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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: The other option.

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Roughly 2 hours later, 5 peculiar looking pointy combat shuttles arrived from a distant;halting at the empty area in the central hall. It had no wheels, relying on their limited gravity hovering technology for suspension and advancing;hence its speed was astounding, completely unaffected by external factors. Such reliable Vulture aircrafts were primarily used for scouting and patrolling, their speeds soar as high as 200 miles/hour. It is said that after installing ion thrusters, its speed can be further enhanced by 50%/ At the tip of the Vulture, was a sole anti-personnel grenade launcher;it is said that the newer Vulture models were even equipped with spider-mines systems, where these intelligent mines can fortify their defenses.

But it appeared like the Vultures stationed in the central hall weren't equipped with that technology, and seemed like a transport shuttle instead. Sheyan hid behind a metal framed window as he silently observed Reef and the others streaming into the vehicles. Until the final 4 Vultures had hovered up and vanished, Sheyan finally sighed.

’’It's a pity, that party really had numerous talents.’’

Mogensha appeared behind like a ghost, suspiciously asking.

’’I know that the mission carries a great danger, but I don't get why you don't support this main mission? Don't you know that failing this mission would mean losing 3 points of the highest attribute and a whole 6 achievement points.’’

Sheyan replied in a deep voice.

’’I feel that the punishments enforced by the realm isn't solely about warning contestants not to fail. Instead, I can infer a certain profound warning! I believe that you've already experienced main mission that didn't have much difficulties, most of them inform that if you are unable to meet certain conditions it would result in the realm covering up those loose traces. But this high difficulty mission didn't indicate such information;this undoubtedly means that this is an extremely unique scenario, that will affect the flow of story. Moreover, the penalty for failure even has a cap of 6 achievement points. This no doubted implies the very possibility that more than 6 party members may meet their end;and also suggest that even Johnny Rico may not escape alive. Therefore they specifically limit the penalty of achievement points, the difficulty is on a whole new level!’’

Mogensha wasn't convinced.

’’But isn't this common, more risks would mean more rewards. I believe that follow up rewards would definitely be richer and more generous.’’

Sheyan sighed.

’’But yet you neglect one important factor. That is the party's distribution;I can conceal the fact of my innate defensive ability from Reef and the others, but never the realm! What kind of mission would place two rare types of innate defensive ability contestants to join the same party?! Furthermore, it includes two freakish long distance combat beasts in you and Qiaoer? Moreover, have always believed that I'm an unsharpened axe with limitless prospects?’’

Mogensha was instantly stunned! In his heart he clearly understood why the two monsters, Fanu and the Metals professor, had lost their lives to Sheyan;while he had yet to witness Sheyan's true capabilities. Instead, ever since he entered this world he was already considered his ally, and his low profile was utterly established under the attention of Qiaoer and Reef. Hence, Mogenshas subconsciousness naturally portrayed Sheyan as an extremely profound character, but actually his potential still had a certain limit. But after Sheyan delivered that statement, beads of cold sweat started dripping from his forehead.

’’That's right! What kind of insane mission would require two powerful defensive contestant with the monstrous innate abilities....? And further includes me and Qiaoer! Right, even certain characters have yet to display their hidden might! And when the realm set up this difficulty of the mission, it definitely takes into account the various contributions of the party members! But that damned party is still focused over its internal power struggle! Seaman you brilliant bastard, how did you think so far ahead?’’ Mogensha thought.

Sheyan noticed Mogensha's expression and knew he had been convinced. He slapped his shoulder.

’’You should be clear that the realm wouldn't come up a mission with demanding inevitable deaths. Which goes to say, even the hardest worlds provides a line of hope and survival. Which goes to say, even if we stayed in the party, we still have a chance of completing the main mission. But yet I actually have an even more crucial reason for abandoning the main mission. That is because I've found another lower risk option, yet the rewards may be immeasurable.’’

Mogensha's mind was suddenly ignited by a spark, he slapped his thigh loudly.

’’I understand now. You want to search for the victims of that transport shuttle! The ones that we have rescued previously from the Spore Wyverns.. If we succeed again, the we naturally would receive greater gratitude from them! We will definitely gain more benefits!’’

Sheyan nodded and continued:

’’Not only that, the realm definitely doesn't come up with useless matters. Remember when we just entered the world, when our transport shuttle was suddenly assaulted by the Spore Wyverns? Since, the realm cannot possibly destroy our transport shuttle, why did it even arrange such an ambush? This undoubtedly tells me that if the those large amount of Spore cannons weren't fired at us, then the transport shuttles would naturally be unobstructed and unimpeded! Then the dispatched transport shuttles wouldn't need to detour and even bring forward our arrival, increasing the success of the rescue mission. Perhaps, fully completing the main mission is revolved around this crucial aspect!’’

