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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Equipment ordering?

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

After browsing through the long list of bonuses, a memory struck through his mind like a falling meteor - the highly sought after 'golden shell pocket-watch' he got from the terminator world! Although it only added 1 physique, on hindsight now;Sheyan could tell his customers were targeting those few private bonuses when an accessory is upgraded!

More critically, the amount needed to upgrade an equipment differs. Sheyan previously already noticed that the utility points and potential points needed to upgrade a silver storyline weapon 'Monstrous fighting spirit' was terribly frightening. It required 2500 utility and 1 potential point. On the contrary, that golden pocketwatch only required 500 utility points.

His customers were all eyeing to acquire the watch to upgrade it to +4. Even if they didn't receive the satisfactory bonus, they could roughly pay to demote it to +3 before trying again. Thus, it was a lower risk investment to draw out that formidable miracle private bonus.

Undoubtedly, Sheyan immediately chose the miracle private bonus for his accessory - +3 to 3 random basic attributes. He was praying excessively not to draw until charm, for the reason.... It was needless to say;even if his miserable charm added 3 points, what could it actually do? Perhaps several storyline character would roll their eyes at you instead of plainly ignoring.

During the instance of randomization, Sheyan didn't come across the word 'charm'. He was relieved but he was not sure if he should cry or laugh! Because the 3 random +3 attributes, had actually 2 repeated ones! The repeated attribute was shockingly his perceptive sensing! The other basic attribute was agility. Presently, the 'Monstrous fighting spirit' were as follows:

+5 Monstrous Fighting Spirit

Equipment rarity: Silver storyline class

Equipment: Strength/agility/physique +2

Equipment: Charm -5

Equipment passive ability: Pain accumulation

Equipment passive ability: 'Troll's spirit' increases your attack interval by 5%, but increases your accuracy by 8%.

Upgrade (+5) effect: All damage received lowered by 4%

+4 accessory upgrade private miracle bonus (Unique): Perceptive sensing +3/Perceptive sensing +3/ agility +3 (Accessory upgrade miracle attribute)

Equipment battle score: 48

Looking at the capabilities of his 'Monstrous fighting spirit', Sheyan had no doubt this was definitely a peak top-notch existence amongst its same equipment class. Its attributes were so ridiculous, it could very well achieve the standard of some dark gold class equipments. Probably this 'Monstrous fighting spirit' was already an accessory that had a terribly low drop rate, and Sheyan coincidentally possessed the rare 'I shaped metal dissolution liquid mix';therefore it resulted in such an OP outcome. At present, Sheyan's perceptive sensing had reached a horrifying 23 points, and his physique an incredible 27 points! In the next world, it would be extremely hard for others to probe out his real strength.

At this moment, the entire nightmare realm emitted out a dim red glow, flickering dangerously as though the voltage wasn't stable! The tensed up Sheyan instantly received a notification:

’’Your military rank: 2nd Lieutenant. You can receive information on the next adventuring world.’’

’’Your military rank: 2nd Lieutenant. An emergency aid mission (Uncommon) has surfaced! Do you wish to join the rescue? If the rescue succeeds, you will earn additional achievement points. Accepting countdown 10, 9, 8, 7.........’’

’’Pointer: Once your receive information of the next adventuring world, you will not be able to participate in the emergency aid mission.’’

Obviously, this emergency aid mission should probably have a high difficulty, but its rewards would be generous. Moreover, when Sheyan completed the Harry Potter world, it could be said that he received a tremendous all round upgrade. Although his combat capabilities had declined due to his 'Butchering bone hatchet' shattering, his survivability had at least been raised by a mighty two-folds! Therefore when the countdown reached 3, he immediately accepted.

’’In 30 minutes, you will be forcefully transported into the respective world for your emergency aid mission. Because this emergency aid mission is too sudden, unable to disseminate any relevant information.’’

’’30 minutes?!’’ Sheyan's eyes popped opened. One must understand, apart from his powerful 'Ambition', he hadn't bought a single handy weapon! 'Ambition's slow attack speed signified it couldn't be claimed as a main combat weapon. Going into a mission empty-handed was not a brilliant move. Hence Sheyan immediately rushed towards the marketplace, with a suitable weapon and regeneration medicines/food as his main purchasing priority.

