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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11: Parting ways

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Everyone had been worrying that participating in the base defence had delayed an excess amount of time. But after hearing this pleasant news they sighed unanimously, finally appeasing their worries. Yet the Lieutenant Colonel continued.

’’Even though we achieved victory in the recent battle;our casualties aren't light and desperately lacking manpower. That's why I still wish that you don't go to Whiskey base, I believe that the Roughnecks will certainly be rescued triumphantly. Moreover we have huge amounts of patrol and investigations to do here;although it's quite diversified, it is still better than plainly risking your lives at Whiskey base!’’

The Lieutenant Colonel's last line caused everyone to snort disdainfully, because this was obviously a form of compensation mission. If the contestant had suffered grave casualties and lost many members in the previous arachnid wave;they could only give up on the main mission and still get compensated with another relatively low difficulty mission. But to this temporary party, although their party size did indeed shrunk a little, they were all brimming with confidence because of Reef;this supreme MT defender. Why would they cower now?

But at this moment, someone actually stood out. offering a resolute and decisive tone to the Lieutenant Colonel.

’’Sir, willing to be at your service.’’

This person was indeed Sheyan. He couldn't be bothered with observing the astonished faces, but bluntly continued.

’’Although I've stayed here for only several hours, I've already fell in love with this community filled with camaraderie, unity and honour. It is definitely an honour to fight under you. Thus, I'm not willing to travel to that godforsaken Whiskey base. I'll not go anywhere else, Steel Whip base is my home.’’

The Lieutenant Colonel's gloomy face finally leaked out a slight grin. Sheyan subsequently received a notification informing a raise of 400 reputation points in this Steel Whip base (200 points because of his legend level). If this was the 25 charm Tulip, than this value would've been raised by 500 - 600 points. Reef and Qiaoer were deeply frowning, they could tell that obviously this Seaman contestant by choosing this option, was determined to part ways with the party.

The Lieutenant Colonel directly conducted a military rite for Sheyan.

’’Your reputation is already known of previously (Due to his legend +1), welcome to Steel Whip base soldier. You can take a rest first, before receiving your standard equipment from the military department.’’

’’Wait.’’ Another voice rang out;it was Mogensha's. His face was mostly covered by the battle helmet, concealing his expression. Yet once he stood out, even Reef's unfazed expression changed.

Mogensha humbly offered to the lieutenant colonel.

’’Your honor, I'm willing to fight for you.’’

His words were not meant for Tommy Kevin, but indeed was filled with resolution towards Sheyan. It was obvious Mogensha was more charming than Sheyan;the Lieutenant Colonel Tommy laughed heartily as he patted Mogensha's shoulder.

’’Soldier, you've made a wise decision.’’

Then he expectantly gaze towards the remaining contestants, wishing for another person to be persuaded. Regrettably, the other contestants simultaneously looked at Reef;even though he had displayed his intentions of being unwilling to be the leader, based on his special status, his decision would be the final one! Even the ambitious Qiaoer and crazy Harnik reflexively looked towards Reef.

Reef was sunken;he had originally planned to voice out his decisions, but in that instance he remembered his fallen comrades. The fuzzy helpless expression clouded his eyes. The words on his lips were withdrawn back as he sat back on the sofa silently. Tommy Kevin was rather displeased at their quietness and indecisiveness, he snorted loudly.

’’I'll give you a little more time to think, but only another hour! The two of you follow me.’’

Following the Lieutenant Colonel was naturally Sheyan and Mogensha, he then directly led them away.

If only Sheyan left, then this party's losses wouldn't be that great. But once Mogensha left, then undoubtedly the party's on face combat powers would take a huge plunge! Therefore. The party members were rather shakened by this fact. But since Qiaoer and crazy Harnik was extremely ambitions and cunning, they immediately felt this was Mogensha's method of trying to seize power. Once everyone followed them and gave up the main mission, then naturally they would have to listen to their orders and plans.

Since that was the case, Qiaoer reacted swiftly and clapped his hands.

’’I'll first state my opinion, I don't support staying.’’

By stating his objections directly, he naturally left a 'firm' first impression on the rest.

