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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 80


hapter 202: It's my first time....... (Settling a debt 4)

The reason Sheyan exhibited such talent on the tracks was because of the evolution of his body thus far. An ordinary person wouldn't have been able to maintain their optimal focus under such high speeds, moreover the other participants weren't professionals. Therefore, his victory was utterly convincing.

The Maserati roared thunderously, executing a beautifully perfect drift across the tracks before halting abruptly. Jessica took off her shirt as she stepped out of the car, her chest inflated as she yelled out in excitement;brandishing her shirt in the air, taunting the other racers as they arrived.

After collecting a thick roll of cash, Jessica's excitement didn't subside. She whistled gleefully, dancing around Sheyan.

’’Let's have some fun at the bar.’’

Sheyan faintly replied.


As he spoke, he stomped the gas pedal. Jessica flipped her hair as she excitedly looked at Sheyan, reaching out her fingers to caress his facial line. She gave off a soft gentle giggle.

’’Can you not be so cool?’’

As she giggled, she reached in and lightly tapped on Sheyan's cheek with her purple lips, her hand brushing against his thigh. At that point, she was only wearing her bra allowing her perkiness and abundance to spill over onto Sheyan's arm. Immediately, his body shook from the sudden harassment. He was at the age where males were brimming with passion and vigor towards woman;hurriedly turning his steering wheel as he came to a stop and hopped out of the car.

’’What are you trying to do?’’

Jessica also got out, shooting an unsatisfied strange look at Sheyan. Her figure was fiery hot, giving off the air of a car model. Sheyan glanced at her;only seeing her purple high waist shirt slung over her shoulder, the crack between her black lace bra was pretty tight. It seemed as though it wasn't affected by the earth's gravity, having a firm and well-developed dazzling appearance.

That deep gorge between her bra was particularly deep, probably because Sheyan accidentally pushed it away previously. Jessica was probably feeling rather angry and humiliated, her chest gently bobbed;naturally that plump and firm bosom faintly bounced adding onto her se*iness. Sheyan's breathing turned heavier upon witnessing this alluring scenery, his hands slightly jerked a little;thirsting to wantonly experience himself the shocking elasticity of that beautiful firmness.

Jessica stared at Sheyan with a displeased look, retrieving a thin lady cigarette between her slender fingers as she deeply puffed. Releasing a purple spiralling smoke, as she leaned against the car hood. That movement cause Sheyan to involuntarily look down.

Her waist looked extremely thin yet not fragile, releasing an implicit charm within. Her flawless snow skin was fully exposed except her abundant bosom. This sort of appeal, was like eating a bowl of delicious noodles and slurping it down delightfully and slowly. Her body proportions were flawless, releasing an extremely mind blowing se* appeal from her waist down.

Sheyan's vision couldn't help sweeping towards her firm buttocks - a region where guys loved to groggle over and smack. He couldn't help admitting that the butt in front of him was extremely enticing, that curved line couldn't help causing others to turn hard below. A deep crevice in the middle of the close to perfect circle. The tangent line of the swelling cheeks were roughly 75 degrees from the thigh, rumor has it woman who has such a butt were frighteningly wild. That deadly weapon was something Sheyan heard of only during his days joking around as a seaman, but he hadn't experienced before. Yet now he was genuinely certain that such curves were the epitome of perfection.

’’No balls!’’ Jessica exhaled a fog of smoke.

Normally, an average male would have charged up instantly. Yet Sheyan caught onto a slight craftiness Jessica had in her eyes while she was getting restless. His eyes sparkled, shrugging his shoulders as he bluntly made his way back into the car.

’’I have no interest in girls who haven't matured.’’

Jessica was stupefied, even her cigarette dropped to the ground unknowingly. She leapt back into the car flaring up.

’’Not matured? Are you blind?’’

Sheyan unfolded his hands, grabbing the beer by his side to drink but was instantly snatched away by Jessica. This mix blood gnashed her teeth and issued.

’’What I have my eyes on, I will definitely get it!’’

After speaking she pounced forward, pressing onto the lever of the seat as their seats inclined backwards. Sheyan's vision turned blurry, his entire face buried in two shockingly elastic objects;choking on the overwhelming charming fragrance! Following that, he felt two slender arms tracing along his chest as it caressed their way downwards......

