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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Huge advantage

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Currently, the trend of the world now must be mentioned. Following the advancement of space navigation technologies, and the discoveries of wormholes;the humans interstellar colonies were currently edged into people's hearts like the beginning of the maritime era (Pirate of the Caribbean era). Many independent regimes of feudal vassals have been established, but of course nominally they still have to rely on their main origins - the homeland planet. Due to the segmentation of individual colonies in the cosmos universe;apart from encountering main formidable external enemies like the arachnid race, they normally do not foster mutual close ties. Just like where Sheyan came from the Steel Whip base, it didn't belong to the same colonial power as this 'Fatal Helmet' base.

Hence before validating Sheyan's identity, the commander remained cold and indifferent for fear of Sheyan being a rival. But once he declared he was from the homeland;because the homeland had no intentions of getting a slice of this planet, there wasn't any clash of interest between this planet's colonial powers. Thus, they welcomed him warmly.

After exchanging formalities, this army fleet indeed belonged to the 'Fatal Helmet' base. Their primary goal was to invite that specialist, Celtic, to their Fatal Helmet base to set up a bio-genometrics research centre;allowing soldiers with potential to cultivate to become medics, which will substantially reduce the mortal casualty rate in war. Sheyan's main objective was to seek for medical aid, and was actually able to encounter a genuine medical specialist;naturally he straightforwardly requested his help.

Very quickly, the unlucky Mogensha and goblin Jinkuang received unique treatment and aid, probably recovering in no time. Since he attained his goal and time was increasingly tight, they declined going to Fatal Helmet base, expressing their regret to the commander. To express his gratitude to Sheyan, he specially gifted Sheyan a new suit of an enhanced model - NBC Powered combat armour. He also generously open up the ammunitions and supplies shuttle for them to freely take.

While all this were ongoing, on a rocky hill a few kilometres away, several shadows of figures appeared out. They were wearing a protective camouflaged clothing, their sleeveless garment was drenched in sweat;obviously camping here for a long time already. The 8 human figures dispersed over the surrounding rocky hills. The place they were residing seemed to be rather inefficient, but was actually the peak vantage point for snipping. The 8 of them maintained their absolute focus monitoring the specialist, Celtic, never once slacking off.

Without any exception, beside all 8 of them was a 'L115a4 Accuracy international AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)' - a long range electromagnetic sniper rifle! Such a fearsome electromagnetic sniper rifle was sold by the 'Holima' Accuracy International company for a price that exceeded 300,000 interstellar currency. It carried lockdown capabilities, lethal strike abilities, electromagnetic coverage, bombardier bullets and several frightening abilities. Within the flames of war, the amounts of superior arachnids who had fallen to this weapon category had exceeded over 4000. Because of its domineering power and unparalleled precision, even the entire Star alliance military hailed it as the 'Surgeon balde'!

A military officer dressed in camouflage uniform whispered into his earphones.

’’Target has been secured, disperse!’’

Under his command, the 8 of them started dismantling their rifle and swiftly left. Their movement mobile and nimble, filled with experience and elite training. Naturally, they should be people who have battled through life and death situations countless times. Obviously they were here to protect that exalted 'Celtic specialist';once he was in grave danger, their military commander would certainly order them to open fire. The lives of anyone else wasn't placed in their eyes. If Sheyan had known beforehand that there were 8 guys cautiously aiming across his head within the warzone, he would certainly feet gloomy in his heart.

Concurrently while accompanying the fleet;within an insignificant looking armoured transport vehicle, several famous researches were busy at work. Slightly above them on the screen, was astonishingly playing the images of their latest battle scenes. The battle had just concluded not too long ago, but the entire process had been captured clearly by the laser drones and conveyed over. Giving them instant firsthand feedback. Data of various fist, movements and reactions were analyzed by the main computer before summarizing into the researcher's hands.

’’The battle data statistics and analysis is out.’’ A researcher steadied his spectacles as he announced to the rest.

’’The primary targeted weapon is that latest model 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' from the homeland. Currently still in battle experimenting verification phase, yet to begin mass manufacture phase. To be able to retrieve such an equipment now, his status background isn't low.’’

’’According to the previous effective statistics, this elite warrior named 'Seaman' stayed within the arachnid sea for an entire 31 seconds;of which he was assaulted by the zerglings for over a hundred times. But yet he is still able to miraculously escape and survive! Moreover, according to specialist Celtic's primary date personnel LePersia, the metal content within this Seaman soldier is below 5%. It's a negative that he is a cyborg existence.’’

