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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 5 - Chapter 1


Volume 5: Chapter 1: Spraying and Evading

Translated by:Chua

Edited by: XRCO and ELkassar

The steady flight was suddenly disrupted by an incomparably violent vibration! A green light radiated out, exploding into his vision instantaneously. The entire cosmos universe was dyed in dazzling green, even his contestant physique and twin pupils were thoroughly engulfed by this array;Afterwards, splatters and fragments of green starch diffused into the air like clouds and mist, ultimately dissipating completely.

Simultaneously, Sheyan could hear a ’’ZHI ZHI ZHI’’ indescribably corroding sounds from the top of his cabin;similar to the sizzling sounds made from a red-hot heated up cooking pot. It was clear the external metal was being corroded through at a rapid speed. Fortunately, his perceptive sensing didn't indicate any warning, thus this should be fairly safe.

The green light flashed again, this time Sheyan could clearly see. Shockingly a clump of massive acidic fluid shot out from below, its surface rippling like a vortex;boiling with bumpy grooves and holes. Within the jadeite green liquid, a transporting style spaceship cracked and exploded at the side. Raining over it like rain, the greenish liquid overwhelmed the entire spaceship body, corroding it thoroughly before it became a ball of flames! A magnificent firework exhibition in the mysterious vast cosmos universe.

’’Ship channel is under attack from acid splashes from Spore Cannons.’’

’’Ship channel is under attack from acid splashes from Spore Cannons.’’

’’Warning: Please alter direction.’’

’’Warning: Please alter direction.’’

When the electronic synthetic female voice resounded, Sheyan had already discovered there were 11 others inside the cabin. They were similarly tightly strapped to the cabin;their faces solemn, and deadly silent. They were all wearing an advanced conjoined battle armour and helmets. Sheyan further realized they were all brimming with vigilance after surveying the environment, as if there were zero mutual recognitions. This internal distrust meant a higher difficulty governing the mission.

At this moment, a bright influx of light formed to Sheyan's left as another person appeared out. Although his entire body was covered in advanced battle armour along with the helmet, Sheyan was still able to pinpoint his identity.

Because the weapon on him was too distinct, a golden crafted rifle butt and a golden crafted gun barrel;an apathetic, condescending posture. This was indeed the trump card gunner of the Symbiosis Sect he met in his previous world - Mogensha! If Sheyan didn't recall wrongly, he was the only one left from the Symbiosis Sect.

After his appearance, Mogensha first swept through his surroundings. Reckoning that others recognized his trademark rifle, they whispered quietly to themselves. Finally, Mogensha's gaze settled on Sheyan. Pausing for a moment, a disbelieving message was transmitted through their nightmare imprint.


Such a message required expending utility points, but the amount needed was lesser based on a higher military ranking;finally free at the officer ranking. Sheyan knew that Mogensha possessed formidable perceptive sensing, if not acknowledging him was of no meaning.

’’We meet again.’’

Mogensha sighed deeply.

’’You've gotten stronger again. Looks like your perceptive sensing received a tremendous boost, I can't even probe into your details now. Luckily, we are not standing on the opposite side this time.’’

Sheyan smirked cunningly.

’’Not intending to take revenge for the Metals professor?’’

Mogensha gently replied.

’’Killings between each other a common aspect in the realm. Moreover, the sole person the Metals professor trusted was Fanu, why would I want to take revenge? But I only speculated you would be able to retreat in one piece, I never expected they would actually die in your hands.’’

’’They died to greed and arrogance.’’ Sheyan humbly sighed. ’’Right, why did we meet again so coincidentally?’’

Mogensha leaked out a slight suspiciousness, but remained patient.

’’Currently amongst everyone in the cabin, they should be contestant who possess a definite power and hadn't joined any particular party. These contestants are similar to us, perhaps their party lead had died or their parties were wiped out. The remaining should be those hermit freaks with insane strength. This damned realm really advocates forming parties, thus they initiated such special mission to congregate these zero obligation contestants to form parties. Of course, these special missions have a higher difficulty, and only formidable contestants can participate. If not, the later one goes, the harder it is for a solo travelling contestant to survive.’’