’’Eh, this appears to be my first time!’’ Sheyan feigned shock.

’’What, don't tell me you're a male chicken?’’ Jessica stared at him blankly.

(Jinkuang laughs from a distance: ’’Of course he is referring to his first time being pushed down. What do you think he was implying?’’)

Very swiftly, the sportscar started shaking slightly. Occasionally, moans, cries and the heavy breathing of a young lass could be heard. After a moment, the door was finally opened. A refreshed Sheyan was currently buttoning his shirt, his sturdy chest had many lipstick imprints. Jessica was leaning against the seat, her eyes watery and her face fully red. Her snowy white skin was fully exposed, even the twin glorious peaks.

Suddenly, Jessica hugged Sheyan from the back, biting his ear and giggling.

’’Hey, you're pretty fierce eh?’’

Sheyan turned his head, looking at the naked overflowing spring presented to him. He had been restrained for far too long, an intense fire combusted in his belly again. After scanning her se*y purple lips, he couldn't endure any further.

’’I can be more fierce.’’

She then reached out for her head.

’’Hey what are you doing. Mmph, mmm mmphh, mmh mmmm mmmhhh.’’


The next day, Sheyan successfully acquired his needed supplies. Looks like Jessica's network, or rather her dad's network was really astonishing. But this was also because these easterners had peculiar tastes, anything under the sky could be taken as food.

But to Sheyan's dismay, he realized the probability of processing the materials was terrifyingly low. An entire cupboard of raw materials, yet the resultant resource was shockingly inadequate. Summing everything up, the giant bear flesh powder could only be used once;while the other two received zero success!

After a period of 1 month stay in Hong Kong, Sheyan finally collected an adequate supply of his essential spell resources. The most was the raptor flesh powder, roughly 15 packs, while the fox was the least. Finally, he received the return warning from the realm. Sheyan hastily rushed back to the realm, bursting with anticipation as he returned to the military district. Whether or not the 'i shaped metal dissolution liquid mixture' was perfected integrated into the 'Monstrous fighting spirit', it was all determined by this very moment!

The moment he received the accessory, a thick silverish glow dazzled out blinding his eyes;causing Sheyan to shut his eyes. After a brief moment he opened it again. To his disappointment, a massive +5 upgrade pasted onto his vision!

’’Damn.’’ Sheyan sighed as he shook his head. Yet the next notification from his nightmare imprint actually provided an immense joy.

’’Your +5 'Monstrous fighting spirit' was perfectly upgraded!’’

’’What?!’’ Sheyan was surprised. Shouldn't a perfect upgrade directly raise the chances of lvl 7 from 10% to 100%. Looks like a huge deviation formed from his knowledge.

As his hand interacted with the 'Monstrous fighting spirit', a notification emerged.

Pointer: Your silver storyline accessory 'Monstrous fighting spirit' +5 upgrade, acquiring the attribute - All damage received lowered by 4% (Every +1 level, the decreasing damaged increases by 0.8%)

Pointer: Your silver storyline accessory 'Monstrous Fighting Spirit' +5 upgrade, triggered a correlated factor. Please draw an additional special bonus when your 'Monstrous fighting spirit' reached lvl 4.

Pointer: You received a perfect upgrade effect. Your +5 accessory can receive any bonus from the special effects list.

Pointer: You can draw one bonus from the following special effects list as the additional special bonus gained when your 'Monstrous fighting spirit' reached lvl 4. Duration of 10 seconds, if there is no selection then the realm will randomly allocate a bonus.

A: Additional 1% explosive strike rate

B: Additional 1% avoidability

C: Additional 5% basic movement speed. (Rare attribute, 5% chance of appearing when equipment upgraded to +4)

D: Additional 1% resist blocking rate.

E: Additional 1% accuracy.

F: +3 to random three basic attributes (Miracle unique bonus for an accessory upgrade. 1 in thousand chance of appearing when an equipment upgrades to +4. A truly unique additional bonus)

G: When the user slays his opponent, receive an additional 30% utility points - only if the enemy drops utility points (Rare unique bonus for an accessory upgrade, 5% chance of appearing when equipment upgraded to +4)

F: when the user displays his ability, replenish 10% of his consumed magic power (Very rare unique bonus for an accessory upgrade, 0.5% chance of appearing when equipment upgraded to +4. A truly unique additional bonus)

H: ...........


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