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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 13


Chapter 13: Arachnids internal strife?

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

This piece of armour overall seemed to be manufactured for Mogensha, it can be rated as a top quality. Naturally it caused his heart to thump wildly, palpitating with eagerness. And the next weapon can be hailed as a massive slaughtering weapon against zerglings.

Name: Prometheus III Flamethrower

Grade: Special storyline equipment (Unable to bring out of this world)

Origin: Star Alliance, Fesety galaxy third production star

Material: Manganese titanium alloy

Description: Horrifying massacre tool, extremely terrifying wide scale destruction against groups, lacking in range.

Equipment: 'Unlimited fuel' The Prometheus iii Flamethrower can automatically take in natural energy from the atmosphere, using it as the fuel. Weakness is that flamethrower period doesn't exceed 5 minutes. Filling period = flamethrower duration (doesn't exceed 5 min)

Description: Adorning or stripping off the weapon requires 5 seconds, this equipment requires 2 hands to operate. Once you activate the flamethrower, movement speed reduces by 50% until flamethrower duration ends or unactivated.

Purchasing this weapon requires a reputation of 'Worshipped' in the Steel Whip base;payment of 4000 utility points and 3500 reputation points. Once you leave this world, weapon will disappear.


Mogensha sighed.

’’A pity it requires 'Worshipped' reputation to buy! From 'Revered' to 'Worshipped' it at least requires 24000 reputation, you're still far from it currently.’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’That's not necessary.’’

After speaking he located the base commander, Tommy Kevin. From there, he received several missions, inclusive of patrolling nearby vicinities, hunting several rogue arachnids;some difficult ones included capturing a zergling alive. After 2 hours, he complete these missions, allowing Sheyan to receive close to 2000 reputation points. The Steel Whip base was considered one of the more advanced larger scope bases, they constructed a subsidiary radar station at the side of the central hall.

Sheyan allowed Jinkuang to lead the way inside the radar station. After forking out 300 reputation and 300 utility points, they managed to invite the radar specialists to pin-point 3 locations. According to their deliberation and estimation, if the shuttle had emergency landed successfully, then it would've landed at 3 possible locations.

He then went back to the lady Anzhi, allowing Jinkuang to wield his purple star medal in. Along with his +1 legend level discounts, he instantly purchased 2 pieces of 'NBC advanced powered combat armour'! In addition to one 'Prometheus III Flamethrower'! Of course Sheyan purchased a 'Worshipped' type equipment while having only a 'revered' reputation;hence both the 'NBC advanced powered combat armour' and the 'Prometheus iii Flamethrower'were scaled to nearly 2 times the utility points and reputation! This was even after Jinkuang satisfied the 'full charm' conditions! Such impulse purchasing directly washed clean Sheyan's utility points and his reputation.

Mogensha's black pupils widened hugely! He completely couldn't understand how Sheyan managed to purchase a special 'Worshipped' equipment while having a 'Revered' reputation status! He was only of 'Respected' reputation;don't even mention purchasing, even seeing equipments of items of top grade 'Revered' levels were impossible! Jinkuang's illegal purchasing ability using high prices was a deep mystery, Sheyan naturally wasn't willing to divulge it. But when Mogensha observed that Sheyan's 'Revered' reputation had took a sharp plunge back to 'Cold';he reflected critically and roughly understood what had happened.

After buying these 3 costly equipments, Sheyan economic situation had abruptly digressed back to extreme poverty. Fortunately, Mogensha stood up and firstly procured a Scout aircraft. The Scout was a poor version of the Vulture, it didn't possess any combat abilities;and could only contain 2 people. Its limited gravity hover technology allowed it to travel steadily over any terrain, and its power source can power it for close to 10,000 kilometres. Apart from that, Mogensha procured 10 military rations for a fee of 100 reputation points. Consuming it will replenish 60 HP within 60 seconds (broken when attacked). It also further increase HP regeneration by extra 10% lasting for 120 minutes.

After considering the vile environment, the two wore a helmet to protect them from sandstorms;bringing along adequate water as they immediately set off. Due to the previous base defence, the condition of the surrounding arachnids was in ruins;hence, they felt pretty relaxed. Furthermore, vision in this Gobi desert was unobstructed stretching out into the horizon, there was almost no chance of being ambushed. Moreover, the map they had circled the arachnids inhabited area, showcasing the numerous dangerous regions. Hence, they could fearlessly travel for close to 200 kilometres without meeting any dangers.