After a short string of negotiations and bargain, Sheyan managed to acquire a US army excellent bandage: effects including bleeding stoppage and restoring 80HP in 10 seconds. Cannot be disrupted during the duration. He also got a sandwich which would heal 50 HP in 30 seconds. The two items costed him 1000 utility points. Time sped by in a flash and Sheyan became increasingly panicky. Jumping from stall to stall, shaking his head and sighing.

Suddenly, a newly established stall attracted his attention. White class weapons were displayed over the stall, but all carried attributes of accuracy or increased explosive strike rates. There was also a fixed valuation. A pair of boxing gloves caught his fancy, but its attributes were far from pleasing. The contestant of that stall noticed Sheyan's hesitation, and tried probing him.

’’Hey brother is there nothing you require here? What are you looking for?’’

Sheyan was slightly taken aback.

’’There's others?’’

The contestant conceitedly replied.

’’Nope, but if you are willing to offer a reasonable pricing, then I can make an order.’’

Sheyan asked curiously.

’’Order? I can choose the attributes I want?’’

’’Yup, but I can only supply standard weapons, and the quality is limited to white class. Regarding additional attributes, it requires additional fees.’’ That contestant offered proudly.

’’Then when can I receive the goods?’’ Sheyan urged anxiously.

That contestant seemed to have dealt with customers like Sheyan before, he laughed.

’’Just in a few minutes.’’

5 minutes later, Sheyan forked out 3000 utility points and 1 potential point;in exchange for a pair of white brass knuckles. It contained an additional 'Resistive block' passive ability. Under Sheyan's intense request, the knuckle was manufactured exceptionally hard, and had an additional attribute of raising its durability by 50%. Although it didn't enhance his combat capabilities, equipping it was enough to raise Sheyan's overall combat capability by over a 1/3. In addition, this contestant complimented him with a white grade ordinary shotgun, and 40 rounds.

After pondering for a while, Sheyan decided to invest his remaining utility points and potential points into his rank 6 'Uruk-hai research notes'.

First, he raised 'Integrating knowledge' from lvl1 to lvl3. Instantly, the medicine fluid mix created had its expiration increased to 200 seconds and the buff effects increased to 45 minutes. Next, he raised the 2nd tier, 'Uruk-hai gene fluid: Strength of bear's flesh mix' from lvl1 to lvl2. Thus the resultant strength gain increased from 2 points to 3 points.

Thus, his utility points returned to the shabby 3 figure amount, and not a single potential point was spared. Seeing that it was about time, Sheyan went ahead and located his famous 'Servant' that 'Ancestor goblin Jinkuang';hoping that fella would make some preparations. At least he wouldn't be loitering and thieving around the marketplace. Moreover he invested quite a lot on him so far, he couldn't just leave him hanging around.

Who knew when Sheyan walked into his private room, he was stunned rooted. A short iron tin dragging itself around!He had no idea where this wretched goblin found this iron suit from. Twin glimmering eyes leaked out from the cracks at the top of the tin, before a timid voice emerged.

’’Master, swear to gold that you cannot deceive me. Will it be dangerous this time!’’

Sheyan was speechless, he rolled his eyes and raised both hands.

’’Alright alright dear David. I don't know if there will be dangers, but one thing is for sure. You will definitely not be exposed to danger.’’

Several minutes later, a flash of light pierced down from above the realm directly onto Sheyan. Sheyan's figure gradually turned faint, disappearing from his private room.


Sheyan was startled awake by a violent shake.

Opening his eyes, he realized this was like back in his uncle's boat 'Fu Yuan' inside a hurricane. He could feel his body being tossed around by an immense force and wave. Two were tightly fastened onto his body, an icy-cold metallic sensation brushed his cheeks;probably wearing a helmet.

’’Chi Chi Chi’’ faint audible sounds could be heard. A slight medicinal scent filled the air, probably oxygen spraying out from the 4 corners by artificial oxygen tanks.

The entire room was dark, the only light source was a red lamp above. The red lamp constantly flickered with a tempo, just like a steady heartbeat. From the corner of his eyes, Sheyan suddenly saw a screen at the front of the cockpit - astounding it was the pitch-black and boundless cosmos! Beneath them on the left, there were closing on a gigantic earthen-yellow planet at high speed.

By their side were several spaceships flying by. They had a steel flowing outline, a curved broad belly like a container variation spaceship. Dense red emissions spurted out of the thick ventilation exhaust, leaving a long trace;carving out a long scar across the mysterious pitch-black backdrop.


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