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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: A surge of thousands!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan could only make out, although the human's firepower were extremely destructive, they couldn't hold off the unceasing, daunting waves of suicidal arachnids. Just a few minutes later, the arachnid assault had already pushed in a further 20 metres. If this situation continues to persist;then very well in another 5 minutes, the human's defensive lines would be breached by the zerglings!

There was a widely common knowledge - anything closer than 2 metres, the threat of firearms would pale in comparison to close combat weapons. What's more ahead of these soldiers were savage zerglings who threatened with their merciless razor-sharp teeth?

At this moment, a commander was already roaring out urgently, desperately gesturing to his back;as though asking some to retreat. Instead, the carriage protecting him didn't move one bit, yet from above consecutively marched on several people clad in white battle armour;comprising of both guys and girls. A distinct red cross was painted atop the armour, and in their left hands they held a paramedic box shaped like a shield. Its exterior could be use to resist the incoming attacks from enemies, while various medicines and tools were stored in its interior;it was extremely efficient.

The head of the pack was a middle aged man wearing spectacles;he wasn't wearing any powered armour, instead looking rather amiable and not the least imposing. The machine gunners surrounding them whispered amongst themselves nervously, before they started cheering simultaneously. Their bodies were flickering with a faintly white glow, and their shooting speed suddenly accelerated. That state was something Sheyan was rather familiar with, they probably were utilizing the 'Stimulant' injection from their powered battle armour.

Currently, the several white armoured personnels had scattered amongst the soldiers. Their hands were emanating spots of blue light;before droplets of moisture like glow formed above every soldier's head, gently merging into their bodies. That should be regenerating their life points. At this moment, Mogensha spoke out in amazement.

’’I've come across that information previously at Steel Whip base, aren't those the medics? Several humans in this world have awakened their mental powers;after a series of trainings, they will become powerful combat medics. They can use their mental powers (MP) and convert it for treatment healing effects.’’

Under the formidable adrenaline of the 'Stimulant' injection;the arachnids were starting to get rapidly forced back, leaving a pile of pathetic flesh and blood. Originally the arachnid wave had already forced themselves close to 50 metres near the human frontline, but now they were forced back to a hundred metre or so position.

But at this crucial moment, the arachnids suddenly changed their formation. Primarily, they retreated like a regressing tide out of the firing range of the siege tanks. Then over a dozen commander class zerglings congregated together, forming into a pointed tip of a triangle formation. Naturally with them leading the charge, the remaining smaller zerglings followed suit behind;pressing forward ferociously with rumblings as loud as thunder!

Mogensha coughed out anxiously.

’’Those guys are in huge trouble!’’

Sheyan observed the remaining 2-3 zergling commanders left in the arachnid pack, and issued.

’’Shit, I need to support them.’’

Mogensha pondered.

’’An ordinary zergling has roughly 30 points of attack;it is said that if there's a metal ore mine near their breeding ground, then their attacks can be raised to even 40 points. Their frightening nature lies in their speedy offence. But taking into consideration your special abilities, you'll indeed be quite impregnable;the only thing you need to worry is about explosive strikes. But the sheer quantity zerglings beneath is really too overwhelming..... I feel its best to make a detour and converge with the machine gunners.

’’No no no, on hindsight converging with those guys may seem like a good idea, but it is actually more dangerous. Naturally, they would certainly push me towards the frontlines. If most of the incoming rush of commander zerglings survive, then the pressure I will receive is greater. More importantly, the impression we want to leave on them won't be deep enough, the benefits won't be amplified.’’

Mogensha was stunned.

’’Unless you intend to break in individually?’’

Sheyan earnestly nodded his head.

’’Why not? According to the intel gathered from the Steep Whip base, the zerglings' attacks cannot possibly break through my defence. Furthermore as the lowest ranking soldiers of the arachnid race, their strength lies in sheer numbers, rapid movements and attacking speed. Thus, apart from having lower health, their explosive hit rate is also lacking. In a real battle, it is approximately about 1%. There shouldn't be a problem.’’

Mogensha muttered.

’’Since you've put it that way, the risks are indeed lowered to an acceptable degree. Cough cough.... Although I'm sick now, but definitely receiving you to escape when you need, I'm still capable of that. But still I have to say, charging into the arachnid sea alone..... Is something only a madman would do.’’