On this planet, water bodies were relatively sparse. What was common were grains of sand, rocks and the naked yellow ground;craggy stones piled in heaps strangely dust particles were rather uncommon. The place was mysteriously clean, which indicated frequent large winds carrying away the dust easily.

But saying that there were no traces of life was impossible. Looking closely at several seemingly looking brown rocks, one could vaguely notice they were tenacious vegetations. These vegetations appeared like a tightly grasped fist, and can only be forced open with great strength. Sheyan scattered a drop of water in and could clearly see it swiftly extending out, its plump leaf blades similar to an Aloe vera;covering an area of 1 square metre.

Suddenly Mogensha felt his body shudder before regaining his stability.

’’I've lost one achievement point.’’

Sheyan was currently peacefully starting up his vehicle.


Of course achievement points wouldn't vanish without a reason. The only explanation that the bunch rescuing the Roughnecks probably encountered certain difficulties. Mogensha frowned.

’’If in the next five minutes we haven't lost anymore achievement points, that means they only encountered a surprise ambush due to carelessness. But if consecutive deaths follow, this undoubtedly means..... They have met with immense trouble.’’

Mogensha suddenly breathed deeply.

’’Careful, there's something fishy up ahead.’’

Sheyan understood Mogensha was fairly exceptional;he immediately became alert, turning the power of the Scout to full force in preparation for escaping. After carefully traversing through several sand dunes, a huge horrific battle astoundingly appeared ahead of them! The battle could be said to comprise of many weird species of arachnids, dark purplish blood flooded the area as it congregated into clumps of repulsive blood pools. Even the dry Gobi desert couldn't absorb their viscous blood in time.

Because of the moisture provided from their flesh and blood, several dormant rocks of vegetation were fully awakened;exhibiting their fleshy leaves. Viewing this bloodbath of a battlefield actually producing traces of life, gave off a really contradictory sensation.

The two spied from afar;discovering that if they carefully observed, the fighting arachnids really looked rather similar. They were only distributed into a red colour and a black colour, naturally indicating a dispute between two races of arachnids. Sheyan cautiously piloted the Scout as it revolved around the battlefield, surveying for any movements. After ensuring there were no suspicious movements, Mogensha leapt of the vehicle and adorned his battle armour. He then crouched his waist vigilantly, leaning over.

Sheyan also equipped his battle armour as he surveyed behind Mogensha. He realized that if he imitated Mogensha's posture to advance, his back muscles felt terribly uncomfortable;yet it allowed one to react faster in unexpected incidents, saving a precious few milliseconds. But sometimes that could determine a person's death or survival. Such tactical movements weren't taught in the realm, but should be personally devised by Mogensha during his previous life and death experiences.

Mogensha hid behind a boulder as he scouted, he then posed relaxed gesture to Sheyan.

’’It's fine, the battle had at least concluded for a day already.’’

Sheyan strolled towards the battlefield, feeling more apprehensive as he drew nearer. Because on these arachnid corpses, there were shockingly no traces of bullets or cannon explosions. Yet the injuries were caused by cruel ripping and rough lacerations, corrosive fluids littered the place. But more shockingly, massive burnt marks appeared in a radius of several hundred metres. Tremendous amounts of arachnids had been carbonized within the burnt region, as bright granules could be seen around them;shedding light on the frightening degree of heat of the mysterious flames. Even sand was transformed into crystals.

Mogensha mumbled to himself.

’’Don't tell me this was an internal strife between the arachnids?’’

Sheyan's gaze flickered.

’’Do you still remember the encounter at Steep Whip base? Although we suffered chaotic assaults from the arachnids, their assaults were divided into a sequential order. First the flying scourges before the ground arachnids arrive. If they could collaborate their attacks, then the flying scourges would definitely be able to wreck the siege tanks at the most crucial moments! Then certainly the destruction of the base would be inevitable.’’

Mogensha turned sullen.

’’What you're implying is?’’

Sheyan was resolute.

’’I'm afraid the arachnids aren't so united as they seem on surface. At least the arachnids at the Steel Whip base had appeared two distinct factions, they completely had no intentions of collaboration. Since that is the case, the possibility of them mutually annihilating each other cannot be struck off. I reckon the reason why the victors didn't gobble up their enemy corpses, is because their queen probably imprinted some sort of gene into her battle subordinates. If they consume other arachnids bred from a different queen, then it could very possibly be poisonous to them.’’


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