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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17: Poison, Cheap pricing and individual taxes

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Tossing aside his greed and cowardice, goblin Jinkuang's equipment totally concealed everything except his teeth. Previously in the realm after his unethical and atrocious sale of counterfeit drugs/poisons, he had earned a fortune which he used to start a buying frenzy. Sheyan had previously caught a glimpse that heavenly light gold potion that the Metals professor had used, and the ridiculous goblin was actually carrying with him at all times!!! No one even knew how he managed to get his hands on it, this guy couldn't be described with logic!

Mogensha already recognized this wretched looking goblin, understanding that it possessed remarkable abilities. He straightforwardly sliced of a chunk of greasy meat and delivered it over. Instantly a huge plate appeared swiftly out of nowhere, and a clean napkin was already slung around Jinkuang's neck;followed by a set of stainless steel cutlery and what not. With both eyes sparkling and a drooling expression, he indulged into the meat;emitting satisfied groans while eating crudely.

’’For the love of gold, free food really tastes the best.....’’

Sheyan rolled his eyes and scoffed.

’’Get ready for your violent vomiting the next morning.’’

Jinkuang wasn't deterred.

’’Free is the most beautiful word, there is no other.......ah, mister your roasted meat is really supreme, 'chomp chomp', god, I dare to bet you don't know how great the oil dripped during roasting taste, letting it drip into the fire is such a huge waste...... I hope you don't mind me using my plate to collect the oil.’’

Mogensha laughed, his teeth setting a particularly white glint in contrast to this charcoal skin.

’’That is my honor.’’

Under the pretext of the word 'free', goblin Jinkuang's appetite had mysterious grown exponentially;as Mogensha went off to collect a Hydalisk and begun barbecuing it. This cheap slut heartily discussed about the most delicious parts of the arachnid, while slicking more and roasting it. When Mogensha served Jinkuang to his heart's content, he politely and honestly leaked out his real motive.

’’This, dear Jinkuang sir, I heard that you are an expert in concocting medicines?’’

Jinkuang was originally slightly intoxicated as he gulped from the wine cup, delightfully laying on the soft sand;yet once he heard Mogensha's words, he instantly became alerted and vigilant.

’’What do you want?’’

Mogensha very bluntly smiled.

’’I just wish to purchase some poison for myself, about giving me some discounts based on our relationship?’’

Once he heard there was business to do, Jinkuang was roused as he offered a sly smile.

’’Yea sure sure.....right, what do you use? Firearms right?’’

After speaking, like a magic trick a shabby looking laboratory was formed;test tubes, spirit lamps, crucibles and everything essential. He hands then started to move in a very disorderly and blurry manner, as though about to showcase a performance. Sheyan also hadn't witness this act before, so he curiously observed by the side. Suddenly, while Jinkuang was shaking a thin neck pitcher, the pitcher suddenly cracked and shattered;soaking it thoroughly as white fumes were emitted!

Sheyan was startled, this goblin Jinkuang was an exceptional tool;if he died here because of poison, Sheyan's losses would be great. Looking at Jinkuang's pale, no wrong, wretched green face while disastrously tottering, Sheyan rushed up to support him. Yet the miserable Jinkuang's eyes was filled with tears as his ugly green wrinkled face twitched, and released a pitiful voice.

’’Yet another ruined pitcher, damn! Need to use money to buy another.’’

Sheyan was about to offer him emergency aid, but after hearing this twisted remorseful logic;his vision darkened as he felt himself about to faint. Instead, Jinkuang wiped his tears and asked.

’’Master, have you flirted too much, why did your legs turn jelly suddenly?’’

’’Your mu......’’

Once again goblin Jinkuang showed of his concocting performance and succeeded this time;he mixed out a small beaker of white creamy liquid, nodding his head in satisfaction. But the next moment he suddenly fished out a huge plastic bucket filled with clear water, intending to pour the beaker of liquid into the water. Sheyan finally understood where did that 5% success rate of poison came from, actually this wretched slut diluted the Black venom.

But while Jinkuang was about to engage in his deceitful acts, a distinct cough travelled in from the side. Glancing back, he realized Mogensha was squatting by the side, glaring at him. Even the thick skinned Jinkuang could only laugh bitterly.

’’Keke, this is a habit, I forgot our friendly relation....right, look at my new product, are you satisfied?’’

Mogensha's eyes instantly lit up with the poisonous attributes:

Black Venom (altered): This is a venom specially altered by goblin Jinkuang. After smearing this 'Black Venom' cream onto your long range weapon, every successful strike onto an enemy will carry 15% success rate of poisoning him. Duration of 15 seconds, every 3 seconds will release a pulse of poison damage;damage ranging from 10 - 20 points (Based on the opponent's resistance).

