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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Hydralisk and Zergling Barbeque party

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

If an ordinary person encountered this awkward predicament, they would be uncomfortable to death. Fortunately they were both contestants;moreover Sheyan was a 2nd Lieutenant and his interspatial area of his nightmare imprint had broadened greatly. Hence, he carried huge amounts of water within, directly taking a shower right in the middle of the Gobi desert. But after this, he was still left with 30-40 kg of water, enough to last several weeks.

Mogensha had already gathered the dropped loot from 'Scorching Mouth'. It didn't drop a key, but a clump of glowing black connective tissue. Instead of a summoned treasure chest, it swiftly swelled up greatly with inflated veins, into a bumpy purplish meat sack;looking at it, it really seemed like the beetle's stomach.

According to the theory for legendary creatures, there should be a 70% chance of dropping a silver storyline equipment or item. But before they begun battling, the gigantic beetle was already substantially injured (Medium). Therefore, they reckoned that the possibility of a silver storyline grade equipment could still occur, but wasn't a huge possibility. Hence both Sheyan and Mogensha awaited expectantly, furthermore this was the first time they were about to share and allocate the spoils of war. Numerous other contestant parties have triumphed over incredibly powerful creatures, yet they crumbled in the end because of internal disputes over distribution.

While they were stressing over how this object was going to open;a gush of heat wave blew over and the repulsive meat sack shriveled up and split open, exposing several objects. There were shockingly two objects radiating a black glow. Following that, the nightmare imprint pumped in the notification:

You discovered a remnant: 'Serial no.77312 dog tag'. (this is a remnant from a soldier who had sacrificed his life for his country. You can exchange for rewards at any human base)

You discovered an object: 'Unknown Nodule' (No humans know what this is for)

You discovered a component: 'Granule high energy rapid-fire magazine'.

You discovered a component: 'Steel Canvas black Arms Strap'.

You discovered a precious object: 'High energy crystal' x3


Granule High energy rapid-fire magazine

Material: No.3713 Metal plastic βmold

Category: Assembling/installation component

Origin: Homeworld Rockefeller company. No.12 Refine workshop.

Item rarity: Black

Equipment position: Firearm slot

Weight: 662g

Length: 50 mm

Effect: Substantial upgrade of weapon's precision and firing speed (Determined by the complementing weapon's firing speed and precision)

Effect: Explosive strike rate +1%

Selling price: 6,770 utility points

Description: After installing this component, you have to pay a fixed utility points fee before unloading it. While unloading, there's a chance of weapon and component being destroyed.

Evaluation: It must have been a component from a terribly powerful firearm. 'Scorching Mouth' had destroyed the rest with its acidic flames, only it was left behind.


Steel Canvas Black Arms Strap.

Material: Blended fabric

Category: Assembling/installing component

Origin: No.7 Colonial planet. Battle metropolis, ’’Metersbonwe’’ military workshop

Item rarity: Black

Equipment position: Weapon strap/sling

Weight: 129g

Length: 110 cm

Effect: Strength +1

Effect: Increase the explosive strike damage by 50% of the equipped weapon.

Selling price: 5370 utility points

Description: After installing this component, you have to pay a fix utility points fee to dismantle it. While dismantling, there's a chance equipment and component may be destroyed.

Evaluation: Fortunately this item wasn't destroyed along with its previous owner.


Precious item: High energy crystal x3

Description: In any human base, you can treat this like the present world diamond and trade it.



After scrolling through, Sheyan straightforwardly put out.

’’The two black grade components are firearm types, if you can use it then its yours. I'll take the rest, but you still have to pass me 6000 utility points.’’

Sheyan's allocating method could be said to be reasonable. Although black grade components aren't like equipments which exhibit their potential upon equipping, these items were considered extremely rare. The rarer it was, the greater it worths. If there weren't any buyers, then the price wouldn't be high. But once someone requires it, then naturally it will reap outstanding profits. Mogensha's eyes flushed with relief as he excitedly examined the 'Granule High energy rapid-fire magazine'.

’’I already have a good gun strap, but this magazine is extremely beneficial.....’’

Sheyan refreshingly waved his hand.

’’Alright, since you like it then take it. I'll take the gun strap. For the remaining items, my servant will probably be very interested over that 'High energy crystal' and the 'Unknown Nodule', the rest is yours.’’

