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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Relieving

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: XRCO and Elkassar

After Mogensha heard his suggestion, he knew that Sheyan intended for him to take the front lines and attract their attention. Normally, he wouldn't be willing to let others use him in such a manner, yet he also understood the terrifying level the Metals professor and Fanu had reached! Yet, in the previous world, the one that caused the death of the Metals professor and Fanu and survived, was this man called Seaman - the Seaman who had an innate defensive ability!

This cruel reality further established Mogensha's belief - This person must be made a friend, and not the enemy!

After putting to rest his thoughts, Mogensha coughed loudly and attracted the attention of everyone else. He raised his voice.

’’I am the golden AK user, Mogensha. Everyone probably have heard of my name before right? Is there anyone able to attack the two beasts outside?’’

After he issued the statement, at least 5-6 others displayed an astonished expression, beginning whispering in each others ears. Seated in front of him, a male wearing a leather jacket frowned.

’’I can, but firstly It isn't enough to kill them, and I feel there isn't a need to. Let the other transport ship distract them, wouldn't it be better? This will secure our safe landing.’’

Mogensha laughed coldly, and ignored him. Opposite, a female very resolutely offered.

’’I reckon I can communicate with the pilot first. If there is a need to retaliate, then we would definitely do so. But first I need to know the reason.’’

Obviously this woman's prime ability should be her charm, but naturally she didn't receive a resolute answer - because Mogensha himself did not understand what Sheyan was coming at. But Mogensha understood one thing, and that was Sheyan wished to attack the pursuing twin beasts a the back. If he couldn't even accomplish the first request of Seaman, then his personal worth would no doubt decrease.

Mogensha acted decisively, drawing out his golden AK and aimed towards the 3 safety straps before releasing fire. He then reach out for the metal safety belt and exerted force lightly. A piercing metal cranking sound resounded, as he pulled off the metal safety straps that were binding him;finally standing up.

’’What are you trying to do!’’ Several stunned voices probed out. Disregarding them, Mogensha directly strode towards the little shuttle at the pilot cabin;releasing a robotic yet frustrated tone.

’’Hoi! Mate in front. The two alien freaks have already annihilated at least 20 of our bros, and they look like they're about to succeed again. Are we just gonna stay here stupidly?’’

The pilot snarled back.

’’Do you think I don't want to wreck their ass? F***, I swear on my son's baseball cap. If this was a Valkyrie (anti-fighter spacecraft), then I would serve these two spore wyverns a taste of 8 rounds of H.A.L.O (High Altitude Long Operating) cluster rockets! But this is a bloody transport shuttle, although it is a specially enforced transport shuttle! Rather, you better F***king scram to your seat and buckle up!’’

Mogensha shrugged his shoulders dejectedly.

’’Alright, looks like the only thing we can do is pray for them.’’

The pilot cleared his throat and suddenly issued.

’’Wait wait, I remember while reinforcing this shuttle, that old Nick seemed to have installed a machine cannon. But the shuttle took off before there was time to link it to the firing system. But if you have confidence in yourself, then I can open the firing compartment. Yo still have to operate it manually. Truthfully, I don't suggest you doing that.’’

Mogensha exposed a crafty smile.

’’Just wait and watch the show.’’

The pilot extended a thumbs up without turning to him. Pressing somewhere, a long drawn out 'Chi' sound emitted from the ceiling rampart. Another pilot chair rotated as it descended. Mogensha arrogantly took his seat, and ascended with the chair. The male in the leather jacket looked on disapprovingly, yet he didn't dare to voice out. Mogensha's golden AK was a rather impressive deterrent.

In a flash, illuminated tracer rounds were fired out from the hood of the transportation shuttle;directly piercing the body of a predatory spore wyvern. The unprepared spore wyvern immediately lost balance and starting rolling in mid space, screeching out in agony. Huge greenish sticky fluid gushed out from its wounds, leaving speckles of green traces floating in space, before utterly vanishing.

The pilot released an excited cheer.

’’Woahh wow, well done you really didn't disappoint mate! When we're back I'll treat you to a drink, and introduce Marie to you. She has an impressive fertile chest!’’