The confident Sheyan replied.

’’Don't forget I still have the battle 'Stimulant' to flee;if during that duration I can escape the battlefield and not get surrounded, then I can activate any movement speed booster and successfully make a getaway. Anyway the arachnids main focus beneath are currently on the surrounded fleet. The faraway machine gunners still have the protection of those medics, they won't fall that easily. If I can lessen the pressure through the side, it will definitely provide adequate support.’’

After speaking, Sheyan started concocting a dosage of 'Strength of the bear's flesh mix', and wore his powered combat armour. Although the armour was exceedingly reinforced, its joints were particular fortified and sealed completely. During a battle, that was fine;but wearing in during daily normal activities was really like wearing a diving suit, incomparably stiff and inconvenient. Thus, where there wasn't any danger, Sheyan didn't put it on.

Next he picked up that 'Prometheus III Flamethrower';due to its limitless ammunition, when Sheyan had the time he often test-fired with it. He was long ago ripped as a melon with it, and slung it across his back before placing on his helmet;leaping off and sprinting towards the battlefield.

At this critical point, every machine gunner was focusing their firepower against the frenzied charge of the ferocious zergling commanders. Even the 3 siege tanks were combining their efforts, because everyone feared the terrifying consequences of them breaking through the frontlines. But there still several machine gunners at the ends that noticed the actions of Sheyan, who was wearing the red hot 'Prometheus III Flamethrower'. They channeled their machine guns, raining the ammunitions onto the zerglings while concurrently shouting loudly.

’’Oii! Good news lads we seem to have assistance. The bad news is that the assistance is only one person! Is he trying to kill himself?!’’

Indeed, according to these soldier's knowledge, Firebats (close-quarter combat pyrotechnique specialists) with such blazing weapons was the natural counter to the massive horde of zerglings. Once the Firebats engaged in a frontal assault, their superior AOE damage could completely massacre the incoming zerglings onslaught. But the prerequisite of this was that there must be an adequate amount of Firebats, and there also mustn't be any Hydralisk around. If not due to their deficiency in range, without reaching the hydralisk they would've already been corroded thoroughly by the acidic fluid jets.

Furthermore, Firebats have one very fatal flaw, and that is they didn't possess any defensive capabilities. Therefore in the starcraft establishment, Firebats are normally placed as an entire organization structure, only used for special and unique purposes. Therefore in these small bases, normally there weren't such specialized Firebat troops in existence.

Just when the soldiers thought that Sheyan was about to get drowned inside the arachnid sea, Sheyan suddenly halted at about 50 metres from the side of the arachnid onslaught. His actions caused a slight ripple of disturbance within that side of the charging zergling onslaught. Sheyan took another few steps forward as suddenly, 10 lesser zerglings broke off from the rushing pack as they bared their fangs and pounced towards him. Once they entered Sheyan's firing range;Sheyan immediately pressed the trigger, spraying out two long over 20 metre blazing serpents as he instantly fried the 10 loose zerglings!

Suddenly engulfed by raging flames, these 10 zerglings were set aflame as they shrieked in anguish, breaking out into frantic aimless sprints forward. With Sheyan's incredible 23 points of perceptive sensing, he could anticipate their frantic evading route, and completely barbequed the wild zerglings after they only ran 5-6 metres out! He couldn't even leave a zergling behind to test its offensive capabilities.

’’Why is this weapon so powerful......’’ Sheyan was even shocked by himself. Because the 'Prometheus III Flamethrower' was a unique weapon belonging to this world, and was disallowed to be brought out;self-destructing when the user left the world. Therefore, Sheyan was completely unable to view detailed information on its offensive might! But from what he witnessed now, its range of attack and damage capability may very well vastly exceeded the traditional equipment of Firebats. But after considering its purchasing difficulty and price, but could only be dealt with effectively against zerglings;it could only be deemed as an above average tool.

After drawing out another few zerglings, Sheyan finally sampled the offensive capability of the zergling;it actually reached 37 points. Looks like Mogensha was right, this pack of zerglings probably hosted a metal ore mine near their breeding ground;hence, it explains their increased damage. But to Sheyan whose defensive threshold could probably cover over 50 points of damage, these measly 30 points or 37 points similar amounted to only 1 overall point in damage.


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