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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Matchless blaze

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

All of a sudden, a massive incident occurred at the temporary defence line the humans established! The earth started rumbling;suddenly a gigantic flaming beetle exploded forth, overturning a heavy siege tank in the process. Although this arachnid wasn't as mighty as that junior class legendary creature, it was in its optimum condition. Thump Thump Thump! It swiftly dashed about, relying on its nearly 10 ton body weight;it didn't even have to spit any flames as it brazenly flattened and knocked everyone around. Although it finally met its fate in the end, it managed to release to acidic flames before falling;melting 23 people and causing a massive chaotic uproar.

This was the worst situation, internal trouble and external aggression. Forget about the human casualties, yet the overturned siege tank translated to an obvious deficiency in firepower. Rallied by their vicious zergling commanders charging in without restraints, the zergling tidal wave behind broke out in murderous blood-lusted frenzy. The already crumbling frontlines was instantly directly broken through.

As the floodgates were opened, several troopers roared out in despair;tossing aside their gauss rifles as they charged directly into the heart of the zergling sea. Looking like they had been drowned inside the arachnid sea, suddenly flickers of dazzling azure glow radiated through the gaps;instantly shredding any zergling within its 6-7 metre radius. Even zerglings 10 metres away were affected and stunned by this earth-shattering effect. Of course, the source of the glow, the troopers were instantly decimated;their corpses dissolving into ashes.

Next, that high level medic suddenly activated a striking ability, causing the zerglings ahead to suddenly turn confused and mutually slashed at each other. The defence line was temporarily holding on, yet it was only due to the efforts of the troopers exchanging their lives for it. If the arachnids continued flooding in, then very soon they would break in and engage in widespread slaughter. This critical situation was already imminent!

At this moment, Sheyan realized his former plan had been ruined. If he didn't act fast now, then the entire human fleet would very well be eradicated completely. He roared loudly to the heavens, containing a ferocious insanity, as he tightly pressed the 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' trigger at full throttle. Two fiery serpents slithered out swiftly, as long as 30 metres. Then he outrageously charged into the zergling tsunami as he headed similarly towards the human's defence line!!!

From a bird's eye view -

A human!

A human the size of a rice!

In a flash, penetrating in abruptly like an awl,

Releasing a courageous and reckless audacious grandeur, deeply penetrating into the boundless arachnid ocean!!!

Sheyan did his utmost to advance while controlling his flamethrower;dishing out a scorching flaming pillar against the zerglings. If one were to glance down from up high, it really seemed like a massive current of flesh being directly blocked by a fiery blazing dam cutting through it!

Although faraway the troopers were engaged in their individual bitter struggles, numerous people managed to notice a fresh red hot movement from far! Some of the soldiers were even shocked and dumbstruck, before releasing a ’’Woah, so damned awesome!’’ exclamations. But only Sheyan knew that in his predicament, charging forward while releasing his wildfire;naturally some of the arachnids will be able to break through and pounced viciously against him!

Under such circumstances, Sheyan's vision was currently massively obstructed. All he could see what flames ahead, and wild berserking blurred zergling figures sweeping through his sides!

But more importantly, although 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' was said to be able to last 5 minutes, it's intended usage was actually pretty similar to a cigarette lighter;triggering here and there and not bluntly pressing down like a machine gun. Using it mildly but constantly could only heat up water for 10 minutes. Yet with its currently excessive and full blown spitting of flames, this weapon's effect usage duration was reduced to merely 50 seconds!

Sheyan grit his teeth as he continued charging forward! At present, he really was showcasing a one man show as he severed the terrifying waves of zerglings! Wherever he passed through, he left a broad 7-8 metres deep burnt traces along with smoking zerglings littering over it. Moreover, the agitated smaller zerglings had lost their vision of the commanders and wildly clawed against Sheyan's back. Fortunately the surface area of a human's back was rather limited, probably only 7-8 zerglings could land a strike onto him at one go. Furthermore their strength couldn't compare to Sheyan's, the chances of knocking Sheyan down was relatively low.

In a short 10 plus seconds, Sheyan had managed to charge into the core of the arachnid sea. Behind were immeasurable amounts of tiny zerglings fanatically pursuing him. Finally, the lucky survivors of marine troopers pressed forward as they finished slaying the zerglings ahead, but were immediately dumbstruck as they saw Sheyan;rooted to the ground in a blank distraction!