’’Even though Mogensha and that Seaman had abandoned us, I don't find our overall powers decreasing greatly. Firstly, my medal had earned me the assistance of two machine gunners, their firepower you guys have witnessed before. Even though it can't be compared to Mongensha, it isn't too far-fetched. More importantly, we can treat them as two sacrificial chess pieces;a luxury that Mogensha cannot provide.’’

’’My reputation can provide another machine gunner.’’ Crazy Harnik voiced his support.

’’If the firepower of two machine gunners (Troopers) isn't adequate, then three would certainly compensate the amount we have lost due to Mogensha's departure. Next is Seaman's handy mixture of his enhancement dosages. The dosages he concocts has an expiration of 120 seconds, and looks like it can only be consumed directly after mixing. But I have this tool in my possession that I obtained from the Iron-man world;it is called the 'Contract freezer' can I use it specifically for containing viper venom. Before smearing this venom onto weapons after concocting it, one has to ensure the freshness does not exceed 2 hours. After using it for so long, it never produced any particular problems. Therefore, if we can purchase some of Seaman's dosages and store it here, we will definitely be able to use it when we require it. Anyway no matter what you guys think. I'll never agree to simply discarding 3 points of my strongest attribute and my painstakingly earned achievement points.’’

After listening to the two, the remaining contestants started whispering to each other;feeling that they made a reasonable point.

Suddenly, Tulip gave off a chilling laughter.

’’How would we know if Seaman would sell his dosages to us? If it was me, I'll definitely not sell!’’

At this moment, Reef suddenly snorted grimly, standing up with a oppressive low tone.

’’I'll find them, if he doesn't sell then he better earnestly rejoin the party! Since we've formed this temporary party, then an individual's preferences should never take precedence over the party!’’

Qiaoer raised his brows, naturally it was better if he was the one asking. Yet Reef had previously grown accustomed to being one of the leading figures in his party, that was why he naturally exhibited arbitrary loftiness. What caused Qiaoer to be more depressed was the fact there was nothing he could do for this situation. At this time, Reef had already walked in front of crazy Harnik and sincerely asked.

’’You can confirm that 'Contract freezer' works?’’

Crazy Harnik hesitated before speaking.

’’If not, let's first purchase one to try?’’

Reef nodded, speaking to the audience.

’’Everyone pass 1000 utility points purchasing fee to me. If anyone doesn't have enough I can loan you first before, and return after our contract ends.’’

Everyone trusted that Reef wouldn't embezzle their minute 1000 utility points, and all offered it honestly. Two financially lacking contestant forged up a contract with Reef. When Reef and crazy Harnik located Sheyan, he naturally begun to try persuading Sheyan and Mogensha to continue operating with the party;but naturally the resolute Sheyan kindly declined.

But when Reef suggested purchasing the dosages, Sheyan actually showcased an extremely cooperative attitude;taking the initiative to provide a mixture dosage to crazy Harnik for free, to validate that his 'Contract freezer' was effective in maintaining the freshness of the 120 seconds duration dosage. As expected, crazy Harnik's 'Contract freezer' wasn't a letdown as it succeeded in preserving Sheyan's mixing dosage. In the end, Reef and company walked off carrying close to 15 enhancement dosages, and Sheyan was 8000 utility points richer.

As they left, Sheyan remained solemn for a moment before turning to Mogensha.

’’Truthfully speaking, I never expected you would follow me.’’

Mogensha gently replied.

’’Since I'm determined to make this gamble, then I'll naturally stake everything in;sitting on the fence will lead to nothing. This logic is something I was enlightened with when I was 12 years old, gritting my teeth across the minefield to steal the bags of corn.’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’Indeed, but since you are willing to follow, then I owe you an explanation. But this explanation can only be released after they depart. You still have a chance to change your mind.’’

’’I've never regretted anything.’’ The black man Mogensha bluntly replied. ’’If not I would have already gone to see the lord.’’

Speaking, he placed his golden AK underneath his head like a pillow and laid down, very quickly releasing light snores. This was a habit people who frequently gambled between life and death cultivated, they could grab any safe time to rest. If not, if they weren't killed by others, they would be exhausted to death in the end.


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