Splitting such a feast, naturally they took what they required and were both delightfully satisfied. After Mogensha loaded it, his golden AK had a new astounding jet-black magazine. It looked rather out of place, but after testing fire one would understand the domineering qualities of this magazine.

Previously when Mogensha open fired at his enemies, his burst shots were only in bouts of 3 before pausing briefly. The reason for this was although his weapon was exceedingly powerful in attack, its negative aspect was that it greatly lowered accuracy;he could only maintain 3 bullets of precision. This was something similar to Sheyan's silver storyline accessory 'Monstrous fighting spirit', it received an overpowered passive ability but similarly would reduce his charm but an entire 5 points.

As Mogensha tried test firing now, he could easily release burst shots of 4 now. Actually releasing 5 burst shots was possible but he still had to familiarize himself with the newly enhanced tempo. But certainly in the future, he would be able to easily deliver the maximum output! This undoubtedly suggested his horrifyingly monstrous potential.

Explaining simply, when Mogensha released his burst shots of 3 previously, he required 3 seconds of rest to stabilize the gun and aim again. According to this theory, he would be able to release 20 bouts of burst fire in a minute, that is 60 bullet rounds. But with his current burst shots of 4, then every minute according to theory could deliver 80 bullet rounds. Its effect had been raised by almost a third! Of course, this was only theory, but this black grade magazine had really boosted his offensive efficiency by at least 15%! What more 5 burst shots in the future?

Moreover, Sheyan honestly and courteously kept the 'Steel Canvas Black Arms Strap';and directly installed to 'Ambition'. Firstly it added strength +1, but its additional 50% increase of explosive strike damage really catapulted Sheyan's explosiveness. 'Rum and Songs' had its explosive strike damage raised from 200% to 250%, while 'Ready' the one off explosive strike would be able to released a terrorizing 300% explosive damage!

This battle had really drained them mentally, especially Mogensha. His innate ability 'Beastly instincts' was a passive ability and could only be activated once every time he fired 10 shots, and release the bullet towards the most optimum target in the battle. But now after his 'Beastly instincts' had been upgraded, it was able to be interchanged passively and actively. Once he actively activated it, it consumed an amount of MP;but his next bullet will definitely have the influence of his 'Beastly instincts'!

To prevent themselves from getting ambushed by arachnids, the two found a wide spacious rock and sat over it;drinking water and resting. The black man Mogensha rather disliked the military rations they brought along. After licking his thick lips, he looked towards the distant battlefield as his eyes shimmered.

’’I reckon the zergling's meat will taste pretty good. What do you think?’’

Sheyan was taken aback, just thinking of those rotting purplish flesh caused him to feel nauseous. He hurriedly stopped him.

’’Oi! The corpses have already been barbequed by the high temperature here for a day, aren't you scared of eating rotten meat?’’

Mogensha disregarded that idea and replied.

’’These arachnids have rather strong vitality. Even if their organs were pierced they could struggle at death's doors for several hours. If we wanted to, we'll definitely be able to find fresh meat. Haven't you learn about surviving in the wild? An animal's flesh shouldn't have poison.’’

After speaking, he drew out a military dagger as it casted a bright reflection onto the nearby rock. Next he bit onto the dagger steadily;wearing a military sleeveless garment as he exposed his swaggering suntanned muscles, as he waddled towards the battlefield. As leisure and carefree as going to a supermarket.

Not long later, Mogensha dragged a zergling back, it was still twitching slightly. Very swiftly, he split open its belly, scraping the bones as he got rid of the filth;slicing against the meat with various methods as skillfully as a butcher. Without expending much energy, he stacked several rocks together and ignited a fire before starting to barbecue. Sheyan glanced at the zergling's purplish flesh and felt rather sick. But after Mogensha scattered some seasoning over, an unexplainable fragrance emerged. Firstly, he carved out a fleshy sizzling chunk with his dagger and delivered to Sheyan. Sheyan shook his head firmly as he kindly declined Mogensha.

But from far, suddenly a piercing and lofty shout followed.

’’Ah! Master If you don't want it, give it to me! At least I can have a free meal!’’

Sheyan was very accustomed to Jinkuang's unpredictable appearing acts. When there was a battle, this fella will surely disappear without a trace, but when there's things to gain he would surface out of the blue. Initially Sheyan was still worried for him getting injured, but from now he didn't care any longer. Based on this goblin's superior than rats or cockroaches surviving ability, death was really hard to imagine.


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