Mogensha was finally utterly convinced as he nodded aggressively. He then immediately transferred every 'Arachnid Nucleus' he acquired to Sheyan. Sheyan instantly sprinted off and managed to call Jinkuang over. Mogensha was subsequently rather confused at why Sheyan would actually find a servant that was a goblin, which was incomparably greedy by nature. But when Sheyan fully displayed Jinkuang's 3 signature moves out, Mogensha's back was already perspiring profusely with fear. Based on this Seaman's hidden servant itself, it already vastly exceeded his expectations. What more was the true strength hidden within?

Since that was the case, Mogensha became more firm that his own decision was a wise one. He similarly felt a certain sorrow and empathy for Reef and the bunch.

With their combination, they managed to accumulate close to 30 'Arachnid Nucleus'. Furthermore, through the dropped keys from the arachnids, it further produced another 10 'Arachnid Nucleus';the rest included 'Fractured solid carapace' etc, amounting to around 5-6 of it. According to Mogensha, such things were basic materials, only a contestant with forging abilities would be able to put it to good use. After considerations, directly selling it off to the realm for utility points would be more beneficial, if not it would also occupy excess space.

Sheyan also didn't mind those 7-8 hundred utility points. Moreover since promoting his rank to 2nd Lieutenant, the nightmare imprint interspatial area had expanded greatly;he stored this object and decided not to sell, even Mogesha's ones were purchased by him. He then tossed a total of 40 'Arachnid Nucleus' over to Jinkuang, allowing him to negotiate with that lady Anzhi;he further paid Jinkuang 50 utility points for the services.

After hearing the words 'service fees', Jinkuang surged with a sly excitement and interest. He directly wriggled his butt and bluntly charged into the office. Similarly, he inherited Sheyan's +1 legend level, and crudely kicked open the door - yet the impacted backlashed onto him, the metal doors were all sliding doors. The lady Anzhi immediately stomped out furiously, but instead a teary, cringing and agonizing Jinkuang appeared in her view. Learning from her previous experience, her attitude took a 180 degrees turn as she smiled widely.

’’So it is Mr David, please enter, please enter.’’

Then her face turned sour as she pointed at Sheyan and Mogensha before ordering.

’’You two wait at the door, don't dirty my carpet!’’

Sheyan and Mogensha watched speechlessly as Jinkuang marched in with an overbearing arrogance into lady Anzhi's chamber, or rather personal office. But Anzhi bluntly forcefully slid the door shut. Very quickly, Sheyan's worries disappeared. His reputation was soaring with a wildly astonishing pace. From the previous 'amicable' it directly rose and broke through 'Respected' and further spiralled up to the 'Revered' status!

’’Good!’’ Sheyan released a long exhalation. ’’This was better than what i imagined. I still originally anticipated that I need to further participate in several missions before raising to 'Revered', who knew this Jinkuang was so reliable.’’

After speaking, he casually transferred another 100 utility points as 'service fees' to Jinkuang. Jinkuang was smiling so vilely and he even praised Sheyan's magnanimosity as deeper than the deepest sea. Then he skipped away joyfully.

At this moment, Sheyan finally stepped into lady Anzhi's office. He revealed the details of two objects he wanted to purchase and shared it with Mogensha.

’’My focus has always been on planning before execution. Since it's only the two of us acting, then we have to be as cautious as if walking on thin ice. Hence, I plan to purchase these two objects. Take a look, if there are no questions then I'll go straight to the commander to retrieve the mission.’’

Mogensha glanced through, his pupils simultaneously contracted.

Name: NBC (Nuclear/biological/chemical) Advanced powered combat armour.

Grade: special storyline equipment (Unable to bring out of this world, automatic destruction after purchaser leaves the world)

Origins: Star Alliance, Sagittarius galaxy ninth production star.

Material: Kevlar, high grade carbon organic fibre, cotton padding/ flex

Description: Powered combat suit, ensuring the life of the wearer.

Equipment: 'U-238 depleted uranium ammunition enhancer (Passive)' Enables the wearer maximum range to increase by 25%.

Equipment: 'Advanced life support (passive)' , NBC advanced powered combat armour possess advanced life support systems, providing 5 HP regeneration per minute.

Equipment: 'Stimulant (Active)' , Injecting a mixture of ephedrine and hydrobromide. Lowers your current health by 20% but increasing your attack speed by 100%, Shooting precision +15 points and movement speed +50%;duration for 30 seconds. After every injection there is a 15 minutes cool down period.

Equipment: Increases your defence by 2-3 points

Purchasing this armour requires your reputation to be 'Worshipped' in Steel Whip base. Payment of 2000 utility points, and 3000 reputation points. After leaving this world, defence equipment will disappear.


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