Another white gowned researcher, who seemed like the man in charge here, started reading another report.

’’Research objective: Explosive strength outstanding, adrenaline secretion regular, Bi-digital O-ring* test feedback degree low, psychological analysis superb, other data excellent;everything is rather similar to our own elite marines. Currently, the only abnormality lies in his resistive defense capabilities and regeneration capabilities.’’

(TN: some medical diagnosis test, you can check google it's pretty complicated stuff)

’’Oh? A dignified tone was released from someone, someone who probably carried authority for a long time.

’’According to the analysis feedback, whenever the specimen encounters any form of damage sustained to him, his body would react with a series of instincts. Firstly, his muscles would violently shrink in, his internal organs voluntarily shifting itself;but more peculiar is that the arteries and veins would close by itself. This prevents excessive blood loss, and lessens the pain degree. Such instinctive reactions requires one to go through an extremely rigorous and harsh resistive training to take shape;yet the specimen very naturally achieves it. According to our calculations and computer matrix pattern deductions;even if the specimen gets hit with a bullet, as long as it doesn't latch onto his brain or heart, his life wouldn't be in danger!

’’Apart from that, the specimen's regenerative abilities far outstretched an average person. After sustaining injuries, his internal hemoglobin actually can reproduce to 3 times an average person in a short time, leading to ridiculous intake of oxygen level. In conclusion, the specimen's resistive abilities are extremely astounding, his regenerative strength is similarly terrifying.’’

’’Apart from that? Is there anything else? Mr Carmen?’’ The dignified manly tone sounded a little disappointed.

’’Nothing else.’’ Mr Carmen's reply was a little unsure. ’’But chairman, we can ask Madam Oumanji, see if she has any discoveries.’’

Very quickly, another researcher Madam Oumannji rushed over. She was probably around 40 years old, skinny, aquiline nose, her pupils slightly greyish, looking rather astute and experienced. She was also the medic who took the initiative in healing Sheyan previously.

’’I've heard of the homeland, they mentioned before about a plan for genetically mutated soldiers. The specimen's abnormal regenerative abilities and resistive strength is probably one of those enhanced experimentation with genes of wild beasts. Extracting the hereditary coding from infant animals, and combining it with the bio-genetics of a human. From a biological perspective, hereditary gene fragments passed down for the later generations are primarily centered around enhanced survivability, and not combative by nature. The direct examples would be the infants of horses and deer being able to gallop and sprint directly after birth. But tigers, lions, wolves and savage carnivorous wild beast do not produce infants who can fight directly after they are born.’’

Until here, the female researcher paused.

’’The specimen's hereditary genes should have originated from a section of those genetic DNA fragments. Actually such research has long been around ever since the ancient earth era, the primary inspiration for all these originated from a case of an infant being able to survive even in vile and harsh conditions. During 1931 AD of the ancient earth history, a careless priest went of to do his own things while baptizing an infant. When the infant's mother was alerted and reacted, the poor little guy had remained inside the ice-cold baptism basin for an entire 15 minutes. That time, the Siberian cold wind was wreaking havoc at the area, the temperature was minus 30 degrees! But the end results we are all clear of that;that infant grew up healthily and matured greatly to govern the world's greatest country at that time for 8 years;his name was Boris? Boris Yeltsin? Yeltsin's rumored stories of a wolf child, or the ape child case, we don't need to explain further.’’

’’Therefore.’’ The madan Oumanji concluded. ’’The specimen may very well be the latest generation of genetically modified soldiers. Based on our current technologies, to create an genetically modified soldier is possible;but it is hard to solve the problem of energy consumption of activating the body cells substantially. For any average person, to replicate the specimen's powerful regeneration would require an insane consumption of body energy. Not even an hour later of that function activation, the body would exhaust its vitality and die.’’

The dignified voice remained silent now, deeply pondering before shutting his communication screen.



Faced with the commander's generosity, Sheyan bluntly pulled Mogensha along. Although there wasn't a need for Mogensha to change his weapon, but several special bullets could still be great for him;bullet types providing 'Shaking' 'Penetrative' 'detection' 'illumination' etc.

Sheyan also found a safe deposit box within the ammunitions and supplies vehicle, the door wasn't locked. Based on the doctrine that a safety deposit box would contain many precious objects, Sheyan instantly rushed up to examine;wherein he discovered a dozen disk shaped weapons that most probably were landmines. On it was a warning - 'sample electromagnetic cloud explosive'.


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