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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 14


Chapter 14: Another legendary creature

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

Mogensha found it incredibly hard to believe.

’’How could that happen?’’

Sheyan raised his brows.

’’This is just my deduction, but....... There's one thing I don't understand, that is the origin of this war.’’

’’The origin of this war?’’ Mogensha was slightly taken aback.

’’Right.’’ Sheyan earnestly continued. ’’Why would humans travel all the way here? Even the various bases here exhibited signs of unity, but are actually divided by heart. Why would they come over here away from their comfort zone to this godforsaken planet to instigate a war with the arachnids, and even compete amongst themselves. Don't bullshit and say its for love and justice. And why are the arachnids so aggressive, do they really enjoy the thrilling sensation of getting bombarded with ammunition and cannons? What is the underlying reason for all these?’’

After listening to Sheyan's speech, Mogensha bitterly smiled and folded his arms. He once again inspected the corpses and confirmed the scene.

’’It's impossible for human weapons to create such wounds, only the claws of arachnids are savage enough to cause this gruesome brutality. But this burnt mark is really confusing, even our flamethrower cannot produce such terrifying heat. At least we can confirm this was the result of an internal strife between the arachnids eh?’’

In this instance, both suddenly felt the earth beneath vibrating! It was like an incomparably mighty creature was about to erupt from the deep earth. Both were contestants and their reaction swift, they immediately dived towards the side. Naturally Sheyan instantly self-harm as he activated the passive ability of his '+5 Monstrous Fighting Spirit'. His HP immediately soared to 530 points!

In the midst of the rising sandstorm, a huge crater cracked open from the sand;allowing a monstrously huge beetle to surface. The beetle was at least 4 metres tall and 7-8 metres wide. Its body appeared grey, taking a similar shape to a cockroach. It had 8 symmetrical long legs, its entire body covered in carapace with its swelling and robust joints sticking out. It emanated an aura of destruction.

The beetle's head was wrapped in a thick solid carapace, its eyes illuminating a firefly green glow. When he erupted from the ground, its complex mouthparts were even chewing on the corroding corpse of a hydralisk;the body fluids dripping displaying an unexplainable beastaility. It looked rather heavy and wild, but its 8 long legs scurried rapidly;THUMP THUMP THUMP! As he directly shot towards the two humans unbridled.

Sheyan activated his 'Endless spirited vodka' passive ability without hesitation, boosting his movement speed by 28%. Although the effect would vanish at the point of attack, but as long as he couldn't be reached that was fine. He turned around to see the gap widening behind this gigantic beetle;but after observing this creature was about to change its focus to pursue Mogensha, Sheyan drew out his shotgun as he released 3 consecutive shots. But when the metal beads of the shotgun touched its carapace, it simply produced a metallic collision sound and ricochet in all directions. DING DING CLANG CLANG. A symphony of chaotic sounds.

Although Sheyan wasn't able to deal damage to the beetle, he succeeded in drawing its attention. When Mogensha finally found a safe sniping spot, he immediately transmitted the details he probed:

Scorching Mouth (Medium injuries)

Junior class legendary creature

Species: Mutated insect

Lifespan: 3 years

Height: 4.2 metres

Length: 6.3 metres

Weight: 3.2 tons

Strength: ? ? points

Agility: ? ? ? points

Physique: 4 points (Medium injuries)

Perceptive sensing: 20 points

Charm: 0 point

Intelligence: 5 points

Spirit: 5 points

Remaining health: 2736 points

Insect class characteristics: 'Chitin Armour lvl5' , 40% chance of absorbing 20 points of damage.

Insect class characteristics: 'Molting lvl5' Every time a creature with this ability molts, its powers would receive a tremendous increase!

Special ability: 'Submerging earth' , Scorching mouth can swiftly dig into the soft ground and freely move within.

Special ability: 'Tenacious lvl4'. Additional 4200 HP, every time it receives an attack, there is a 10% chance of reducing the attack by 50%.

Special ability: ? ? ? ?

On hindsight when he first saw the words 'Junior class legendary creature', Sheyan instantly broke out in panic. Because after that hard fought encounter with the mountain troll, the term 'legendary creature' had been deeply engraved into him;something that he couldn't provoke as of now! After seeing the 'Medium injuries' tag behind, he sighed in relief. Although that meant the chances of dropping a black grade equipment was bigger, it also meant it could definitely be taken down.

DA DA DA The clear gunfire of the AK resounded into the air. Naturally, without Sheyan's assistance, Mogensha begun locating weak points of the beetle. According to the current image, this beetle probably participated in the battle a day ago;probably diving into the ground to recuperate after receiving heavy injuries. Hence, today its superficial wounds were probably recovered fully;and after sensing the arrival of Sheyan and co, it instantly drilled out to hunt for its food.