Following that, the illuminated tracer rounds swerved against the other spore wyvern. It was still chipping away at the other transport shuttle, but probably was now on guard. It instantly, glided its wings and evaded, but several holes appeared on the membrane of its wings. It then nimbly shifted its trajectory, easily turning towards Sheyan and the rest before surging forward.

But at this crucial moment, the illuminated rounds disappeared. Mogensha had actually halted fire at this moment! Unless the weapon was faulty?

Hundred metres away, the audience could vividly see the distorted wrinkles and repulsive skin of the spore wyvern;its artillery gland swelling up greatly. Suddenly, a concentrated burst of bullets pierced out, like an energy whip lashing against the monster's body! The concentrated depleted uranium ammunition pierced into its body mercilessly, releasing splatters of greenish fluid. The wyvern flipped several rounds before darting away, relinquishing itself to furious roars from afar.

As the two spore wyverns congregated together, the pilot let out a contented sigh. Gritting his teeth and uttered.

’’Trash, do you still dare to follow?’’

After speaking, he pushed a piloting gear. A daring fiery red glow formed around the exterior of the shuttle, indicating their arrival into the planet's atmosphere. The two spore wyverns were only accustomed to space warfare, and only spiralled two rounds before drifting away. The ceiling chair rotated back down, and Mogensha leapt off. His sneer sweeping around untamable, as he returned to his former seat.

At this moment, the pilot communicated loudly.

’’Hello? Is this 003, are you guys fine? No no no, it wasn't god's glory that saved you from your impending demise. Its old Nick's half hearted cannon installation, and a brave soldier on our side. Woah ah, I can see your fumes discharging from your engine. Yes yes yes, the hydraulic pressure system should be failing right. Looks like forced landing is your only option. I wish you the best of luck.’’

After speaking, that shuttle shot downwards dragging along a trail of dense black fumes. But it looks like the emergency landing wouldn't be a huge issue. Every contestant looked rather disappointed, undoubtedly if they could land together with that transport shuttle;then the soldiers within would have become a formidable reinforcement for them. Only Sheyan glanced at that leaving transport shuttle thoughtfully.

Very swiftly, their shuttle penetrated through the atmosphere. Filtering past a bare mountain range, and a yellow sandy yet rocky beach at high pace. 3 minutes later, a small scale base built with steel infrastructure appeared ahead. The base was extremely striking amidst the rolling yellow Gobi desert. Each of the four corners were equipped with 6 installations of air-to-air missile turrets, scanning around repeatedly. The pilot glanced back and leaned back.

’’Lads, welcome to planet P. In view that the area is swarmed with those damned insect breeding, small spore towers and deadly beasts like the Roach snakes/ exploding floaters;thus that base ahead is your destination. Later, a commander will announce your mission orders to you. After landing, you have 1 minute to leave the shuttle. Oh right, that courageous soldier, I haven't heard of your name yet.’’

Mogensha's lips cracked opened, exposing his pearly white teeth.

’’I'm Mogensha Ramu. It was a joy riding in your aircraft.’’

The pilot squeezed his eyes, turning over and tossing an iron harmonica over. Mogensha received it with one hand.

’’Pass this item to Dundee, the pilot of the other shuttle. You did well lad, I'll thank you on behalf of the other passengers on that shuttle. If you have the time, come back to the base to find me.’’

Mogensha received a notification.

’’You received 1000 utility points.’’

’’You received the item: 'Pilot special harmonica'. This harmonica is manufactured with various junk and waste, although it isn't worth much it is original and ingenious.’’

At present, the transport shuttle had already started descending over the top of the steel constructed base. Within the base, were at least 30 rides of SCV (Space engineering cars) travelling back and forth around the entire base;their electric torches raised over them as they engaged in various reinforcements or engineering works. The glaring sparks forged into everyone's vision.

Obviously, they appeared to be anxiously reinforcing this base. 3 bunkers were constructed next to the 5 metres tall steel reinforced walls, while two other bunkers were currently under construction. These bunkers provided reliable cover for weaker gunmen. While being assaulted, they could still carry out repairs;moreover every bunker could dish out huge amounts of damage in a short span of time.


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