this crash site!

Sheyan who could be still classified as a battle rookie, undoubtedly Mogensha the veteran managed to discover more clues. After ensuring that there wasn't any pertaining danger here, he scavenged around aimlessly but with an ultimate aim;occasionally finding cloth fragments underneath rocks, and a pile of bullet shells within the sand. He then prone to the ground like a dog, sniffing around and even committed the repulsive act of licking the dried blood stains. Finally, he returned with a heavy expression as he advised Sheyan.

’’They probably suffered an ambush after landing for half an hour. The raid was abrupt and violent, to the extent that they didn't even have time to carry away the supplies left in the shuttle. Even some of their heavily wounded comrades were abandoned inside the shuttle.

Sheyan surveyed the surroundings, nodding his head to acknowledge his inference. He suddenly recalled something.

’’How about the shuttle's pilot?’’

Mogensha lightly shook his head.

’’The shuttle's head had utterly smashed into the hill, likewise the pilot. Even if it avoided the hill, the head would be driven into the desert sand..... Only such an action would immediately cause the shuttle to be buried inside the sand. Next, people who managed to flee were only about a dozen, if they were all ordinary soldiers;then very likely they were shredded to pieces by the assaulting arachnids within the hour!’’

Sheyan sighed deeply and continued.

’’You're able to trace their retreating path right? Then let's go up and take a look.’’

Mogensha nodded.

’’No problems, but we cannot use our hovercraft anymore. Because the terrain is starting to become complex, we may get ambushed anytime! From the looks of it, our hovercraft can't even sustain one terrifying attack. Moreover, it's easy to overlook tiny threads of clues on board the vehicle.’’

If Sheyan was alone, naturally he wouldn't be afraid of the arachnid's ambush. But Mogensha was afraid of the extreme terrors of two zerglings simultaneously lounging at him, hence he was naturally more cautious. The two concealed their shuttle underneath the desert sand, and Sheyan naturally took the lead while holding onto the zergling's natural counter - 'Prometheus III Flamethrower'.

The two of them traversed through the remote environment, following the clear chaotic traces towards the west. Luckily, the sunset didn't carry any sandstorms, if not it would become increasingly difficult to follow the trail. After going around the missing shuttle for a round, Mogensha sighed repeatedly. Sheyan understood his depression. Because a shocking discovery of a pathway was found within the desert! Yet this small path was forged through various hoofprints trampling and dragging traces!!!

From this image, it seemed that the arachnid race had dispatched an entire fleet to pursue the fleeing survivors! More frightening was the evidence of a hydralisk mixing with this fleet. Mogensha glanced at Sheyan, stopping his desired words from leaving his mouth. Sheyan pondered a moment before sincerely offering.

’’I know you wish to advise me to give up. But you haven't considered properly. After we landed, we stayed at Steel Whip base for a day, and roughly half a day through the journey here. Even if there was an astonishing quantity of arachnids, they would've probably dispersed by now. And the reason why there was such a massive congregation of arachnids, I reckon it's because the emergency landing caused a huge ripple of impact. If the both of us were capable to enticing the entire arachnid nest against us, luring the arachnids from its territory and incubation nest;then I believe the entire arachnid race would've long ago been extinguished. Hence I believe that any form of danger we encounter now, should probably be a scope we can deal with.


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