’’Crackle!’’ After more than 10 consecutive shots, a round finally cleaved into the left abdomen of the beetle;its blazing tip piercing in. Its plump belly twitched instantaneously, as a yellowish liquid gushed out from the bullet hole. If one clearly observed, he could tell the color of the left abdomen shell was much lighter than usual;naturally it was newly formed previously.

After locating its weak point, Mogensha didn't stand on ceremony. Utilizing his marksmanship techniques as he directly fired his burst shot;2 rounds pierced against Scorching Mouth's abdomen, producing a string of muffled explosion. The last bullet carried a fiery blaze, and instantly ignited the wound upon impact. Boom! A cluster of flames combusted, roasting the injured flesh crisply. Scorching Mouth was in such agony as it lifted its front legs, half standing and released an oppressive sorrowful howl.

In this moment, Sheyan suddenly sensed an unexplainable hint of danger. Because his position was comparably near the beetle, he could faintly see its abdomen swelling up;as though something was building up within its chest. While Mogensha was still expressing his abilities as he continued firing!

’’RUN!’’ Sheyan yelled out. He was originally dragging Scorching Mouth in rounds, but now he had to commit his last resort. He actually sprinted towards the gigantic beetle, pushing off mightily with his twin legs;his fist proceeded to inflict heavy punches towards its perking lower jaw.

An abrupt rotten blast of stench assailed into the air! This sort of intense odour was able to instantly cause one to puke!

A wide curving umbrella of yellowish liquid sprayed out astoundingly from 'Scorching Mouth's widened mouth. As the liquid interacted with the atmosphere, it boiled up with intense combustion. Boom! A yellowish-green trail of flame enveloped its front region at a 30 degrees upwards angle. Its head was swaying to the left and right with a furious tempo, dispersing its violent flames.

But at that very moment, Sheyan's twin fist ferociously directed its lower jaw involuntarily upwards, causing the scorching flames to engulf into the air in futile. Without Sheyan forcefully tilting its precision, then the fleeing Mogensha would certainly be unable to avoid the incoming deadly flames. Instead, Sheyan couldn't withdraw his left hand in time as he suffered the direct force of the flames!

Through his nightmare imprint notification, Sheyan realized he suffered 136 points of fire damage. Enduring the burning pain, he made a side roll as he attempted to flee from the range of this beetle. Yet its body was overwhelmingly huge as it directly stomped over Sheyan with one pounce of its 8 long legs. Sheyan raised his hands to protect his head, doing his utmost to roll towards the rear of this fat beetle. A shadow cast over his vision, before a wave of unmeasurable pressure and pain enveloped him;he was directly trampled by Scorching Mouth. But he grit his teeth in pain as he push off against a rock, borrowing the force of impact to dodge the incoming fat ass.

Sheyan finally had time to examine his left hand, his skin had totally been carbonized. The cracks exposed his fresh reddened flesh, causing his hair to stand on end.

At this moment, the battle notification reported.

’’You've been trampled by 'Scorching Mouth', you receive 112 points of damage. Subtracting defence (19+2 points), the resultant damage is 68 points. Your innate ability 'Endurance' activated, your final damage received is 43 points.’’

’’43 points of damage?’’ Sheyan suddenly felt that he had wildly overestimated this gigantic beetle! Currently, he still had an entire 350 HP;which meant that as long as the deadly flames couldn't reach him, anything else was impossible to really harm him! He wiped the cold sweat as he seized the opportunity when Mogensha was frenziedly firing to attract 'Scorching Mouth'. Retrieving his 'Endless spirited vodka' he immediately drank a mouthful before pulling out his white grade shotgun;aiming at 'Scorching Mouth' as he charged forward.

BANG BANG BANG! With one breath he released his trigger fully. Mogensha's repeated gunshots had utterly shattered the left abdomen carapace of the fat beetle;hence the shotgun rounds whizzed into its flesh, triggering the chaotic expulsion of yellowish body fluids. 'Scorching Mouth' swung around in agony, trying to enforce the death sentence on Sheyan. But Sheyan was incomparably cunning and tightly latched onto its rear buttocks.

Even though 'Scorching Mouth' was ragingly furious and repeatedly revolved its body to attack Sheyan;ultimately its body was overly massive. Although Sheyan wasn't fast enough to dodge 'Scorching Mouth' rear legs and repeatedly trampled onto him, his impregnable physique allowed him to endure adequately. Hence, he succeeded in stalling this gigantic beetle.


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