In this instance, Sheyan roared out fiercely as he activated his 'Stimulant'. His already rapidly declining HP suddenly took a sudden dip, but next Sheyan instantly revolved around;his attack speed had been doubled by the 'Simulant'! Every since anchoring himself within the sea of zerglings, his killing efficiency rate had soared astonishingly. After he completed a full rotation, there was finally a shocking empty plot of land around his body. But these fearless crazy zerglings swiftly reclaimed their ground, and covered the empty land in mere seconds;once again pouncing against Sheyan.

Sheyan again executed another rotation, at least frying close to a hundred more zerglings;burning out a pathway towards the human's defence line. He then borrowed this precious breathing seconds, releasing the trigger as he made a dash for it. The duration of 'Stimulant' had not yet been exhausted, his 50% boost of movement speed was still in effect. To be safe, Sheyan even quickly and randomly activated his soul equipment 'Endless Spirited Vodka'. In this manner, Sheyan's speed was suddenly overwhelmingly greater than the zerglings, as he boldly escaped from the clutches of the first two incoming zerglings.

The opposite excited soldiers roared out with joyous craze, their whistles and cheers went on continuously. Obviously Sheyan had just committed an unforgettable and unimaginable performance! If not for the cool-headed officers restricting them by the side, they would have already charged forward to receive Sheyan.

When Sheyan successfully entered the range of the troopers, his health was already left with less than 150 points. Although this wasn't a critical state, the thrill and dangers of diving into the boundless zergling sea had sapped at his concentration greatly. Because if his flamethrower had suddenly malfunctioned or the fuel unexpectedly consumed before his prediction, then even if Sheyan had 10 times his maximum health;he would surely be mortally engulfed and eaten alive!!!

Consecutively, the marines* had long ago locked onto the vicious zerglings that were pursuing Sheyan wildly;they pressed their triggers, as long tongues of flame shot out. Currently, Sheyan's armour had already been gnawed into a shredded mess, and his body covered with deep or light wounds;blood repeated streamed out. His image portrayed a picture of an impending death. Taking the initiative, the medic head quickly scuffled through the crowd, and waved his arms towards Sheyan. Sheyan could feel a cooling yet refreshing sensation raining over him, as though was was bathing in an icy cold spring. His concentration suddenly became clear;feeling much better he released a long satisfied exhalation.

(TN: Sorry for the confusion, I'll follow starcraft's unit name and call the trooper/machine gunner ->marines from now.

It cannot be said that Sheyan merely intercepted and stalled the zergling tide for only 20 seconds;to the human frontlines who were in the midst of collapse, it was equivalent to an injection of adrenaline. It allowed them to regroup, reorganize their formation, change their magazines and take cover behind objects. Sheyan was acting as an individual fighting squad. Once he fled behind the defence lines, he instantly collapsed to the ground and panted heavily. Simultaneously, several humans rushed up to assist him, and professional medics delivered emergency treatments.

After resting several minutes, Sheyan once again slung his 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' and stomped to the front. Presently, his back was covered and there was nothing to fear, furthermore he had the aid of long range firepower;and the refreshing bonus of the medics. Sheyan rushed in without the slightest restraint as he begun his massacre. With a powerful ally like him attracting the main focus of the arachnids upfront, the reclining marines behind fought on with relative ease. If the zerglings wanted to break through, it was simply too difficult. Every single metre came at the expense of a huge price. Not long after, one of the faraway zergling commanders seemed to realized this operation was failing;he gave the command, and the zergling wave suddenly receded like low tide. Gradually, they faded into the horizon.

Only after ensuring that the zerglings had retreated completely did the humans loosened their concentration. Several humans disregarded the filthy and bloodied floor as they sat and laid on the ground, panting heavily and puffing on a cigarette. Undoubtedly, Sheyan was everyone's hero.

When some of them heard that Sheyan was an elite soldier dispatched by the Homeland planet to assist here, they immediately saw the light;becoming extremely cordial and warm. Although Sheyan's 2 points of charm were terribly lacking, most marines exhibited a 'Welcome esteemed guest' attitude to him. Naturally, that +1 legend level was also in effect.

Although the zerglings devastated many, it couldn't be compared to the frightening quantity of their deaths. Sheyan's heroic attempt had reaped him great loots;fortunately in these situations, drop loots could be slotted straight into his interspatial area. If not he really wouldn't have the time to retrieve them. Sheyan kept two dark blue grade, uncommon carapace with him;while the other random junks, he exchanged for close to 3700 utility points. It could be counted as many little drops make up an ocean.


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