Pointer: Smearing success rate of 99%, After smearing, duration last for 30 minutes.

Warning: 'Black Venom' every pulse of poison can appear explosive (critical) strike!

Mogensha directly asked.

’’How much?’’

JInkuang forthrightly replied.

’’Just 2000 utility points is enough.’’

Sheyan was stunned, no matter what that wasn't his servant's style. Instead, Mogensha unhesitantly begun the transaction...... 10 minutes later, with his head slapped against his forehead;Mogensha was howling out in anguish over the sand!

’’Seaman! Seaman!!!!! Why does your F****** servant able to collect tax during a transaction. What logic. Look at this ridiculous individual tax, stamp duty fees, and even a **#&*!! Compensation for loss of youth??! Your servant can lose his youth by concocting bloody chemicals??’’

Sheyan couldn't resist laughing out.

’’Alright alright, as long as you get used to it.’’

Mogensha painfully wailed.

’’Your servant is not a goblin! He is a demon wrapped in goblin's skin..... My savings!!!!’’

Sheyan unfolded his hands innocently.

’’Don't look at me, I don't gain anything from it. You should already know how proud and pampered summoned creatures can be from Phelps and Fanu in the Symbiosis sect. My servant is not your average creature, it doesn't lose out in any aspects but amplified even more. I only wish is not to get exploited by him, don't even think that I can get him to cough out his money.’’

Mogensha understood Sheyan's words were real, with his teary face he rolled to the corner. After planning, they decided to first rest here awhile before advancing. Originally they agreed that Sheyan would keep watch first while Mogensha rested;but a minute later, Mogensha was hobbling with an ashen face as he dashed towards the rear sand dune while clutching his tummy. Following that was a earth shaking rumbling of explosions, as he slowly dragged his feet back while rubbing his stomach. Sadly, this scenario replayed every 10 minutes..... And Sheyan might as well be the one that rested.

After Sheyan slept for 2-3 hours, to his horror he discovered tragic Mogensha reclining against a rock as he panted disastrously. His body was releasing an awful shit stench, and the most amusing part came through the nightmare imprint when Sheyan inspected his status. This was the explanation given:

Health condition: Worsening

Infected disease: Diarrhea. Reason - Consuming half-cooked zergling meat, leading to unknown bacteria breeding generously.

Disease effects: Attributes lowered by 15% until complete recovery, HP reduced by 20%, Accuracy by 50%.

Disease process: Worsening

Sheyan almost broke out in a fit of laughter;after having his body digitized upon becoming a contestant, he had never fallen sick. Even the slight rhinitis (ED: Rhinitis is basically a fancy name for a cold, google it if you're really interested) as a seaman was completely healed. He didn't expect such an unlucky thing like falling sick would actually happen. He secretly went to spy on the nearby Jinkuang. Sure enough, this cheap slut who stuffed his face with food was infected more severely;his face pale as he huffed miserably, of course that awful repelling stench.

Sheyan hastily checked their electronic continent map, discovering that 200km from here was a human base named 'Fatal Helmet'. After slaying off 'Scorching Mouth', their reputation had rose by 1000 points, therefore they shouldn't be assaulted randomly or bombarded by cannons. Hence, he carried the two unlucky brats back to their shabby hovercraft as flew off towards that direction.

Approximately a hundred kilometre later, continuous and chaotic echoes of gunfire could be heard in the distance;along with the distinct booming of the siege tank cannons. Tracing the sounds, a spiralling thick fog of black smoke greeted his sight. Back against several rocking hills, a fleet of humans were currently engaging in fierce battle with a flooding tide of arachnids.

The bunch of arachnids were mostly the lowest grade zerglings, relying on their exceptional agility and flexibility to pursue the humans. Mingling amongst the crowds of zerglings were several massive built, bigger zergling commanders. Overgrown incisive claws extended from their limbs. Their eyes scarlet red and droplets of gooey fluid slipped out of their lips. Their claws and fangs were viciously sharp, giving off an impression of being able to tear through any armour or carapace.

The fleet of humans seemed rather elite, not only did they have close to a hundred machine gunners clad in battle armour, they constructed 3 temporary forts. Moreover, they had 5-6 Vulture aircrafts patrolling around, and lastly 3 heavy siege tanks. Apart from that, their transport tankers were armour fortified till seemingly indestructible, and pushed to the frontlines as shields.

Mogensha rested against his back as he breathed slowly while observing.

’’Looks like the humans are in deep shit.’’


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