Sheyan nodded his head humbly. He had clearly experienced in the Harry Potter world, the flaw of stubbornly persisting as a solo traveller. Citing a concrete example, just that milestone enough was enough to strike off the entirety of a contestant's staying timeframe. If he didn't receive the Symbiosis Sect's aid, then it was even impossible to tread on the introduction of the milestone. Mogensha stared into Sheyan's eyes and continued.

’’We were previously from the same party;furthermore you're a Close Combat combatant while I'm a Long Distance combatant. Our battle styles complement each other, I reckon the realm has already calculated such segmentations when creating this temporal group. Therefore, the chances of us collaborating with each other is at least over 50%’’

Until here, Mogensha glanced at Sheyan again.

’’Frankly speaking, my previous two parties both had a fatal flaw - a shortage of that crucial cornerstone in rallying the team at the most critical moments! To accomplish this hurdle, one needs to have have both superior intellect thinking and innate combating talents...... Thus, I'm really anticipating working with you.’’

Sheyan's vision flickered slightly, and smiled.

’’You overestimate me... And, and the previous people disliked working with me because of my strong character.’’

Mongesha replied bluntly.

’’To traverse towards the correct path, one definitely requires an outstanding and strong leader. Of course, strong doesn't equate to imperiousness or greed.’’

Sheyan smiled gently as he squinted his eyes, issuing a polite laughter before following up with a silence. What was needed to be said had been said, the rest was up to the battle. Mogensha had already personally experienced that incident with Sheyan casually offering him Venter's blood key. His performance helped him determine that Sheyan was a shrewd person who understood the logic of keeping and letting go.

At present, their flight direction was gradually stabilizing gently, as though it ha shrugged of its enemy. Beside them were two lucky spaceships continually pressing forward. At this very moment, a violet brown dull fog spread out from the distant front. The transportation ship hastily diverted, while the two orange combusting tails at the back carved out two arching trajectory trace. Two malevolent and abnormal looking monsters flapped their wings out, as they darted out from the violent clouds!

The two monsters had an upper body similar to a giant moth, but sharp hooking teeth erupted from their wings and mouth. Their wings were coated with a membrane, and had a long tail which split into many fleshy sections. A deep cavity could be seen on one of their swollen glands on the back. The surface of their body was laced with a strange glistening mucus, like a layer of crystal;probably the main reason they could survive in this cosmos space.

Although their transportation ship was advancing with its utmost speed, the combustion exhaust flames had turned from orange to a thin light blue. As the two monsters frantically drilled forward, the concave gland on their back released out a light green lumpy viscous fluid. The liquid looked like it had a life on its own, aiming directly for a transport ship. It left a scorched burnt trace on the solid metal exterior, before rebounding and headed for the other ship and finally disappeared.

Instead this caused the contestants to band together! One must understand they were currently trapped in outer space, once their ship got destroyed;then death would be the only option! They quickly discovered that their transportation ship sped up into a curve, directly diving towards the periphery of the earthen-yellowish planet. Initially, the planet only occupied half of their cabin window, but now it covered the entire horizon of their main front screen. Looking at the way things were going;before the other two ships were shot down, they could definitely make a peaceful landing.

Following the repeated attacks from the winged beasts, one of the ships was riddled with holes. Finally its metal had reached its limit, folding in before a spark ignited the entire body. Having lost control, a tremendous explosion scattered out debris and flaming seat compartments;there was even human body as the chaotic mess floated towards the icy-cold mysterious cosmos universe.

Sheyan glanced at the two winged beasts, viciously and frenziedly cutting towards them. His vision turned piercing, as he communicated through this nightmare imprint to Mogensha.

’’Do you have any method to attack the two beasts?’’

Mongesha was surprised. He was about to reply no but he suddenly caught a glimpse of Sheyan's gaze, and hesitantly replied.

’’Yes, but that is my deepest hidden killing move. But I feel using it on these two beast is not worth it, nor do I feel the need to.’’

Sheyan smiled reservedly.

’’Very well. We've taken the first step towards mutual trust. It seems that you have quite the reputation amongst these people, why not ask them if they have any methods?’’



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